tagHow ToCuckolding Manual Ch. 01

Cuckolding Manual Ch. 01


A guide for a dominant woman and her submissive husband.

Installment 1

At the urging of my wife I have decided to write a sort of "manual" about our cuckolding sex life. This is based on the real (not fantasy) experiences of my wife and I, as well as the many people we have corresponded with who also enjoy this sexual scene. We decided I should write this more as a descriptive clips to some of the erotic interludes we have experienced ( size, anal, orgasm denial, B&D, light S&M, oral, creampie, humiliation, and the like). Keep in mind that these all revolve around her dominance and my submissiveness- while being a cuckold. I hope this flows smoothly. Depending on the feedback for each I will write the full descriptive stories surrounding these events. As always we would appreciate this feedback as well as the sharing of true experiences and/or desires you and your spouse have on the topic.

Some quick background on us- My wife and I have been happily married for 11 years and have "actively" been involved with cuckolding and femdom for the better part of 6 years. For us, as well as for others with similar sexual desires, this has become a major part of our sex lives- but not fully. I have always had submissive tendencies and my wife has always fantasized of sex with other men (including venturing away from my limited size and the erotic feelings she has when dominating me and watching my arousal).

My wife does not take a "perm ant" lover (someone she will spend a lot of time with) nor does she desire to. She has always chosen her stud but with some input from myself- remember, this is a shared fantasy. The size of the mans cock is not always the main point involved although in our case it plays a large roll (I am well under 5 inches). Just the thought of having the forbidden sexual contact with another man (with me either forced to watch or not allowed ) greatly excites my wife. For us, I am always present or in the vicinity. Our relationship is strong and to us this is no different than engaging in other fetishes.


As I eluded to earlier, my wife's arousal surrounds several key points. 1.) equipment wise I am certainly on the small end. After having become accustomed to my size for many years my wife is deeply aroused to just see another mans larger cock. She says she is in another world when she can handle, suck and feel the size between her legs. 2.) the affect on my arousal is shared by the both of us. I become incredibly hard at just the thought of seeing my wife in the arms of another. I may be small in size but I produce a large amount of pre-cum and I have been know to have wet balls as a result! My says that as sexy as it is to be serviced by a real stud what puts her over the edge is knowing I am being forced to watch the process (or kept close but unable to see- such as in the corner, a closet, in the hallway...)

Seeing another man's larger cock is both sexy and humiliating to me. This combination turns me on a great deal, especially when I can see the look of pure lust in my wife's eyes. When she stares and gets wet I feel so humiliated and shamefully aroused at my inadequacy to pleasure her with my small cock. At this point I have the strong urge to come, although that is always up to my wife (or sometimes the stud!) As I get further into our past experiences you will see how this plays out...


We both find things spoken to add greatly to our excitement. I love to hear her voice- "I need a real cock", "the only pleasure I can get from you is from your mouth", "watch him take me... watch him fuck your wife", "pull out that small cock and show susan... do it or else". I will leave the rest to the descriptions of events below.


We are both anal erotic. One thing my wife has come to believe truly dominates and cuckolds a man is the use of the ass. 1.) When a woman receives the real-man's shaft anal in front of her husband she knows the cuckold is totally humiliated. To see his wife taken anally , in the most primitive of sexual eroticism, and have an orgasm is true submissiveness. 2.) to take her husband anally (or have her stud do it!!) is the total in control My wife makes sure I do not come in the process but she tries to keep me close. She also likes for me to experience not pain, but some degree of discomfort mixed in (you will see this as a recurring theme). She becomes even more wet when she sees me in this state and how it arouses me further by not only feeling it but seeing the heightened pleasure she also gets from it.

I have an anal fetish and my wife will therefore prevent me from having my cock anywhere near her ass- but she loves to make me watch her almost beg to have the stud place it there. She also performs this in ways were I can see everything.

Once when I was kneeling at the foot of the bed (tied of course) her stud was laying on his back with his legs hanging down to rest his feet on the floor to either side of my knees. My wife was over top of him as his large shaft went in and out of her ass as she rode him up and down. I could see every detail inches from my face as his strong hands grasped her hips. She was very verbal as I could smell her sex as it puddled in a stringy pool on his pubes. I could smell the muskiness of her ass as I watched her anus slide up and down his rod. I could see his body tighten and arch up as he yelled "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" My shaft was soaked in my pre-cum as I heard my wife "Yes! cum in my ass!" She then settled al the way down, burying his shaft in her, as she rubbed her enlarged clit on his pubes until she had a "fantastic" orgasm.

Was this enough? No way. when she got off of him she took his still semi-haer cock in her hand and made me suck on it for awhile. I felt like I was about to cum as I tasted the mixture of her ass and his cum mixed on his manly shaft (minus the slight off-taste of the KY!) After this she got on all fours and arched her ass over my upturned face. "I want you to suck every drop out of my ass" is all I heard. I moved my lips to her puckered anus as it began to open and I could see her moist inner tissues begin to give up his seed. I hungrily ate and tried to rub off on the bedsheets as I was overcome with horniness....


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