tagInterracial LoveCultural Diffusion Ch. 03

Cultural Diffusion Ch. 03


Okay, so here is the next chapter and let me say, I put in a good amount of background info. Let me know how accurate I am if you can. The Unexpected Interest epilogue is still in the works and seems to be going on track as far as my time crunch goes. But that could all change if I get too caught up one day and don't have much time to work on it. But enjoy and I'm grateful for my readers.


"Kat?" A sweet voice whispered in her ear. Kat opened her eyes to look into the very manly bedroom fit for a king. A tall canopy bed sat high in the air and the color scheme was suited on behalf of royalty. She looked toward the sound that had awoken her toward the edge of the bed. Maribel craned her neck to make eye contact.

"Hey Maribel." Kat said sleepily. She sat up in bed and looked on the floor to see all of her bags nestled in the corner. Alejandro wasn't beside her as he had been the night prior. Kat got up from bed and lightly patted Maribel on her head when she walked past to reach her clothes. Everything was there and she desperately wanted to shower.

"Did she wake you up?" Alejandro asked sternly from the door. Kat turned around to see him in the doorway with a raised eyebrow. Kat could tell he had told Maribel not to wake her and when she looked into the little girls scared eyes; she knew she wanted to stand up for her. It was only a plus that she didn't know Kat was lying for her.

"No she didn't actually. When I woke up she came in." Kat said, trying to be persuasive. He stood for another minute in silence and then his features softened.

"Mari, breakfast is done if you're ready to eat." Alejandro said to her. Maribel knew she wasn't in trouble and quickly pranced out of the room. Kat finally took in the sweet scent of food lingering in the atmosphere and she hoped Alejandro made some for her too.

"How'd you sleep?" He asked. Alejandro gradually made his way toward the bed and casually sat on the edge.

"Great. Your bed is really comfortable. How'd you sleep?" Kat asked, beginning to rummage through her bag again.

"Alright. Although when I woke up I was quite confused. Your fingers were my mouth, I was trapped in your legs which was much more enjoyable than I make it sound and we switched sides of the bed... Are you aware you sleep like a wild animal?" He asked laughing. Kat chuckled too. She worried that she'd sleep too wildly for him, but she didn't want to sleep in the huge room alone.

"I'm sorry. At least it was only 1 night." She said, standing up completely and sitting her clothes across from him on the bed. He fell back and their eyes were meeting. His curls spilled out under his head and Kat fought the impulse to kiss on his jaw bone.

"Stay." He whispered. Kat averted her eyes and knew she couldn't do it.

"The kids. I don't want to make them uncomfortable in their own home." Kat said just as quietly.

"Maribel hadn't stopped talking about you since she woke up. And Diego couldn't care less. I want you to stay. I'll take you to work every day, I'll pick you up, just stay." He begged. Kat still kept coming back to the kids.

"Alright." She mumbled. He smiled at her goofily and she laughed in reply. He rose up off the bed and locked eyes with Kat instantaneously. He stalked his way over in her direction and she silently waited for what he'd do. But she suddenly wanted one more request.

"Ask the kids." Kat sighed. He was standing right before her now and his perfectly arched eyebrow was elevated in curiosity. Before anyone said another word he was walking fiercely out the bedroom door. Kat silently awaited the response with her clothes in her hands. She rang them tensely. She could hear Alejandro walking back toward the bedroom and he closed the door behind him. His eyes were low and voracious. Kat put the clothes back on the bed and he gathered her waist to lead him into his lower abdomen.

"The kids want you just as much as I do Kat." He whispered into her neck. He kissed on the skin lightly and Kat went limp in his arms. She let her upper limbs lie weakly beside her and her eyes fluttered closed when he tenderly flicked her lobe with his tongue. She droned quietly in his ear and let her nose nestle into his black tresses.

Kat's stomach whined angrily below her and successfully ruined any sexual arousal the two were trying to achieve. He untwined his arms from around her and kissed her tenderly on the lips before he put some distance between their frames.

