tagInterracial LoveCultural Diffusion Ch. 09

Cultural Diffusion Ch. 09


Hey ya'll! So this is the epilogue, not a lot of sex and an update. Sandy had me trapped in the house for a couple days so I had the chance to work on this. I didn't edit this but I know there aren't that many mistakes in there. But if there are I apologize in advance.

Some of you are wondering if I'll be writing anything else and the answer to that is......... hell yeah! I got a lil somethin in the works right now. But of course I will be writing.

*************OMG! *******************

Someone help me; there was a story I was reading awhile back and it was an interracial story about a woman dating a blind man. She was running on the bus and he was sitting on there and he got turned on by her breathing or something like that. I was reading it on my phone, didn't finish it and said I'd come back to it. But then I had to reset my phone and I forgot all about it! I don't remember the name at allllllllllllllllllll and my history was wiped out. Can someone help me by leaving the title in the comments. I'd really appreciate it.


The shrieking sound of Kat's baby woke her up from her hour long rest. She sighed and pulled the covers away from her body. A cold hand gripped her wrist before she could propel herself off the bed.

"I'll get him." Alejandro said.

"No, baby—no. You have to work tomorrow." She whispered. As much as she would've loved to have gone back to bed, Alejandro was the only one working as of now. So he needed to be as focused as possible. Kat's newborn baby Andres was only 2 months old, and hadn't slept an entire night yet. But she enjoyed staying home with her son although he was exhausting her.

She walked to the corner of the bedroom and cradled him in her arms, wrapping his blanket around him. She cooed things to him while she quickly took him out the area. She closed the bedroom door behind herself and bounced him around the living room. When he quieted down a little bit, she sat on the couch and tried to nurse him back to sleep. He hungrily latched onto her breast and his little hands clawed at the skin aimlessly.

After 10 minutes of bonding with her baby, her mind began to drift off into another world. She thought about how crowded the 3 bedroom apartment seemed, and she couldn't wait to move out. Alejandro was promoted to be in charge of all paramedics working for the hospital, and brought home more than enough money. Kat's job had simply become a hobby more than it was a primary source of income. But it was the reason she was able to buy herself a new car.

He promised her they'd start house shopping soon, but she wasn't stressing it too much. She could tell he just wanted to keep her happy, but she was completely satisfied already.

"Is he okay?" Alejandro asked from the doorway. Kat jumped in her seat and took a sigh of relief. "I didn't mean to scare you." He whispered, sitting beside her.

"It's alright. And he's fine, just a little hungry." Kat whispered back. Alejandro looked at his 2nd born son and smiled down on him. His wedding band grazed over the top of his curly head. Soon after, his gaze settled onto Kat.

"You're a great mother." He told her. Kat smiled. It definitely meant a lot to hear him say that because she was trying her hardest. Everything was so fast paced and she felt as if she'd never learn how to properly care for him. But Pat's month long stay helped her a lot, and Kat cried hard when she had to go home.

"Thanks." She said, looking at him. He pecked her on the lips quickly, then Kat refocused her attention on Andres. He had taken his mother's nipple out his mouth, and Kat put him over her shoulder. She patted his back until he burped and then she rubbed him back to bed. Alejandro fell asleep on the couch so Kat went back to the bedroom to lay her baby in bed. Then returned to the living room to wake up her 2nd baby.

"Alejandro. Come to bed honey." Kat cooed. He stirred awake eventually and then followed Kat back to the bedroom.


Kat only slept another 2 hours before it was time to wake up.

"Maribel and Diego, come on!" Alejandro called, walking into the kitchen. Kat used one hand to support Andres on her chest, then used the other to spread Nuttella on a piece of bread. She had bananas sliced already and just sprinkled them over the toast. Alejandro came up behind her and kissed her cheek a few times. Kat laughed lazily then spun around to hand him his breakfast.

Alejandro didn't take it though. He looked into Kat's eyes with a great amount of concern. Andres began to whine on her shoulder and she started bouncing him a little bit.

"What's wrong?" Kat asked him, taking a step closer. Her reached out for Andres and took him out of her hands.

"You're exhausted baby." He whispered, trying to shush Andres. Kat shrugged her shoulders.

