tagInterracial LoveCultural Diffusion Ch. 07

Cultural Diffusion Ch. 07


Hi guys! So my story is coming close to an end, probably 1 or 2 more chapters left. Just wanted to let you know.

Enjoy :*

"Luis, my test scores are the worst yet. I have no idea what to do." Kat said while she ate her fruit salad bit by bit. Luis looked at her roster and his eyebrows raised in surprise.

"It looks like some of them did exceptionally well, while others failed horribly." He said. Kat nodded in agreement.

"Yes but still." She complained. The English agenda was definitely starting to get a little tougher, considering it was nearing the completion of the summer course. But the scores were varying by so much, Kat didn't knew whether it was because of her teaching, or their personal laziness.

"A good portion of the kids got A's. So obviously you taught something right." Luis said, trying to make her feel better. Kat nodded and came to the conclusion that he was right. But she'd try harder, just in case. She had 3 more weeks left until she was due to get on her plane back to New York, but she tried not to dwell on that. It was easy for her to tune out her thoughts when she wanted, so her anxiety was kept at minimum.

"I guess." She replied.


"Hey." Kat cooed to Alejandro. He was chopping some peppers in the kitchen and she walked up behind him to wrap her hands around his waist affectionately. She pressed her cheek deep into the crease of his back and sighed at his warmth. Whenever he got home, he made sure to put on his sweatpants and nothing else. He hated wearing a shirt at home.

"Hey, how was work?" He asked glancing over his shoulder at her.

"It was alright." She said, sighing. Alejandro knew her too well.

"What happened?" He wondered if it had anything to do with Luis. His hands clenched a little tighter around the knife in his hands.

"So many kids failed my English test today, but some of them did particularly well too." She said, going back into a stage of deep thought. Alejandro relaxed his hands.

"As long as you're trying your best, you shouldn't worry." He said so philosophically in his hushed Spanish. Kat only moaned into his back and pressed herself further into him. Their disagreeing was getting even more severe, so moments like these, Kat took advantage of.


It was dinner time and they were all sitting around the dining room table enjoying Alejandro's meal. Kat stabbed at the food on her plate and brought it up to her lips.

"You guys are staying here again this weekend." Alejandro announced. The kids murmured some smiling rejoices, but Kat wasn't happy.

"Alejandro, this'll be the 3rd week in a row the kids haven't seen their mother..." She stated. Kat kept her eyes on her plate. Alejandro's jaw tensed up. Kat of course, didn't like Carmen but she had rights as a mother. Even if she didn't want to be bothered with her children, she should still have the option to see them. Kat didn't agree with his choice to take her decisions upon himself. They needed their mom in their lives.

"I know." He said bitterly. Kat looked at him and saw the mean glare in his eyes. She shrunk in her seat and took a sip of her water; her throat becoming dry.

"So... I think it isn't fair fo—" Kat was cut off.

"Don't start this. I do what I want with my kids." He said coldly but it was clear he was holding back. Kat couldn't take his tone with her, plus she didn't want to argue in front of the kids. She winced at his words and stood up to clear her plate. Her appetite had vanished and she no longer wanted to be in his presence.

She headed toward the bedroom and closed the door behind herself. He didn't seem to respect her anymore when it came to the kids. Maybe he had his own reasons for it—she didn't know. But she did know it hurt to be reminded that she had no say in their lives. She sat on the edge of the bed and took out some papers she could grade, to busy herself. It did the job for almost another 20 minutes, until the bedroom door opened. She didn't have to look to know it was Alejandro, and he moved around like a silent ghost in the room.

"I have bad feelings about them going over there." Alejandro announced. Kat didn't reply for the first few minutes and never let her hands stop scribbling over the papers.

"Why didn't you just say that? Instead of getting rude with me..." She muttered quietly. He sighed deeply and stood in front of her. Her head was opposite the bed where her binder lay, so he just placed a supple kiss on her crown.

"I'm sorry." He said back to her. She waited a minute or two so his kiss could have its effect on her mood.

"Why do you feel like they shouldn't be over there?" Kat inquired, his words triggering her curiosity. Alejandro looked away, and seemed deep in thought. His brow furrowed and he shook his head lightly.

