Kate was feeling a bit awkward. She didn't view herself as an anti-social person, but parties really weren't here thing. She was fine with people one on one, but had difficulty integrating into groups. The fact that she didn't really know anyone other than Nathaniel made it especially difficult for her. She felt bad about clinging to his side, but was too nervous to leave it and be surrounded by complete strangers. Even with a few drinks in her, she just couldn't seem to let her guard down and meet new people.

When Nathaniel suggested that they go somewhere private she jumped at the opportunity. It wasn't that she had some burning desire to be alone with him or anything; she just liked the idea of not feeling like she was desperately clinging to his side in a crowd of strangers. If they were alone, she wouldn't feel like she was preventing him from socializing with his friends. She also wouldn't have to worry that the strangers were watching her and silently judging her for not speaking to them.

She assumed he wanted to do something sexual with her, but that was okay. They had been dating for a couple of weeks, and she was more than ready to take their relationship to the next level. She was becoming increasingly self-conscious about the fact that they hadn't fucked yet, as well. As they headed up the stairs and down the hallway to the bedroom, she felt relieved that he was finally going to take the next step in their relationship.

Despite the house being fairly old, the bedroom was a surprisingly large size. Tastefully decorated, a large king sized bed sat up against the wall facing a walk in closet. Kate knew that Nathaniel was friends with whoever owned the home, but she had no idea who that person was. The idea of having sex in a stranger's bedroom seemed mildly thrilling to her.

Entering the bedroom, Nathaniel wasted little time in getting down to business. As soon as the door was closed he pinned Kate up against the wall and began making out with her. His method was sloppy, but she admired the aggression. It felt confident to her, which was a turn-on.

Moving towards the bed, he practically threw her onto it before joining her. Pinning her down, she felt his hands running all over her chest, exploring her body. As he slipped a hand under her shirt she began to worry that he was moving too fast, but she let it go. Normally she'd be hesitant to let a man move so quickly, but the alcohol had lowered her inhibitions.

Sensing no resistance from her, Nathaniel unbuttoned her top and stripped it away. As he unhooked and removed her bra, Kate tried to protest. Though she didn't view herself as ugly, she had her share of body acceptance issues. Being stripped naked in a stranger's bedroom with the lights still on was mildly terrifying to her, and the fact that Nathaniel was still fully dressed did nothing to put her mind at ease.

Ignoring her protests, Nathaniel reached into his back pocket and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. Grabbing Kate by her wrists, he forced her hands through the bars of the headboard and cuffed them together. The alcohol had numbed Kate's reaction time; by the time she realized what he was doing her wrists were already bound.

She thought about asking him to remove the cuffs, but chose not to. She was a little nervous, but she didn't necessarily want him to stop. It had been a long time since Kate had had sex, and she was eager to end the dry spell even if it meant indulging Nathaniel's bondage fetish. Besides, with her physical movement restricted, she felt a little better about letting him do the things to her naked body that she hoped he would do -- she could always tell herself that she wasn't a slut, she just couldn't have stopped him if she had wanted to.

With her hands bound above her head Nathaniel attacked her breasts. Cupping them in his hands, he aggressively licked her nipples. As Kate's nipples grew erect she began moaning in pleasure. Between the alcohol and the physical stimulation, she was quickly forgetting about any reservations she might have had about being tied up naked in a stranger's bedroom.

Sliding his hands down her torso, Nathaniel quickly unbuttoned Kate's pants. As she felt them sliding down her legs, she again began to feel self-conscious again. The idea of being stripped down to her panties while Nathaniel was still fully dressed terrified Kate, even if it did arouse her in a way she didn't fully understand.

"Slow down," she requested. "Get the lights first, and lose some of your own clothes. I don't want to be the only one naked."

"You still have your panties," he shrugged. "Though, I suppose that's about to change."

"I'm serious," she insisted. "At least get the lights. I don't think that door is locked, and someone could walk in and see me at any time."

Nathaniel sighed, but walked over towards the door. Kate panicked a little when she saw that rather than turning off the lights or attempting to lock the door in some way he instead swung the door open wide. Though the hallway was empty, she could hear the voices of the other party-goers. She struggled against the handcuffs in a futile attempt to free herself so that she could cover her nudity, but succeeded only in hurting her own wrists.

