Culture Shock


Elaine swallowed. Haltingly she replied, "I'm just amazed... at um, at everything."

Gary smiled. "And your cunt?"


Elaine's pussy pulsed rapidly, as if answering his question. "It's... ridiculous."


Butterflies took flight. Elaine clenched her thighs together. Her cheeks felt like they'd turned crimson. Her mouth was a desert and she licked her lips. It was true. She was burning up. No matter what was going through her mind, her body had its own ideas.

She knew things would change once she was Gary's, but she hadn't expected the avalanche that even now seemed to be gathering pace. Or had she?

What the hell DID I expect?

She mumbled, "I'm so fucking hot it's insane."

Suddenly Gary's hand was caressing her face, lightly gliding over the soft skin of her cheek. "That's better," he whispered. "You can be very pleasing when you allow it. Remember you are with your Dominant, Elaine. Everything is all right. Trust me. Let go. Relax." Turning his hand over and brushing her cheek with the back of his fingers, he said, "We'll enjoy a nice meal, then I'll take you away from here and do nasty things to you."

He wiggled his eyebrows and Elaine giggled.

She was amazed. She had a feeling that 'the Gary' she knew from the Internet, had not been the whole picture. When he wiggled his brows, Elaine was reminded of the many laughs they'd had in their late night conversations. The way his dominance over her intensified after she had signed the contract had been obvious, and she had to admit, not completely surprising. She simply hadn't expected the intensity of it. Apart from some of the good-natured teasing, and a few moments that had caused her jaw to drop, the online experience was nothing like this. She couldn't compare what was happening to anything, and could only judge according to how it made her feel. And when Gary had said, ' nasty things to you,' a surge of electricity had radiated out across her skin, raising every tiny fine hair on her body.

Words leapt from her mouth before she'd given them a second thought. "How do you know what I want? How can you know me so well?"

Gary took her chin in his hand, looking deeply into Elaine's eyes. Seconds passed before he spoke evenly. "I see it in your eyes... In your eyes and in your voice. In the words you choose. And in the way you say them. The way you listen... The way you react... We connect, Elaine. We're on the same page. We are on the same side. Both of us want the same things.... Honesty. Our choices respected. To live our lives as we see fit." He smiled down at her. "We know this because we've talked about it. We are here, now, because we want to give to the other what they want and need."

Elaine nodded, remembering the conversations they'd had.

He is going to stick to my list. He's not going to hurt me in any way I can't handle. He said he'd be gentle. He'll explain everything. God. He hasn't changed. It's just... more.

But it was so much more it was almost completely different. Elaine felt like she'd arrived on another planet. A place with different rules. A place that was exciting and dangerous. Ominous. Looking up at Gary, there was still softness there. She could see it in the deep brown eyes that were staring back at her. Strangely, in spite of the passionate storm she sensed was brewing, Elaine felt safe with him. He would look after her.

She had a feeling he always would.

Again they were interrupted. Gary looked as keen as Elaine to have some privacy. "Here comes your roommate." He winked. "It must be hell at home."

"Tell me about it," she said, chuckling and shaking her head. As Chelsea approached, Elaine was captured by the smile on her face. It was somehow different. More genuine. Almost sisterly. Elaine could tell Chelsea was happy for her. It was a look she hadn't seen before.

"Fresh from the oven," Chelsea said chirpily, placing steaming bread rolls between the two diners. "Entrée will be served shortly." She bowed and spun on her heels, skipping away.

Gary leaned back in the booth, placing his arm along the top of the backrest extending behind Elaine. The movement opened his suit jacket, exposing much of his shirt down to his waist. Elaine's eyes travelled down his chest, inevitably ending at his crotch. There she lingered, fascinated by the big bulge whose outline she could clearly see. The sight parched her mouth. Instinctively she licked her lips then caught herself doing it and glanced up at Gary.

How can I be so obvious?

Elaine was trying to think of something clever to say, but she was tongue-tied. Before she had a chance to come up with anything, Gary took her by the wrist and placed her hand directly on his cock. "Since you seem to be so fascinated, I'll let you touch me until someone comes... But not me." He winked.

Elaine blushed furiously and her breath quickened. She tried to speak, even as her fingers tentatively closed around it. Instantly he began to harden. "I..." Nothing came out. The only thing she could think was, He's right. This is what I want.