"I just get a bad feeling. You saw how they reacted—they honestly don't like being there. They've started to damn near cry when I pack their bags." He said to himself. Kat noticed that as well, but wasn't getting any bad vibes from their behavior. They'd just rather be with their father.

"Well, when they start telling you things is when you should really be worrying. But until then, it's not fair to Carmen. She could take you to court if she felt like you were restricting her visitation. " Alejandro basked in her words and came to the conclusion, Kat was right.


"I changed my mind guys, you're going to you Mama's house." Alejandro said the next morning. Maribel groaned while Diego jumped up and down in frustration. His arms flopped around and he achieved his signature chuckling cry perfectly. Kat was just then getting out of bed, and tried to avoid the scene on the way to the bathroom. But beautiful Maribel saw her too soon.

"Kat I don't wanna go." Maribel pleaded, secretly asking for Kat to reason with her daddy. But Kat shrugged at her in a hopeless way. Maybe if she explained things...

"Diego baby, come here and let me talk to you." Kat called, her teacher senses coming to the rescue. Alejandro would get fed up with the whining and droning soon. Kat might as well try and save them from a stern talk.

"You guys like being with your daddy huh?" Kat asked, kneeling to their levels and running a hand over both of their shoulders. They nodded in agreement.

"Well what would happen if you couldn't see him because someone told you that they wanted you for themselves? I'm sure it would make you sad because you love him." She pressed. They seemed to be following along.

"Your mommy loves you guys just like you love your daddy. So it would make her sad if she didn't get the chance to see you. It's been 3 weeks! Imagine not seeing your daddy for 3 weeks? So just be good sports and stay at your Mama's this weekend. For me." She concluded her child appropriate speech and kissed them each on the forehead, glad it looked like she had gotten through. Kat stood and headed to take her shower with Alejandro smirking at her from the living room.


The kids had silently left with Javier and Kat waved goodbye. When she closed the door, Alejandro leaned against the wall beside her.

"I'm going to take a shower." He said, not moving a muscle. Kat pushed her eyebrows into a tight line and nodded slowly.

"Okay..." She said, wondering why he was explaining this to her.

"I could use some help." He said simply. Kat chuckled in response but Alejandro didn't seem amused.

"Since when?" She asked, feigning a bit of an attitude. Alejandro's façade finally cracked when he let a small smile surface on his face. He took a step toward her and attentively placed his hands along her jaw bone. After stroking it a few times, his head bent to match his lips with hers. The kiss was so quick and tender; it had her wanting more. So when he pulled away to head for the bathroom, of course her feet were already close behind him.


Alejandro had stripped himself of his clothes before Kat did and was running the water in the bathroom. Kat padded toward the bathroom and caught a glance of herself in the mirror. Her hair was tied up on her head, medium sized breasts place on her chest followed by deep brown nipples, her somewhat flat stomach came before a tamed trail of curls between her legs. But her entire, unseen aura was one of pure arousal.

She opened the door to see a layer of steam already forming in the space. Carefully, she peeled back the curtain and unveiled a nicely muscled back. His back flexed and relaxed as he washed himself away from her. Kat quickly stepped inside and ran a cold hands over his shoulders and followed the trail down his arm.

"I'll wash your back." She murmured. He handed her the lathered cloth and she went to work with rubbing him down. Once she had been scrubbing for a few minutes that seemed to pass quickly, Alejandro turned around. He took the cloth out of her hands to begin washing her gracefully. He cleaned her upper half without a problem. But when his hands caved between her thighs, the cloth fell to the ground with a loud thud. Soon after, his own fingers were massaging her folds.

Kat put her hands on each bicep, to steady herself for the sensations she was beginning to feel. He held her eyes while he gently twirled her clit around his finger. He circled the nub countless times before he finally let a finger slip inside. Kat threw her head back and let out a sigh of appreciation while he gently fingered her.

Alejandro bit his lip and looked down on her glistening breasts. They sat perfectly on her chest and the urge to touch them became overwhelming. One hand cupped the left tit firmly. He gently squeezed them and then bent his neck to let his lips meet her nipple. The water fell down on his face streamed down his chin. Kat looked into his eyes and he looked as if he could be in a cologne commercial. His sweet lips pursed around her nipple and the sensations she experienced were enough to send her into an orgasm.

