tagLoving WivesCuckoled by Phone

Cuckoled by Phone

byOne Wounded Dragon©

My phone rings and I answer it. Caller ID displayed Kimmy's cell number, so I knew who it was. She was out of town at another, 'sales meeting' as she called it. I had helped her pick out her panties and tops, she liked that. Sometimes she needed to show off a little.

"Hi Swee, did you get a room ok?"

"Uh huh" she sounded nervous and a little upset.

"Are you ok?" She always wore her cell phone headset and I heard her adjusting it.

"Ohhh, I was going down to the pub to unwind, but I've managed to shut my skirt in my door... and the keys are inside."

"Well... umm..." I chuckled, "...are you alone?"

"Don't laugh. It's not funny...Yes I'm alone."

"Well, have you tried calling the hotel desk?"

"I tried that. It's late. All I get is the answering machine." I heard her struggling with the door.

"Damn! It's my nice summer skirt, too!"

"Oh Kimmy, I suppose all you can do is call 911."

"NO! Forget it. I'm not calling the fire department because my skirt is jammed in the door latch." An long pause followed. We were both thinking the same thing.

"What top are you wearing?"

"I'm wearing that sheer white blouse you got me."

"Ohh Lover... " I sighed, it was one of my favorites and very sheer. Kimmy often liked to show off, especially when she was out of town.

"Oh Hon, I'm not wearing a bra." She spoke softly.

"Oh, oh Kimmy..." I sighed. She's a beautiful blond with wonderful dark chocolate nipples.

"Hon, you're going to have to step out of your skirt and go get someone to open your door." I spoke softly. Fantastic pictures began filling my head.

"Damn!" She cursed softly.

"Relax hon, your hotel is on the beach, no one will notice. Just stand tall, be proud."

"Yeah, right... Oh Walt, I'm doing it. I'm stepping out of my skirt." I could hear her breathing harder now.

"Oh hon, I can't believe it. I'm standing in the hallway in just my sheer blouse and panties. Oh Walt, my nipples are sooo hard."

"Oohh," I moaned. "What panties are you wearing?"

"My sheer whites with the wide lace waist band. Oh, hon, I'm walking down to the front desk." She too moaned.

"Are you ok?"

"Uh huh, Oh Walt, Oh... I don't believe it. Oh hon, I'm getting wet. Please don't be upset, I can't help it." She moaned softly.

"Oooohh, Kimmy..."

"Oh hon, my pussy is so wet." I could hear the ring of an elevator, then quiet as the doors closed. She sighed into her phone, then tensed as the elevator doors opened.

"Oh hon, people, people can see me. Oohh... a couple just got into the elevator with me... Oohhh, two men and a woman, they're watching me." She whispered.

"Are you ok, hon?"

"Uh huh, Ooohh, I like it. Oh Walt, they're watching me and I like it. Oh Hon, I'm unbuttoning the top few buttons of my blouse, ok? Please don't be angry."

"Oh Kimmy, Oohh... it's ok. I like it too." My voice dropped to a whisper.

"Oh hon, a man is watching me. He's looking at my nipples and my wet panties...Oohh...he's smiling at me." She whispered.

I heard the chime again and the doors opened.

"Oh lover, they're leaving. He's backing out, watching me, smiling at me. Oh Hon, I'm lifting my blouse. I'm lifting my blouse and showing him my wet pussy... Ooohh... they're going into the bar. I can't believe it. I can't believe I did that... it felt sooo good."

"Oh Kimmy, I like that..." I moaned.

"Oh damn, the desk is dark, it's too late. Damn. The sign says 'Please register at the bar.' Oh Hon, oh hon, I can't go in there...! Oh Walt, I'm standing in the hotel lobby in my panties and sheer blouse. Oh hon, I don't know what to do?"

I hesitated.

"Damn, I'm doing it. I'm walking into a crowded bar in my sheer panties and blouse... "

"Hon, they have a hot tub!"

I paced, picturing my wife in panties in a crowded Florida bar. Kimmy loved hot tubs.

