Cucky Boy


My name is Sonia and I'm a horny married hot wife black cock fuck pig slut who is getting ready for a "date". But let me tell you how this came to be. It's all my husbands fault (grin).

After we'd been married for several years my husband Carl brought home a porno DVD called "screw my wife please". It featured real life amateur couples meeting with the producer who introduced the wife to a male porno actor. While the producer and husband watched, the stranger proceeded to fuck her in front of her husband and the camera crew.

It turned both of us on and when we went to bed later I asked my husband if he wanted me to do that. Turned out that my having sex with another man was a long time fantasy of his.

"Wouldn't you be worried that I'd like it and it would damage our marriage?"

He said no, it would be a big turn on and with that shot his load inside me.

Over the next few months the subject came up several more times and he finally said if you ever get the chance, go for it. You have my permission; I just want to hear about it afterwards.

I have to admit that I masturbated more than once after that thinking about some of men I knew at the gym. I was too shy to ever approach them but it was a good fantasy while I watched them work out.

For my 35th birthday one of the presents from my husband was a very tiny bikini called a Wicked Weasel. Barely covered my nipples and a thong with a small triangle over my pussy. I modeled it for him that night which let to a great bedroom session. It was way too revealing to wear in public but it was fun to wear around our backyard pool. It was almost like being naked.

One day I'm wearing it and tanning when I heard the phone ring in the house. I decide to ignore it but a few minutes later I hear someone calling my name from next door and see our neighbor Mark standing by the gate. I called out for him to wait a minute and quickly ran to the house to get a robe so he couldn't see what I was wearing (or not wearing!).

When I returned I can see he's wearing baggy shorts and nothing else, but caring a towel. We've had dinner with him two times but weren't really friends. I didn't know much about him except he's single, in sales, travels a lot and works out at the same gym as I do. He's black, 6' tall, about 180 pounds and doesn't have an ounce of fat on him. Great body.

"I'm sorry to bother you but my house A/C unit broke yesterday and it must be 120 degrees inside. I was wondering if you'd mind if I took a quick dip in your pool to cool off."

I said, "of course, take as much time as you want. Carl won't be home until 6pm."

I did wonder if he'd seen me from his house, spying on me with my tiny bikini. That sort of turned me on. Awful I know, but a woman does like to know she's desirable.

He grinned and we moved to the pool. He threw his towel on a chair and then pulled down his shorts. I was taken by surprise and saw he had a very small tight Speedo suit on underneath. As he turned to get in the pool I snuck a look at an absolutely huge package in that suit. Oh my God, can that be real I thought? And then another look at his buns, which were fantastic. I could feel I was getting wet between my legs.

I sat down and watched him swim strong quick laps for 20 minutes. What a body on that man!

He finally stopped and hung on the edge of the pool facing me.

"My, that really felt good. Why don't you come on in?"

I hesitated trying to think of an excuse when he started splashing water on me.

"Come on, I won't hurt you."

"You're making me all wet (especially between the legs I thought)."

"Come on, you'll like it."

I was flustered and felt like a schoolgirl. Without thinking more I flung off my now wet robe and dove into the pool hoping he wouldn't get much of a look. Or maybe that he did.

We both played around for a while and he kept accidentally touching me or bumping into me while flirting. I loved it and the attention he was giving me. He made me feel sexy. And I definitely thought he was sexy.

I asked him if he wanted something to drink. When he said yes I found my robe, gave him a good look at my ass and headed into the house. I called out to him to join me.

Inside I opened a bottle of cold white wine and poured us a drink.

As he took the glass I stole another glance at his package which was more apparent under his wet suit. Huge! I knew that sometimes men put socks in their pants to look bigger but this sure seemed authentic.

We stood in the kitchen, talked and had more wine. I began to feel the wine loosening my inhibitions. Then he put his glass down and moved to me. When he got close he took my glass, put it on the counter and then took me in his arms and gave me a deep kiss.

Wow, wow, wow. It was like an electrical jolt going through my body. I gave into it and pulled him closer. Then I felt it, his huge penis rubbing against my thigh. I was a goner.

I knew it was wrong but remembered my husband saying it would turn him on. I did want to please my husband after all. Besides I was helpless to resist.

He asked where the bedroom was. I dropped my robe to the floor and took his hand leading him upstairs. When we got there he pulled me close, untied my swimsuit top and moaned as he saw my naked breasts.

"Wow, you are stunningly beautiful." With that he bent and started kissing my twin mountains.