She shrieked while she came, no longer having to muffle her sounds of enjoyment. Alejandro kissed her lips one good time then twisted on her hips, signaling her to turn around.

"Bend over baby." He whispered. Kat did as he said and stretched to placed her hands against the wall in front of her.

"All the way." He said again. Kat put her hands on the ground as she felt her legs being stretched while staring at her knees. Alejandro blinked a few times. The small of her back rounded over her bottom, causing her cheeks to spread for him. He positioned his thick member at her entrance and pushed in slowly.

She felt heavenly in this position. Her walls were curving in the direction that her body was situated and it touched every surface of his dick. When he had himself all the way inside, Kat was whining noisily below him. She was receiving the most amount of penetration she could, and it was a feeling she wasn't expecting. Alejandro braced himself by gripping her tightly on her hips and pulling her body toward him.

Slowly but surely, his pace got quicker and the slapping sounds being made were overpowering their pleasure sounds. The water was turning cold and Natasha's nipples began to harden. Kat's orgasm was one of a horror cry, but sounded choppy due to how Alejandro was pounding her. He didn't slow down, and Kat almost lost her balance.

"Ahh, shit—suck my dick." He groaned. Hurriedly, Kat maneuvered herself on her knees before him. She popped him into her mouth and went to work at sucking him off. His wet hair dropped water on her face and chest. Soon, his warm white cum spurted onto her tongue and she swallowed him without even taking another second to think about it. He leaned back to turn off the water and reached a hand out to help her on her feet.

She took his assistance and he peeled back the curtain for her to step out. A towel was suddenly wrapped around her shoulders and she was being hugged from behind. The steam in the shower fogged up the mirror, but the contrast of their skin was still visible. Alejandro's supple lips landed on her cheek.

"What do you want for dinner chica?" He asked, opening the bathroom door. He stepped out completely naked and she smiled to herself, feeling the effects of her orgasm still flowing in her blood.


"Carmen's going to be late with the kids." Alejandro told Kat. She was nestled up into the couch, enjoying some TV. He shuffled out the bedroom and strolled to the kitchen. She had hardly slept last night, and she felt like catching up right there on the couch. So eventually she drifted to sleep and woke up in bed. She was placed sweetly on her side of the bed and buried beneath soft covers.

She stretched and yawned while she sat up and checked to see if the kids were home. Sure enough they were playing a game on the living room floor. A pot sounded in the kitchen and she figured Alejandro was making dinner. But when the kids saw Kat, they gave her a big smile.

"Hey Kat!" Diego said, looking up at her. Kat sat between the two and looked down on the board game with heavy lids. She smiled at them.

"Hey guys, what are you playing?" She asked, stroking Maribel's hair while trying to recognize the game.

"I'm not sure. But I know it's almost time for bed and I hope the game can be migrated to the bathtub." Alejandro said from the kitchen entryway. He always seemed to ruin the fun, in the most fatherly way.

"Diego first!" Maribel exclaimed, not ready to take a bath yet. Diego was obviously upset he didn't call it sooner, but he knew he had to play fair.

"Kat, start the water for me? Dinner is almost done." Alejandro asked. Kat nodded, and stood to lead the way to the bathroom. Diego followed her closely and she bent down to turn on the faucet. When she turned it off Diego began to take off his clothes and Kat stood up, ready to leave him by himself. But when he took off his top, something caught her attention. There was a large bruise on his lower back. Silently, she waited for him to take off his pants and she gasped. There was a large hand print on the borderline between his back and his butt. Clearly, it wasn't a woman's hand. It was much too big to be created by any woman. It was bruising terribly and made his skin a deep, purpleish brown.

Kat could feel tears welling up in her eyes and quickly left the bathroom so he wouldn't see. Diego probably had no idea the bruises were there. She tried to compose herself and think of something to do. Should she tell Alejandro, or wait for him to find out on his own? When she turned around, Alejandro was standing right in front of her.

"What is it?" He asked, placing a hand up to her jaw. She swallowed deeply and left his gaze, taking it to the hardwood floor.

