tagInterracial LoveCultural Diffusion Ch. 08

Cultural Diffusion Ch. 08


Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry for the extended wait! Theres really nothing I can say to justify it so I won't make any excuses. And no, II can't write sex scenes to save my life. I'm extremely bad at it but I'm working hard to change that lol. *shrug* But I tried my hardesssst in this final chapter so hopefully it satisfies.

And to tens, I am so so so sorry you felt offended due to the prior chapter. I never meant to downplay the Jewish culture in any way. I'm so so sorry.

I haven't heard from you in a bit honey, let me know how things are going. I miss you.
Love, Pat.

Hey Pat.
I know. Things have gotten busy lately. I'm doing well over here. I miss you too. I love you.


She sighed deeply at the computer screen and ran a soft hand over her face. Kat didn't have much else to say other to say to her.


"Come to the lounge with me." Luis called from the front door of Kat's classroom. Kat furrowed her brow at the man and stood to push her chair back under her desk. With a smoothing motion on her flowing skirt, she headed toward him. Luis was already back in the hall by the time she made her way to the classroom door. She looked down the hall to see a glimpse of his body entering the Teacher's Only room Kat had seen on her tour her very first day. She hadn't had a reason to go back there since.

When she cautiously took a step inside, she was met with a loud booming sound. Her eyes and ears tried to work at the same time while her emotions went soaring.

"Surprise!" The room seemed to scream to her. Luis and Marlennys stood ahead of 10 other co-workers Kat had grown to be close with. A bright pink cake sat on the dining room like table and had "We'll miss you!" engraved in its frosting. A banner on the back wall mimicked the same words. Kat felt a tear quickly roll down her brown cheeks before she had time to realize she was crying.

Today was indeed, their last day of the summer program and while she sat at her nearly empty and cleaned desk, she could feel the overcast of gloom hanging over her crown. She figured it must have come from the realization that she'd never return to the kids, people or building again.

Marlennys engulfed her into a tight, breathtaking hug. Kat let a hand gently wander over her back and she temporarily shut her eyes. As she pulled away, Kat allowed her eyes slowly open to meet her damp ones. They smiled at each other knowingly before letting a chuckle pass their lips. Marlennys brought a hand up to stroke away Kat's tear and brush a loose hair away from her eyes.

"This is supposed to be a happy party." Luis said, eliciting a small laugh from everyone in the room. Kat took a deep breath that did the trick for pushing aside the feelings she was beginning to let control her actions so she could enjoy her party.


"Hey guys. Before we go, I just want to talk to you all for the last 5 minutes of class." Kat purposed. She sat on the edge of her desk—former desk was how it seemed, and crossed her arms over her chest with a sympathetic smile on her lips.

"I want to let you all know, how proud I am of you. You've worked so hard these past 3 months and I can't believe how much progress you've made. I'll never forget any of you—ever."

"Where are you going?" Carlos asked from the back desk. Kat raised an eyebrow at him expectantly.

"Come on, you can say that in English can't you?" She pressed with a devious smile, trying to test his knowledge and memory. Carlos sat thoughtful, for only 3 seconds before he proceeded to re-ask his question.

"Where are you going?" He asked in a thick, dense Spanish accent. Kat smiled broadly and clapped her hands unconsciously before herself.

"Nice work Carlos." She replied, giving him a wink and a smile. "But I'm going back home, to America. I only came to teach you." She said. The bell rang loudly in the room and for some reason things seemed different. The bell didn't sound the same, and for once, Kat wasn't glad to hear it. The kids moved slower, and with less enthusiasm. But it seemed like Kat was feeling the same way.

"Give me a hug before you go." She said almost inaudibly, but her voice still cracked as she spoke. She took a hard swallow while she eyed her students slowly making their way up to her. One by one, she bent down to give them warm hugs and an uplifting personal messages about themselves in their ear.


"Can you help me get my stuff?" Kat asked Alejandro quietly. He was sitting in the driver's seat, patiently waiting for her to come out. He nodded curtly and opened the door to follow her back inside the school. He watched her from behind and took note of her mood just off of her body language and how she walked. She seemed like a zombie, just going along with the motions of living.