I was so hot I couldn't believe it. I wanted him to fuck me right then but he kept up the foreplay. Finally I dropped to my knees and pulled down his swimsuit. His huge black cock sprang up pointing straight at the ceiling. It was probably 8" long and very thick. I quickly grabbed it and slid my mouth around the head. Fantastic! I began worshipping that glorious cock and wanted to do that forever. He loved the attention and kept telling me what a great cocksucker I was. I rolled his balls with one hand and squeezed them a little which he seemed to like.

After a long while he pulled me up, reached out and slid my tiny suit bottom to the floor and took me to bed. We laid next to each other necking and stroking and kissing. Then he rolled over on top of me while I eagerly spread my legs wide apart for him. He continued with the kissing until I felt his cock starting to enter me.

Hot damn, I was being stretched wide and couldn't believe how deeply he penetrated me. When he bottomed out filling me completely he started eating my nipples. I heard myself moaning and calling out. I started moving my hips to encourage him to fuck me.

He began pumping in and out with increasing speed and force. I came with a loud shout.

And then two minutes later came again. He paused to rest still impaling me. It felt like there was a redwood tree inside me.

"You are so good, you're making me cum" I called out. "Please keeping fucking me with that big black cock." I wrapped my legs around him and put my hands on his hard butt hopefully encouraging him.

He laughed and said, "I'm going to fuck your brains out neighbor." And resumed speed.

He was incredibly good and I couldn't believe the stamina. He'd been fucking me for at least 20 minutes and seemed to be able to do it forever.

I came 2-3 more time and finally whispered "I want your black cock cum inside me. Please please please" I called out desperately.

"You sure you want me to cum in your married cunt?"

I suddenly realized who I was fucking and that I hadn't given my husband one thought since he'd started. But that instantly passed and I said, "Yes, please come in my married cunt. I want your cum in my unprotected cunt. I want you! Fuck that little cunt and teach it who is boss."

A couple of minutes later he came. I could feel his cock throbbing and then felt loads of cum hitting the walls of my womb. I heard myself calling out, yes, yes, yes, fuck, fuck, fuck..

He kept pumping but slowed and then finally rolled off of me.

We were silent for a while and then I said, "That was the best fuck of my life. Thank you."

He laughed and smiled. "And you are the hottest lady I've ever been with. You are great in bed."

I got up and brought the wine in. We talked for a while and then he asked "What about your husband?"

I explained that he got very turned on when he thought about me having sex with another man. And I want to please him. This certainly wasn't planned but I know he'll get a boner when I'd tell him what happened.

He answered, "Well; he won't be home for another two hours. Let's see, what could we do during that time. Maybe card games?"

My answer was sliding down to that big cock, even soft it was huge, and putting it in my mouth. And my fingernail tickled his asshole. 10 minutes later he was rock hard again and this time he took me doggie style. I was completely his and tried to be very verbal in between orgasms about how good he was to encourage him to do more.

Finally another big load was deposited in my slut twat. I was in heaven and seemed to feel every single nerve in my body. I would have done anything he wanted.

He said, "I should be going" but I insisted that he stay for dinner.

"But your husband?"

"Oh, I want to surprise him. Let's put our bathing suits back on and go out by the pool. When he gets home I want him to see us together almost naked."

Carl was more than a little surprised seeing me in my tiny suit but shook Matt's hand and plopped down with us. I explained that Matt's house was hot because of the A/C failure so we'd spent the afternoon together around the pool.

I know that you can usually tell when a woman's been fucked. She glows and I certainly was glowing. Plus he must be wondering why I was so uninhibited in my Wicked Weasel. I could tell he was wondering what else we'd done so I told him.

"Honey, you know how you want me to go to bed with another man because it turns you on so much?"

He blushed and looked down.

"Well, surprise! I just did it. With Matt. Twice. It was really fabulous."

His mouth just hung open and I could see his cock starting to rise in his pants.

I went over, gave him a big kiss, and started to undress him.

He protested but I said, "Matt's seen naked men before and so have I. Just stand there like a man".

Definitely had an erection but I hadn't realized how small he was until seeing Matt's cock. He kept glancing at Matt and Matt said. "Go for it man. You have a really sexy wife."

I told him in detail what we'd been up to while jerking him off. Didn't take long for him to cum, shooting a long load onto the deck.

"Oh, honey, that was so great to watch. You were really excited! And I'm glad. I should have done this hot wife thing for you a long time ago. Now you're officially a cuckold and I'm going to start calling you cucky boy. Matt, why don't you call him that from now on too? After all, you're the one who made him a cuckold with that big cock of yours."

Carl got quiet and just sat there, naked, embarrassed and with a shrinking cock. Humiliation is part of the attraction for a cuckold and I knew it was turning him on. It was just was unexpected.

