tagInterracial LoveCultural Diffusion Ch. 04

Cultural Diffusion Ch. 04


"Kat, it's just a mosquito bite." Luis laughed. He was sitting across from her desk during lunch. Kat looked down onto her forearm once again. The deep purple bruise like bump on her arm couldn't have been just a mosquito bite. She had plenty of them before and they never looked like that. She gave him a serious glance and it seemed to stir up his laughing frenzy all over again.

"This is a spider bite. I don't care what you say." She mumbled with a bit of attitude. She picked up a spoonful of her fruit salad and frozen yogurt Alejandro had made for her and brought it to her mouth. Luis wiped a small tear from his eye and the two sat in silence for a minute.

"What made you want to be a teacher?" Kat asked Luis.

"I really liked kids. I didn't have any brothers or sisters so I always depended on other kids to make me happy. I just got used to working with them."

"Were you like, the super popular pretty boy all boys wanted to be like and all the girls wanted?" Kat asked dramatically fluttering her eyelashes at him. He did a humble chuckle and Kat already knew he was.

"I guess I was something like that..." He started. Luis aimlessly poked his fork around his bowl before he continued. "But there were always a few I couldn't have." The octave change in his voice had Kat looking up into his face. But she was startled when his pretty colored eyes were piercing into her own. She knew, for a fact, his comment was directed toward her.

"Was that for me?" Kat asked quietly with a small smile. She had said the words before she could figure out she thought them in the first place. Luis seemed taken aback at her assertiveness.

"Perhaps it was." He said in a flirting tone. Kat's stomach was churning when she could feel the presence of an unwanted situation on her hands. Here was her opportunity to address his feelings toward her.

"Luis look, you know I'm with Alejandro—"

"Are you?" He asked sharply. She could see the hint of something in his eyes and they were changing color before her eyes. Kat didn't know what to say to that question. The obviousness of the answer didn't seem like something she'd have to explain.

"Excuse me?" She asked honestly.

"You're only here for a few months. I'm curious as to how that would work." He said jealously. He leaned back in his chair across from her and folder his arms over his chest. He awaited her explanation as if she owed him one. Kat really didn't like how Luis was acting and she felt like he was stepping out of line.

"I'm curious as to how any of that is your business." She said. Luis raised his eyebrows at her unknown backbone and he put his hands in the air in surrender.

"As I was saying, I'm committed to what I have with him and I'm going to be faithful."

"Okay Kat. I fully respect that and I'd love for us to continue our friendship. I'm sorry." Kat nodded curtly and he smiled a dimpled smile that gave her no other option than to return it. He seemed genuine about his apology and Kat wondered if he was as cautious about ruining their friendship as she was.

"So, are you staying here?" He asked. Kat pondered his question and found she once again, didn't know what he meant. Luis had a way of speaking and asking questions what had an underlying meaning. That was an aspect of him Kat was familiar with dealing with.

"What?" She asked.

"Are you staying in Argentina?"

"Of course not. " She said with her eyebrows pushed into a tight line. Her facial expression was asking how he ever thought she was. He shrugged casually.

"You have your boyfriend and everything, I just thought..." He trailed off. His small earring twinkled in the light and Kat shook her head delicately.

"He already knows that I'm leaving." Kat explained. He looked at her through slim lids and he looked questioning.

"I don't see how that can stop you two from—" The sound of the bell stopped him from completing his sentence. He packed up his things quickly and kids started pouring into the room.

"From what?" Kat asked, a little annoyed.

"I have to go." He smiled. He enjoyed seeing her so flustered and worried over something he was saying. That was one of Kat's pet peeves; if you're about to say something of some significance, you need to finish the phrase entirely. Luis was strolling out of the room and Kat groaned as he reached the door.



Kat sat at her regular desktop computer and paid the correct amount to read her emails. She would be flying Patricia out within the next month and she couldn't wait to see her. Of course she'd have to tell her she had been living the life of a married mother since the first day she arrived, but she had some time to reveal that secret later.

Katty Pooh
Well how is work now? Do you have any reliable friends or anything? Hey! Make sure you stay safe out there. Condoms are international. I can pay my own fare thank you very much. Just save your money for when I finally get down there; we'll be shopping all day long. If you need anything you can always call me, I'll accept whatever charges the phone company bills me. Love you.