"Hi Mari. You look very pretty today." Kat said, stepping around Alejandro to pick up the 3 year old girl. Kat gave her a kiss on her cheek, and Maribel made sure to give her one too.

"Thank you. Can I hold the baby today?" Maribel asked.

"Do I get Nuttella Kat?" Diego asked, jogging into the kitchen.

"Yes and yes." She told them both. Kat put Maribel back onto the ground to go get them their breakfast. The Nuttella sandwiches were bagged up and ready to be eaten in the car on the way to school.

"Go ahead, you're going to be late." Kat told Alejandro. He was cradling Andres in his arms and seemed to be oblivious to life around him. He handed him back to Kat. His big hand framed her jaw and pushed her cheeks together. It was a delicate yet dominating gesture that Kat loved.

"Make sure you get some rest." He told her, looking her right in the eyes. He kissed her on her lips and then kissed Andres on his crown before turning around and walking out the front door.

"I love you!" Kat called right after the door was shut. She sighed then turned around to start cleaning up the kitchen. Shortly after, the front door re-opened and Alejandro came rushing back into the kitchen. He kissed her on the lips one more time and then smiled.

"I love you too." Then he was back out the door.


Andres was finally taking his nap, so Kat wasted no time with trying to rest too. She put a barrier of pillows around him while he laid on his father's side of the bed. Then Kat laid right beside him. She had some plans to show up at the school later that day and she didn't need bags under her eyes.

When Kat woke up, she was astounded to see she had slept of 5 hours. Her happy baby was quietly kicking his feet and gazing at the ceiling. She stood up and made her way to his side of the bed.

"You're such a good boy. You let mommy sleep huh? So sweet of you to think about your mama." She sang to him in Spanish while walking to the kitchen to heat up a bottle she pumped for him earlier.

After she took a fast shower, she wrapped her towel around herself and started getting Andres dressed to go out. She put him in a pair of dark jeans, a blue tee and his Nike socks. His bag was already packed with bottles, sneakers, diapers and everything else. After he was dressed, Kat tried to find some clothes for herself.

She decided to wear a green wrap dress with a pair of sandals. She didn't want to admit it to herself, but it felt great to have somewhere to go. She was eager to get dressed and finally leave the house. But she sighed when she looked in the full length mirror. She had over 20 pounds of post-baby fat still on her. Her hips were still kind of wide, her thighs had thickened up and she had a small pooch under her belly. She moved her line of vision away from herself; it was bringing her down.

Once she and her baby were ready to go, she slung his bag over her shoulder and placed him inside his carrier. When he was securely inside the car, she started the engine and slowly made her way to the school. She couldn't wait to see her co-workers and friends.

She pulled into a parking space and went to get Andres. She strolled up the steps with the carrier in one hand. Andres cooed loudly in his seat.

"I know, I know." She said back to him. Kat walked into the office to see her best friend typing away behind the desk. Marlennys jumped out her seat when Kat walked through the door, but barely acknowledged her. She went straight for the carrier. She put it in a chair and undid the buckles.

"Hello handsome." Marlennys said enthusiastically to Andres. Kat sat in a plush chair and reclined. Marlennys bounced the baby around the room.

"He is such a beautiful baby Kat! I really think you should look into baby acting." Kat chuckled. It was crazy to think about her 2 month old baby having casting calls and studying his lines.

"No way." She giggled, picking up a magazine nearby and flipping it open.

"How are things going? You look a little beat." Marlennys asked. Kat shrugged reassuringly. She felt pretty energized.

"I'm actually fine. Alejandro tries to help out when he can, and when I allow him too."

"When you allow him to?" Marlennys asked incredulously with a curious smile. Kat sighed and rolled her eyes.

"No—I don't want him doing too much. He's the only one working and it takes a lot out of him. Especially with Diego and Maribel too." Marlennys seemed to understand a little better now.

"Okay but don't be afraid to say you need help Kat, you understand? I'm here for you." She said sternly. Kat smiled at her and was glad she had her for a friend.

"Thanks girl, I know you are. I just really want to be able to do it on my own, it's just that I don't have things 100% down packed right now. It's hard to find a balance." Kat told her.

"Yeah, I can only imagine... you don't look like you're having any sex though." Kat gave her a knowing look.