Kat handed him a large box filled with some of her books, jackets, water bottles and papers she wanted to keep from her students. While she held the remainder of the cake from lunch, a bouquet of flowers and some balloons.

"You okay baby?" Alejandro whispered beside her while they walked down the familiar hall. She nodded as reassuringly as she could but she knew it wouldn't be enough to shake him.

"Kat!" A voice called behind them. She turned to see Luis jogging toward her with an envelope in his hands. He held it out for her to take.

"What's this?" She asked in a hushed voice.

"Some pictures from today, and the school's address; so you can keep in touch." Kat managed to take the envelope out of his hands carefully. She nodded offhandedly and swallowed hard. Luis pulled her into a deep hug, that had his biceps around her head. Kat closed her eyes and tried to memorize his smell, the way his body felt and the beating of his heart with intentions of never forgetting them. Maybe if she could always think about those aspects of him, she'd always remember how good of a friend he had been to her.


"Bel, time to wash up mama." Alejandro said, stepping out of the bedroom with his hands in his pockets. Kat gave her a sympathetic look from across the board game.

"We can play again when you get back from your grandpa's house tomorrow." Kat purposed. She nodded quietly, clearly disappointed, and sauntered to the bathroom. Kat stood up and faced Alejandro.

"Can I wash her up?" Kat asked. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed deeply.

"Yeah. She can't play around in the tub tonight, it's already 10." He stated simply, then disappeared into the bedroom once again. Kat took her time getting to the door and opened it carefully. Maribel sat on the toilet, waiting for her water to be started. Kat cracked it a little and peered inside.

"Hey honey, can I wash you tonight or would you rather your daddy do it?" She asked seriously. She always asked if it was okay even though she knew the answer would always be yes.

"No, you can do it." She said angelically. Kat bent over the tub and started her water. Maribel sat inside while it filled up around her and Kat sat on the edge. She reached down into the basket that held all the bathtub toys, but Kat's voice stopped her.

"We gotta hurry up and get out of here, daddy said it's time for bed." She said with a shrug. Maribel took the hint that she wouldn't be able to play around in the tub, and put the toys in their proper place. Kat began bathing her and when she was close to finishing, she decided to chat.

"So how's ballet? You still like dancing?" Kat asked her.

"Yeah, I still like it. But I hate practices." Kat chuckled, she was too mature.

"Understandable... But that's the only way you get better, and how would you know what to do at recitals if you didn't practice?" Kat asked.

"I guess I wouldn't. I could make up my own dances though." She sounded so self assured.

"That's very true." A stillness fell upon them and it lasted for a few minutes.

"I'm going home in a few days." She told her. Maribel's expression was a mixture of confusion and carelessness which led Kat to believe she didn't understand.

"I'm leaving, back to America." The reaction was immediate. Maribel's face wound up into a tight, wrinkled frown and Kat prepared herself for the shrieking cry that should have followed. She grabbed her towel and swiftly wrapped her up in her arms. She sobbed deeply into Kat's shoulder while she carried her back to her bedroom.

Kat sat down on Maribel's pink sheets and cradled the girl in her arms, trying to soothe and console her to sleep. She hoped Alejandro hadn't heard her. After about a half hour, her sobbing dwindled down into hiccups and the hiccups led to silence. Carefully, Kat clothed her and laid her into her bed.

She gazed down onto the sleeping girl, and kissed her delicately on her forehead. She walked down the hall and cracked open Diego's door to see him still sleeping calmly. Kat decided she'd clean up and get ready for bed. She cleaned up the board game, drained the tub's water and was in the middle of cutting off all the lights when Alejandro reappeared from the bedroom in his boxers.

"You coming to bed?" He grumbled. She turned around to fully face him, and something washed over her. A wave of emotions she had been trying to hide all day just seemed to pour out into the space between her and Alejandro. She put her hands over her eyes and wept heavily into her palms. Her crying was tortured, having contained so many feelings and bottled thoughts.

Alejandro was now holding her in his arms and his chest seemed to support her. But his presence and the feel of his body only seemed to add to how she was feeling. He kissed her crown and cooed sweet things into her ears. His large hands rubbed all along the surface of her back in a comforting way. Kat eventually controlled her crying and pulled away from his chest with a staggered sigh.

