Cuckolding Katie


Leo again made himself comfortable between her thighs and began to stroke her, she wrapped her legs tightly around him and sighed as he began to pick up his pace. Her hand slipped downwards and I could see by her movements that she was preparing her clitoris for another orgasm. Leo took his weight on his elbows and raised himself to give her a little room to play. She dropped her legs flat on the bed but still managed to roll her buttocks up against him.

They settled into a lot of kissing and nuzzling as Katie's hand movements became more frantic. She stopped kissing as I again recognised the little signs of an approaching orgasm, the little sighs and the pursing of lips told the story. And then with a loud moan, Katie arched her back as her orgasm arrived. She hooked one leg around Leo's thighs to ensure he didn't drop from her. For the next few seconds, her little whimpers of ecstasy filled the room, and then she settled back on the bed.

Leo rolled from between her thighs and a noisy squelch was heard as his cock fell from her special place. Katie lay back in post orgasmic splendour, her eyes closed and a contented little smile on her face. Her slightly spread thighs lay flat on the bed, her dark pubes gooey and matted.

"Fuck that was good." she muttered.

Leo looked over at me, "Hell man, she sure can fuck. You're one lucky man."

He grinned over at me as he rolled from the bed. He picked up their wine glasses from the floor and offered one to Katie. She raised herself and propped herself up onto the pillows before taking the glass and taking a sip. Her eyes were drawn to Leo's erection as he stood next to the bed. It hung just below horizontal, the shaft glistening with her juices.

She reached up and took him in hand, her hand sliding easily over the slick skin, "Don't worry, I haven't finished with you yet."

Leo climbed onto the bed beside Katie, he placed his hand on her thigh and I noticed that she lifted one leg a little to make her pussy a little more available. Her hand again moved over to his cock and gave it a little squeeze.

Then she looked over at me, "Why don't you strip off and join us."

I felt kind of embarrassed as I removed my clothes and slipped in next to Katie. She rolled towards me and offered her lips to kiss, her tongue plunging into my mouth. I felt her hand slide over my cock, and I savoured the pleasure as she gave it a little squeeze and a stroke. Her lips moved away and moving downwards over my nipples and then to my cock. She teased me a little with her tongue flicking over the head and then took me deep inside her warm mouth. Her sucking was slow and deliberate, enjoyable but not so much that I would cum. I just lay back and let her do her good work. After a while, Leo rolled Katie onto her knees and moved behind her. She dropped my cock from her mouth and pulled away from Leo.

"I don't think so, you're too big to do me like that." she told him.

Katie usually found doggie style uncomfortable, and Leo's size would have made it impossible.

She then lifted a leg over me and straddled me, then guided my cock straight inside her sliding down to the hilt and then began rolling her buttocks on me. Even though Leo's cock must of stretched her wide, her pussy still felt warm, tight and inviting.

She turned to Leo and grinned, "Give it a wash and then bring it over here."

Leo got off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. A few seconds later he returned and stood next to our side of the bed with a nice clean cock. All Katie had to do was turn her head and open her mouth; Leo leaned forward and sighed as Katie began to suckle greedily on the head. Katie began to move up and down on me while sucking on Leo. She held his shaft firmly with hand to ensure it didn't get rammed down her throat.

I caressed Katie's sweat covered thighs and breasts as she slowly rode me; her pussy felt just lovely. I gazed up to watch her cheeks bulging each time she took him into her mouth. From below, Leo's heavily veined shaft appeared hard as a rock, a wet tide mark showing how much Katie could take in her mouth. We stayed that way until Leo suggested that he and I change places.

Without waiting for an answer, Katie willingly lifted herself from my cock and moved to the head of the bed so that Leo could lie down. She giggled trying to line up Leo's cock while sliding astride him.

"Stand up and crouch down." Leo suggested after a couple of feeble attempts.

Katie stood astride Leo and began lowering her buttocks into Leos waiting hands, reaching down she took hold of his cock and guided it between her gapping lips. The first two inches slipped inside before Katie raised herself and asked for lube. Leo's cock was soon slick with lube, after a little dab was applied between her lips: Katie's eased herself slowly downwards.

