tagGroup SexCulture School Ch. 04

Culture School Ch. 04


Chapter 4: It's All on Camera

The dinning hall was nearly full by the time we arrived. Amy led directly to our table and we took the last empty seats. Almost as if planned, Alice was seated directly across from me. "Why was she always trying to get close to me, trying to touch me, trying to arouse me?" I wondered.

I saw her lips moving but didn't hear her words. There was a low din humming throughout the room. I concentrated on her mouth. Was she forming two words? Was it 'Maybe soon?" I couldn't tell, but I figured she was trying to put the make on me. She was honing my appetite, but not for food.

A chime sounded once. I expected the silence to ensue, but the only change I noticed was everyone started to lade their plates with food and pass the serving bowls around the table. My buddies were still whispering, with occasional giggles and glances towards me.

Mistress Tammy must have noticed my questioning looks. She said, "Lunch time is much more relaxed, Jenny. The staff does not dine with us so we can chat and relax as long as we maintain a level of decorum. Although they may pass through monitoring, you only need to give them your attention if they approach our table and speak to you."

"That's a relief," I thought just as a serving bowl of warm zucchini soup was passed to me. I took a small ladle full. Next was an Apple, Walnut and Beet salad. Then entrees: asparagus, yams and slices of Monkfish. It was a large offering for lunch but I took only small helpings of each.

Leaning toward Amy, I whispered, "Is there always so much food served at lunch?"

"Yes, but if you noticed, the whole table only has a small total amount. It's one of the ways that we are trained to share between buddies. You did very well by taking small helpings, yet trying all of the diversity offered."

I added sauce to my asparagus, split my yam and put in a dollop of whipped butter before tasting my soup. It was delicious with a sprinkling of nutmeg, as was my salad that followed. The table had hushed some and I looked up to see everyone watching me eat. Just as they had voyeuristically enjoyed my night with Tammy and Amy, they were pleased and smiling again. My other appetite was now being whetted.

Even more so when I saw Alice, she had picked up a spear and was sucking it into her mouth, pulling back out, then in again. Each time, some of the creamy white sauce disappeared. She was sucking tips. "So much for decorum in the dinning room," I thought. "I'm going to be more delicate."

I cut a small bite of asparagus and put in my mouth without breaking eye contact. The sauce tasted of honey and pepper. Alice pulled the long, full spear out of her mouth. No sauce could be seen. I took another small bite. Alice took another spear. It disappeared like the last and came back out cleaned of all its creamy white sauce. I was boiling now.

We continued the competition. She cleaned her long, thin, green dicks. I swallowed mine in small bites. When the last clean spear hit her plate, she leaned her head back, slightly, opened her mouth and showed me her tongue swirling through a lake of white. A small orgasm hit me, then and there. Did she know about this morning? Had she seen me sucking Master Christian? Had the whole scene been taped and shown to everyone?

Amy's hand on my leg startled me. She whispered, "Very good. Don't let her teasing get to you. Just go with it but don't give in. You'll annoy the hell out of her and when she becomes desperate, you'll control the situation."

"But I'm so horny," I whispered back. "I came with Master Christian this morning and was still horny when we came into the dining room. I just came from watching Alice and I'm still horny. I could suck a pair of cocks right now I'm so horny."

"I'll explain it all this afternoon. Remember, I promised to see that my sister would get her satisfaction," Amy said. "Now it's time to finish lunch."

Our buddies were no longer watching. They had returned to eating, with knives and forks. "Like cultured young ladies should," I thought. I cut a bite from the fish strip and began eating my own lunch. The fish and yam were very good. The yam had that now familiar honey-pepper taste. The fish had a slightly sour, citric taste; a very nice contrast, yet complimenting the whole meal.

As I put my last bite of asparagus in my mouth, I saw Alice was still fingering her food. "Humph, how inelegant. No lady there," entered my mind. I tried to ignore her as Amy advised, but I was still drawn to her actions. My appetite still had a keen edge. She wanted to tease me some more. She was rubbing the spear tip along the open slit in the yam, which was spread open, much as I imagined a woman would flower.

