tagBDSMCulture School Ch. 03

Culture School Ch. 03


"Busy day, busy day," kept running through my mind mixed with feelings from last night with Mistress Tammy and Amy. My tingles were already starting again when I stepped into the shower. Alice was rinsing her body off from the foam and I stepped under the shower to wet my hair. A few seconds under the water, watching her pour liquid into her hand and she said, "Step out so I can wash your hair."

I step out from under the water, bumping into her body. As she raised her hands to my head, her breasts brushed my lips I knew what she wanted, but Amy's last statement flashed through my mind, "Remember to hurry. We have to start work on your schedule and meet the Masters and Mistresses today."

Alice then used the shower mitt to wash all over my body. Without Amy there, she ended washing my quim and rubbing several times the full length of my slit. She wanted to excite me, and she was, but I knew I had to get out of the shower. Quickly I stepped back under the water turning it to a cooler temperature. She had to stop touching me, so when I felt rinsed, I quickly moved out of the shower area saying over my shoulder, "Maybe soon."

Heading back to my bed, I decided to swerve into the lounge and look out the window. My father's car was still parked in the same place as yesterday. "Did they watch my initiation to 'Lady Love' last night? Did they sleep in Mistress Steph's quarters last night? What were they doing now?" flashed through my mind. I had to stop these thoughts.

I moved from the window quickly to scurry my way back to my bed. Amy was in my dressing area as I approached the bed. She said, "We've just enough time to get to the admin office, Jenny. Your uniform is already laid out; slip it on. We can just make it."

I put it on thinking how good it was to not be slowed down with any under garments. We practically ran out the door. I saw the clock tick to the hour as we walked through the admin door. Standing across the room was Mistress Steph, pulling some papers together into a small stack. She was wearing a long sleeved black dress with a high collar. It was only mid-thigh length; her legs were covered in fishnet stockings. She turned toward us and I saw a red shield emblem above her left breast. The dress had a top to bottom zipper.

She was also wearing a wide black belt, pulled in to give her a curvy body with her breasts bouncing to every step she took towards us.

"Good morning, Jenny. Good morning, Amy," she said laying out a sheet on the counter. "This is your schedule for today."

"Good morning, Mistress Steph," we responded in unison.

Mistress Steph then put several more papers on the counter and said "These are forms that you can fill out during your free time this afternoon. They specify the foundation courses for your first year and allow you to select electives for each term. There is also a catalogue of all courses in various majors. Keep the catalog so you can study the majors available for your second and third year You will need to be ready at the end of your first year to select the major you wish to study. There is also an estate map to help you learn your way around. Take a few minutes and review these, I'll be right back."

We were still looking at the material she had handed us when she returned. I looked up to see she had unzipped the top of her uniform down to her belt. Her large breasts were almost falling out; no brassiere and I could see the edges of her aureole. I also saw she was wearing a short red and black striped tie, hanging down over her bare chest pointing directly to her cleavage, but not quite touching. She was looking even hotter than last night at dinner.

"Come this way, Jenny," Mistress Steph said. "We need to measure you for your wardrobe that you'll pick up later today."

I walked around the counter and followed her into a draped area at the back of the admin office. Jenny stayed behind.

Once in the enclosure, she pulled the drape closed, picked up a measuring tape and said, "Take all of your close off". She then began measuring my neck, shoulders, bosom, waist and hips. Kneeling in front of me she measured my inseam. She was so close that I could feel her breath. Her hand touched my fanny as she took the inseam measurement.

Over an intercom, I heard a voice sharply say "Mistress Steph, come into my quarters! Bring Jenny and Amy with you!"

Mistress Steph jumped up, her face all-flush with excitement showing in her eyes. "Amy," she called, "Come in here, please."

Mistress Steph took both our hands, led us down a short hallway directly through the door. She didn't even let me put my clothes on. We all went into what appeared to be a bedroom with bright lights overhead. Mistress Whipple was standing there wearing a similar uniform; behind her was Mistress Anna.

"Jenny, Mistress Steph has violated a basic rule of the school. No Master or Mistress is permitted to touch a student during scheduled hours unless administering punishment or demonstrating a training lesson. Fitting measurements are the responsibility of Master Christian, only. Mistress Steph knows this rule and needs severe discipline. You are going to witness the disciplining. Afterwards, you'll both help to sooth her."