Alejandro's broad brows were pushed into a tight line while he gazed down on her. Out of all the days, hours and minutes he had spent with Kat, he never witnessed her so vulnerable and distressed. Her lips were parted wide so she could breathe, she sniffled roughly and her cheeks were soaked in water. Kat wiped her tears off his chest in embarrassment and made sure to never make eye contact with him.

"I'm alright, I'll meet you in a minute." She mumbled in a nasally, hushed voice. Alejandro got the hint she wanted to be left alone, but he didn't know if he wanted to grant her that wish. When she delicately padded into the kitchen, and the water began running, he figured it'd be best to let her have a moment with her thoughts.


"You feel like going out for dinner tonight?" Alejandro asked. Kat stirred awake at the deep rumbling of his chest that reverberated against her ear. They were lying in the bed at 6:00 in the evening, just enjoying one another's company.

"Yeah, sure." She said quietly. Alejandro's hands began stroking the side of her upper thigh.

"We should get ready to go now then hm?" He asked her, feeling her fall back asleep as if he hadn't spoken. Kat leaned off of his chest to head for the bedroom. She was leaving in 2 days, so a nice dinner with him while the kids were away would be meaningful for them both.

When she had began taking her clothes off to put on different ones that would better suit going out to eat, rough hands found themselves around her waist. She fell back into Alejandro's chest and let out a deep sigh of satisfaction while his lips skimmed the sensitive skin of her collar bone. His hands wandered further upwards toward her clad breasts. With an urgency in his hands, he gripped them firmly and began to knead her flesh. Kat's nipples were pressing against the bra and she shifted her thighs to help soothe the aching that was growing in her pussy.

Alejandro took notice and growled low in her ear. In an instant, his entire attitude changed. His delicate and sensual movements became jagged and ravenous. In the midst of him unzipping his pants, Kat had turned to face him. She grabbed a hold of his hands and looked into his eyes.

"Let's take our time, okay?" She pleaded. For some reason she didn't want sex to be rough and rushed yet still satisfying. She wanted him to take his time with her body, and vice versa. Alejandro nodded briskly, knowing the reason for her request. He kissed her one time on the lips delicately, then let a few more flow down her neck and chest until he reached the tops of her breasts.

Kat sat her hands on his shoulders and rubbed them down his back that was curved due to him bending to reach her chest. He gently pulled down the cups and revealed her deep brown nipples on an island of large areolas. With some guidance of his hand, he suckled on her nipples. The sensation had Kat throwing her head over one shoulder while sighing in pleasure.

He reached behind her back and expertly undid the clasp of her bra to let it fall on the ground. In a fluid motion, he lifted Kat off her feet by her waist to gently lay her down on the bed. She watched him remove his shirt in front of her, all the while keeping his gaze fixed. Once his shirt was off, he moved onto Kat's panties.

His eyes drank in the thin material that perfectly outlined where her pussy lips were and he didn't even realize he trailed a finger right over the obvious slit. Kat shuddered when his pad ran over her moistened cunt. He pulled down the barrier and licked his lips minimally. The starving look on his features made Kat's loins tingle and she reached a hand over herself to tug on her eraser sized nipples.

Alejandro tucked a few strands of his hair behind his ear, and Kat knew he was about to dive into her. He spread her legs wide and immediately latched onto her clit. Kat groaned and let her eyes shut. Alejandro had to be one of the best pussy eater's in the Americas. He twirled her clit around his tongue countless times, switching up the rotation frequently.

Both of Kat's hands ended up on her tits and she was pulling at them roughly. Alejandro looked up from over her mound to see her body arching and her mouth open wide. He concluded it was about time to get her off and stop teasing her. He nipped at her clit lightly a few times; he knew that always drove her off the edge.

"Oh fuck baby."

As planned, Kat came hard and when Alejandro pulled away from her sex; he could see the trail of juice leading onto the sheets mixed with his own saliva. Kat sat up on her forearms with a wicked smile on her lips. Her hair was laid messily on her head and her tits looked a little red.

"Sit here." She commanded, pointing on the edge of the bed. Before he did, he pulled off his pants and let his curved dick spring from its confines. Kat rapidly kneeled between him and bit the inside of her lip. His shaft sat right beside her mouth. She let her tongue slither up the underside of his dick and it wrapped around his tip. Then she placed him inside her mouth to begin sucking him off. As Kat bobbed her head, she could feel the skin around his dick moving with her lips.

