Cuddy is Caught!


It had happened again. As Cuddy took a seat behind her desk, she tried to blot the memory of this morning from her mind, and to ignore the throbbing between her thighs. Her miniskirt was barely containing the wetness from therein. Lucas had finished first again - and there was no time for her to reach that elusive orgasm. She picked up some paperwork in an effort to distract herself. But soon began to realise that the words were simply not sinking in. Concentration was proving impossible.

She dropped the paperwork frustratedly onto the desk.

'Could I?' she muttered to herself. 'There's no one here. The blinds are closed...'

At first dismissing the thought, she then succumbed reluctantly to the temptation, seeing no other option. Her hand moved slowly towards her breasts. Although they were contained by a thin, low cut t-shirt and a bra, her erect nipples could easily be felt. Everybody she passed on her way in probably noticed them. A slight whimper of excitement escaped her lips as she brushed delicately over their sensitive surface.

Soon, her other hand began to trace it's way down her stomach, moving slowly onto her panties to relieve the burning within. She felt the warmness, and slowly stroked her hand back and forth, making herself moan audibly with pleasure from this teasing action.

At possibly the worst time, the door burst open, forcing her to remove her hands in a flustered panic. Thirteen was the one who had burst through. She appeared unaware of any interruption and began speaking quickly.

'House sent me,' she began. 'We need to cut out a man's...are you okay? You look a little...'

'I'm fine,' Cuddy replied.

'Wait...were you?' a smile broke across Thirteen's face. Cuddy remembered with a flash of hope, that she was bisexual. 'You were masturbating weren't you?'

'Not at all, I was-'

'Oh wow. I can't wait to tell House'

'No! I wasn' can't!'

'Well I guess I don't have too...' Thirteen said with a grin.

Cuddy realised where she was going.

Thirteen approached her desk, biting her lip sexily. Then she bent over, revealing a delicious cleavage. Having given her the full view, she subsequently lowered herself to her knees, and crawled under the desk out of view.

'What are you doing!' Cuddy said, attempting to sound authoritative.

'I think you know,' came Thirteen's husky voice. Damn it sounded sexy. 'I'm going to help relieve your attention'

'Wait,' Cuddy said, still trying to be defiant. 'What if someone sees you!'

'Relax,' came a voice from below. 'You can't see under the desk unless you're on your hands and knees. And the blinds on the door are shut'


Cuddy was cut short as a tongue began slowly caressing her leg, moving upwards to her thigh until it reached her skirt. It's warm embrace sent shivers through her whole body, and re-emphasised the yearning in her pussy. There was a tug, and then another, and the skirt was slowly slid off.

'Wow, you're really wet!' said Thirteen as she moved her hands expertly and erotically around her thighs. She was an accomplished teaser, Cuddy began to realise.

Before she could reply, she felt a soft but probing tongue trace around her panties.

'Mmmmm,' she heard from below. 'You taste good'

Cuddy took a quick look below and saw Thirteen, in only a bra and jeans, with a hand submerged below the skintight jeans flexing and caressing. A cute smile blossomed on Thirteen's face.

'I like to play with myself when I licks pussy,' she said enticingly. 'In fact I can rarely resist'

As her attention moved back towards Cuddy's pussy, Cuddy herself, found she was staring directly, and lustily at Thirteen's chest. A small upwards glance by Thirteen meant she noticed the attention her breasts were getting.

Moving her free hand across them, she said, 'you like?'

Cuddy nodded absent mindedly.

'You want me to take my bra off?'

A quick glance at the door did nothing to abate Cuddy's desire to see the flesh below.

'Yes,' she said, trying not to consider the depths to which her authority was waning.

Thirteen reached around and unhooked it. She toyed with the fabric slightly, wiggling her hips in a sexy motion. All the while she held her bra in front of her breasts. She was driving Cuddy wild. She'd never experienced lesbian sex before but she certainly had a ferocious urge now.

Eventually Thirteen lowered the bra. The most beautifully crafted breasts were revealed, small but so firm and with the cutest hard nipples. Thirteen giggled at her expression.

'Let's get these off,' she said, indicating towards Cuddy's panties. 'I'm hungry for you'

Her hands grasped each side, and slowly slid them down Cuddy's smooth legs, revealing a shaved and throbbing pussy below.

Thirteen wasted no time in getting involved. Her tongue immediately plunged into the waiting pussy. The suddenness and hunger of the assault elicited a groan of pleasure from Cuddy as she arced her back with desire. Thirteen giggled at the effects of her skills, as Cuddy moved her hands over her breasts and began to softly fondle up her shirt.

The groans began to blend together into a long cacophony of pleasure. Thirteen too, as her tongue worked greedily, had begun to moan as she got closer and closer to a fingering climax.

And then the door burst open once more, and Gregory House, of all people, limped through without speaking. This action precisely coincided with the simultaneous orgasms of both Cuddy and Thirteen.

'Ooooh God!' Cuddy screamed in a mixture of horror and immense pleasure. Soon his presence was forgotten in amongst the toe curling blitz of delight in which she had become encompassed.

'Oooooh Remy!' she shouted without an iota of embarrassment or a single thought towards holding anything back.

Her cries were echoed by Thirteen who squirted copiously into her jeans and panties as the throes of orgasm stipulated by her fingers overcame her. Her tongue embraced the throbbing clitorus of Cuddy all the while, and their groans of gratification filled the room without a care for the unwanted presence therein. Cuddy found one of her hands pushing Thirteen's face into her pussy as the other stroked her nipple.

They each writhed together in perfect bliss, and Cuddy even found herself thrusting her shapely hips up and down, effectively humping Thirteen's eager tongue. The pleasure of orgasm flooded through each of them.

Eventually though, they both calmed and settled from the waves of delight. Thirteen's head bobbed gleefully to the surface.

'That was great!' she said happily, before a luck of shock developed as she saw who was standing in watch. In a delayed reaction, her hands covered her breasts. Cuddy tried to hide her deep satisfaction with a scowl which never quite managed to manifest. All she could manage was a look of obscured post-orgasmic happiness.

'Well that was interesting,' House said, before he turned on his heels and limped away again.

They turned to face each other.

'What's he going to do?' said Thirteen with a large degree of worry.

'I have no idea,' said Cuddy, unable to to remove the grin from her face. 'But I suspect this won't be the last time we do this. Whether we want to or not'

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