"Because I'm not." She mumbled exasperatedly. Marlennys laughed out loud and then Kat joined in. Kat hadn't had sex with her husband since Andres was born. She first had to wait about 6 weeks before the doctor gave her the okay, but they were now finding out that there just isn't any time. The baby sleeps in their room, so neither of them feel comfortable having sex beside the crib, the kids are always home and Andres needs too much attention.

"How does Alejandro feel about that?" Marlennys asked. Kat shrugged.

"It's starting to get to him now. He's getting really dominating; that's always been an indicator that he needs... me. I guess it's his hormones or something." Kat laughed at herself.

"When was the last time you left the house?" Kat sighed deeply then shook her head, trying to recall the last time.

"I have no idea." She said quietly—ashamed to share that information.

"Well, I'm getting my nails done tomorrow. I'll come pick you and little Mari up and we can just spend the day together."

"Alright, sounds fun." Kat said, getting a little more thrilled each second she thought about it.

"How are the kids doing?—No jealousy?" Marlennys asked.

"Nope. They really love to help me with him. I try to balance my time with all 3 of them when I can." Kat really did. She'd never want Diego or Maribel to feel like Andres was more important than they were. She loved them all equally.

"Where is my boy?" Luis asked right before the bell rang. He closed the office door behind himself and reached his arms out for Andres. Marlennys reluctantly handed him over.

"Hey Luis..." Kat said jokingly. He barely acknowledged her.

"Oh hey Kat. You look nice." He said, then returned his attention back to Andres. One by one, more teachers started coming into the office with requests to hold her baby. Andres was a good baby, and never had a problem with the attention.


"Alejandro?" Kat asked, putting the carrier on the couch and leaving the front door wide open. Her hands were full and she couldn't close the door behind herself. Alejandro appeared from Diego's bedroom.

"Can you close the door for me baby?" Kat asked. Alejandro maneuvered to close it and then came to stand beside Kat.

"You look nice." He said, crossing his arms over his chest. Kat was facing the chair, but he was facing her body. He looked her up and down while she bent to pick Andres up out of his carrier. He took in her much rounder bottom, her dress draping over the curve, her fuller tits peeking out over her deep scoop neck and her toned legs flexing while she shifted on her feet.

"Thanks." She said, eyeing him skeptically. He was evaluating her, and she felt uncomfortable under his close gaze. Her baby weight felt as if it were under a spotlight while he watched her.

"What's the occasion?" Alejandro inquired.

"I went to work and I didn't want to look as if I'd been taking naps, watching soap operas and wiping shit from a baby's ass all day." Kat retorted. Being locked away in that apartment will have you excited to go check the mail, maybe you'd even get to speak to the mailman.

"Watch him for a little?" Kat said, handing Andres to his father. Kat went to Maribel's room to see her and her brother working on a huge puzzle. Kat took a seat beside them and picked up a piece. In silence, they worked as a team to finish the big puzzle.

"Kat?" Diego asked.

"Hm?" Kat asked, focused on the puzzle.

"Can you be my mommy too?" Kat took a sharp inhalation. She racked her brain of any way she could properly respond to the question but she had no idea.

"You already have a mommy." Kat whispered, trying to stay normal and finish the puzzle. But her hands were shaking and it was hard to place the pieces.

"I know but... I just want you to be mine instead."

"Mine too." Maribel chimed in.

"Well, I'll always be your mom if you want me to be. You can just have 2 moms." Kat said.

"So I can call you my mommy?" Maribel asked, facing Kat head on with her stare.

"I have to potty." Kat said, getting up immediately and exiting the room. She searched for her husband but he wasn't it the living room. She rushed to the bedroom to see him feeding Andres a bottle.

"Alejandro, the kids want to call me mommy." He didn't seem fazed my that statement at all. He pursed his lips and continued to feed Andres.

"So what?" He said calmly. Kat walked further into the room and closed the door behind herself. Why did she feel so uncomfortable with that?

"You think it'd be okay?" She whispered, ringing out her fingers.

"You're the closest thing they've ever known to a real mother. You love them and they love you." He stood up to put sleeping Andres in his crib in the corner and then faced Kat again. He put a large hand behind her head then guided her forehead to his lips.

"There's something else I want to ask you about." He said. Kat pulled away to look into his eyes and she was suddenly a little curious.