"That's not funny, Nathaniel," she growled. "Close the door and take these fucking handcuffs off me. Now."

"Try to relax," Nathaniel chuckled. "There's no one out there, and I don't think anyone is going to walk by in the immediate future. As long as you keep quiet I'm sure no one will see anything."

"I'll scream," she threatened.

"That wouldn't exactly be keeping quiet," he reminded her. "These are my friends, you'll remember. If you scream, they'll probably come -- but they may not help you. I can save you the effort, though. If you want an audience, just say something. I'd be more than happy to go grab a few people to watch."

Kate realized that he might be telling the truth. She didn't know anyone at the party, but he seemed to know everyone. They had all been drinking, and she was concerned that there was a very real chance that they might be more interested in watching than helping her. She couldn't be sure, but she didn't want to risk it -- though the idea of being watched was a recurring fantasy of hers, she was terrified by the idea of making it into a reality. Besides, in a way the risk made it all hotter for her.

Grinning widely, Nathaniel walked back towards the bed. Standing over Kate's helpless body, he grabbed her panties by the waistline and began to pull them down. Kate kicked and attempted to contort her body to thwart him, but found it ultimately futile -- the panties were coming down whether she wanted them to or not.

"Nathaniel, I'm really serious," she protested. "Someone could walk by at any second, and I don't want your friends to see me naked. You don't want your friends checking out your girlfriend's naked body, do you?"

"Why would that bother me?" he asked. "I like your body, Kate -- you might be ashamed of it, but I'm happy to show it off. Believe me; I really don't mind the idea of my friends seeing what I'm going to be fucking."

"Keep this shit up and you won't be fucking anyone," Kate warned, trying to sound as stern as possible. "I'm done asking, I'm now ordering you. Close the door, now."

Nathaniel shot her a grin and turned around. Rather than going for the door, though, he headed to the closet. After disappearing into it for a second, he came out with a pair of neckties in his hand. Approaching the bed, he tied one tightly around Kate's ankle and pulled it towards the corner of the bed. Kate did her best to struggle as he tied it down, but he was far too strong for her. Repeating the action on her other ankle, Kate quickly found herself naked and tied up spread eagle.

"I'm not sure if you've noticed," Nathaniel explained, "but you're not exactly in the best position to be giving orders. I have you completely at my mercy, and if you want me to be gentle you should probably cooperate. Each time you forget your place and do something inappropriate, such as ordering me to close the door, I'll do something to punish you -- like tie your ankles down so that your cunt is visible and available. Is that understood?"

Kate again considered screaming but thought better of it. She had been nervous enough when she wasn't fully naked with her legs spread, the idea of strangers seeing her in such a vulnerable position would be far too much. With no way to escape she realized that he was telling the truth -- she really was completely at his mercy. She didn't want to cooperate, but she had no other choice.

"Okay," she replied, growing more nervous by the second. "I'm sorry that I gave you an order. Please close the door, Nathaniel? I'm asking you nicely."

"I'd be happy to," he explained. "But not until I get off. Once I do, I'll consider shutting it."

"Keep dreaming," she snapped. "After the bullshit that you've pulled, if you get off tonight it's not going to be with me."

Laughing, Nathaniel ignored her claim and thrust his hand into her crotch. Kate reflexively attempted to force her thighs together, but because of the neckties binding her ankles to the bedposts she was unable to do so. She considered screaming, but stopped herself. She worried that if she did scream, the room would quickly fill with strangers who might watch her violation.

Uncomfortably, she began to realize that the idea of a room full of strangers was still a major turn on. She didn't want it to actually happen, but just thinking about it seemed to grab her cunt's attention. As Nathaniel began to expertly rub her clit, she could feel herself growing embarrassingly wet.

"It looks like your twat disagrees with you," Nathaniel laughed as he slid a finger into the helpless girl. "If it could talk, I think it would be begging me to fuck it right now."