"Oh hon, everyone's watching me. Oh Hon, my pussy tingles. I'm sooo wet."

"Oohh Kimmy... I wish I could watch."

"Oh hon, the man from the elevator sees me. Oh! He's bringing me a drink, what'll I do?"

"Oh Walt..." I heard a man's voice.

"Oh Walt, he wants to dance with me. Is that ok? His name is Russel. It's just a slow dance, ok? Pleeeze...?

"Oh Kimmy... " My head filled with fantastic scenes.

"Oh Walt, his hands are so big. He's caressing my ass... Oh! Oh god, he's tugging on my nipples... Hon, it feels sooo good."

"Kimmy, oh Kimmy, don't stop..."

"Walt, everyone's watching us. Oh Hon, everyone's watching your wife dance in her panties with a stranger...Ooohh..." she moaned.

"Oh Walt, I'm doing it. Please don't be angry... remember that fantasy you whisper when we fuck? Oh lover, it's happening."

"Oohh, Kimmy..." I sat down.

"Oh Walt, I'm dancing in the bar wearing just my sheer panties and my very sheer nightshirt. Oh Swee, it's completely unbuttoned and my nipples are sooo hard. I didn't tell you, but I'm wearing my nipple rings, the ones with the fine chains. Ohhh..."

Several minutes past and I heard the sound of deep, wet kisses.

"Oh Hon, I'm getting into the hot tub in my panties and sheer blouse. I want everyone to see me. Ohhh, oh Walt. I'm with two men. I'm sitting on the side of the tub, leaning back against Russel, and he's petting my pussy through my panties. Oooohh... he scooped up some warm water and he's cupping my pussy with it. Oh Hon, my panties are transparent. Oh Walt, I'm showing everyone my wet pussy! Ooohh... warm water on my wet pussy... It feels sooooo good. They're both sucking on my nipples and petting my pussy. I'm even posing for pictures."

"Oooohh.. " I softly stroke my cock.

"Oh lover, I'm lying back on the cushions... I'm just wearing panties and my sheer white shirt, and they're petting me. Ooohh Lover, I'm leaning back and they're petting me in front of everyone. Oh Walt! Oh Swee... I'm going to let them fuck me."

"Oooohh Kimmy... I'm rubbing my cock... Oooh, yes please..."

"Oh Walt, pleeeeze don't be upset. Oh Walt, everyone's watching. Oh, that feels soooo good..." she moans to the other man.

"Oh! Lover! I'm letting another man undress me.... ohh." I hear the sound of deep wet kisses and sit down, listening. My heart pounds.

"Oh Kimmy..." my voice trails off and scenes fill my head.

"Oh Swee... Russel is cupping my pussy through my panties, another man is taking pictures and sucking my nipples...Ooohhh... I don't even know his name."

"Oh Kimmy your really doing it, Oh..." I unbutton my pants and rub my cock through my satin panties.

"Uh huh.." She moans. "Oh Walt! Oh," she moans. " Oh! I'm lying back and he's taking pics of my wet pussy. Oh Walt, I'm going to fuck them. I'm going to fuck these men in front of everyone, while I talk to my husband on the phone!. Oh! Walt my panties are soooo wet, Oooohh... he's sucking my pussy through my panties..." she moaned."Ooohh, my pussy lips are soooo puffy..."

I quickly check the drawer where she keeps her diaphram. It rests in its open case, on top of the dresser. "Oh! Swee, your not using any protection." I remove my pants and rub my cock through my panties.

"I know, and I'm ovulating. Oh Walt! I'm sooo fertile. I'm so fertile and I'm going to fuck these men and let them cum deep in my pussy. Ohhh... I'm lying back and Russel is rubbing his cock on my wet panties. Oh! His cock is soooo big and my pussy is sooo wet. Oh Walt, are you ok?"

"Yes, oh yes Kimmy. Please yes..." I tried to catch my breath.

