Cultural Diffusion Ch. 03


He slowly crept up the length of her slouched body and laid supple kisses on the open skin of her chest. Kat was awoken from her lethargic ways and leaned her head up to look into the long lashes that were slowly making their way to her breasts. Alejandro undid a few more buttons to expose her navy blue bra and groaned at the sight. He didn't even bother to undo the hinge behind her, but simply pulled the cups down. Kat's breasts were available for his eyes to see and the AC was the source for her swiftly toughening nipples. Alejandro cupped his hands below her left tit and guided it toward his awaiting mouth. He made sure to leave his eyes on hers while he suckled and nibbled on her flesh. He gave the right breast just as much care before his hands went tugging at the draw string of her linen pants.

Once they were on the floor and sitting beside her panties, Alejandro looked so alert. He kneeled on the ground at the same time his eyes met with her sex and his facial expression went serious. He gently stroked her soft locks of curls. To start, he seemed as if he was just toying with her; his hands were wandering aimlessly and he seemed to be enjoying himself. But after 30 seconds of that, his lips pressed firmly onto her petals. Alejandro tugged and slurped on her clit and the sounds had Kat cringing in her seat. His lips moved passionately between her thighs and she knew he enjoyed giving oral intercourse.

When Kat felt herself reaching the heights of her arousal, she instinctively grasped his hair. But it was still in the ponytail he had worn all day, so Kat hurriedly slipped the band out of his tresses and fiercely gripped them while she came. Once she got done Alejandro almost sprinted to the bedroom. Kat waited the mere few seconds patiently and when Alejandro returned, he was already unzipping his pants. When his briefs were down, Kat could hardly believe her eyes. She groaned out in anticipation when his thick manhood was in view. Alejandro's dick was long and bulky in girth. But the best characteristic it held was the slight curve to the left. She wondered what kinds of spots he'd be hitting with that, and she could scarcely wait to find out.

He patted her thigh gently and Kat took the hint to turn over. Alejandro stroked himself a few times before he placed his rod at her opening. Kat was leaning over the back of the couch and her fingers scratched at the fabric below her. Alejandro's deep grunt filled the room and his hands had a deadly hold on her hips.

"Shit Kat." Alejandro mumbled. His hands moved to the open shirt on her back. So as he pounded her deep and her body went lunging forward, he'd control the movement by tugging on the button down and bringing her right back onto him. Kat stopped her vocal encouragement when she came close to her orgasm but Alejandro didn't let up. He still kept an even force in his strokes and bit his lip when her walls clenched around him. He soon followed her in release and stopped his act of love making. Kat slumped down into the chair and the room was filled with nothing more than their jagged breathing.


Kat awoke in bed alone. She knew it was the start of a new day because the sun was almost completely raised from the window. She sat up groggily and moved her feet to the side of the bed. Kat wasn't adjusting to the bed being so far away from the floor and she stumbled while she descended. She padded out of the room in her t-shirt and underwear. The living room was complimented by hushed Spanish music that grew louder when she got closer to the kitchen. Kat was entertained to see Alejandro's chiseled back flexing lightly while he cooked at the stove. His broad arms were flattered by the decreasing waist line and a firm butt through the baggy sweat pants. Kat silently leaned against the entry frame and watched him with a smirk.

Alejandro sang the words to the music almost completely in tune and Kat was astounded by his vocal talents. But he really impressed her with his rhythm and fluid two step type of movements. When he pivoted in the direction of the stove, he eyed Kat behind him. They smiled at one another, but he still didn't stop singing and dancing. He put down the skillet and headed toward her with open palms.

"Oh... I can't dance." She mumbled to him. He looked at her in a way that stated he really didn't believe her. Kat rolled her eyes and nodded her head in an attempt to agree with his skeptical face.

"Well I can dance. But just, not like that." She said bashfully. She had rhythm and could move to a beat but the way Alejandro danced seemed to require much more than that.

"Ay, I'm not asking you to tango or anything. Although I will have teach you a few things about that soon." He said laughing. He grabbed for her hands and forcefully put them around his bare shoulders. Kat internally rejoiced when his soft skin was so near her own and she delicately laid her head on his chest while they spun in a average paced circle. Alejandro nevertheless continued to let his sweet voice join the radio and in tandem gently stroking her hips.

The two spent that entire Saturday in the house and at ease with one another's company. They watched movies and told stories about their lives before their meeting. But Kat couldn't hold back questioning a certain topic any longer. They sat in bed, almost ready to go to sleep before she spoke.