A few strokes along the lips, dipping the tip into the butter, a few more strokes and back to almost penetrating before she moved the spear to her mouth for a bite. She repeated the cycle with the shorter but firmer spear. Again and again, she cycled the green dicks through pleasuring her pussy-yam until with the last one when she sank a full-length green dick into her mouth and swallowed. I came hard, barely containing my moan.

Amy shouted out, "STOP IT ALICE. That's enough."

"That's enough from all of you," said Mistress Tammy. "No more game playing Alice. And you Amy, I surprised that you would shout in here. Everyone busy your selves with eating now. There's not much time left." Between the two of them, they startled everybody and drew attention away from me. I was relieved for that.

Mistress Steph's watchful eyes had not miss the scene. She was approaching our table. "What was that kerfuffle all about Miss Amy?" she asked.

Amy stuttered before saying, "I was sickened at seeing Miss Alice eating with her fingers. I just lost control." "I'm sorry Alice. I shouldn't have shouted at you," Amy apologized.

Mistress Steph merely replied, "Amy, you and Jenny have one hour to complete Jenny's electives' selection and review her class schedules. Then report to me in the admin office."

Turning toward the head of the table, Mistress Steph said, "Immediately after lunch, I want to see you in my office Miss Tammy."

About twenty minutes after Mistress Steph walked away, the final chime sounded. Everyone rose and began filing out of the dining hall. Most of the faces from our table were somber. All were quiet. I saw Mistress Anna at the door; she gave me a quick smile and a wink, but didn't say anything.

Amy took my hand and literally dragged me up the stairs, still not saying anything. When the door to our dorm room closed, I asked, "Why the outburst? You drew everybody's attention and probably got us in trouble with Mistress Steph."

"It was the only thing I could think of at the time," Amy said. "I couldn't let you fall into her trap. I didn't have time to explain at lunch, but now I had better. But we don't have much time before reporting to the admin office. I'll tell you while we take a shower."

She stripped off her skirt first. I saw it was soppy wet and cream was running down her legs. "Oh sis," I said. "You came, too? It must have been as good for you as it was for me." I pulled off my skirt and checked myself. "Maybe she came even harder than I did?"

We finished stripping. Stepped into our bath slippers and headed to the showers, detouring only long enough to drop our soiled uniforms in the pickup hamper. We walked hand-in hand, with her talking all the way. She began by telling me about Alice.

"I should have warned you sooner. While the school tries to train us to give and share all of our pleasures, but Alice plays by her own agenda. She has nearly been expelled twice and is only being allowed to finish school because her mother is an alumnus of the school.

"Her mother owns the largest escort service in London and a chain of brothels across the country. Alice was a full-blown lesbian dominatrix even before she matriculated. She tries to seduce every girl that enters school and turn them into submissive lesbians. If she succeeds, the girls then spend most of their time on their knees servicing her or servicing others at Alice's directions."

We had stepped into the shower and were soaping each other as she continued; "She often takes one or two of her conquests home with her on break. You should hear the tales they tell when they get back. She coaxes them into gangbangs, dungeon orgies, even street whoring.

"Most of them turn after they come back and have nothing to do with her afterwards, but not all. Just last year, two didn't return. That's why she was nearly expelled. She's recruiting our young ladies to work in her mother's brothels. You can bet those two are even now working at one of her mother's businesses."

We were out of the shower and drying ourselves, now. We hadn't fondle or excited each other and the straight forward way that Amy explained everything had not stimulated me anymore, but I could still feel a fire smoldering between my legs. She took my hand, still talking as we headed back to our bed area.

"You can see how dangerous it will be if you fall for her wiles. The best thing you can do is to ignore her direct teasing and on every approach put her off. She'll finally cave. When she does; she'll drop to her knees and beg you to let her pleasure you. That's when you have the upper hand and control her.

"Now let's mark your elective choice and get to the admin office on time. I suggest you pick studio arts for you first year. It's a broad introduction to all of the theater arts and I think you'll love it."

"What about the rest of my curriculum?" I asked. "And the rest of this afternoon's schedule?"