"I made you breakfast, go eat." He said, letting his hands graze the top of his head. Kat could see the frustration in his face. But she was sporting the same emotion. They hardly had anytime to fully mess around with each other in peace. There was always something to prevent them from going too far. When Kat exited the room, she was greeted with a small voice.

"Kat can you take me to the park every day?" Diego asked. And Kat laughed as she imagined all the positive things Diego might have thought would come out of her stay. But she probably wouldn't have the heart to deny him any request.



"Thank you so much Marlennys." Kat said. She walked onto the sidewalk adjacent to Marlennys' small house that was conveniently close to the school. Kat expressed her need to find someone who could handle her thick mane of hair and she almost scoffed when the soft, silky haired Marlennys said she'd be the perfect one to do it. But to her surprise, she did an amazing job. And against Marlennys' will, Kat slipped her a good tip.

"No problem. I'll see you tomorrow." She said from the front door. It was darkening outside and it was almost time for Alejandro to pick her up from the Cyber Café. Kat hurried her pace and made her way there. She took the same computer she had when she sent her first email and was eager to see what Pat had written. When she saw Pat's name in her unread mailbox, a small smile formed on her lips.

Katty Pooh
I'm so happy you're enjoying yourself! I can only imagine the men out there. Just remember what you're trying to accomplish in you're 3 months and push the nerves aside. The kids will benefit from you and you're genuine personality. I miss you, I pray that you stay safe every night, I love you and I'm proud of you.
Love, Pat.

The nerves are slowly subsiding and the kids are opening up too. The men; you have no idea. Although I think the accent has a lot to do with the sex appeal. I miss you too! And I'm saving up some money to send you out next month. I just got my paycheck yesterday and I have so much to spend since I don't have any major expenses. Can't wait to see you.
Love, Kat.

When Kat concluded her email and sent it off to its recipient. She spared a glace to the front of the Café. There were a few people in line but she could still make out the black Camry sitting outside. The sun had gone down almost completely but it was still hot.

She opened the car door and sat inside. She looked behind her to see both Diego and Maribel were vastly asleep. Before she had the chance to turn around, Alejandro absorbed her head with his palm and led it in the course of his lips. He held some urgency in his kiss but it still didn't subtract the amount of moisture Kat secreted between her legs. The light smacking sound wasn't sufficient enough to startle the kids and she was glad. When she was sure he was finished, he leaned in for one light peck on her swollen mouth and looked at her with so much need. He licked his lips right before her and she saw his hand itching to reach over her side of the car. Kat held so much newly found admiration for couples with children. Trying not to let them see too much was difficult and would ultimately leave a gigantic block of sexual tension between a pair after awhile.

"Your hair looks nice." He whispered before pulling out back onto the road.

"Thanks." Kat said sighing. She shifted in her seat and tried to control her heart rate.


"Ms. Kat!" Delora called from the front of the room. Her tiny hand was up tall in the air.

"One minute Delora. So Carlos, when you get two digits in the first column, you add the first number to the other side." Kat told him. She could see he was still frustrated and confused so she politely held out her hand for his pencil. He hastily handed it to her.

"Thank you, so I'll do this one for you. Do you see how I got 10 in this first column? I'll take the 1, the first number in 10, and put it here." She said. She spared another look at the boy and he seemed more filled in then he had been 30 seconds prior to her explanation. He held his hand flat, ready for his pencil and Kat gave it back without delay. "Let me know if you need anything else." Kat told Carlos before she ambled toward the front of the room to help Delora. As soon as she reached the little girl's desk, the bell rang to signal their lunch was beginning. Without another word the kids were up and running.

Kat's excitement grew when she remembered Alejandro would be picking her up for a quick lunch. Promptly she walked over toward her desk and gathered her purse over her shoulder.

"Goodness Kat, It's like 90 degrees in here." Alejandro said from the door. He wore his pale blue paramedic uniform and his hair was pulled into a tight ponytail at the nape of his neck. Smooth baby hairs lay where they chose and his strong face looked even more handsome.

"I think I'm getting used to it." Kat said with a little smile while she swiftly walked up to the door. Alejandro stood in the same spot until she exited first.