"Mistress Steph, raise your skirt."

The excitement in Mistress Steph's eyes was almost burning as she began to unzip the lower part of her dress. Mistress Whipple was also showing excitement in her face. I looked at Mistress Anna, who was quivering in excitement, too.

"You're wearing underpants, too? Another violation, so your punishment will be additional for that violation, also. Jenny, would you and Amy help remove her pants."

We knelt down and from either side started to slide her pants down. There was a sweet aroma in the air. It must have been her excitement, for I felt dampness in the gusset as we pulled them over first one foot, then the second. I was looking at her fully exposed pussy now. Her fishnet stockings stretched the full length of her legs, held up by garters on the outer sides of her thighs.

Hurriedly, Mistress Steph knelt before a large hassock; spread her knees wide and leaned forward to lay her upper body on the low, small bed. Mistress Whipple produced a razor strop nearly three inches wide and stepped behind Mistress Steph. She then began laying hard strokes on each butt cheek alternately. Each stroke left wide red marks, getting darker as Mistress Whipple continued. Mistress Steph began whimpering and I could see her wetness dripping to the floor. Soon, both buttocks were a cherry red, almost as if one giant hand had slapped the entirety of her bum.

Mistress Whipple then said, "Jenny, you and Amy can help ease her pain by rubbing and caressing her bum while I administer the punishment for wearing underpants during the day."

After a few minutes, Mistress Steph's whimpers began to change to light moans and the deepness of the red on her buttocks was fading. Mistress Whipple step up again, holding a narrower leather belt, doubled in her hand. She began laying on with up strokes between Mistress Steph's spread legs. We continued to rub her bum, but now, Mistress Steph was giving out soft, sharp cries. The smacks from the belt started to turn from smacks to cracks with each stroke. Her wetness was soaking the belt, adding more punishment with each stroke.

Finally Mistress Whipple stopped and stepped back. She called Amy and I to look at Mistress Steph's release. "You can see the relief that you brought to her bum. And when she turns over you will she the discipline that is given for wearing pants during the day."

Amy and I moved so we could look at Mistress Steph's now streaming pussy. When she turned over, I saw the deep cherry red on her mound, glistening with her juices. Her pussy lips were opening and closing like the mouth of a large mouth bass gasping for water and oxygen to suck in. Her nipples were erect, fat and pointed.

"Okay Jenny, remember what you have learned here today. This type of discipline will also be administered to you, in varying degrees, for any violations of the school rules. Now let's leave so you can get along with your scheduled activities. Mistress Anna will help relieve Mistress Steph from here on."

I quickly looked around the room and saw Mistress Anna was standing completely naked and pounding her fingers into her own pussy. She was more turned on than I felt. And, I was almost in flames. Mistress Whipple turned us to the door we came in and guided us out. I glanced back and caught a glimpse of Mistress Anna pulling a harness up her legs. It reminded me of a boy's athletic supported.

Mistress Whipple turned my head forward and pushed me through the door. Before the door closed, I heard a voice whimper, "May I call you Daragh?"


"That's my father's name," I thought and froze in my footsteps.

Mistress Whipple bumped into me, practically knocking me over. She prevented my falling by holding me upright and guiding me on into the small dressing room. "Jenny, get dressed and hurry along with your schedule. You have been delayed enough this morning. Amy, keep Jenny on schedule and I'll see you both at lunch," she said.

I began slipping on my uniform, while Amy studied my schedule. I heard her giggle and say, "Oh, you're so lucky. Your school chore for the first to weeks is handling the mail. Let's go."

I thought, "Handling the male. I like the sound of that. I'd like to handle many males." I could feel my temperature rising even more. Walking out though the admin office, I saw another Junior Mistress was talking to some other students. Mistress Steph probably wouldn't be back to her duties for a while.

Amy led me across the entrance hall to a door marked 'Royal Post'. "Well, so much for grand thoughts of handling males, of sucking large cocks, of any penetration," I thought. "It's just going to be a boring chore of handling letters."

We walked in and Amy introduced, "Master Phil, this is Jenny she is schedule for her first two weeks under your charge. Jenny, Master Phil will introduce you to your responsibilities. Your schedule specifies that I will no longer being accompanying you during this hour."