"What happened with the kids' mother? Why did you two, break up?" Kat was nervous about bringing up her existence in a way that didn't relate to the kids. But she felt like she was in the right place to ask. Although she didn't know what kind of emotions it would bring up for him. Alejandro sighed audibly.

"Well, it hurts me to say it but... I think it was the kids. Carmen, my ex, was always materialistic. But on top of that she was selfish. She thought of herself constantly—clubbing, friends, drinking, clothes, shopping, all that. I would've been fine with that; if she had any intentions of paying for it on her own. But she didn't. She constantly had a hand out and hardly ever kept a job so of course money got tight. We started arguing and fighting and she'd leave for days at a time. But then she came home one day claiming she was pregnant. Then, I swear, the next words after was about abortion. I practically had to bed her to—" He cut short. Kat looked over toward him and she could see his rage and pain igniting from the thoughts of that day. She knew he loved his kids and figured that even then, as embryos in their mother's womb, he loved them then too.

"You don't have to finish." She whispered, while stroking his chest in a spherical pattern.

"I had to beg her to keep them. I told her I'd give her money frequently and she would almost never have to pick up any of their expenses. She agreed and in with time moved out. I'm guessing because she had my word she'd always get money from me, so it made no sense to continue to be committed." He chuckled stiffly.

"I don't think she'll ever have that mother bond with them because she holds so much resentment. I honestly believe that she thinks they ruined her life. I just hope it doesn't affect them." He mumbled. Kat could almost barely understand him and he seemed to be in a daze. Kat could hardly believe it, the entire situation seemed like the actions of someone without a heart. Those kids were too special and beautiful not to feel pride in.


"Kat?" Alejandro whispered from the foot of the bed. Kat needed a few seconds to let her eyes adjust to the light.

"Hm?" She asked woozily. Alejandro's hair was drenched in water around his face. And a red towel threatened to drop down from his hips and flash his member. Kat licked her lips at the sight and the unusual possibility of a quick flash.

"I usually go to church today and I wanted to know if you were interested in coming." He said quietly. Kat noticed the hint that he was going even if she wasn't but she did want to join him and her plans of absolutely nothing weren't stopping her.

"Yeah I'm coming." She said, and slowly rose out of bed to go get dressed.


Alejandro and Kat walked up the steps and toward the beautiful Catholic cathedral. Kat decided to wear a floor length deep purple dress with a rope belt around the waist. Alejandro looked casual in a fitted button down and dark black jeans. As soon as they entered the big double doors, a high pitched voiced was calling his name.

A tall woman approached with a wide smile already on her face. She hardly recognized Kat's existence but kept her stare fixed on Alejandro. He smiled back faintly and she excessively flipped her hair over her shoulder. Kat didn't think that women of all ages coming to church and hitting on men was an international thing, but apparently it was.

"Hey how are you?" She said casually. Alejandro shoved his hands into his back pockets.

"I'm great thanks. This is my... Kat. This is Kat." He introduced while gesturing toward her. The woman's smile deflated and sadly, Kat's did too. She robotically shook her hand.

Kat was disappointed to not have a title on her name, although she didn't see a reason why she ever thought she should. She was only in Argentina temporarily and this thing she and Alejandro shared was probably just as short-term as her visit. From that point on, she would live with that motive in mind and make sure her feelings never got too attached. But maybe it was too late?

"Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm Bianca." She said, snapping Kat out of her ramble of thought.

"Likewise." Kat replied.

"Well we're going in now." Alejandro replied while gently leading Kat with a hand on the small of her back. The church was large and brilliantly built. The ceiling was tall and echoed the music playing from a nearby room. Once they entered the space where the actual service was held, she took in the large amount of people seated. 1/3 of the spectators were obviously tourists and eagerly snapped pictures of the ceiling's art. Alejandro moved down a row of benches and Kat sat beside him.

"Hello, I'm Hector." A man said a little further down the row. Kat averted her gaze from the large pipe organ at the start of the room to the dimpled man smiling at her.

"You couldn't wait for me to introduce you?" Alejandro asked him with some attitude. Kat reckoned they were related because Hector didn't seem bothered by his somewhat ill-tempered tone. Kat shook his hand over Alejandro's lap.

"I'm Kat, nice to meet you." She said politely. Kat could see the resemblance between the two men and both were equally handsome. But Hector's hair was cut short and his dimples were something that Alejandro hadn't inherited. And his bright pink polo and cuticle free nails hinted their sexualities weren't entirely the same either.

"This is my brother Hector and my dad Eduardo." When Alejandro introduced the third man, his head suddenly appeared beside Hectors. He had a big salt and peppered beard that seemed unusually attractive on him and his wavy hair was brushed toward the back of his head.

