tagGroup SexCucumbers and Melons

Cucumbers and Melons


Note: As I write this my tongue is planted firmly in my cheek as I intend on writing a short little fun story that is still erotic. It may not be very believable but why should I allow that to stop me.

Dan liked to go out in the neighborhood and people watch. Of course as a 25 year old man with an unstoppable libido his primary interest was in the women who passed by. It seemed like he was continually sporting an erection as he sauntered about. On hot summer days he ducked into the local supermarket. This was particularly exciting as he could admire the beautiful women for much longer stretches of time. Dan had even gotten a few dates that way.

Then one fateful July day Dan would have an experience that would change the way he looked at those women in the supermarket forever. It must have been 105 degrees outside as Dan walked into the cool air of the store. He walked all around past the meat counter and the bakery before ending up at the produce section. He had gawked at a dozen or more hot ladies and had a pronounced tent in his pants which he had no desire to hide.

Meanwhile, Peaches was on a mission of her own. She just loved having fun with guys but had hit a dry spell lately and was determined that she would end it that very day. She spotted Dan standing by the Cantaloupes openly staring at her. She walked around the area confirming that his eyes followed her chest and the sway of her ass anywhere she walked. She stopped by the cucumbers and noticed that he was now caressing and squeezing the fruit as if they were woman's breasts.

Not to be outdone Peaches picked up a long somewhat skinny cucumber and sensually caressed it up and down with her fingertips and licked her lips. Both of them were getting excitedly nervous; the sexual energy was peaking. Peaches walked closer and closer to Dan smiling broadly.

Stopping a yard or two away from him she rubbed the cucumber across her chest and then up and down in the cleavage between her D cups. Dan stood there eyes bulging suddenly unable to move. He was snapped back to reality when he heard the cucumber hit the floor. Peaches intentionally stepped forward and turned around and bent over without bending her knees to pick it back up.

Her short skirt rose up revealing the fact that she had no underwear on. Dan was treated to a perfect view of her large heart shaped ass and wet furry pussy. She took her time picking up the vegetable and slowly turned back to face him. She seductively rubbed it across her crotch. Then, she pushed it in and out in between her legs against her crotch pushing the skirt against her pussy lips.

"Show me your cucumber," Peaches whispered to Dan breathlessly.

He had just started rubbing his cock through his jeans. Anxiously he looked around to see if anyone was watching and scooted closer to the produce counter so hopefully only Peaches could see what he was doing. Both of them were getting very excited about the danger in what they were doing. Part of them wanted to be caught in their exhibitionist behavior.

"I don't fucking believe this," Dan groaned as he unzipped his fly. Still looking around he undid his belt and the snap to the pants and pushed them and his underwear free of his thick seven inch cock. He lifted his cock up to show it to this stranger as Peaches closed the distance between them. Using her thighs to hold the cucumber in place Peaches put her hand on Dan's hands and lifted them to her chest.

"How about squeezing these melons, "she cooed. As Dan placed his hands on her boobs he found out she wasn't wearing a bra. Roughly he fondled the large orbs through the thin opaque material. Just as he looked back down at this woman's crotch she grabbed the cucumber and simultaneously lifted her skirt and spread her legs and rammed it swiftly into her dripping pussy.

A second later she had both hands wrapped around Dan's erection and was tugging on it Before he realized what she was doing she had dropped to her knees under the large overhang of the melon display and was pulling him toward the counter. Peaches squeezed his balls causing him to audibly grunt before swirling her tongue around his large mushroom head.

Dan grabbed on to the counter and held on as Peaches went to work on him. Expertly she worked more and more of his fat cock into her mouth while playing with her clit and pumping the vegetable in and out of her twat. The man's knees were buckling as he felt her fucking him with her mouth; her tongue swirling all over along with the incredible vacuum pressure. He looked around and then he saw an awful sight; the store manager was approaching. He tried to pull away but Peaches held him in place.

"What is going on here?" the manager asked in a tone that sent shivers down Dan's spine. He was now certain that they would be arrested. Even if he lucked out and the manager did not press charges he would never live this down in a million years. He couldn't speak as his blood was boiling and as he was on the brink of orgasm. Peaches heard them talk and saw the familiar shoes of the manager and kept right on sucking the hot throbbing member that she had full control of.

"Ah, nothing; just examining the melons," Dan grunted barely able to form words. The manager crept closer within easy arms reach as Dan was now frozen in place having no idea of what to do. He was trying every trick he knew not to cum.

"You know sir we have security cameras all over this store. About fifteen people have been watching the show you and Peaches have been putting on that's right she finds some guy about once a month. And entertains us," the manager spoke condescendingly.

"What I'm just," Dan's voice trailed off as he was unable to think of what to say next. Dan stared at the manager who he noticed was not wearing a shirt underneath the vest that all employees of the store had to wear. He grunted as Peaches roughly squeezed his balls to force his cum from his cock. He could hear the swishing sound of the cucumber being rapidly used by Peaches on her hole.

: Just nothing; you are just another horny ass hole. So, if you must examine melons then examine these," the manager spoke coolly. Dan watched as the manager unbuttoned her vest revealing two huge black melons with cherry sized nipples. The material of the vest still covered the sides of her tits restricting the view of onlookers as she grabbed Dan's hand and placed it on her chest.

"Fuck this is amazing," Dan uttered hoarsely. Peaches was now moaning on his cock as she continued fucking it with her mouth. He reached both hands up to those big black melons and took turns squishing each of them between his hands. Then he felt the manager's hand on his ass and quickly move between his cheeks. With one hard thrust she rammed a finger into his bowels and diddled his prostrate.