"We'll discuss your curriculum later with Mistress Steph. If I know her, and I do, she'll have the rest of today already rescheduled for both of us." Amy said. "We'll both have our cravings satisfied, I'm sure. You can put your clothes away this evening. For now, just pull one uniform out and get dressed."

Amy turned to her chifforobe as I began dressing. She put on her blouse and ribbon tie before putting on a short kilt. I wasn't sure, but it looked like the same Tartan as the one Mistress Tammy was wearing yesterday.

"You're wearing a kilt?" I asked.

"Yes, my parents are Irish," she answered.

"Will I get a kilt, too? My parents are Irish," I said.

Amy replied, "I would assume so. Perhaps the school had to order new ones in your clan's Tartan. Shall we go meet our fate?"

We walked into an almost deserted office. Only Mistress Anna and another student were behind the counter. Mistress Anna came forward and smilingly said, "I'm glad to see you made it on time. I was wondering if you could after that lunch you had. Mistress Steph is busy with another student, but will be here shortly."

Amy spoke up then, "We didn't have enough time for any distractions. We barely got through a shower and change of clothes before coming down here. Jenny is still very tense and excited from her lunch experience. Do you know what Mistress Steph has scheduled for us this afternoon?"

A big broad smile spread across Anna's face as she inhaled displaying her very pronounced nipples though her blouse. "She knows. It must be something good to have her so excited," I thought. Before she could say anything, Mistress Steph stepped through the curtain at the back of the office. Like this morning, she was smiling, her uniform un-zippered down to her waist and her red and black necktie was flapping almost down to her cleavage.

As she came closer, we could see her blouse very open exposing part of her deep red aureoles and even darker swollen nipples. On the inner curve of her right breast was a large hickie with a matching tone of red. Was she smiling about what had just occurred or what was to come? The first thing out of her mouth was, "Jenny have you completed the review of your curriculum and selected your electives?"

"I've selected 'Introduction to Studio Arts' for my elective," I said. "And I want to discuss the rest of the curriculum with you." I handed her the papers for my classes and my daily schedule.

Anna then chimed in with, "Amy explained they only had enough time to shower and change before reporting here. Jenny has been left in a very tense and excited state."

"I understand," said Mistress Steph. "The lunch disturbance caused a lot of tension today. Consequently, I have had to change a lot of schedules this afternoon. So, let's do first things first.

"Mistress Anna, you take Jenny to the spa and see that her tension is relaxed away. Amy, you and I will review Jenny's curriculum so that I can discuss it fully with her. We'll also have to rework tomorrow's schedule for both of you."

Mistress Anna came from behind the counter; she quickly took my hand and led me towards the great hall. Before the door closed, I glanced back and saw Amy with Mistress Steph disappear though the curtain at the rear of the office.

We passed the studio while going to the back of the hall where we entered a door simply marked 'The Pearl'. Inside was a large salon with about a dozen students working or being treated at various stations. Anna hurried us through barely giving me time to look around. Perhaps that was good for I glimpsed three naked girls on lounges getting treatments, either waxes or shaves. I wanted to see more, but I certainly didn't need to, for I was already tense enough to explode.

After going through another door, I saw several massage tables. Anna directed me to one and said, "Strip off all your clothes and lie down on your stomach." She proceeded to flip a large towel over the table before stepping back to grab a curtain. Pulling the curtain, she created our own privacy area.

I could feel her eyes gliding across my body as I climbed onto the table and stretched out on my back. "No," she said. "Turn on your stomach." I turned over and she covered me with a light heated sheet. The warmth began to seep into my body while she went about arranging more accessories.

My head was turned to watch her as she wheeled a cart near the table. I saw the top shelf cover with bottles and jars marked 'Kama Sutra', 'Mata Hari' and 'Griesedieck'". I couldn't make out the smaller letters, but it was obvious the contents were oils and creams. The lower shelves held more towels and sheets.

Anna moved beside me and started sliding her hands gently over the sheet. She seemed to be spreading the warmth through my entire body. I felt other hands join hers. The strokes were firmer, but with the same gentleness. I was facing away from the new hands and couldn't see them.