"Mm girl, you're really thickening up for me huh?" Alejandro whispered once she exited the room. Kat turned back toward him and rolled her eyes playfully. She had to admit; she had gained more than a few pounds while she'd been in Argentina. But she was glad he didn't make it sound like a bad thing.

"I'm glad you're enjoying your view." She mumbled when she walked down the hall with him following her closely. When she reached the end of the hall Luis rounded the corner right before her. Having been too worked up to spend lunch with Alejandro, Kat had forgotten who it was she usually ate with.

"Hey Kat." He said casually, eyeing Alejandro behind her. He had his bowl in his hands and Kat figured he was probably on his way to her room to eat lunch with her. She felt a pang of guilt in her pit and felt so rude for not telling him before hand.

"Hey, I forgot to tell you; I'm going to spend lunch with Alejandro today. I'm sorry." Kat said gently with a sympathetic smile. Luis was disappointed but forced himself to seem impassive. His dimples flexed when he gave a strained smile.

"Okay that's fine." He said quietly while nodding in approval.

"Oh great. Thanks. Alejandro this is Luis." The two shook hands briefly.

"See you later, or tomorrow." Luis said before Kat walked toward the door with Alejandro still following after her. She waved back at him.

"Okay see you." She said. Alejandro and Kat walked toward his Camry and he held her door open for her.

"Is he in love with you or is he in love with you? Which one is it?" He said with a lot of attitude that could've been passed off as joking behavior but then again maybe not. Kat thought his journey to his side of the car took forever. She wanted to question him about that comment. When he sat down he kept his eyes focused on the spot where he needed to put in the key.

"What does that mean?" She asked softly. Alejandro kept his eyes on the road and took a minute to answer her. He drove very languidly and his ponytail sat on his shoulders. Kat had never seen his entire profile so exposed before. But she was able to notice his temples flex tightly in frustration.

"It means he's infatuated with you. You need to let him know how things will be before he gets hurt, if he isn't already." He said harshly before he rounded a big corner. Kat sat face forward to think over his words.

That was the second person to claim Luis wanted more than a friendship. But Kat failed to see his intentions with her. Luis was a sweet and courteous man who helped perfect her teaching. Nothing was harmful in that? Maybe she would have to talk to him about it one day. The last thing she wanted to do was damage a relationship with one of her friends by giving mixed signals. But she didn't have anything to say. How would Kat go about questioning a man on something he never confessed? She felt it in her core; that plan would only end in making her look like a stuck up fool.

"So where do you want to eat?" He asked at a stoplight.

"Whatever you want."

Within a few minutes they were pulling into a parking space in front of a café. It had seating outside, protected by a low gate that was shielded by a big umbrella. Once they were seated, she took a look at the menu. The types of food were different from the other restaurant and she carefully read each description. Alejandro ordered Milanesa which was a thin cut slice of steak dipped in bread crumbs and fried evenly on each side. Kat decided on Sorrentinos, round raviolis, filled with ham, mozzarella cheese and ricotta.

"The kids will be gone this weekend." Alejandro reminded her. Kat was surprised that when he mentioned their departure, she was almost sad. For the past week she had been interacting with them and learning their individual personalities. Diego had taken well to touching her hair constantly while she and Maribel were best girlfriends.

"Oh. I'm going to miss them." She murmured to herself.

"Well they'll be back on Sunday. I was thinking next week on Friday, we could go to the beach. Mar del Playa is a few hours away." A few thoughts rushed Kat's mind at once. She had forgotten to pack a swimsuit for some odd reason. But she was silently chastising herself for the slip up. Another thought was that she'd need to set up a hair appointment with Marlennys if she was willing to take Kat as a regular.

"That would be fun." She said smiling.

Their food came quickly and they ate in almost silence. But when they came close to finishing, Alejandro started off another conversation.

"Tell me about your family. I'm sure they miss you." Alejandro said. He hadn't really pried too much into her life outside of Argentina and Kat knew he'd be asking about it sooner or later. But she hadn't contemplated the right words to correctly explain her past living situations. She thought for a moment and decided a basic definition would probably make things less complicated.