"Nice to meet you. The kids talk about you all the time, although Alejandro has been doing it quite a bit too." He said with an arm outstretched. Kat sent her arm forward with a laughing smile and managed to give it a shake.

"You too. And that's so sweet. I hear some funny things about you too." Kat said and he boomed a laugh. Kat had heard a few humorous details about the kids' grandfather and they often brought on a good laugh. Although the kids probably didn't understand the real joke of the situation.


The service was over and the couple was on their way back to the house. Kat kept stealing glances at the 3 men while they sang their tuned sounds and she knew they were celebrities around the church.

Alejandro surprised Kat when he forcefully closed the door and backed her into a nearby corner. His broad arms held up like barriers on both sides of her head. His eyes were avid and full of yearning for the woman before him. Kat's chest heaved and Alejandro roughly captured her lips. Kat could barely keep up with his lips and she soon found her head against the wall behind her.

"This dress. It's clinging to every curve..." He said sternly. His light panting was felt against her lips and one arm wrapped around her hip. He followed her curve horizontally and stopped on the opposite hip. Alejandro dipped below her stomach to place an arm behind her knees and scooped her up like a bride over the threshold. Kat didn't let her eyes leave his and the urge to play in his hair was impossible to ignore. He strolled leisurely to the bedroom and sat Kat on the edge of the bed. A hard knock on the door had them both looking at one another confused. He groaned when they knocked again and Kat could see he was contemplating on whether or not to answer. He left the room to respond to the interrupter and Kat waited patiently on the bed for his return.

"Can you ever keep them as long as you're supposed to?!" Alejandro boomed from the living room. Kat knew he was fuming from the bass in his voice.

"I have—"A woman started, but Alejandro cut her off cold.


"I have something to do." The female voice replied. Soon after, Kat heard the classic sound of small feet running towards her. Shortly came the view of little Maribel and her sweet wonder. She wore a pink cotton halter top and cute blue shorts. She straight away ran for Kat and she picked her up fluidly.

"Hey Kat!" She said excitedly in an raspy voice. She tried to catch her breath noticeably in Kat's ear. Maribel gave her a big hug and she just about choked on her fluffy hair. She gently pushed it to the side so she could speak.

"Hi Maribel. How you doing girl? Kat replied, gently stroking her back.

"Who is Kat? They wouldn't stop talking about her." The female voice replied stiffly after a few more seconds. Kat felt the need to introduce herself so she sat Maribel on the ground and proceeded to face the people in the living room.

"None of your business." Alejandro mumbled.

"Well of course it's my business to know who my kids are around!" She screamed. Alejandro scoffed loudly.

"I never questioned you about all the men you—"

"Hi, I'm Kat." She said, emerging beside Alejandro. She held out a hand with an informal smile but Carmen took it less willingly. The woman was stunning. She looked like a super model more than she did a mother. Diego sat on her hip and she shifted him so she could stick out her hand coldly.

"Carmen." She replied. "Well I'm going. Bye Diego." She mumbled to the toddler.

"Bye mommy." Diego said. He lunged in to hug her around the neck but she backed out of his reach on impulse. A disgusted look filled her face and Kat almost couldn't believe her eyes.

"Don't mess up my makeup." She said before she put him on the ground and sauntered down the hall in her 5 inch heels. Diego stood at the door and watched her leave until she was no longer in view. Kat's heart ached at the scenario she had just witnessed and racked her brain of anything she could do to make him feel better. She bent to his level and they held eye contact.

"Hey, you want some Alfajores and a can of Guaraná?" Kat asked, knowing those were his favorite snacks. The idea of cashew-nut creme filled chocolate balls with a crispy wafer center and soda from a delicious guaraná extract made him smile and Kat had to return it. She took his hand and stood up completely. She met eyes with an Alejandro.

"You're spoiling them." Kat rolled her eyes playfully.

"No I'm not." She reasoned. She really wasn't in her opinion; she was just taking them out for a little treat. The convenient store was a block or two away and the snacks wouldn't cost too much. Alejandro strolled back to the bedroom and waved her off.

"Bel, you coming to the store with me and Diego?" Kat called from the front door. She walked over to the couch to get her messenger bag and she turned around to see them both waiting at the door. She smiled at her punctuality."We'll be back." Kat called on the way out. She had taken the kids out plenty of times before and found she enjoyed their company. They kept each second interesting and Kat wondered what aspect of their character their mother didn't enjoy? The kids were beyond loveable.

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