Culture Shock



Chelsea had already gone out the door and Kendra was holding it open. "We won't be home till after three A.M., so there's plenty of playtime," she said, winking at Elaine who was standing in the kitchen doorway.

"I might invite the football team over," Elaine replied, poking out her tongue. She'd managed to spend most of the day in her room studying.

"A football team would put you in a coma! I'd stick to vibrators. And if I catch you like I did last night, there will be pictures."

With an open mouth, Elaine blushed mightily as the front door closed. It wasn't so much being unable to adequately defend herself that made her embarrassed. It was also things like the wet kiss Kendra blew to her as she left. And the image of Elaine's vibrator in Kendra's hand as she kissed it, knowing where it had been. And of Kendra pulling her panties up her legs and fitting them to her unconscious body. That had haunted her all day. She was just glad she hadn't woken up when Kendra had put her to bed. She would have been humiliated. She resolved to pretend she was asleep if it ever happened again.

Kendra wouldn't really take pictures, would she? Elaine wondered. I'd die if she did. I MUST stay in control of myself when I cum.

Twenty minutes later Elaine was writhing on her bed, twisting a turgid nipple between her forefinger and thumb. Wanting more than just the fingers of her other hand sliding in and out of her clasping pussy, she was mindlessly fumbling for the drawer, desperate for her vibrator. Her slippery fingers finally grasped the handle and pulled it open, blindly searching for her toy. Already having crab-walked halfway up the bed in her ecstasy, her head hung back over the pillow that had bunched up under her shoulder blades. With palpable relief, she found her vibe, immediately turned it on 'high' and pressed it against her throbbing swollen clit.

She hit the roof.

Clenching her teeth to keep herself from screaming, for a split-second she wished she put the pillow in her mouth. But it was too late and in an instant she went over the edge in an explosive climax. Her eyes bulged as she strained to keep them open, willing herself to stay conscious. Shudders wracked her body and she strained, trying to contain them. Unfortunately when she did, the pleasure was drawn out almost endlessly. She even had time to change her attack.

She slid the vibrator into her hot cunt. Yes, it was a 'hot cunt' now. A writhing, twisting haze of countless nerve endings, all firing in pleasure and rolling out across her abdomen, prickling her buttocks and rolling down her legs making them shake. Into her mind came the image of Kendra, topless and holding a camera, flashes lighting up the room.

Over the top she went again, this time enough to make her oval her lips. A whispered low groan escaped before she heard herself. She clenched her teeth again. Willing her eyes open, she looked past her tortured nipple, distended beyond belief between her fingers, and down to her flailing wrist, driving the white toy incessantly in and out of her clenching pussy.

I have to stop, she thought forlornly. This is how it happened last time. Now I remember. I just couldn't stop. Gradually her hand slowed. I can do this. I can control myself. Tearing her fingers from her throbbing nipple, she reached down to turn off the vibe. She sighed with a mixture of disappointment and relief. She could do it. She could control herself.

"Oh God! Kendra!" Elaine's eyes shot open, reality and imagination blending for just a moment. She slumped back onto the bed as her fears were allayed. Blushing madly, she shook her head.

Why does the idea of being caught, even photographed, turn me on? God, almost everything turns me on!

Heading for the bathroom, she left her robe behind. Being nude made her nipples stand up. Sympathetically she gently rubbed the one she'd been pinching.

Deciding on a whim to sit at her computer naked, Elaine folded a towel and placed it under her ass before booting it up. Connecting to the net and heading for her favourite chat room, she hadn't been there five minutes before someone called MasterServant messaged her.

"Good evening to you."

"Hello," Elaine typed back, thinking this man at least had manners.

"I've noticed you here before."

"The nickname?" Elaine glanced an inch to the left where her nickname, Naughtygirl, sat proudly.

"Yes. It's intriguing."

"I'm really nothing like my nickname," Elaine typed, adding a smiley face with its tongue sticking out. She hoped he thought she was being subtle and flirty. For some reason this man made her heart flutter.

"I know," he typed back, halting her in her tracks.

