tagIncest/TabooCuckolding My Father Ch. 07

Cuckolding My Father Ch. 07

byD.C. Roi©

It wasn't a surprise when my mother slid into bed with me on the fourth day of our affair. Her lovely warm, bare body molded itself to me and her lips pressed against mine. Wonderful passionate feelings began arcing between us like high-voltage electricity. My arms wrapped around her and my penis reacted immediately. Well, actually it had begun to react the minute she walked through my bedroom door and, by the time she'd taken her dress off, it was pretty much as erect as it was going to get. As we continued our voracious kiss, our tongues probed and jousted, adding to the excitement exploding between us.

"Wow!" I gasped when the kiss finally ended. "Jonelle, you sure do know how to kiss your man. Nobody ever kissed me like you kiss me."

Mother's pretty face turned bright red. "You're just sayin' that," she murmured, but I could tell she was thrilled by my compliment.

"You know what?" I said. I brushed her long, silky hair back behind her ears.


I grinned. "I think it's your turn today."

Mother looked puzzled. "My turn for what?"

"Yesterday you did a whole lot of things that made me feel really good," I said. "I think today it should be your turn to have me do things to you that make you feel really good."

Mother looked even more confused and maybe a little worried. "What're you gonna do to me?" she asked warily.

I grinned at her and shrugged. "I don't know, is there anything in particular you read about in that information from 'The Clitoris.com' I gave you that you want to try?"

Her face turned bright red. "I can't even say some of the stuff they tell about," she replied.

"Well, if you won't tell me what you want me to do, I guess I'll just have to figure it out myself," I said. "Roll on your back."

"Ah...OK." Mother rolled onto her back, but she kept her head turned to the side, watching me carefully with wide eyes.

I pushed myself up on my elbow a little, leaned over, and kissed her again. I know I'm repeating myself, but I get more pleasure out of kissing Jonelle than I did out of having sex with a few girls I dated in college. Our kisses always started gently and lovingly, but quickly evolved into passionate couplings. I've already used the analogy of high-voltage electricity arcing between us, but I can't think of a better way to describe the way it felt when our kisses became truly hot. It was as if we were trying to devour each other, or perhaps join our bodies into one in some way. It was, simply put, an unreal, totally fabulous experience.

As wonderful as necking with my mother was, I did have other things in mind so I eventually began kissing her elsewhere. I started by kissing my way across her cheek, down toward her ear. When I first started teasing her ear with my lips and tongue, she giggled, but the giggles soon turned into soft murmurs of delight. At the same time I was kissing her, I began lightly "dancing" my fingertips over the skin of her upper chest, just below her breasts, trying to make my touch as light as I possibly could. My plan was to take as long as I could to tease and arouse her, showing her new ways I could rouse her and make her feel wonderful. Every day I learned more and more about what turned her on and I tried to use all of that knowledge.

"Ummmm!" she murmured, squirming a little.

I eventually left her ear and kissed my way down her neck, then along her collar bone. At the same time, my fingers kept dancing lightly over her chest. From time to time I'd lightly caress the underside of one breast or the other and each time I did, I heard a soft gasp. Using my peripheral vision, I could see that Mother's huge, wonderful nipples had grown erect and were jutting proudly from her breasts. I intended to explore quite a bit of my mother's body today, and those mouth-watering buds of flesh were one of the important stopovers in my journey of exploration.

My lips ventured onto the upper part of Mother's chest and I licked and kissed my way across from one side to the other, then back. She was gasping softly, causing her chest to rise and fall delightfully as she did. I imagined that her pulse was pounding, too, and almost thought I could feel her thudding heartbeat when I was kissing her silky skin. I lifted my head and looked down at the woman who'd given me birth. Her brown hair had fanned out on the pillow, framing her attractive face. Her eyes were closed, but her face wore a look of bliss, a look I'd put there.

I bent and pressed my lips against hers. For the next few moments we shared more wonderful kisses. This time Mother's hands lifted and cupped my head as we did.