"What is it?" Alejandro took her hand and guided her to the bed. She took the hint to sit down. She and Alejandro faced each other in the center of the bed.

"Kat don't tease me." He said, shutting his eyes momentarily. Kat looked at her lap and saw the tent her open legs created in her dress. He could see her panties right between her legs. She pulled the hem over her knees.

"My dad suggested we move into his house and he get a small apartment nearby. I told him I'd talk to you about it first..."

"That sounds great." Kat told him, feeling a rush of exhilaration course through her. He grinned a tiny bit and then leaned in to peck her lips. Kat stole another peck right when he was about to pull away, but Alejandro held her head a little longer.

She groaned inside his mouth when his slick tongue pressed against her lips. He traced the shape right before he forced his way inside. Kat could feel his hands slithering up her folded calf and making their way up her dress.

Their son did a heavy sigh in his crib and Kat went completely rigid. Her eyes darted toward that corner of the room. Alejandro groaned and then let his hands surface from under her dress. He ran a hand through his curly hair and Kat watched him closely.

"I'm sorry baby but I can't knowing he's right there." She whispered. Alejandro nodded. He seemed a little angry, but Kat knew he was just horny and frustrated. Without a word he stood up and adjusted his dick in his pants. He checked on Andres before he walked into the living room and closed the door behind himself.


"Mari and I are going to get our nails done today." Kat told Alejandro. He was laying in bed with Diego enjoying her side and Andres lying on his father's chest. Kat wore a simple tee-shirt and jeans with a pair of flip-flops. Her hair was held back by a tight headband and studs sat on her ears. Maribel wore a pink plaid dress and matching flip flops for when she got her pedicure.

"Alright, I'll see you later." He grumbled.

"Make sure you put his mittens on. Or you could cut his nails, but be careful." Kat said, running a hand over Andres' deep black hair. It was so shiny and soft. He was definitely a healthy baby. "Give him some water too, and make sure it's not too cold. I have 4 bottles in the fridge but if you need more call me and I'll come home and pump some—"

"Ay Dios Mio Kat, just go. I'll be fine." Alejandro whispered. Kat kissed them all before she left.


"I think Luis is finally getting over you." Marlennys sighed. Kat sighed too. For some reason that information relieved her, because she never thought the day would come. She honestly believed he was in love with her. When he found out she was staying in Argentina, the joy plastered on his face was visible for miles. Even after she told him she was pregnant and getting married, he still just seemed glad to be able to see her. But now Luis was genuinely happy for her and that was a sign of improvement.

"What makes you say that?" Kat asked, eyeing Marlennys from a few feet away. She was receiving a nice, semi-long French manicure. Her feet were already done.

"He was mentioning something about a date he went on a few days ago. That was the first time I'd ever heard him speak about another woman like that." Kat smirked. Luis deserved a woman who loved him in more than a way Kat did. He needed to find a soul mate.

"Well what about you and the husband? Any kids in the near future?" Marlennys chuckled then rolled her eyes.

"Not even. He's focused on his career right now, and I just want to wait for things to die down first." She said. Kat nodded. A part of her wished she had more control over when she wanted to have Andres. But her circumstances were just fine now, so she wasn't regretting anything. She had a beautiful family that loved her and the finances were good.

"That sounds nice... Mari, you alright?" Kat asked Maribel. She moved her head to face Kat and gave her a smile.

"Yes." She replied. The little girl was in complete diva mode as she sat in the salon chair. Styrofoam separated her light blue toes with a glitter design while her nails were being painted to match.

The silence allowed Kat's mind to drift toward her baby. She'd call Alejandro as soon as her nails dried.


The phone rang 4 or 5 times before a small click signaled someone had answered. The breathing on the line proved to her it was Diego. Kat waited a moment for the rustling to stop.

"Hello!" He said, a little out of breath.

"Hi baby, where's daddy?" Kat asked, paying for her and Maribel's mani-pedi. Diego took a few seconds to answer her. Then more noise sounded on the other line.

"Hello beautiful." Alejandro's smooth voice replied. Kat's lips curled into a small smile.

"How is everything? You doing alright?" Kat asked. She glanced at a clock on the wall and it said nearly 2 hours had passed since she left the house. It was 5:00 on the dot now, and the 3 were on their way to dinner.

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