"Don't stroke it," he whispered. "Just squeeze gently. That's all."

Numbly Elaine nodded, consumed by heat.

Oh, my God! I'm holding his cock!

And it's getting harder...

I'm making it harder!

Even through the fabric of his slacks, it seemed to burn into Elaine's hand. Before long it felt like an iron bar wrapped in warm rubber.

Not warm.


She froze when Chelsea and Kendra approached the table carrying the entrée. It was on fire! Gulping, Elaine quickly slid her hand off Gary's cock and onto his thigh. She swooned. The muscles in his upper leg rippled. It was still exciting, but she couldn't believe she'd just been holding his cock right in the middle of a restaurant. Elaine's other hand trembled as she reached for her water. Chelsea and Kendra fussed and smiled at each other, serving from the sizzling platter.

Elaine and Gary glanced at each other. He winked again and she blushed hard.

Once they were done serving, Chelsea offered cracked pepper and Elaine could only nod, her mouth too dry to trust with speech. She then replenished their wineglasses and Kendra their water. Gary seemed unaffected by Elaine's hand on his leg, breaking his bread and buttering half of it. But she knew better.

She knew he was hard.

When her roommates left them to the entrée, Gary picked up a small fork and began feeding Elaine. She found it intimate and sexy. And she could keep her hand on his leg, which she was thoroughly enjoying. Opening her mouth for her third forkful, Gary asked if she liked the escargot. She had to admit it was heavenly.

Gently she drew her nails up his thigh, not really sure what she was doing. Gary was unmoved, even as her fingertips moved higher and higher on the inside of his thigh. She froze, stifling a gasp as the edge of her hand bumped against his still hard cock.

God... The heat of it...

Tightening her grip on his thigh again, Elaine lightly dug in her nails and felt his cock twitch. She bet it was huge. And she was so wet. She had to stop clenching her thighs together. Gary cleared his throat and smiled at her.

"I'll let you touch my cock again..." Anticipating his permission, Elaine had started lifting her hand. Gary covered it with his own. "If you beg nicely."

She shuddered, the words catching in her throat. "I..."

"Such a dirty girl," he whispered. "Beg."

"I... I want to touch it again. P... Please let me. It's so hard... and hot. I... I just want to touch it a little more, please..."

He placed her hand on his cock and said, "When we're alone, be prepared."

Trembles of trepidation and uncontrollable pleasure ran through Elaine's body. With her fingers again tightening around his steely hardness, Elaine was offered another morsel on the end of the silver fork. The delicious soft meat melted in her mouth and she allowed the low moan that had been building in her chest to escape. "Mmmmmmm..."

Gary chuckled and put down the fork. Elaine swallowed rapidly as he reached up and slid his index finger between her lips. She wrapped her tongue around the invading digit, sucking it gently and looking into Gary's eyes. His cock throbbed in her hand and she thought it was the hottest thing ever.

"You want to suck me, don't you, dirty girl?"

Elaine nodded slowly and sucked harder on his finger. Breathing fast through her nose, she had to will herself not to grab his wrist and pull it further in.

Gary instead pulled it free and whispered, "If you ask nicely, I'll let you suck me before I fuck you."

"I... I..."


"I bet you'll be a good cocksucker. Enthusiastic and eager to learn. Are you going to be my eager little cocksucker, Elaine?"

Her cheeks burned. "Y... Yes..."

"That's nice, but not what I was expecting."

Elaine glanced around. No one was nearby. She grit her teeth, determined to say the words she knew he wanted to hear. "Please... Please let me suck you. I want to be your eager little c... cocksucker. I want to do it. I'll... I'll do anything." Her pussy was spasming and blood was pounding in her ears. She hadn't realised she'd begun stroking Gary's cock through his pants, but he had.

"That's better," he said, taking Elaine's wrist and moving her hand back onto his thigh. "When you know my needs more intimately, you'll know what you can do and when you can do it. Until then, use your commonsense. If you're unsure, ask. If it can't wait, interrupt me. In my mind, into the future, your concerns will always come first. Unless of course," he said, patting her hand. "Allowing you to continue wastes a huge load of cum." He winked.

"Th... Thank you, Sir," Elaine said breathlessly, surprised at her choice of words.