A deep frown appeared on her face as inch by inch his shaft disappeared slowly inside her. She moved forward a little before sitting down completely, that way she didn't have to take his full length. Placing her hands on Leo's chest and looking down between her thighs, Katie began to lift herself from his cock and then slide down again.

"Mmmm, that feels good," she whispered while watching her pussy accept his length.

"Wanna take a few photos?" Leo suggested.

"Shit no." Katie replied. "Someone might see them."

"No face shots, just cock and pussy." Leo added. "You've got no tattoos or anything that could identify you, just take off your jewellery. It'll be a bit of fun and something to remember me by."

"A sore pussy should be enough?" she suggested.

Leo laughed, "No, I mean long term."

Katie turned to me while sliding up and down on Leo, "What do reckon, shall we take a few photos."

"Up to you."

She grinned mischievously, "Okay, get the camera."

When I returned with the digital camera, Katie was applying lube to her fingers and removed the three rings she wore. Next off was her wrist watch.

Leo reached out for the camera, "Here, let me. I've done this heaps of times."

It took him only a few seconds to familiarise himself with the camera. He then began giving Katie instructions, 'lift right up, okay half way down, all the way down, lean back against my legs, lift up a bit.' Each time, Leo took a shot. Then he got Katie to slide off him and take in him hand. Katie questioned his wisdom when he suggested she take him in her mouth. He spent some time getting the shot right before taking it. He then showed us the shot from the camera menu, and he quite expertly captured just her lips bulging over the head. There was no way anyone could recognise Katie from the photo. He then got her to climb onto his cock again, this time he set the camera on video and got a long close up scene of his dark shaft sliding back and forth between her bulging pink lips.

Katie was soon a willing participant in the filming; she lifted herself from his shaft and rubbed it up and down her sopping slit before sitting on it again. With a loud moan, she managed to get it all inside her leaving her lips spread flat against his navel, then slowly lifted herself. Leo encouraged her onwards until the camera wouldn't accept any more video. When Leo placed the camera on the pillow, Katie lowered her face to his and began kissing him passionately. Again, jealousy flooded my brain to mingle with the excitement.

As Katie began to break into a bit of a rhythm, she lifted herself from Leo's chest and began to ride him more vigorously. Her hand slipped down to her clitoris and began to work it, her index finger moving faster and faster. Her eyes closed as the pleasure mounted.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, shit, I'm gonna cum." she muttered.

Now used to his size, her body was soon slapping hard down on Leo's cock faster and faster. And then with a little cry, her body began to shudder uncontrollably. Leo placed his big hands around her waist to support her as she rocked from side to side. Her face was now in a deep frown, her top teeth exposed over her bottom lip as her orgasm engulfed her. I knew from experience that this was one of her powerful orgasm that usually left her drained. She eventually collapsed forward onto Leo's chest and lay contently still as he nuzzled her neck and ears.

After a while, Leo began working his cock inside Katie, she sat up and began to ride slowly.

"You okay?" he asked wiping her brow.

She grinned, "I won't be able to walk straight for a week after this. You'd better cum quick before you wear me out too much."

"Just keep going like this and I'll do the business." Leo replied.

Katie began moving up and down on him, not fast, but just a steady speed. She watched his face as the excitement increased. His hands were busy fondling her swinging breasts as he closed in on his orgasm. I wondered whether she would let Leo cum inside her as the act would be considered taboo; it was going to be interesting to see how she handled him. She continued to ride him watching his anticipation grow his breathing and erratic movements showing his end was near. At the very last moment, Katie slipped sideways from him and took his pulsating cock in hand. Her mouth slipped eagerly over the head as her hand moved swiftly over the slippery shaft. Her lips bulged and then loosened allowing his cum to run freely over her fingers and down his shaft. She continued to work him as a large pool gathered at the base of his thick black, his orgasm ebbed slowly and his long body began to relax in her most capable hands.