"Welcome Jenny," he said. Your duties here will be sorting incoming post and delivering it to the appropriate offices. Miss Becky is already busy this morning, so she can show you the procedures of sorting and delivering. Amy can also help you today and keep you on schedule."

Master Phil took me over to an area marked 'Incoming'. It had small letter boxes marked with, I assume, student's names, only first names. Then he pointed out several boxes marked as 'School Administration', 'Medical Services', 'Studio', 'Academy', etc. He explained that private post was put into the boxes for individuals to pick up at their convenience. Office post was to be delivered directly to the designated offices.

He then left the three of us. Becky's hands were flying through the mail, separating it into small stacks, then taking the stacks to the boxes and depositing them in individual slots.

Amy and I started imitating her. In a few minutes the post sack was empty. She then grabbed the larger stacks of office mail and began placing them in a post satchel before turning to me and asking, "Do you have any questions about the sorting process, Jenny?"


"Okay then. We deliver this to the offices now. You'll learn the route and locations. While on the way, I'll explain the demeanor expected with each delivery. Now, let's go."

As we started to leave, Master Phil said, "Jenny, Amy will meet you here after your rounds. You should have time to complete your morning's schedule then."

"Amy stay here. I've have a delivery for you," said Master Phil.

Becky walked out the door and I followed. She certainly wasn't very talkative. What was her problem? We walked directly across the entrance hall into Medical Services.

Neither Mistress Corrine nor Master Clark was there. A nurse that I didn't know sat at her desk with her attention on the desktop PC. Becky lifted the hem of her skirt and gave a small curtsey, with a glance she indicated for me to do the same.

"Good morning Mistress Halley. This is Jenny, she'll be replacing me after today."

"We have your incoming post delivery. Do you have any outgoing deliveries we can handle for you?"

"Not today Becky. Doctor Clark is working in the maternity ward today and Doctor Samuel is with a student right now. Welcome to our school Jenny. I look forward to seeing you each morning."

With that, Becky turned and I followed her out, across the hall into the admin office. Mistress Steph was back in full uniform, the front zipped tightly to her neck. This seemed to pronounce her bosom. I could see her still engorged nipples trying to probe through. She wore a big smile even though she was moving a bit gingerly and lightly rubbing her behind.

Becky and I both curtsied and I said, "Good morning Mistress Steph. We have your incoming post delivery. Do you have any outgoing deliveries we can handle for you?"

"Not this morning Jenny, Thank you. I'll see you tomorrow." She didn't even look at our fannies when we curtsied. "Boy," I thought, "she must really be satisfied from her spanking this morning.

Becky hurried me out toward the back of the hall. We approached a large glass-door entry and walking through, I saw a whole new world. Inside was a modern office with paintings on either sidewall. Some looked to be old classic oils interspersed with modern emulations, Indian paintings of the Kama Sutra classics, Gaugin's Tahitians, Goya's nudes and Toulouse-Lautrec's decadent Parisian life. "Probably reproductions," I thought. But one stood out as a modern day painting of Mistress Steph in a pose of 'The Naked Maja'.

Becky dragged me forward to a secretary's desk in front of the back wall. The wall was covered with photographs of naked women in sensuous and seductive poses. Right in the center, behind the desk, was a completely out of place black sign with red lettering, "Bird's Eye Studios'.

Becky took the lead again as we curtsied and she said, "Good morning Barbara. This is Jenny, she'll be replacing me after today."

"We have your incoming post delivery. Do you have any outgoing deliveries we can handle for you?"

Barbara stood and offered her hand, "Good morning Jenny. It's nice to have new students coming into the school. I'm sure you're going to enjoy it here."

"We don't have any out going post this morning Jenny. I see you're a little wide eyed from the art collected in here. It is a tad small for a collection, but we're very proud of it. You can stop in anytime to browse and appreciate."

I saw Barbara was wearing a blue tie with her uniform. I tucked that away in my mind to ask Amy later. Then, I turned around to leave with Becky. In front of me was a large video screen filling most of the office's front wall. The scene was of a blonde head bobbing on a large long cock. A ponytail was flouncing around on the girl's back. I was standing there frozen in-heat. Is that possible?