I did return to my journey of loving, lustful exploration, however. I again began kissing and teasing mother with light kisses, little licks, and my dancing fingers. I was caressing the under slopes of her breasts much more now, while my kisses were offered to the upper slopes. I was slowly, gradually, and inexorably working my way toward her nipples and, with great effort, I kept my advance slow. I kissed, licked, and touched every square centimeter of breast skin, except for the nipples, which were so swollen I began to wonder if they hurt. I kissed my way just to the upper edge of her right areola while at the same time marching my fingers up to the lower edge. Mother groaned softly and her back arched a little. I knew she desperately wanted me to take her nipple into my mouth, but I didn't. Not then. I would, soon enough.

I think she was surprised when, instead of taking her nipple into my mouth, I returned to kissing her again. Once more her hand cupped my head and held it as we kissed. This time her tongue lashed mine with much more fervency. I didn't have the least doubt that my mother was aroused, but I wanted to arouse her far more.

Back to her breast I went after a few sweet kisses. Again my kisses circled her nipple, as did the caresses of my fingers. Mother's back was arched almost constantly now, and equally constant were the sounds of passion coming from her. I circled the large, rigid bud of flesh capping her right breast with my lips yet again, while circling it's mate with my fingers at the same time. Mother groaned softly, most likely because I'd teased her about as much as she could stand. I know I'd tantalized myself about as much as I could stand.

I lifted my head and moved so my mouth was hovering directly over her nipple. I was so close to it I could feel the warmth emanating from it on my lips. Mother's hand fell on my head again, putting pressure on it, pressure I resisted. I pursed my lips and blew softly.

"Oh, Lorddddd!" Mother groaned. She pushed harder on my head. I resisted harder and kept blowing on her nipple...for a second.

"Uhhhhhh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" Mother gasped, then moaned when I opened my mouth, dropped it over her rigid nipple, and began to lick and suckle it. At the same time I began twirling her other nipple between the thumb and forefinger of my right hand. Her body began a series of wild undulations and her hand continued to put a lot of pressure on my head, holding it against her breast. I'd hoped to give her an orgasm this way, and it seemed I'd accomplished what I'd set out to do. The first phase of my plan was successful, incredibly successful judging from the sounds and movements my mother was making as what appeared to be a very powerful orgasm exploded through her.

When her movements began to lose their urgency and her grip on my head relaxed, I lifted my mouth from her breast, stretched out next to her, and cuddled her in my arms, combing my fingers through her hair and caressing her while she calmed. I kissed her gently on the forehead. "You all right?" I asked.

Mother opened her eyes, smiled, took a deep breath, and said, "My Lord, J.J., I felt like I was going to explode. Where'd you learn to do all this stuff?"

"I read a lot about love-making," I told her. "And I did practice a little. But I've never done anything like I just did to you with anybody else before." It was important to me that she understand how special I felt she was.

"Really?" she asked.

I kissed her forehead again. "Really," I told her. "First of all, I've never known anyone who has breasts as beautiful as yours." I paused and watched her flushed face redden more. "And second, I've never cared about anyone enough to want to do anything like that with them."

"Oh," she said. "I love you, J.J."

I kissed her softly on the lips this time. "I love you, too, Jonelle," I said. "You're the only woman I've ever loved...or ever will love."

This time, she kissed me. That kiss led to another bout of necking, and when we finally paused from that, it was clear my mother was again becoming aroused. I was already aroused and the fact that my erect penis was pressed against her belly let her know that in no uncertain terms.

"You're hard," Mother said. "I can feel it. You wanna...?"

"Not yet," I said, interrupting her. "I told you today was for you and I meant it. What we just did was only the first part."

"Oh, Lord!" Mother murmured, rolling her eyes. "I'm not sure I can take any more of what you just done. What else are you goin' to do to me?"

I knew exactly what I was going to do to her, but I wasn't sure she'd let me if I told her, so I shrugged. "Depends," I said. "Like I said before, if there's anything you want..."

Mother shut me up by kissing me and starting another session of passionate necking. While that went on, she reached between us and began gently stroking my erection in her cupped hand. That was a very nice addition to the festivities.

Once more our kissing evolved into my kissing my way down her neck, across her chest, and onto her breasts. Her response was just what I expected, fervent murmurs, gasps, and an arching of her back while I suckled first one nipple, then the other. She reacted to what I was doing almost as strongly as she had earlier, and I'm pretty sure I could have given her another orgasm from suckling her nipples, but I had other plans. I couldn't ignore her breasts completely, I'm not sure there's a heterosexual male alive with that much will power, but I did move on after a brief and extremely enjoyable visit to Mother's breasts and nipples.