"Ah, just like that." He praised. His grunts and heaving body signaled that he was getting close. So Kat continued to suck him, keeping an air tight seal around his dick.

"Come here." Alejandro told her, patting himself on his thighs with a dazed look on his face. He was fighting to preserve his orgasm for when he was actually inside her, so telling her to stop sucking him off was extremely hard.

Kat straddled his lap while his broad hands positioned themselves under her. Her arms instinctively wrapped around his craning neck. She looked down into his brown eyes and watched them blink slowly as his cock entered her womanhood. He hissed out something unintelligible and Kat kissed his lips feverishly. Without any help from her, he began moving her body up and down with the pure strength of his arms.

The languid bouncing was making her weak. She felt as if she couldn't support her own body weight and somehow her head wouldn't stay upright. It fell backwards, facing the ceiling.

"You feel so good baby." He grumbled into her chest. His biceps wrapped snugly around her waist and his lips pressed against the valley between her breasts. Kat droned quietly while he suckled on her nipple and buried himself between her tits. His moaning tickled her sensitive skin, heightening her pleasure.

A calloused hand gently massaged her ass below her. All Kat's needs were being met, and she felt her orgasm just round the corner soon; Alejandro was pulling out all his tricks.

"Who's pussy am I fucking?" Alejandro growled in a deep voice, full of lustful bass. Kat was almost unresponsive, his lovemaking was just so effective.

"Mhm." Was all she could muster up and still, it sounded like a satisfactory moan more than it did a response to his question. Alejandro looked up to make eye contact over her mountains. Her eyes were almost closed and her head kept alternating between her shoulder and her back.

"Who's?" He asked a little more sternly.

"Mine baby—you're fucking my pussy." She said breathlessly. Her entire dazed demeanor seemed to jump out her body when Alejandro gripped her ass cheek in one hand. It was the most enjoyable pain she had ever felt, and Alejandro knew she loved it.

"Wrong answer Kat." He almost seemed upset. "This is mine. Tell me, I need to hear you say it." He pleaded.

"It's yours." She said wearily. He stole a kiss from her lips and nestled his cheek against her breast in the most loving of ways. He stopped pumping her and she raised a hand to stroke his hair while he tried to mold himself into her heart.


Alejandro and Kat had just finished their meals and were now waiting on the check. Alejandro picked out a very classy bistro type of restaurant that had peaceful music playing in the background. Kat looked at his beautiful face in pure admiration. Every crease, wrinkle and pore on his appearance was permanently etched in her mind, that she knew for sure. She'd never worry about forgetting that man just because of how much she'd learned from him. Alejandro stared at her as if he was committing her face to memory as well. But he looked down into his lap momentarily and when he met her gaze again something was different.

Nervousness, sadness? Kat tried to read it but she couldn't. So when his mouth parted to speak, she listened intently.

"Kat, I don't want you to go." He whispered with pleading eyes so concentrated Kat couldn't hold his stare. She took a rigid gulp.

"I know—"

"Can you look at me?" He grumbled a little harshly, clearly a result from built up frustration. Kat gave him a look through eyes close to being slits.

"I know. But I can't." She told him head on. Alejandro shifted in his seat.

"I love you. And every day that you live and walk those streets of New York, days away from me I'll be thinking of you Kat. I'll think of your eyes, the way you speak Spanish so beautifully to me while I make love to you, and the way you make me feel when you're around." Kat's breathing began to pick up speed and her silence gave Alejandro more freedom to speak.

"Why can't you stay here? You have everything. Look—" Kat shifted her eyes toward his hand and the small red box that he held. He opened it to reveal a gorgeous diamond ring sitting inside a pool of silk fabric in all its glory. Kat shut her eyes tight, creating wrinkles on her lids. She tried to control her breathing but that only seemed to make her more panicked.

"Marry me Kat. We can have more kids—I'm open to one or two. I'm getting a promotion soon and I'll be making a lot more money so I'll get you a house. I'll pay for your mom to visit, you can work at the school. Anything you need me to do Kat, I'll do it if that means you'll stay with me."

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