The volume must have been turned low because I could barely hear "That's a good baby. Take all of my cum. Drain me, and then show me what you like. Ah, yes. That's real good baby."

A few minutes later, the cock then slipped from between her lips and drooped down like a wet rope. Her head started to turn up and I saw flashing blue eyes on a smiling face. It was Amy! She looked up directly at the camera and opened her mouth to show her tongue slowly swirling around in a pool of cum. Then she swallowed. Opening her mouth again, she stuck out her tongue. All traces of cum were gone from her mouth.

My thighs were soaking with cream running down them profusely now. I didn't wait for Becky. I ran out of the office, across the hall and into the mailroom. Amy was buttoning her blouse, still flashing her bare fanny, which looked as wet as I felt. I walked over to her and kissed her still wet lips. Looking down, I saw Master Phil was flagging badly and I started to kneel before him.

"Not now Jenny. You and Amy have to go to the clothing store and get fitted for your school wardrobe," he said.

"Damn" I thought, "Why won't they let me have any release. I know I could please him as well as Amy just did. I didn't just want release. I needed it."

I forgot about Becky and Master Phil. Amy and I left for the clothing store. As we walked across the hall, I asked Amy about Barbara's blue ribbon and told her how jealous I was of her getting to suck off Master Phil.

"I'll make it up to you Jenny. I promise. Besides, every day you work in the mail room, Master Phil will be giving you delivery training. I think you'll really enjoy it," she said. "As to the blue ribbon, that designates 'Honours' students. With black strips, it means mistress duties. Just like Mistress Tammy's green and black striped tie designates a third year student with a mistress position."

Walking though the door, Amy hardly hesitated before saying, "Master Christian, this is Jenny. She is here to be fitted for her school outfits. I'm afraid that Mistress Steph started to take her measurements but got distracted and didn't give us the measurements."

"Thanks Amy. It will be aright, Mistress Steph quite often gets distracted when new students are as lovely as Jenny. As I remember, you caused the same distraction on your first day here.

"Jenny, come over to the fitting area and we'll get your measurements. Mary will help by notating a record."

He pointed to an area behind a curtain. I walked over and saw a yellow tie student standing behind the curtain with a clipboard and paper. I also, looked up and noted a camera in the ceiling, with another mounted on the wall about waist high. I couldn't help smiling to myself; I was finally going to get some release.

I step under the ceiling camera. Master Christian started taking my measurements, sounding out each for Mary to record, head diameter, neck, shoulders, bosom -- 86cm, nipples un-aroused -- 1cm diameter, 1cm length, waist -- 55cm, hips -- 90cm. He knelt to measure my inseam, and then with his fingers he opened my pussy lips and said "Button cap clit -- shielded". He was certainly more thorough than Mistress Steph. After standing, he saw my body was tense and quivering.

"I believe you'll be more comfortable if you kneel down in an upright position. I need to take another inseam measurement," he said. "There'll only be two more measurements then. We'll have to wait until you are fully aroused for that."

He then knelt with me. He grabbed my buttocks and thighs to straighten me into an upright position on my knees. He ran his measuring tape up the inside of my thighs from floor to my crotch slowly, caressing me as he moved his hand upward. Dropping the tape, he slid a finger inside my pussy lips and caressed the full length from clit to arse hole.

I was flowing freely now and he said "You're doing very nicely my dear. You'll soon have your pleasure".

I started rocking and tried to hump his finger into me, but he said, "Not yet my dear. You still have much training to enjoy before you can have that pleasure for relief."

I felt him rise and when I opened my eyes, he had lost his pants and his blouse was unzipped showing me his member. It was only partly erect, curving downward below my chin. He was much longer than Master Clark, but not as thick. He, too, was shaved smooth all over and his nut sack hung down several inches bouncing his two balls around in his lopsided nut sack.

I did what I knew he wanted. I placed both my hands around his shaft and began stroking as I licked the knob end of his shaft. He was soon hard enough for me to begin bobby my head back and forth rubbing his cock along the length of my tongue. In counterpoint, we started rocking, thrusting into my mouth as I bobbed down on this cock. Forward, then backward in unison, I became frenzied with him now hitting the back of my throat.

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