If only I wasn't so desperately horny I could think straight...

Her fingertips were tingling. The feeling of his cock lingered. If he'd asked her to suck him right there under the table, she would have! She squirmed on the hot leather, gasping at the mess she was making of her dress. It felt like it was plastered to her ass!

"Keep your knees six inches apart."

Prising them apart was torture. "Ohhh," she moaned under her breath.

"Once I open you up, I'm going to fuck you hard," Gary murmured, his eyes glazing.

"I... I want..." Elaine said mindlessly.

"You want?"

Elaine tried to concentrate through her sexual haze. "I... I mean, I want you to help me... to show me.... Please..." She was dying to give him pleasure, to make him moan. "I want you to make me do what you want. I'll do it. Willingly. Just... Just tell me what it is." To Elaine's mind came a vision of herself on her knees before him, sucking him and stroking him and making him cum all over her. "God..." she gasped.

Her pussy clenched, her clit spasmed and her nipples throbbed all at once. Somehow she kept her knees apart as scalding heat flooded her body. She was hotter and wetter than she'd ever been. Talking about having sex, aloud, was far more exciting than she'd ever imagined it would be. Catching her breath, she struggled to compose herself. She tingled all over and wondered if she'd had a small orgasm. Shifting her position, she dragged her nipples across the stiffened back of the bodice and almost moaned again.

"You'll get the chance to demonstrate your enthusiasm," said Gary. "Your impatience is pleasing." It barely registered that they had finished the entrée. Gary used his cloth napkin, and with shaking hands Elaine used hers. She melted as he put his arm around her, drawing her to him. He kissed her lips gently before he spoke. "We have a long night ahead of us."

Elaine sighed.

"What is it?" Gary asked.

"I'm..." She swallowed. Her mouth was so dry. "I'm going to embarrass myself in this dress. I've soaked right through it."

"Don't worry," said Gary, sipping his wine. "I have a coat in the car."

Elaine stared in disbelief. "Y... You do?"

"Sure. I told you I'd cover you. I'll get it before we leave. Stop worrying."

Elaine couldn't help herself. She reached up with both hands and brought his face down to hers, kissing him lightly all over it. His lips. His eyes. The tip of his nose. His lips again. And again. "Thank you," she whispered, over and over between kisses. "Thank you... Thank you..."

"Mmmmmm," Gary moaned softly, putting down his glass. "Nice."

"Ahem," said Kendra, standing by their table with a huge grin on her face.

Gary and Elaine untangled while Kendra busied herself clearing away the entrée.

Elaine wondered how long she'd have to wait before she could suck Gary. Maybe he'd let her suck it in the car. She wanted to feel his cock in her hands and mouth. Naked and hard and hot to stoke and suck and make him moan. She gritted her teeth.

I hope I can do it... I hope he teaches me how...

Elaine tried to swallow, instead reaching for her replenished glass of water.

For years she had regularly masturbated to the thought of cum shooting into her mouth. She wanted to find out what it was like. She wanted to know what everything was like. Elaine was sure Gary would be pleased by her attitude. At least she knew him that well. And anyway, maybe he'd prefer to blow it all over her. She'd masturbated to that fantasy a lot too.

Where had her confidence come from? Maybe it was Gary rubbing off on her. Or maybe it was his strange ability to make her open up. To be able to talk about anything verged on the bizarre. Yet she looked forward to every conversation the future held.

No matter what it's about...


Chelsea and Kendra had delivered the main course, and in terrible French accents had bid Elaine and Gary, 'Bon Appetite!' Despite their less than impressive grasp of the French language, they had left behind a sumptuous, aromatic meal of rich sauces and pastas and seafood and salads spread across the table. Accompanied by the quiet French music and the flickering candles, Elaine wondered whether eating out would ever be the same again.

She had finally begun to relax. With the knowledge that Gary had brought a coat she could wear, the snake of anxiety that had coiled around Elaine's stomach loosened its heartbreaking grip. There was still a buzzing nervousness about what lay ahead. But at least she wasn't going to make a fool of herself as well.

Looking over the spread of food before her, she thought they'd never eat it all.

Gary shook his head knowingly and suggested they eat up. Elaine wondered what he'd been thinking but her question was soon forgotten as he began explaining what she was eating and gave her brief descriptions of the regions from which the dishes originated. Elaine was very surprised by Gary's grasp of French cuisine.

