Cuff Me Leland


This story was written without the knowledge or consent of Leland Chapman, no offense or harm is meant to him. That said, please enjoy!


"Hey baby! How's it?" I called out from the kitchen as I heard Leland come through the front door. "You thirsty?"

"Fine. Yeah, toss me a water will ya?" He replied gruffly.

"No luck with Colby, I take it?" I asked as I tossed him a bottle from the fridge.

"We were so damn close today. I could feel him there! We've been at this three days now. I was looking forward to hearing the satisfying 'click' of my cuffs tonight." He said as he swung a kitchen chair around and sat down.

I walked to him and tossed a long shapely leg over his, straddling his lap and held my wrists in front of him "So, go for it!" I said teasingly, giving him a wicked grin.

"Yeah right." He said, flashing his gorgeous smile.

"Aw come on. It'll make you feel better! You said you were looking forward to hearing that 'click'. Come on. Cuff me, Leland!" I said quoting one of my favorite fan T-shirts.

Grabbing his cuffs off the table, he slapped them on my outstretched wrists. They closed loosely around my hands with a loud 'click, click'. "All right sista, you going downtown now." He said chuckling.

"Oh Leland please . . . " I pleaded with him, raising my voice to a sexy purr. "I know I shoulda called, but I had a client I had to see! I couldn't pass it up. I made 300 bucks for that one turn. I can't go back to jail. Do you know what they do to pretty girls like me there!" I continued playing my role. "I'll do anything not go back to jail." As I finished my line I slid off his lap and knelt on the floor before him.

"Anything huh?"

"I'd rather go down here, than go downtown!" I said as I reached in his lap and unzipped the navy cargo pants he was wearing. I slid my warm hand inside to grasp his stiffening shaft.

Leland slid to the edge of the chair to give me better access. I leaned forward to take his cock in between my lips. The sharp intake of his breath told me he was enjoying our little game as much as I was. I loved giving him head and continued with gusto. As I ran my tongue around his shaft, it thickened with each stroke. Leland began to moan as I took him deeper into my throat.

Using my cuffed hands I played with his balls and gently stroked them. When I pulled back, I tickled the head of his cock with my tongue before taking him in my mouth again. As I brought my head down, I snaked my tongue around his balls making him moan even louder. I pulled back, releasing him from the warm wet recesses of my mouth.

"So do we have a deal?" I questioned getting back into my role.

" Oh god don't stop! Huh?" He said after a minute, trying to figure out what I meant.

"You won't take me back to jail right? I let you fuck me and you let me go?" I asked as I held the cuffs up in front of him.

"Oh yeah . . .yeah I guess just this once I'll let you go." He laughed. "I didn't realize you were into bondage, babe." Leland said as he reached for the keys to the cuffs. "Thanks, I do feel better though!"

"I'm glad you feel better, I thought you would. And I'm not really into bondage, but I thought it might be fun! You mean to tell me you've never thought about it? You've carried those things every day for years and it's never crossed your mind?" I asked in disbelief as I pulled back before he could unlock the cuffs. Leland just dropped his gaze from mine and he turned an adorable shade of pink. "Ah ha so you have! Did it or just thought about it?"

"Yeah the thought's crossed my mind once or twice, but I've never actually done it." He said still not looking at me. He again tried to reach for the cuffs to unlock them. "Are you saying you'd want to?" He asked quietly as he looked at me for the first time since I brought it up. There was a glimmer of hope in his beautiful chocolate-kiss eyes.

"I'll try anything once, twice if I like it!" I said as I got to my feet and reached for his shirt. Pulling gently, he stood up and met my waiting mouth in a searing kiss. His soft lips pressed against mine and our tongues met in a fierce battle for control. I ran my still cuffed hands under his T-shirt gently raking his chest with my nails. Deepening our kiss, I pressed closer to him, feeling his shaft hard and ready, pushing against my jeans. "Mmm." I moaned into our kiss. Breaking the kiss I panted, "More!"

Leland took the cuffs in his left hand and gently stretched mine above my head. Dipping his head to gently catch my left nipple with his teeth, nipping tenderly he teased me. Releasing the left one he caught the right nipple as I cried out in pleasure. Again he released my nipple and dipped his head even lower. Leland caught the hem of my shirt in his teeth and dragged it upwards, following it with his right hand. His touch was feather soft, barely brushing my skin. The touch, or almost lack of, drove me mad with desire.

"Oh god, please touch me, Leland!" I cried out trying to get him to stop teasing me. He laughed a deep sexy chuckle and dropped my shirt back over my chest. He pulled his hand back out from my shirt and released my hands.

"Keep them up there." He said looking at me with dark intent in his gaze. He began to undo the buttons down the front of my blouse. After opening my blouse he turned and grabbed the keys from the table and then taking my hands, he pulled me gently forward toward the bedroom we shared.

"Sit." He said, once there, pointing to the foot of our 4-poster brass bed. I sat next to the post as he opened the cuffs. Turning, he set the key on the bedside table and then sat on the chair near the bed. "Strip for me, baby."

I stood and turned my back to him, dropping one shoulder to let my shirt slip off to one side. I turned slowly, dropping my head down gazing at the floor. When I was facing him, I raised my face and tossed my hair around behind me with a gentle 'swish'. I rolled my other shoulder back allowing the other side of my shirt to fall back. Keeping eye contact with Leland I pulled my arms out of the sleeves and let the blouse flutter like a leaf to the floor. Next I slid my hands slowly down my neck to graze the inner soft flesh of my bra-clad breasts.