She sat up and looked over at me with her big eyes as cum oozed from her mouth and down her chin. She frowned as the taste got to her, and promptly fled towards the bathroom. My eyes were drawn to Leo as he lay comatose on the bed; his eyes closed as his hand found his cock and stroked it devotedly as it wilted.

A cleansed Katie returned and knelt beside me on the bed; she took my hand in mine and squeezed it. Then she reached for my cock and held it.

Leo opened his eyes and grinned up at Katie, "So, how was that?"

She smiled, "Great. I don't want to be rude, but now Matt and I would like some privacy."

"Sure thing." he replied knowingly rolling from the bed and gathering his clothes.

He quickly climbed into them and gave Katie a peck on the cheek; and after a quick thank you he was gone.

Katie looked over at me nervously, she now having to come to terms with what she'd just done. She placed her arms around me as she slid back on the bed pulling me with her. Her legs were spread wide as she guided my cock into her wetness. Her arms and legs gripped me tightly.

"Please don't say anything, just fuck me and cum inside." she whispered.

She avoided my attempts to kiss her which was unusual, but then I realised that it was because Leo had cum in her mouth a few minutes back. My mind floated back to Katie's seduction, how she willingly opened her legs for his big black cock. It excited me and I quickly reached an exquisite orgasm flooding Katie's pussy with cum. She waited until I had finished and then rolled out from under me, her lips finding my cock and she began sucking me as her tongue tormented the head just how I liked it. She continued sucking long after she had drained me, her technique denying my cock's desire to retire. She climbed astride me and directed her pussy over my slick cock letting it settle to the hilt, then leaned forward and placed her face next to mine.

"Oh Matt, what have I done?" she whispered.

Her finger slipped over my lips as if to hush me, there was nothing I could say to make her feel better. Eventually, she rolled from me and cuddled in and we lay deep in our thoughts until an exhausted sleep took us.

The early morning sun woke us and we lay with our bodies just touching.

"How are you this morning?" I asked.

"Feeling guilty." she replied after a few seconds.

"You enjoyed Leo didn't you?"

"Yes, but it was naughty and I shouldn't have done it."

I turned towards her.

"You're an adult and you should be able to do what you want." I offered in reassurance. "You've just managed to live out a fantasy most women would only dream of. Consider yourself lucky."

Her hand found mine, "But what's it done to us, our relationship? Don't you hate me, or think less of me?"

It was a good question, a very good question.

"I enjoyed watching you do it." I confessed. "It was kind of like watching a porn movie, but with someone in it that I knew. The look on your face when he first put it inside you was awesome. It was really exciting watching you get stretched."

Katie grinned, "It sure was big, didn't think I could take it all."

"Well, you took it okay and you had no problems after a few minutes of fucking. So do you like big cock now?"

"It was nice as a oncer; don't know whether I'd like it all the time. My pussy feels numb and my jaw is sore from sucking him."

We discussed the previous night's activities before heading down to the beach for an early morning swim, and then it was into the restaurant for breakfast. Thankfully, Leo wasn't around. We then hired a car and spent the rest of the day doing tourist things.

Later that night, Katie got all aroused and watched the camera video over and over again. As her pussy was still too sore to play with, we had to be content with hand and finger stimulation. We both became a little more accepting and comfortable of our session with Leo, and things seemed to return normal.

Our vacation began to draw to a close and our last night came and went. Luckily, our flight out was at nine pm leaving us the day to relax. Around five, we were mostly packed and sitting on the patio enjoying the cooling sun when Leo wandered over to our unit wearing his resort uniform and a large smile.

"Hey guys, hope you had a good time." he said.

"Hi Leo, we had a great time." Katie replied with a knowing smile.

He leaned over the patio deck as we chatted. Even though he was wearing dark sunglasses, I knew his eyes were upon Katie's legs under her see through wrap. As the minutes passed by, Katie too became aware of his lustful looks and I noticed that her hands were shaking. The air around us became almost electric with anticipation.

Then Leo asked the big question," Fancy a quickie before you leave?"

Katie grinned and looked down at her watch, "Do we have enough time?"