Work is going great! There are some people at the school who I am pretty close with and are very nice people. Really Pat? Way to make an email beyond awkward, haha. I'm paying for you! It won't be too much trouble, I swear. And I'll keep that in mind. Miss you too, as always.
Love you, Kat.

She sent her email and came to the conclusion she really missed Pat. Every time she came to email her, her stomach ached when she finished. Homesickness was definitely approaching. She needed to fly her out as soon as she could.


Kat and Maribel were shopping the Thursday before the beach trip. Kat was holding her small hand snugly in hers as she listened to the young girl rant about ballet and school.

"Maria is my best friend. I really like her because she has long hair like me too." Maribel told Kat.

"Is her hair longer than yours?" Kat asked, entertaining Maribel's conversation. But she was searching for the swimsuit shop Marlennys gave her directions to earlier that day. Her direction skills were failing her although they had been keen throughout her visit so far. The sun was setting and Kat wanted to hurry up so she could get Maribel in bed around the time her father desired. It was the one requirement he had if he would allow her to walk the streets with Kat.

"Just a little bit. But mine is curly so it's longer when it's wet." She said. Kat found the bathing suit shop at the corner of the street and was grateful for the timing because she was just about to head back home. They crossed the street carefully and entered the swim suit store. The walls were racked in two pieces and Kat surpassed them all.

She didn't want all of ever business hanging out, especially at a family friendly beach. She wandered through the store and found the little girl's section. Maribel promptly found herself rummaging through the suits and Kat smiled at how a little girl did such adult feminine actions.

"Stay close Maribel, okay?" Kat told her. She answered pleasantly and Kat still didn't trust leaving her back turned towards her. So she shuffled through a rack that let her see Maribel's small body right in front of her. She found a few cute strapless one pieces, but she didn't know if she wanted to commit.

"Kat look." Maribel said while holding up a cute yellow two piece. There were ruffles along the top and the bottom had a simple yellow ruffle around the waist.

"It's so cute! You want that one?" Kat asked her. She nodded cheerfully and Kat put her swimsuit in the crook of her arm. She decided on a basic black strapless swimsuit that had an attachable halter strap. She didn't bother to try it on and just led the way to the line to ring up her purchases.

On the back wall, behind the register, were hats hanging. Kat saw a large floppy hat in a smoky grey. It would be ideal for preventing the sun from smoldering the brow skin off her face. When it was their turn to ring up, Maribel was calling for her attention.

"Can I get these Kat?" Maribel asked with a pair of cute cheetah print cat sunglasses on. Kat couldn't say no; they'd look so cute with her yellow swimsuit.

"Yeah baby, put them up on the thing—Can I get that grey hat behind you too?" Kat asked the clerk. Kat fumbled through her cross over bag for her money and pulled out a rough estimate on how much she thought it would be. She figured it couldn't have been more than 70 American dollars, but was surprised when the woman announced it would be 93. Fortunately Kat had more money on her than that but that was about it for her pocket money. She tried not to carry too much on her at one time and she wondered if the cab driver would accept her card.

It was almost entirely dark outside and Kat quickly scooped Maribel onto her hip. She found herself very protective of the kids when she took them out, especially being just a few blocks away from that hotel she was almost abducted in front of. Kat walked further down the street, trying to cope with Maribel, the bags and keeping her eyes open for a passing cab. When she did see one racing down the street, she quickly tried to flagged it down.

It mercifully stopped for her and she bent inside before she started loading the back seat.

"Do you take cards?" She asked the driver. He replied yes and Kat put her bags in first, then she sat Maribel in, followed by herself. She told the driver Alejandro's address and the driver sped down the dark streets.

When the two arrived at the apartment, Maribel was asleep against Kat's side. She gently awoke her and she awkwardly stepped out of the car. Kat handed the man her card and gathered her bags while he swiped it. He handed it through the front window and she thanked him. She punched in Alejandro's code to call his apartment and the door was speedily buzzed open. Maribel wandered ahead and Alejandro already had the door cracked.