"Masters Peter and Dick will be giving you a full massage today," said Mistress Anna. She moved around to my head; lifted it and turned it face down into a hole in the table. There was a pair of men's feet with a towel draped around his legs.

The four hands on my back continued stroking through the sheet, adding squeezing to their progress across my body, almost like they were searching for something. Anna moved my arms out and up to the sides of my head before I heard one of the masters asked for some relaxation oil. Anna must have supplied it for the next thing I felt was a pair of hands each encircling one of my arms.

He spread the light warm oil from my wrists to my shoulders compressing my arms as he moved. He repeated the movement. It felt like he was pushing the blood from my arms into my body. I could sense an apricot aroma enveloping me, from the oil I assumed. The lower half of the sheet was lifted from my legs and I felt the second master begin spreading oil on them. He moved differently, stroking his fingers from feet to thigh almost as if painting me with a brush.

The tension was certainly waning. I was feeling very relaxed and all my senses were being inundated, except for taste. The fruity fragrance, whispers of the master's voices, a feeling of warm flowing throughout my body and the sole sight of two long feet (a picture that started me to fantasize), were all combining.

The sheet had been fully removed and the masters were now brushing oil on the center of my body. One massaging and kneading my muscles while the other would paint oil with three fingers from my sides to the center of my back. Each stroke was drawing more blood to my center. The feet had disappeared and someone said, "Turn over Jenny."

Both masters had moved to opposite sides of the table. I saw Anna pour some oil in their hands before they resumed massaging me with the same gentle motions as used on my backside. I didn't feel aroused, but when Anna spread a shear scarf across my breasts, I saw that my nips belied my feelings. I was definitely aroused, even if I hadn't sense it.

Anna had removed her uniform and appeared as aroused as I was. Her nipples jutted out nearly twice the size of my own. She joined the men whisking her fingers on my nips and brushing round and round the aureoles of each breast. The masters continued oiling my skin as they drew more blood into my core. I could understand their whispers now as they spoke about my soft skin or the warmth they felt building within me.

They began moving, one lifting my legs and placing them on either of his shoulders, the other master to my head reaching down under the scarf to cup my breasts. The table was dropping away at both the head and foot. My foot master stepped into me with my heels on his shoulders and my legs vertically pressed against his body. I felt his hot tube bush between my thighs and lay out along my nether lips. I just knew I was going to have what I wanted most.

My head master was encircling one breast with both hands and compressing it upwards with slow firm strokes, repeating several times before switching to the other side. As my head tilted upside down, my eyes followed the length of his male branch until a bag of his fruits hung before my face. They held my attention as I felt two hands engulf my leg as a tightly compressed grip slowly moved downward forcing more blood into my center body. Their massage continued pumping blood into my already heated body.

In hot lust, I started laving the fruit sack before me. It hung firm and smooth with fullness, too large for tea bagging, too large to suck into my mouth. I just licked and licked the tight smooth skin as I felt my foot master begin rubbing along my wet slick and raking across my swollen clit.

My insides were simmering as I looked out to focus on an interrupting movement. There was Anna, kneeling at my head and pointing a camera up close toward my face. A massive explosion rock my insides, the biggest climax I had ever felt. I hadn't even been entered yet, just massaged on the outside, but that camera brought me to a fantastic climax

The masters had changed their massage strokes with my foot man pushing my legs further towards my head and rubbing his cock deeper between my swollen folds; still not penetrating but hitting my clit with every stroke. My headman had moved one hand down to caress my neck and throat while the other still squeezed and caressed a breast, pinched a nipple, and then alternated.

He pulled back from me trailing his length along my tongue before entering my mouth. He entered slowly giving me a chance to swipe my tongue across the head and lick quickly around the rim of his crown. He didn't stop his inward motion and I felt the large head rub across my palate and tonsils as he continued deeper into my throat reaching beyond my gag reflex.

My clit had started to throw off small orgasms. My whole body was vibrating as waves of heat spread through my body. The throat intruder picked up the rhythm and began in and out thrusts going full depth until I felt my nose being slapped by his cum source. The pumping of the swelling cock became more intense as I felt knots pulsing past my palate on their way to feed me. A new source of orgasms built within me and they were battling from either end.

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