"Oh Walt, are you sure? Oh! Oh Walt, I'm going to fuck him and get pregnant on his cock! Oh! I don't even know them and I'm going to fuck them and let them fill my pussy with cum! Ohhh! He's sucking on my clit through my panties. It feels sooooo good... Ohhhh, he's going to make me cum in my panties. OhGod! He's sucking my clit. Ohhhh! I'm cumming....! Ohhhh, yes... yes, pleeeeeze fuck me..." I heard familiar moans as waves of pleasure washed through her. I heard the rythmic moans and his deep voice urging her on. I pictured her humping his face as she climaxed. Her moans subsided and I knew she was gently rocking her hips against his tongue. He asked her to lift her hips.

"Ohhh! Walt! He's taking my panties. I'm naked and wet in front of everyone and talking to you. Ohhhh lover..." she moaned. "My pussy is soooo puffy and wet. I'm spreading my legs, I'm spreading my legs so a Russel can fuck me..."

"Oh Kimmy," I spoke softly. "Please fuck him."

"Oh Walt, my nipples are sooo hard. He's rubbing his cock against my wet pussy lips. Ohhhh.... Oh God, Oh Walt, Oh Walt, Oh yes, his cock is inside me! I'm fucking him. Oh, I'm fucking a stranger. Oh, yes, I'm pulling him into my fertile pussy... Oh, God it feels sooooo good. Oh yes... his cock is soooo big, it feels sooo good. Yesssss... I am sooooo glad Russel's big cock is inside me." her voice ends in a moan and I hear the soft sucking sounds of his cock pumping her soft wet pussy.

"Oh Walt, he's leaking cum in me. Oh God, Russel's cock is getting me pregnant and it feels soooo good. Oh,yes... Oh Swee... I'm pulling his cock deep, deep inside me. Oh yes, my pussy is soooo full of his big cock. Oh yes, I'm humping him. I'm humping him deep inside my pussy." I listen to her fucking, then I hear him start to groan.

"Oh! Kimmy! Oh Kimmy! He's going to cum. He's going to cum inside your pussy!"

"Uh huh, deep inside my pussy." her voice is muffled. I hear him humping into her and he groans louder.

"Oh Walt! He's cumming, he's cumming so deep inside me! A stranger's cock is getting me pregnant. Oh! God it feels so gooood. I can feel it! I can feel his cock pumping cum into my pussy! Oh! Listen, listen to him cumming inside me. Ohhh! His cock is soooo deep in my pussy. Can you hear? Oh yes... cum in me... Oh Walt, listen, I want you to listen...Ohhhh, I'm so glad I'm full of Russell's cum. Ohhh yes... "

Russell's groans grow louder and end in a rythmic, humping groan.

"Ohhhh! Yes, yes, oh Walt, I feel his cock pumping me full of cum. Oh yes. I want him to, I want his cock to fill me soooo full of his seed. Oh Walt, I am sooo glad I'm pregnant on Russell's cock. Ohhh... his cum is streaming into me, is that ok? Oh Walt, I'm getting pregnant on another man's cock. Ohhh... yessssss.... I am sooo full of cum. Yesss, I want everyone to know I'm full of his cum."

I can only moan. My own cum erupted from my cock and streamed onto my belly.

"Oh Walt, I hear you cumming. I'm lying here on my back, with my pussy so full of Russell's cum. I wish you could fuck my pregnant, cum filled pussy. They want to come home with me and fuck me while you watch, pleeeeeeze? I want you to feel their cum deep in my pussy." Kimmy pleads.

"Both of them?"

"Uh huh, is that ok? Can they both fuck me? Pleeeeze?"

"Oh god," I moan, "uh huh. Please, please fuck them."

Ohhhh, Swee, I'm soooo full of cum. We'll be home soon, ok? I want you to feel my cum soaked panties and fuck my pregnant, cum filled pussy."

"Oh yes Kimmy, please yes...." I hear sloppy kisses and distant voices.

"Oh yes.. cum in me again, please..."

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pathetic cuck shit.

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