"What do you mean?" Elaine asked, suddenly wondering if this man was more dangerous than she had previously assessed.

"Just that in general, people on the net either describe themselves honestly, or they make things up. Something like a series of wish lists, rather than reality. I'm guessing Naughtygirl is your assumed persona."

Elaine gulped. Was her profile so obvious? She clicked on it and read it quickly. It looked okay, maybe a little exaggerated. Nothing like her really, but she enjoyed being Naughtygirl and she felt like she was her, in a strange way. So she felt justified when she went on the attack. "Are you questioning my honesty?"

"I am not judging you on that basis. It's something people do. It's a free country, but I like to know if the person I am talking to is a player or a real person. Don't get me wrong, you are allowed to be a player. I'd just like to know. In other words, if you really are blonde, 22, 115 lbs, a 36 C, fun loving, a bit ditzy, and you love all kinds of sex, then I'd like you to tell me so."

By the time she'd finished reading his message, Elaine's heart was beating hard. She couldn't make her hands type. Almost a minute passed by as she read it over and over. Suddenly another message flashed up on the screen.

"I didn't mean to freak you out. I apologise. I'll go."

She was typing to him, asking him to stay, when he disappeared from her screen. Elaine's jaw dropped.

How could he so easily see right through me? I should have told him to fuck off.

She found the conversation unsettling and didn't feel like chatting any more. After turning off the machine, she laid back in her bed, tossing over in her mind whether or not to masturbate. She didn't feel like that either, which was a bit unusual given she had plenty of time. She glanced at the clock then put away her vibrator. Picking up a book from the bedside table, she began reading something by Nietzsche. She wasn't into it.

I could have been ignoring him. Or talking to someone else, she thought, trying to justify her silence and hoping the strange man wouldn't go around blabbing that she was fake. I'm allowed to ignore him if I think he was rude, aren't I?

She was sure he was being rude, asking questions the way he did. Or at least she was justified in thinking he was, and then ignoring him. Yes, she thought, that's my story.

Putting down the book, she pulled on her nightie and switched out the bedside light. Lying on her back with her head resting on a soft pillow, she stared at the ceiling, wondering if she was cheating herself by separating her real life from her online life. It 'would' be more exciting if someone were interested in ME, rather than some air-headed waitress with big hooters, she thought. She wrinkled her nose. But it was fun being Naughtygirl. It was also underhanded. She was fooling the men she was with. It was certainly no way to start a real relationship. Was she once again subconsciously keeping herself from doing that? She sighed and reminded herself that most of the men in the chat rooms were dickheads anyway.

MasterServant didn't seem like a dickhead though. Maybe he was a bit pushy, and annoying with his clever and incisive words. But what about his name? Was he some kind of an expert servant or something? Like a butler? Yeah right. Elaine realised she hadn't even read his profile.

She had seen couples in the chat rooms. One girl's profile said she had been with her man for two years and hoped one day to meet him in person. At the time Elaine thought the idea was ridiculous, and definitely not for her. Surely they'd get bored, she imagined. Tossing and turning, sleep seemed to elude her.

Maybe I could make up another nickname. Something closer to the truth... something that I can at least defend vigorously if I'm ever asked questions like that again. It wouldn't hurt. I should give it a whirl. And maybe I'll get less of those vulgar messages Naughtygirl always seemed to get.

She smiled at the thought, and her eyelids suddenly felt like they weighed a ton. In minutes she was asleep.


Being honest will make you more vulnerable.

Elaine's conscience was trying to talk her out of the idea as she booted up her computer and headed for the chat rooms. The other girls had left to go Sunday grocery shopping and she was glad it wasn't her turn. She woke up remembering exactly what she had planned and after a late breakfast she found herself sitting in front of her computer, logged in, and clicking on the link titled, 'Make a New Nickname'.

She tried lots of combinations, hoping to pick something attractive that suited her. Everything she came up with was either depressing or boring. Or funny, which missed the point of making a new name. She was about to give up when it dawned on her.