"Someone is beating him." She whispered so inaudibly that Alejandro almost didn't hear her. Kat didn't even have a moment to blink before he was darting to the bedroom. Kat followed him closely and found him scrambling for some clothes to put on. Everything seemed to be moving in fast motion. It felt like one of those moments where you're just spectating a life that you can't feel yourself actually living. The reality of everything didn't seem like it should be matching up.

"Where are you going?" Kat asked him. Alejandro didn't even bother to answer. He just continued to change his clothes. Kat rung her hands out nervously, uncomfortable with her situation. She had no idea on what she should do.

"I'm going to fucking kill him. Watch the kids." He said, still putting on pants. Kat sprinted for his keys and when she had them in her possession, she had power. She walked fiercely back toward the bedroom door.

Alejandro heard the jingling of his keys against his key chains. He snapped his head at Kat and almost couldn't believe saw was about to play games. His anger and rage should not be tested. But little did he know, Kat was matching his emotions to almost the same extent.

"Listen. If you're going, I'm going. Wait for me to get dressed." She said in the most menacing voice she could muster up. Alejandro wasn't affected by it and his eyes resembled a madman.

"Give me my God damn keys." He barked, stepping closer towards her. Kat however, made a sharp turn for the dresser. She slipped on her sweatpants in one fluid motion; it took less than 2 seconds. She fiercely walked toward the living room and scooped Maribel onto her hip. Diego was finished his bath and was luckily dressed in his pajamas. After capturing his hand, she hurriedly knocked on Abella's door. She answered with heavy lids and a yawn.

"Hey Abella, I'm sorry to wake you. Can you watch the kids for tonight? We'll come get them later." Kat said, giving her a look that signaled it was an emergency. She seemed to catch on and ushered the kids into her home. They began to protest and ask questions when she attempted to close the door, leaving Kat and Alejandro on the other side.

She raced back in the house to look for him. He wasn't in the living room so she strolled to the bedroom. Cautiously, she opened the door. His head was resting in his hands. And he sat on the edge of the bed, directly in front of a solid hole in the wall that wasn't there when she left.

Before Kat could question him about it, he stood up and snatched the keys out of her hands. She gasped when she looked into his eyes and saw a completely different man. He glided past her and she fought to keep up. When they reached the car, he didn't even bother to put on his seatbelt. Kat was pivoting to reach hers but she found herself plastered against the back of the chair. She shot a glance at the speedometer and her eyes grew wide when she saw he was doing 84 in just 10 seconds of being in the car.

Kat clenched the seat under her, frightened they were moving so fast. She looked at Alejandro and saw the pain etched in his features. It was hard as stone and his hair fell in his eyes mysteriously. Kat's stomach weakened when she thought of what he might do if he actually had the opportunity to see Javier.

He probably would kill him or something quite close to it. When Kat saw him pull up to a nearby house, she figured they had arrived. He threw the car into park and opened the door.

"Wait! Maybe I should go with you?" Kat tried, leaning over his seat to look at him outside the car. He barely spared her a glance.

"Stay here." Was all he said. Kat rang out her fingers in her lap. His tall, muscled body approached the door and he put 2, huge blows on it before waiting for an answer.

Kat had seen Javier's build; he was big. Much bigger than Alejandro. He was more big in terms of fat and bones rather than muscle and Alejandro had a good amount of power in his arms. But his drive and fury would probably allow him to fight with more force.

Kat held her breath when Javier opened the door. The house behind him was lit from the lights, and Kat could make out his annoyed face. She gasped, with a hand over her mouth when she watched Alejandro immediately give him a huge pound to the chin. Javier stumbled back into the house a few feet and Alejandro made eyes with Kat for just a second. He closed the door behind him and left everything else to her imagination.

Kat climbed over toward the driver seat; ready to screech off with him when he sprinted back to the car. But after a near 5 minutes, the door opened again. Alejandro stepped out and made a sharp turn en route to the street, passing the car completely. Kat was confused, and scared.

She jumped out and looked at him over the roof of the car.

"Alejandro!" She called. He didn't answer her. Kat got a little panicked and took the keys out the ignition to jog after him. She finally caught up, out of breath.

"Where are you going?" She panted, her brow pushed into a tight line.

"Go home Kat."

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