Kate whimpered in shame as Nathaniel began to pump his finger in and out of her. She was painfully aware of the wet, sloshing noises emanating from her crotch, and was certain that Nathaniel heard them as well. Mortified at how her own body had betrayed her, she again considered screaming but decided not to. It wasn't just the fear of alerting others to her situation that prevented her, though. A part of her just didn't want him to stop.

Unfortunately for Kate, Nathaniel stopped anyway. Just as she was beginning to enjoy the finger fucking he got up without saying a word and headed for the door. Kate hoped that he was going to close it, but it given his behavior so far it seemed unlikely.

"Wait, where are you going?" she exclaimed in confusion.

"In case you've forgotten, you claimed that there was no way that I'd be getting off with you tonight," he reminded her. "If that's the case, then I'm wasting my time here. I'm going back to the party, seeing as you claim there's nothing for me to do here."

"Take off my handcuffs first!" she demanded, terrified by the idea of being left naked and vulnerable while tied to a stranger's bed.

Nathaniel let out a heavy sigh and headed back towards the closet. Again disappearing briefly into it, he came out carrying a leather belt. Heading back towards the bed, he picked up Kate's panties and balled them up. Climbing into bed, he held them to Kate's face.

"I warned you about giving orders," he sighed. "I'm going to do you a favor and gag you as your punishment. This will make it for more difficult for you to get yourself into more trouble, so you really ought to be grateful. Open your mouth, slut."

Kate didn't like the idea of being gagged one bit -- especially with Nathaniel threatening to leave her tied to the bed. Defiantly, she clenched her jaw shut. She expected that Nathaniel might be able to force it open, but she wasn't about to just give in.

Surprisingly, Nathaniel didn't even attempt to force it open. Instead, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a permanent marker. Popping off the top, he began to write on Kate's chest, immediately above her breasts. Forcing her head up, she could make out what he was writing: "PLEASE FUCK ME" in large block letters.

"Would you like to open your mouth now?" Nathaniel asked again calmly. "It's okay if you don't -- I'd be more than happy to continue writing on you until you do."

Kate didn't want to obey, but she didn't see what choice she had. She had no desire to see what else Nathaniel might write -- the vulgarity that he had already scrawled upon her skin was bad enough. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and hoped he might be merciful.

Nathaniel waited until her mouth was opened wide and stuffed the panties into it. Taking the belt, he wrapped it around her head twice before tying it tightly, holding the panties inside. Unable to speak, Kate looked up at Nathaniel and begged her with her eyes to show some mercy.

"Oh, calm down," Nathaniel chuckled. "I'm not going to abandon you -- I'm just going to go grab a drink and socialize a little. I'll be back in ten minutes or so; hopefully by that time you'll have learned your lesson."

Terrified of the idea of being left alone and unable to speak for ten minutes, Kate tried to beg him through her gag. She found she was unable to make anything more than make a series of muffled, panicked noises, but she hoped that he would understand and take mercy on her. Looking down at her, Nathaniel began to slowly shake his head.

"I just can't bear to see you so sad," he sighed.

Reaching to the side, Nathaniel grabbed Kate's shirt. She hoped that he might consider dressing her before he left, though the look on his face implied that wouldn't be very likely. As she begged for mercy with her eyes he wrapped the shirt over her face and tied the sleeves together, binding it in place. Unable to speak or see, Kate could only whimper into her panties as she heard his footsteps leaving the room. Unfortunately, she did not hear the door close behind him.

Kate was terrified. Being naked and tied up in a public place was bad enough, but the thing that Nathaniel had written on her chest made it so much worse. She tried not to, but she couldn't help but think what would happen if a stranger were to accidentally wander into the room. She'd be unable to protest in any way with the gag in her mouth, and the label that Nathaniel had written on her made it very clear how he expected her to be used. Try as she might, she couldn't stop herself from thinking about being raped by strangers and never seeing their faces.

To make matters worse, a part of her kind of liked the idea. She didn't actually want it to happen, but the idea of being raped by a man without ever knowing his identity was a major turn-on. Against her conscious desires, Kate felt her cunt growing wetter as thoughts of strangers using her as little more than a cum dumpster danced in her head.