I was still using the tips of my fingers, touching her lightly, teasing her, trying to make her skin tingle, ahead of my kisses. I thoroughly kissed her upper abdomen, from under her breasts down to her navel. My kisses were preceded everywhere by the light caresses of my fingertips. Mother was soon murmuring softly, her chest was heaving, and her hands were clutching the sheets. Her hips had started to rock gently, too. "Oh, Lord! Oh, Lord! Ohhhhhh! Oh, Lord!" she chanted softly, over and over, as I kissed my way over her smooth flesh. Her body wasn't flawless; there were faint stretch marks attesting to my gestation and birth. I paid special attention to those reminders that I'd once been on the other side of the skin I was kissing.

I was kissing her navel now, an outie, one of the few I'd ever seen, but lovely nonetheless, and her stomach was moving in and out as I did. At the same time my fingers were teasing the edge of her pubic forest, tracing the outline of the patch of soft brown hair, venturing partway in. Her hips continued to rock, as if her body was begging me to touch her, or to make love with her. Eventually I'd do just that, but not for a while yet. I began gently caressing the skin between her legs and vagina and the outside of her labia, and found her middle sopping wet and slippery.

"J.J., Oh, Lord, J.J.!" she murmured when I began kissing the verge of her pubic area, down to the crease where her legs and body joined, and back up. "J.J., Oh, Lord, J.J.! J.J., Oh, Lord, J.J.! J.J., Oh, Lord, J.J.!"

I slid my finger up through her slit and gently caressed her swollen clit. Her hips lifted off the bed. "Uhhhhhhhhh!" she gasped, her body quivering. I used every caress I could think of, slipping my finger inside her, sweeping it over her clit, caressing her labia, caressing the little expanse of skin under her vagina. All of them produced wonderful, impassioned responses. I glanced up and saw that mother's eyes were closed and her head was turning from side to side. "Uhhhhhh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" The fervently expressed chanting of her happiness, repeated again and again, filled my ears. I wanted her so aroused she wouldn't be aware of what my next move was going to be until I actually did it and I had a feeling she was at that point.

I continued to touch and kiss her as I repositioned myself between her splayed legs. I later confirmed that she had no idea what I planned to do. She believed I was getting in position to make love with her. Instead, once I was kneeling between her legs, I bent, clamped my mouth over her slippery vagina, and dragged my tongue up between her silky labia and over her clit.

"Gnnnnaaaaaaaa! J.J., oh, Lord, son! Please! Oh, Lord! Don't! Please, son! Please!" she cried. She tried pushing at me, but her efforts were feeble and became more so as I intensified what I was doing to her with my lips and tongue. I lashed her clit, pushed my tongue as deep into her as I could, and licked every part of her vagina I could reach. Her verbal protests continued, though weaker, but her hips told me her murmured protests were a lie with their increasingly feverish movements. I cupped her lovely buttocks in my hands and continued devouring her, using everything I'd ever learned about oral lovemaking to give her pleasure. I could feel her muscles clenching and unclenching as my actions caused spasm after spasm of joy to rock her body.

When her orgasm did erupt, it felt almost as if she was having a seizure. Her buttock muscles tensed and quivered in my hands and her body arched up against my mouth and stayed that way, also quivering powerfully, for a surprisingly long time. While all this was going on, she let out a strange moan, a sound unlike any I'd ever heard her make before. I knew it meant I'd made her feel more wonderful than I'd ever made her feel before and sent chills through me.

I didn't break contact with her until she began to relax and I knew the most intense part of her pleasure had passed. When that happened, I gently lowered her bottom to the bed, kissed her one last time on her clit, then I slid up, took her in my arms again, and cuddled her until she finished calming. This time she pressed her face against my chest, as if she didn't want to look me in the eye.

"I hope you aren't mad at me," I said. I could feel her shaking her head, but she didn't say anything, so I continued to hold her. I did plant a soft kiss on the top of her head, though.

After a few moments, I felt her take a deep breath, then her head lifted from my chest and she looked up at me. "How come...how come you...you put your mouth...on me...down there?" she asked.