The 'k' made her a bit quirky, which she was, with her weird attraction to candles and sandalwood, not to mention her anti-designer dress sense. Well, except for lingerie. She had a definite liking for anything that made her feel sexy. Concealed lacy underthings certainly did that. Also, she wanted to say she was shy, thus she changed the first letter from a capital to a small one.

Also kurious spoke of her nature. She was curious. Very curious. About lots of things. She kept her profile simple and to the point. She hoped it sounded sexy enough to at least get her a few nibbles.

'20-year-old college girl, passing time but not wasting it. Not looking for anything specific, just friendly people. Open-minded, a bit shy, and yes, curious. Message me if you are genuine.'

As she clicked 'Accept', she thought, 'In for a penny, in for a pound'.

When she entered the chat rooms under her new name, she was unnoticed by those who usually greeted her. A few people welcomed her and one even asked if she'd been there before. "Not really," Elaine replied. She ignored one idiot who sent her a private message asking her if she was curious about his ten-inch dick. He probably has a cock the size of a thimble, she thought, remembering MasterServant's words.

Until then, she hadn't given much thought to 'honesty on the net'. For some reason she felt oddly proud of herself. kurious was her. It was kind of liberating, not having to maintain a persona. And much easier to remember what she had said to whom. People seemed much nicer to kurious.

Elaine thought she'd had a nice time, just talking to people and ignoring the rude ones. She figured it cut both ways and she blocked people who were out of line. It was a sedate visit, but also satisfying. She felt better about the person she was projecting on the net, and therefore felt better about herself. In less than an hour, all the regulars seemed to like her 'just as she was' and asked her to come back soon. As she was preparing to leave, MasterServant entered the lobby, greeted a couple of people, then slipped into a chat room called The BDSM Room.

Strangely, Elaine's heart raced. She wanted to follow him and talk to him some more. At least this time she could argue that she was exactly like her profile described. But then he'd probably guess it was her. She'd be caught, and he'd be proved right. The scenario didn't appeal to Elaine at all. Maybe he would notice her again some day and she could just start over.

Oh well, she thought as she clicked out of the chat rooms and opened a paper she was working on. Her determination didn't last long. She didn't much like the Accountancy class she was in, and soon found she wasn't in the mood to study.

With a sudden thought, she opened an Internet page and typed in the URL for Google and hitting return. Elaine typed BDSM in the query box and waited a moment for the search to be processed. Her eyes widened as she read the first choice Google had selected for her. She glanced up to the corner of the page and she was shocked to see five and a half million results had been generated.

Five and a half million?

She swallowed and reread the first 'hit'.

"Spanking and bondage?" Elaine asked aloud. "What the hell?" The second 'hit' began with a definition, but she only could read a few lines then it stopped mid-sentence. She'd have to click on the link to see the rest. Her cursor hovered over it as she quickly read down the list of results. They all sounded similar.



Elaine checked her watch and realised she'd been following links and reading voraciously for two hours. So many things had caught her eye. It was amazing. Like a whole new world had opened before her. She never knew any of this even existed. Well that wasn't exactly true, but almost everything she had known was wrong. People didn't just beat on others for a thrill without the others consent. In fact, from what she'd read, very little at all could be done without someone's consent. First of all they'd have to consent to what was going to be done, then it would happen. She hadn't thought there was any structure at all.

Elaine knew the terms masochist and sadist. She knew they were names for the 'fetishes' of real people. She just figured that for some sick reason, there were people who actually liked being beaten on, so they sought out people who liked beating. It had all seemed quite unimaginable before she'd begun reading.

'Spanking' had done it though. Well, 'Introduction to Spanking' actually. When the list of articles popped up on her screen and she read down the headings, her jaw dropped and her heart rate accelerated. When she got to the end of the list, her eyes settled on the one titled, 'Introduction to Spanking'. Elaine could feel her cheeks starting to burn as the humiliating image of herself draped over Kendra's lap and receiving a spanking passed across her blurred eyes. Her nipples tingled and screwed into hard little points. Clicking the link and trying to breathe normally, she realised she was wet between her legs.