Okay, so in America— there's a system with the government. When people are in circumstances where they can't take care of their children, they take the kids to foster care. So in foster care, the kids go to different homes with different people until their real parents come get them. That's what I was; a foster child. My last foster mother before I was old enough to live on my own was Patricia—the woman I email." Kat told him nonchalantly. Alejandro watched her with an arm propping up his head and his bedroom eyes fixed on her.

"You're parents never came to get you?" He whispered. Kat couldn't explain the emotions that emerged in her spirit. It was a feeling she hadn't felt since her adolescent years. As a child she often pondered why no one ever came to get her from the constant pattern of switching homes, schools, parents and siblings. To sit and think of it made her feel hollow and so alone in the world. She often felt like she had just occurred out of thin air while everyone else was liked to a long line of people who they could depend on forever. The feeling made her stomach churn and the same reaction was triggered by Alejandro's words.

"No. No one ever came to get me." She mumbled robotically. Alejandro was beating himself up for the sentence he let slip through his lips that unmistakably changed Kat's character. She seemed distant and just the slightest bit pained. Alejandro reached for her brown hands and held them snugly over the table.

"Well, it's their loss." He said strictly. Kat smiled slightly and he stroked her hands for a few minutes in silence. Alejandro looked at his wrist in the middle of the table and let Kat's hands go free. "It's time to head back." He said while standing. Kat was disappointed their little date had ended so soon, but hopefully they had more time this weekend to finish talking


"So, what were you going to ask me?" Kat asked Maribel. She looked up at Kat and then back down on her worksheet. Kat waited patiently for her to gather her thoughts. But after a few more seconds she turned her beautiful face back up to Kat with a bashful smile plastered on her features.

"I forgot." She giggled. Kat smiled back at her before she spoke.

"That's okay. If you remember, tell me." She headed toward her comfy chair behind her desk and looked for the bottle of water she left in the drawer. She took a quick sip and leaned back in her chair. The kids were working hard and the silence in the room was almost relaxing. After 10 minutes of the peace, Kat checked the round clock on the wall. It was about time for them to move on from the mathematics portion of the day.

"You almost finished?" She asked the kids.

"No!" They replied in unison. Kat thought for a moment.

"Okay, how about this; I give you 10 more minutes. But you don't get to color the last 15 minutes of class." The immediate response from the class made Kat chuckle. The groans and complaints were things she expected. It was the exact reason she made the proposition.

"So can I go over this now so you still have time to color?" She asked with a palm facing the ceiling and a confused expression. Sometimes she felt like she was acting in a play with the kids as her audience, but she'd be damned if she didn't love it. It gave her a chance to operate somewhat like a kid and make corny jokes that no adult would ever laugh at.

"Yes." They replied again. Kat turned en route for the chalk board but speedily turned around to shoot the kids a curious look.

"Can you answer my question in English please?" She asked, inquisitive as to if they could remember the word she taught them just a day before.

"Yes." They all said in unison. A glimpse of happiness coursed through Kat's veins and accomplishment set deep within her core. To hear them say that one word in English, even though it was probably the easiest word in the English language, made her feel so complete. She was serving her purpose in only her second week of arriving. Kat tried to control her excitement.

"Very nice." She smiled before she turned toward the board to go over the math problems.


Alejandro and Kat were entering his apartment and Kat sighed audibly. She kicked off her shoes and her aching feet thanked her. She took a seat on the sectional and embraced the air conditioners magic. Alejandro slowly took a seat beside her and eyed her red feet.

"Here." He said while patting his thighs and keeping hard eye contact with her feet. Kat obliged to his command and put her sore feet in his lap. She could feel the magnetism searing off of his groin and Alejandro could feel it too. But he ignored it and focused his attention on massaging her feet.

His abrasive hands pressed the balls of her feet and Kat let her head hang on the end of the couch. The feeling of being so released for the first time was exhilarating and she was somewhat falling asleep. Alejandro couldn't keep his eyes off of her though. The soft skin of her chest teased him behind the few undone buttons of her sleeveless shirt. With her head being bent back so far, her neck was fully exposed and her protruding lips were exceedingly kissable. After a few more minutes of care to the opposite foot, Alejandro couldn't control himself any longer.

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