"Because I knew it would make you feel good," I said. "I love making you feel good. I really love seeing and hearing you have orgasms."

"But...but I'm dirty down there, I..." I laid my fingers on her lips.

"Your vagina isn't 'dirty,'" I said. "Nothing about you is dirty. I think everything about you is wonderful. I know that oral sex was explained in the information I gave you to read."

Mother's face reddened. "It...it was," she admitted. "But...I...when I read it, I kept thinking it had to be gross for the man to do that...isn't it?" She studied my face carefully while she waited for my reply.

I smiled. "It's anything but gross," I said. I chuckled softly. "I happen to think you taste wonderful."

"You really mean that, don't you?" she asked after she'd studied my face for a few seconds.

"Of course I do."

"But...but...I...I don't understand..." she stammered. "I...I...I don't think I could...you know...put my mouth on your..." She nodded downward, toward my crotch.

"That doesn't make any difference to me. I believe the point of making love is to make my partner feel as good as I possibly can," I said.

"Well...you sure do that," Mother said.

"I also believe lovers should only do those things they want to do or feel comfortable doing," I continued. "Like what I did today and what you did yesterday."

"I...um...I guess," Mother said. "But...but if you do that to me...it...it isn't fair if I don't do it to you, is it?"

I leaned forward and kissed Mother gently. "Making love is fair if you make your partner feel good," I said. "And Lord, do you ever make me feel good."

I noticed that Mother licked her lips and had a puzzled look on her face. "Is...is that what I...what I taste like?" she asked softly.

"Delicious, aren't you?" I replied.

"Don't know if I'd call it delicious," she said, smiling a little. "But I guess I don't taste all that bad."

I caressed her face and combed my fingers through her hair. "It isn't just how you taste," I said. "It's the way it feels to kiss your vagina, the incredible softness of your labia, the sounds you make, and the way your body moves. You have the most incredible orgasms. When I can give you one with my lips and hands, I can watch, hear, and feel you having it."

"But what about when we...when we...you know...do it?" she asked, looking puzzled. "Isn't that...isn't that good?"

"It's even better," I said. "But when we have intercourse, I'm involved and feeling all those fabulous feelings, too. I've never felt anything better than making love with you, but I'm so busy having my own orgasm I don't get to see and feel yours."

"Oh," she said. "I...I guess I understand...sort of. Yesterday when...when I made love to you, I could see how good I was making you feel and that really felt nice."

"Exactly," I said.

Mother blushed a little more. "It...it turned me on, too," she said softly.

"I know," I told her.

"You did?" she asked, looking surprised.

"First of all, I can tell when you're turned on," I said. "Second, making love to you turns me on, so..."

Mother giggled. "Yeah, I guess I should have known that," she said. She reached down between us and wrapped her warm hand around my erection. "Like now, right?"

"Like ever since you got in my bed," I told her.

Mother slid her cupped hand up and down on my erect shaft, an action made easier by the copious amount of lubricant I'd produced. "We gonna...you know...do...ah...make love the regular way now?" she murmured.

"Do you want to?" I asked.

"More than anything," she replied. "You want me to go on top, like we did the other day?"

Having her ride me would have been wonderful, but I had another idea. "Turn around so your back is to me," I said.

Mother frowned and looked puzzled. "Don't you want to look at me?" she asked.

I kissed her gently. "I love looking at you," I told her. "But I want to try something. I think you'll like it."

"All right," Mother said. "I guess you know what you're doin'." She turned so her back was to me and I slid against her, spoon-fashion, my erection nestling itself in the cleft between her wonderful, firm buttocks. I slid my arm over her, reached down, and cupped one of her breasts gently in my hand, loving how it felt to have her huge, erect nipple pressing into my palm.

"Doesn't this feel nice?" I asked. It sure did to me.

"Uh...yeah, it does feel kinda nice," Mother said. "But how are we gonna...you know...make love like this?"

I rotated my hand a little bit, letting her nipple tickle me and, I hoped, tickling it at the same time. The fact that she shuddered told me she liked what I'd done. "I bet, if you think about it, there probably was something about making love in this position in that stuff I gave you to read," I said. I kissed the side of her neck through the silky hair that lay over it.

"I saw it," Mother said. "I just wasn't sure how it worked."

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