With refocussed eyes, Elaine consumed the text and was surprised by the amount of it, the attached advice articles, and the quality of the information. And it was all on a relatively large and apparently respected site.

There weren't any pictures though, but Elaine didn't mind. The pictures in her mind were enough.

Spanking and bondage, flogging, tickling, foot worship, caning, which she did NOT read about. Limits, contracts, play parties, dominants, submissives. The list was endless. She was fascinated in a voyeuristic kind of way. It was just 'stuff she didn't know'. That's all. Or at least that's how she justified spending two hours reading about it.

After all, she was kurious.

Chapter 03

Elaine enjoyed being kurious. She could be true to herself. That's what she liked most. The shy, mild-mannered virgin was much closer to her heart than the loud, slutty Naughtygirl. Whereas Naughtygirl 'took it up the ass with glee', kurious was more interested in actually getting to know people.

She decided to 'retire' Naughtygirl. She didn't think she'd be missed, despite the attentions of Eight Inch Adonis and others. She was right. No one ever asked about her. Being right didn't make Elaine feel good. Just cheap.

The nature of her relationship with the Internet changed almost overnight. As Naughtygirl, to begin with it was like going to a great big party. Everyone was friendly and welcoming and the guys were hot for her. Now she saw Naughtygirl as one of the girls who 'put out' at a party that happened every week. It just wasn't the same. Briefly contemplating the 'throw-away society', she decided that being a slut, even online, wasn't much fun.

"Knock, knock!" Kendra said in a singsong voice, tapping on Elaine's open door with her fingernails and pushing it open. "We're going now. Are you sure you don't want to come?"

The tone of the question convinced Elaine to hold her ground. They made her feel uncomfortable, as though they were putting up with her. Being a glorified taxi driver for giggling roommates was highly overrated.

But it did make sense. They saved on taxi money. Maybe it was all in her head, but Elaine always felt like a burden when she went out with Kendra and Chelsea. As though she cramped their style. She always seemed to be the one left watching the purses. And by the end of the evening she'd be sitting alone at their chosen table, watching her roommates have 'one last dance' with men at least as drunk as they were. It usually took an hour.

The worst part was actually trying to leave. Being the designated driver could be incredibly frustrating, and neither of her roommates was sober enough to care. Right in the parking lot Chelsea and Kendra would kiss and cuddle a seemingly endless procession of guys. Elaine could only shake her head watching the sly ones rejoin the end of the queue. Waiting inside the car was safer. She didn't want to be mistaken for a kissing booth attendant. But Chelsea and Kendra didn't seem to mind. As 'regulars', they knew everyone. Even with a headache, Elaine would wait patiently, fucking around with the radio and trying to find something that would distract her at two-thirty in the morning. After two such evenings in a row, Elaine had decided she needed a break from Spotlight, the local nightclub.

"Thanks, but no. I have a few things I want to do tonight. You guys have fun."

"Oh, we will. Maybe I'll see you later, if you're up... or not," Kendra said with a sly wink.

By the time Elaine realised she was blushing her bedroom door was closed.

The 'lipstick on the vibrator incident' fortunately hadn't been mentioned during the week. Chelsea seemed oblivious. Conversely, Kendra had apparently begun flashing Elaine. Well, not flashing exactly, although she had seen most of a nipple. It was almost like Kendra was teasing. Elaine had no idea why.

The words Kendra had chosen were the first referring to Elaine's masturbation session and humiliating discovery. Once her heart had calmed, she was a bit pissed off at her roommate.

Couldn't she just leave it alone?

Elaine swallowed, remembering how Kendra had stepped one leg out wide as she stood up from the kitchen table that morning. Her robe had parted clear to the top of her thighs, exposing the stretched white cotton over her bulging mound to Elaine's stunned gaze. "Oops! Oh, jeez... Elaine," Kendra had whispered, a wicked smile playing at the corner of her lips. "Must you stare?"

"Hmmm?" Chelsea had asked from across the table. Thankfully she'd been blissfully unaware, as usual.

"I asked Elaine to join our dare," Kendra replied cheerfully, betraying herself with a wink.

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