As they ate, she asked him how he knew so much about France and he explained his origins; that his mother was French and had taught him all she knew. Elaine liked the fact that she didn't know everything about Gary. She was certain she'd learn a lot more about him over the weekend. Another tremble ran through her body, but Gary was taking a mouthful and hadn't noticed.

Conversation between them ebbed and flowed as they made inroads into the mountains of food. Concentrating on the almost continuous exchange of words, Elaine's hyper-arousal gradually decreased, along with her anxiety. Both settled down to a low background hum.

The more they talked, the more she relaxed.

It's still Gary.

With his expressive eyes and deep voice, it was easy to listen to him when he spoke. He was very direct and open. Elaine knew he was holding nothing back. And everything about him fascinated her.

They joked and smiled and talked about their respective pasts and childhoods, remembering funny stories and anecdotes. Before long Elaine was feeling full and realised they'd been talking for almost an hour. The wine was refreshing, but she didn't know how many glasses she'd consumed. Gary had topped it up regularly, even though he'd been drinking only water for the past half hour.

Then it dawned on her.

He's getting ready.

A chill ran through her veins. It wouldn't be long before they'd be leaving. Then they'd be alone. She wondered how long the drive to his home would take. Longer than normal if Gary held to his promise of fucking her over the hood of his car. She wondered if he remembered.

'Be prepared'.

Elaine smiled and shook her head. It would be better to arrive at his place after fucking. She bit her lip, figuring she'd be a lot more receptive for whatever he might have in store. She loosened her shoulders as she finished her salad. Her nipples were swelling again. Gary spoke and she tuned in. She'd been off with the fairies.

"I've been thinking," he said, reaching for his water.

"Yes?" Elaine replied, almost too quickly. She picked up her napkin and dabbed at the corners of her mouth.

"I've been wondering whether, 'Being spanked outdoors' was on the BDSM list."

"Um," said Elaine, suddenly aware of her dry mouth. She took a sip of wine. "I can't remember. I don't think so."

"If it was, how would you rate it?"

"I..." Rate it? "I'd want it, um, now and then."


"Y... Yes." The rush of blood to Elaine's face was palpable.

"You really want to be spanked don't you?"

"Yes," she said softly, fussing with her cutlery.

"Eyes on me," he said. "Why?"

"I don't know," said Elaine, paying attention. "I guess because I'm..."

Gary chipped in, "A bad girl?"

Elaine grinned. "Well, I do feel naughty, and a spanking seems weirdly appropriate on some level. But I was going to say was, 'Because I'm curious'."

Gary chuckled. "I think we'll be satisfying that curiosity soon enough."

"Y... Yes. Um... thank you," she said nervously.

"Do you like to be dominated, Elaine? Are you enjoying me, and how you feel, this evening? Is it everything you'd hoped for? Everything you'd dreamed?"

"Yes. I'm... I'm blown away," she mumbled, touching the leather choker.

Elaine held her breath as his gaze intensified. He seemed to be looking right through her and she wondered if she'd said something wrong. Her heart skipped a beat as Gary slowly smiled and said, "I'm pleased. Being unsure of yourself is normal."

Without a thought, Elaine responded, "When I'm with you, I know who I am."

Gary's warm hand held the side of Elaine's face, his thumb making small circles on her cheekbone. She leaned into his palm, wishing the magic of this evening would never end. Gary's arm went around her and they cuddled. He kissed her forehead and she caressed his chest through his shirt.


"When we leave, just focus on me."

"O... Okay." Her cheeks heated at a strange thought. "Um, Gary?"


"Is it weird that the idea of 'submitting to a spanking' is more appealing than the spanking itself?"

"Not at all," said Gary, breaking their hug to butter the last of his bread and wipe clean his plate. "There are a number of iconic situations that almost define the sexual side of submission." He stopped to take a bite. Elaine remained quiet, watching him think. "Laying over a Dominant's knees for a spanking or paddling is definitely iconic. Kneeling is probably the most common one though. The use of restraints, such as being tied down on a bed, or being hung by the hands and flogged, even simply being handcuffed or blindfolded would be some of the others. Those basic situations, and variations of them, make up the vast majority of BDSM 'play'."

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