Maribel went inside and Kat tiredly followed behind her. She closed and locked the door behind her and kicked off her shoes.

"Your bath is ready." Alejandro told Maribel. She disappeared into the bathroom and Kat threw the bags to the ground. She remembered she wanted to finish the dishes in the sink and she sauntered toward the kitchen.

Kat wasn't allowed to pay any form of rent so she repaid Alejandro by making sure his kids were taken care of, his sexual needs were met and that the house was spotless. So she wanted to finish the dishes before they left for the beach. Tomorrow all the schools were closed due to an in service type of day and they'd be leaving for the beach early that morning.

Kat was just about finished the dishes when Alejandro leaned against the counter beside her. He faced the other direction yet kept his eyes fixed on her. He gently moved a hand up to brush her hair behind her ear and get a better look at her side profile.

Kat turned off the water and curved to face him. His jagged hand fit behind her neck and under the curtain of her hair. The tender tug pushing her forward and closer to him was an indication he wanted a kiss. Kat leaned in and Alejandro tilted his head so he could suitably suckle her full lips. Alejandro stood up to his full length and Kat reached her hands up around his neck.

Alejandro's hands carefully roamed over her dressed ass. He hollowed into the curve right below her cheeks and followed its silhouette up until he reached the start of her backside just to continue the pattern again. He needed to get her to the bedroom.

He gripped her hand and led her into the direction of the empty bed. He turned off all the lights on his way there and shut his bedroom door. It was pitched black and Kat was startled when his body seemed to press firmly against her back. She could feel his hardened prick through his thin sweats and she reached behind herself to grab it.

When she had her hand sandwiched between his dick and her ass he seemed to tense up. Kat turned her body to face him and hurriedly lifted his shirt above his head. She couldn't see his chest but she ran her hand over its entirety and was satisfied with what she felt.

Doing sexual acts in the dark heightened her other senses. She could suddenly see with her hands and it left a huge open passage for her imagination. The smooth chest had ridges where his strong breasts were and deep canyons where his abs laid. She furthered her travel down toward the deep cuts in his hips that led her straight to the waistline of his pants. She slipped her warm hand down them and gasped when she felt his well-built dick standing straight out. She carefully shifted the pants to the ground and followed them to the floor. Her knees were cushioned by his clothing and she let her fingers dwindle over his member.

Alejandro desperately wanted to turn on a light so he could see Kat suck him off but he didn't want to stop her. But Kat felt bolder when the lights were off. She felt anonymous and it gave her the option to be as much of a slut as she desired, without feeling embarrassed.

Kat soaked him up with her spit and went straight to work at sucking him off. Alejandro groaned when he felt her dive right in and greedily work her lips on him. Kat was slurping and bobbing as if she hadn't eaten in days and Alejandro reached an arm out to one of the canopy bars close by so he could support his weight.

"Yes, just like that." Kat groaned when she heard him talking in his sexy, raspy Spanish. The quality of his voice was enough to make her pussy water and her sudden goal was to get him to say something else. So she placed her hand at the base of his long cock and her 3 fingers bobbed with her head.

"Ah shit, wait, wait, wait." Alejandro said at the same time he snatched himself away from her lips. He chuckled and gently ran his fingers over her clad chest.

"I don't want to cum on your clothes." He whispered. Kat straight away went to taking off her blouse and unzipping her linen shorts. Once she was down to nothing, her hands desperately reached out for him again.

Alejandro hissed when he felt her nails clawing clumsily over his lower half, in search for his dick in the darkness. When she had it back in reach she finished where she left off. The slurping, sucking and popping sounds emitted from her lips had Alejandro throwing his head back behind his shoulders.

"Fuck!" He said, a little too loudly. But soon he was spurting his warm white cum all over Kat's face and chest. Before Kat could enjoy the feeling of his seed, he was lifting her by the arms and firmly pressing her stomach against the bed. Kat could feel the cum on her face rubbing off onto the sheets and she spared a small taste. It was salty and bitter, but it tasted wonderful paired with her arousal.