Leo matched her grin, "Just."

Katie was silent for a few seconds as she considered his indecent proposition.

"Hang on a sec; I want to talk to Matt first." Katie replied as she took me by the hand and led me inside our unit.

She looked up at me, "I want to, but I won't if you don't want me to."

"It's your body and your decision to make. You can if really want to."

"If I do it with him, you have to stay."

I nodded, Katie smiled nervously and walked to the door where a hopeful Leo was waiting outside, she invited him inside.

What happened next was all about lust. There was no seduction as Katie undid her wrap, pushed her bikini bottoms down and shrugged off her bra. She sat on the bed as Leo removed his clothes, her mouth open invitingly when his cock was close enough to suck. A few seconds later, Leo pushed her flat on the bed and ran his tongue through her pink wet pussy lips a few times; then raised his body over hers. Her hand reached down and guided his cock to her opening, and inch by inch he slid into her. Katie moaned loudly with each stroke as her legs held him tight in the missionary position. It was a brutal bout of lustful sex, their sweaty bodies writhing across the bed amongst Katie's whimpers of pleasure. Her wet arousal was evident from the noisy sloppiness of her pussy juices that lubricated his cock. Her fingers soon reached for her clitoris and two quick orgasms arrived.

Katie's hand reached for me, her fingers freeing my cock from my shorts. She eased Leo from the missionary position and onto his side at a right angle to her body. She lifted a leg and guided him deep inside her, then pulled my cock into her mouth. Again I watched Leo's thick black cock plunder Katie's pussy lips, a voyeuristic streak in me exciting me quickly to an intense orgasm. She accepted my cum willingly, swallowing and sucking me dry before turning her head away towards Leo. Leo quickly mounted her in the missionary position and began to ride her unmercifully. She whimpered and writhed beneath him meeting his every lustful thrust.

"Don't cum in me." she whispered as his time neared.

Leo respectfully pulled out at the last second firing three long lines of cum up Katie's flat belly before his supply began to dwindle. Then he raised himself to a kneeling position and gazed down at Katie's sweaty body, his thumb sliding up and her greasy slit.

"A pity you haven't got more time." he declared lustfully. "I'd have another go."

"Greedy bastard." Katie laughed as she rolled form the bed and headed for the bathroom.

Leo laughed as he rolled from the bed and climbed into his uniform, he followed Katie into the bathroom and gave her a goodbye thank you kiss and then shook my hand. After wishing us well he made his departure for the last time.

Twenty four hours later we were home and life began to return to normal, unfortunately it was back to work for both of us. Over the next few nights we freely discussed Katie's romp, and usually it led to sex. The memory of her romp seemed to excite Katie more and more, but it soon began to affect me adversely. I eventually found it no longer a turn on, and I began to ponder what our future commitment to each other might be. Would Katie now be more tempted to stray I asked myself more and more. I was just as guilty, did I not condone or even encourage her to give away her body. The more I dwelled on it, the more it became a problem. My emotions were not lost on Katie, who by this time knew me very well.

Ten days after our return, Katie cuddled into me after we got into bed; she took my hand in hers and gave it a kiss.

"I know you're not happy about what I did, but what's done is done and I can't do anything about that." she said. "While I don't regret it, I'm feeling guilty too, but we are both going to have to live with it. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I won't have you in my life if you are unhappy. I don't want you to go, but I'll understand if you want to leave."

And there it was; Katie's ultimatum, get over it or leave. While I cared for Katie, I struggled to come to terms with her being with another man. A few days later, I packed my bags and kissed Katie's tear filled face goodbye for the last time. As the months passed by, I confess to missing Katie greatly. She was a good person who had done a million things right for me, but the one thing she had done wrong was something I couldn't bring myself to accept. I was not blameless either; I should have known that no good would have come from Leo and Katie getting it on together. But like a lot of stupid things that happen, it seemed a good idea at the time. Now I had to pay the price.

Footnote from the author:

I've thought up a nice little sequel to this story, if there's interest in the readers comments area; I'll take the time to write and submit it.



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