Her imagination taking over, she vividly pictured it. A man whose name and face she'd never know would enter the room, not looking for anything in particular. Seeing her bound and helpless, he'd notice the text written on her chest. If there was any doubt in his mind what he should do, the sight of her visible arousal would convince him to use her.

He'd unceremoniously mount her as Kate did he best to scream. With the panties in her mouth, he'd have no idea if she were moaning in lust or screaming in terror -- or perhaps he just wouldn't care. He'd fuck her hard for a few minutes, dump some sperm in her, and walk away without ever revealing his identity. He might even tell his friends so that they could take a turn, too.

Finding that the thoughts were only making her hotter, Kate tried to think about other things. Focusing, she forced herself to pay attention to what she could hear. She could make out muffled voices and music coming from downstairs, but little else over the sound of her own breathing.

After a few minutes Kate thought she heard a floorboard creaking down the hallway. Her heart raced as she tried her best to determine if it was real or just her imagination. She told herself that it was an old house, and it might just be the house settling. She didn't hear a follow-up creak, so it probably wasn't someone in the hallway. Still, she couldn't manage to convince herself that there wasn't someone there. With no way of seeing what was going on, she couldn't help but suspect that there might be someone already in the room with her, silently eyeing her vulnerable and helpless body.

After what felt like an eternity, she heard footsteps approaching down the hallway. She panicked -- there was no chance that these were just the house settling, there was very clearly someone coming. She tried to convince herself that it was Nathaniel returning, but she just couldn't be sure.

As the footsteps entered the room she tried to hold her body perfectly still. It seemed silly -- with the lights were still on there would be no way of missing her. Still, it was the closest that she could come to actually hiding.

After a brief pause, the footsteps began to approach the bed. She knew that she had been seen, and knew that the person was coming towards her. She again tried to convince herself that it was just Nathaniel returning, but wasn't sure how she felt about that. A part of her desperately wanted it to be someone else, someone who would see the note on her chest and do as it instructed.

Reaching the bed, the footsteps stopped. Kate held her breath in anticipation, not knowing what would happen next. She realized that she had no control over the situation -- she might be fucked, she might be freed, she might even be ignored. She also realized that she wasn't sure what she wanted to happen.

After a moment she felt a hand on her face, gripping the shirt that blindfolded her. As it was pulled off, she looked up to see Nathaniel's face smiling back down at her. Quickly scanning the room, she found that they were otherwise alone. She was simultaneously relieved and disappointed.

"Did you miss me?" Nathaniel mocked. "I hope that wasn't too painful for you, but you do need to learn not to mouth off to me. Giving me orders and telling me what I can and cannot do is really not a good idea. Have you learned your lesson, slut?"

Kate wanted to tell him to go fuck himself. Not only did it seem like the right thing to do in that situation, but the part of her that was enjoying the abuse wanted to provoke more. Unfortunately, with the gag in her mouth she was unable to respond verbally. Faced with the choice of either nodding or shaking her head, she nodded.

"That's a good girl," Nathaniel praised condescendingly, stroking her hair.

Lying down next to her, Nathaniel continued to stroke her hair with his left hand but slid his right hand down between her legs. Kate whimpered quietly in humiliation as he slid two fingers into her pussy, but was powerless to stop him. As he began finger-fucking her once again, she realized that she wouldn't really want to stop him even if she could.

"Jesus Christ," Nathaniel laughed, "did someone come by and fuck you while I was gone? I can't imagine how you could possibly get this wet without some help."

Kate groaned into her panties in humiliation. She wanted to point out that no one fucked her at all while he was gone, but realized the alternative was to admit that she was actually just that turned on by the situation. With no desirable option, she was grateful for the fact that she was gagged.

"I'm sorry, bitch," Nathaniel continued. "I shouldn't ask you questions when you're unable to answer them. Let's fix that real quick."

Undoing the belt, Nathaniel removed the panties from Kate's mouth. The freedom to breathe through her mouth was nice, but she dreaded the fact that Nathaniel might force her to answer questions about her very noticeable arousal. She thought about asking him to put it back in, but wasn't sure how to do so.

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