"The faster you cum in that slut's mouth the sooner we all can go to my office and punish the both of you Come on boy, you can squeeze Tonya's titties better than that," the manager was now almost cooing. Between the finger in his ass, the cock sucking he was getting and the big beautiful black tits he was playing with Dan was soon erupting into the girl's mouth.

Peaches swallowed for all she was worth until Tonya pushed Dan free of Peaches mouth. Tonya gave his cock a yank and fed him the finger that had been in his shit hole. They help Peaches out and up to her feet and Tonya took the cream covered cucumber from her and marched the two exhibitionists to her office. As they walked by the security booth the crowd that had gathered there gave the trio a round of applause.

Carefully, Tonya placed the vegetable in a grocery sack and told Dan not to forget to pay for it when he left. Then turning her attention to Peaches she helped the nymphomaniac out of her clothing. The women then pressed their bodies together as they kissed passionately. Dan just stood there like a lost puppy not sure what he should do with his sexual energy ready to explode.

As Tonya backed up toward Dan she pulled off her vest and guided her new slut's mouth to her big black jugs. Dan watched in amazement at how feverishly Peaches went at the manager's titties; she was crazed. Squishing her partner's ass Tonya demanded as she panted, "Strip yourself and then strip me then kiss my big fat black ass; don't say anything just do it now mother fucker!"

Obediently Dan threw off his clothing never taking his eyes off of the two women who were still feverishly biting and caressing one another. Tanya pulled away from Peaches just enough for Dan to free her of her clothing which he did like a sexual maniac. As Dan positioned himself behind the manager's ass she pushed it to within a couple of inches of his face and erupted with a loud fart leaving a large gaseous cloud in the air. He heard a little laugh from Tanya.

Undeterred Dan Grabbed a very large ass cheek in each hand and swiped his tongue up and down the deep crevice. He was half hoping she would fart again so he could try and catch it. He knew it was a nasty and sick thought but his mind had turned to pure mush ever since he went to the produce section. As he swirled his tongue around her puckering hole Tanya suddenly thrust her ass hard against him. Dan sprang into action convinced that his wish was about to come true.

He yanked apart Tanya's ass cheeks as far as they would go and encircled her ass hole with his mouth, locking it in place. Just as he stabbed her shit hole with his tongue Tanya let out an even bigger fart. The sound reverberated in his mouth as the gas caused him to gag. He did not know why but he wanted her ass more than ever and dove back in and kissed, licked and bit her ass like a wild man using his hands to pull her hard against his face. Tanya moaned as she pushed the trio to the floor now virtually sitting on Dan's face.

With a slight adjustment Dan soon found his tongue deep up Tonya's cunt and ass kissing and licking like the maniac he was. Seconds later, he felt his cock being swallowed up by Peaches pussy. Both women were bouncing off of his body as they kissed, bit, and played roughly with each other. The room was soon filled with the smell of pussy juices as the trio continued their torrid session.

Before they were finished Dan had thoroughly fucked both of them. After shooting his load in Peaches pussy Dan started to get up to leave but Tonya abruptly stopped him and made him watch as she made played around with Peaches. It didn't take long for the man's erection to return. Having accomplished her goal of bringing Dan's cock back to life Tonya walked around her desk and got out a large strap-on dildo. Dan's eyes bulged as Peaches put it around Tonya's hips.

"Tonya give me your cock; fuck me hard and deep, "Peaches cooed while licking the manager's tits and rubbing the head of the dildo against her cunt. Tonya caressed the other woman's back and ass and directed Peaches mouth to her nipples.

"Boy, get over here and kiss my little slut's ass; eat out her shit hole!" Tonya demanded. This experience was making Dan into a 'ass man' as he couldn't believe how wonderful it was to tongue these lady's ass holes. He devoured the silky ass and stabbed his tongue deeper and deeper into the shittie depths. Meanwhile the women continued to smooch as Peaches was now furiously rubbing the strap-on against her opening.

Without warning, Tonya broke the trio up long enough to fall to the floor and pull Peaches roughly on top of her Dan watched the dildo slowly slide into the white girls cunt as Tonya began fucking Peaches. Peaches let out a squeal as all ten inches were sunk into her quivering cunt. Tonya demanded, "Fuck her ass you mother fucking bastard!"

Dan knew he did not have much spunk left in him but that didn't matter as he had never been so turned on in his life. Black and white arms and legs were intertwined and grinding on another as he joined the women on the office floor. It took a minute to find a reasonable position but soon he had his cock head against Peaches puckering hole. Peaches tensed up in anticipation of the double penetration she was about to receive. A shiver ran up Dan's spine when he felt Tonya's cock rub against his balls.

Giving one hard thrust Dan popped the head of his erection into Peaches bowels. Wrapping his arms around the girl he smashed his hands against her chest flattening her boobs as she cried out. Tonya grabbed his skinny ass and tugged it hard to pull him deeper and deeper. It took less than a minute before he was balls deep in her back passage.

Soon both Dan and Tonya were furiously thrusting themselves in and out of their fucktoy. As the girls also passionately kissed one another Dan tortured both sets of melons. None of them were able to utter an understandable syllable. The room was filled with panting and grunting as all of them built to rousing orgasms. The three bodies shuddered thunderously together as the orgasm shot through their bodies.

Dan rolled from the pile with strands of cum still leaking from his cock which glistened with his seed and Peaches shynola. Tonya withdrew the dildo with a pop from the somewhat sore pussy. It took a couple of minutes for everyone to catch their breath before Peaches obeyed Tonya and started to clean up both Dan's cock and Tonya's strap-on.

The wonderful after sex cool down period was interrupted by a commotion. Dan looked as a man entered the room. His gasp caused Peaches to look up and see her husband. The man barked out, "Peaches that is the last time you will slut around and suck another cock."

Tonya screamed as the man then pulled out a gun and aimed it right at Dan's cock and Peaches' face...

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