"I'm going to make dinner for us, why don't you two boys stay out here and talk about me."

I don't know what happened but when they came in for dinner my husband excused himself and came back wearing shorts and a T-shirt. We had a great steak dinner, some more wine and friendly talk.

When we were done I announced that I wanted Matt to spend the night. "His house is just too hot to be there." Is that OK cucky boy?

He nodded yes.

"And he'll sleep with me in the master bedroom; you can have the guest room."

He nodded yes.

"So let's clear the table and then the three of us head upstairs. Cucky boy, do you want to watch?"

His eyes widened and he said, "Yes I do."

"OK, you can watch. Just don't make any noise or distract us. I want all of my attention focused on my lovers big cock".

Soon I was being fucked again. I made sure to be very verbal about how good he was, how big his cock was, and how much I wanted him to fuck me.

Occasionally I looked over to see Carl jerking off with a big smile on his face. But since he'd just cum I didn't think he was able to do it again so soon. Unlike Matt.

When we were done he quietly got up and went into the spare bedroom. I'm sure he could hear us fucking an hour later and again in the morning.

The next morning I told Matt to stay in bed for a while longer and I got up and went into the guest bedroom. I lay down next to my husband and asked, "How are you doing?"

"It's a dream come true. I was happy to see you getting pleased in ways I could never do for you. Your excitement was wonderful. And you were great in bed. His cock is huge isn't it?"

I spread my legs and said, "Why don't you come get a close look at what he's done to my little pussy? What do you see?"

"Your pussy lips are very swollen, you are sort of a reddish purple from the pounding, and your pussy hole is half open with cum all around it."

"Hmmm, sounds like it needs to be cleaned up. Please lick me clean cucky boy. And stick your tongue in deeply so you can taste his cum."

He did, licking me until I had an orgasm.

"Oh, you do that so well cucky boy. I don't know how many times I've come in the past 18 hours but I'm getting sore."

"Do you want me to do this again sometime? Fucking strangers? Especially black ones? I asked"

"Yes, please. Keep on fucking other men. Just tell me about it afterwards or let me watch."

"OK, I'll do that for you. But I want you to make the arrangements. I want to fantasize that you are sending me to other men like a whore. That way it's not my responsibility so I don't have to feel guilty. Just a good wife doing her job, which is pleasing her husband.

Why don't you rent a PO box and put an ad on Craigslist. You pick out the men and we can meet him at a hotel. I don't want to know anything about them before we meet."

"What about Matt?"

"I'd like to fuck him again sometime but don't want this to turn into a regular thing with him. So I'll tell him that you'll be setting up our next meeting but not for a while. I might have to give him a goodbye blowjob as a thank you. Do you want to watch?"


He started to get dressed but I said we'll all be naked, took his hand, and led him to the living room. Matt was there in his bathing suit. I went up and kissed him deeply, then slid down to my knees and pulled his suit down. I looked up lovingly and said, "I just want to thank you before we say good bye."

With that I took his cock in my mouth and tried to give him the best blowjob ever given by a woman. It took a while but finally he started to pulse so I pulled it out and let him cum all over my face. It was a big load. I smiled and said, "It's been fun. Cucky Boy will be in touch about another meeting."

And to Cucky Boy: "Get his bathing suit and towel, and show Matt out. Then I want you to come back and click my face clean."

"Besides being a great pussy licker you are a fantastic husband. How many other men would let their wives have so much fun. I love you!"

So that is our new hobby.

Craigslist guys weren't that great in bed so we changed tactics.

We go to a hotel in a nearby town, have dinner and then my husband goes up to the bar and sits next to a black man. After some conversation he asks if the stranger wants to fuck his wife? He explains that she loves black cock and he's willing to give her a treat.

They often ask how much but he says, "nothing. She's just a black cock slut and I like that about her." He brings him over and introduces him to me, takes out the room key and hands it to him. And then to me, "call me when you're done". Occasionally if I'm feeling generous I invite him to watch but most of the time he just has to sit in the lobby waiting and picturing me fucking my lover.

We do that several times a month now.

I've also given him the contact information for a couple of hard body men from the gym and they were great. And Matt visits occasionally.

The frequency of our marriage fucking became almost non-existent. My husband simply couldn't satisfy me after sampling what else was out there. I jerk him off regularly and he licks my pussy more than once a day so that is our sex life. Actually quite pleasant.

Last week I told him that I was only fucking black cock from now on. He'd never get to fuck me again. He smiled and said that was fine with him as long as I had other lovers.

Lots of cunt licking and big black cock lovers. And a husband who thinks that is a perfect marriage. Me too!

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