Alejandro ripped the thin underwear from around her hips and kneaded the closed cheeks below him. His eyes were shut tight and he let his fingers wander deep into the cut of her thick ass. He massaged each globe individually and Kat couldn't contain the murmurs of enjoyment that fled her lips. He stroked his length a few times before he pushed himself toward the opening of her pussy.

Kat was still laying on the bed with her legs shut but he seemed to skillfully find her hole. Kat groaned into the mattress when he slid himself further into her awaiting cunt. Alejandro was in bliss as his dick felt the soft, plush skin of her ass right before it dipped into the slippery insides of her pussy. His blows were passionate and careful to start. But as minutes grew by, he quickened. Kat could feel the curved dick putting pressure on the left side of her pussy and the tip gliding over her spots. The feeling had her purring over into the bed to muffle the sounds while Alejandro tried to control his deep, bass grunts. When she couldn't manage her levels of excitement, her moans turned to somewhat of a scream and her pussy spasmed around his member.

Soon, a slurping sound accompanied the feeling of emptiness for Kat and Alejandro's cock was pushed deep into the meat of her left cheek. His hot cum dribbled down her ass, into her deep split and down her pussy lips.


"What are you doing?" Diego asked Kat from the back seat of the Camry. Kat had a binder full of papers on her lap and a pen was scribbling on each page fiercely.

"I'm grading papers for school. What are you doing?" She asked him, without looking up from her work. They were on their way to the beach and Kat was wearing a pair of jean shorts over her bathing suit. Alejandro looked like a beach goddess with his hair in a loose ponytail, a fitting white v-neck and his navy blue trunks on beside her. He was loudly singing his favorite Spanish song with the radio and his daughter accompanied him.

"I'm eating some yogurt." Diego replied.

"Sounds tasty." Kat said. She was just about finished and she wondered when they'd be arriving at the beach. Alejandro had been driving for well over an hour or two, but it didn't look like the beach atmosphere was approaching anytime soon.

"Are we almost there daddy?" Diego asked, reading Kat's mind. She folded up her work binder and finally leaned back in her chair. She focused on the trees and cars outside her window and found herself at ease.

"Yep, we're here." He said. Kat looked ahead and saw the outlining of the beach.

Kat closed the trunk behind Alejandro and he capably held the umbrella, two chairs, large bag and cooler in both hands. The beach was wonderful. There was a good amount of people around but it wasn't overly crowded. The sand was almost white and the water was the brightest of blues. The 4 strolled up to the beach and Alejandro sat the umbrella just a few feet from the water. He opened the chairs and sat them significantly close to one another. Diego went darting toward the water, but his father's stern voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Sun block."Alejandro said with a raised eyebrow and his pink lips pressed into a firm line.

Alejandro unzipped the backpack and pulled out the toys inside to place them in the sand. Then he took out a large bottle of sun block lotion. He nodded his head toward Diego and he strolled toward his father. He sat at the edge of the lawn chair and Alejandro covered his body in a generous amount of lotion. Maribel got the same treatment and then his eyes darted toward Kat. The kids ran toward the shallow end of the beach and used their toys to play in the wet sand.

Kat looked down at her brown skin and then back up at Alejandro with a raised eyebrow. When he still gazed at her expectantly Kat chuckled lightly.

"I think I'm okay." She said lightheartedly.

"You still need to protect your skin, no matter how much melanin you may have." He joked with a heart stopping half smile. Kat returned it but still didn't see why he had to lotion her down.

"Okay... but I think I can do it myself." She said teasingly.

"No." He started with a devious smile that warmed Kat's insides. "I'm doing it." He snarled. Kat carefully made her way to the edge of his chair and his legs sat on either side of her body. He scooted up close behind her and Kat could feel his warmth. He pushed her hair off her back and laid supple kisses down the side of her neck and following the shape into her collar bone.

"Stop before they see you." Kat said strictly. They didn't seem to pay them any attention, but she wanted to be sure that if the kids did decide to look back, they weren't being inappropriate. He kissed her neck one more time before his slippery hands went to work on her back. He was much more delicate with her than he was with the kids, gently massaging the lotion in and making Kat's eyes flutter closed in the process. He worked it down her arms and back up again. His hands wrapped gracefully around her neck and down the tops of her chest.

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