Further down they traveled, caressing my stomach as they reached for my jeans. I popped the button open and blew him a kiss as I turned away from him once again. Away from his gaze I slid the zipper down and began to inch the jeans down over my hips.

As my black satin panties came into view, he whistled in appreciation of my firm ass. "God you've got a gorgeous ass babe!"

Slowly I pushed the denim lower on my hips until they fell on their own to the floor. I stepped out of them and turned to face him, smiling when I saw the hard-on he had waiting for me. I stood there in my matching black satin bra and panties and waited for him to tell me what he wanted.

"Come here girl." He said crooking a finger in a come-hither motion. I walked to him and knelt again before him.

"Oh reading my mind again are you?" Leland said with a laugh. He reached behind me to unclasp my bra as I took his cock in my mouth again. Once my bra was open, I quickly slid it off leaving my breasts bare for his touch. I moaned around his cock when he began to softly strum his thumbs across my sensitive nipples. He stopped playing with me to carefully push my shoulders back so I would stop sucking him. I looked at him oddly.

"It's time to keep your end of our deal!" He helped me to stand and backed me against the bed. "You sure you want to play with the cuffs?"

"Uh huh!" I said nodding my approval as I raised my hands to him for the cuffs. I laid down in the middle of our big brass bed. He closed the left cuff and then threaded the other through the headboard before closing it around my right wrist.

I watched as he quickly removed his own clothing to stand before me, glorious in his nakedness. God I could stare at his sculpted body for hours. I wanted so badly to touch him, but that wasn't an option right now. I watched in anticipation as he walked to the foot of the bed and tenderly parted my legs.

Tracing his hands up my legs he trailed his way further up toward my tingling mound. His slightly rough hands made their way agonizingly slowly up over my hips to grasp the waistband of my panties. I lifted my hips off the bed so Leland could slide them down, baring my pussy to his waiting gaze. I pulled my legs back together for him to remove my panties. He tossed them to the floor without a care.

Parting my legs again he breathed softly onto my aching nether lips. I shuddered with glee when his tongue brushed where his hot breath had caressed seconds earlier. I stay clean shaven there, because he prefers it, so I watched as his tongue slid in between my lips. The pleasure this man can give with his mouth alone is heavenly!

I jumped when he began to flick my clit with his tongue, bringing his hands up he spread my legs further open to give himself better access to the treat he was enjoying. I could feel my orgasm quickly approaching and moaned excitedly.

"Oh god Leland, I'm gonna cum!"

"Oh no, you don't, not yet." He said releasing me. "You don't get to cum until I tell you too. All right?"

"You're evil, you know that!"

"Yeah but you love me." He said slipping me his wicked smirk. He quickly wiped his face off before claiming my mouth in a deep kiss. Once again his tongue slid inside, but this time his cock slid deep into my hot and ready pussy at the same time. I moaned in sheer delight beneath him. His hard chest brushed against my puckered nipples as he began to thrust deeply inside me. I wanted so badly to wrap my arms around him and urge him on. But he laughed as I gently struggled against the cuffs. "Do you want them off?" he asked, stopping briefly.

"Not if you have to stop fucking me to take them off?" I said raising my hips to take his shaft back inside me. Leland laughed again as he drove back into my tight sheath. Every thrust of his hips was met with a thrust of my own. "Oh god yes" I cried as I tried to urge him faster and deeper. He met my enthusiasm wholeheartedly and indulged me with the deep, strong strokes I desired.

"You're a horny little bitch tonight aren't you!"

"God please just don't stop. I'm so close I can taste it."

"Oh really I guess I should slow down a little then. Can't have you cumming before I say you can!" He said laughing as he slowed to a devilishly slow pace. Each stroke seemed to take hours to complete.

"Oh you bastard. Please . . . " I cried in frustration. I tried to raise my hips to speed his thrusts, but Leland sat up and place his hands on my thighs pressing them down gently. I moaned in mild annoyance. " You are being so evil!!! You are so gonna pay for this."

Leland just chuckled as he slowly, ever so slowly slid deep inside my pussy. He kept up that slow pace for a few minutes more as I whined in protest.

"You are close, aren't you? I can feel your pussy squeezing my cock. How badly do you want to cum?" He said as he quickened his pace just a little.

"Leland, this isn't funny, I feel like I'm going to explode. Please let me cum!" With that said, he released my thighs and slammed into me with a force that caused me to scream in pleasure. A few more powerful thrusts and I was sure I was going to die. I closed my eyes and felt the room spin around me.

"Cum for me little one. Cum for me!" He whispered softly into my ear. Hearing him give me permission to cum was like a break in the Hoover Dam. The pent up orgasms flooded through me with such force, that the rippling of my inner muscles spurred Lelands' climax right on top of mine. He quickly pulled out before cumming and then his hot cum splashed over my stomach, like rain on a hot tin roof.

"Oh my god!" I cried out.

Leland dropped beside me on the bed to rest for a minute. He got up a few minutes later to go into the bathroom to get a warm washcloth to clean up the evidence of our passions. Laying the warm cloth across my stomach he grabbed the key to the cuffs and released me. Gently he rubbed my wrists, where they had gone red from my struggling. He kissed each wrist in turn before helping me clean up. When he returned to bed, we snuggled and kissed softly.

"So was it as enjoyable as it was in your head?" I asked teasingly.

"It was incredible. Thanks for playing with me. So I guess you don't have to go to jail this time." He said with a wink.

"Why, thank you Leland, you're very kind. Stop by my corner some time!" I said laughing.

"If I can expect this kind of service every time, you can count on it!" he said pulling me into his embrace. "Good night darling."

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