Culture Shock


"You don't smoke!" Elaine said, immediately realising how childish she sounded.

"I'm going to mix the tobacco with some pot I have. Chelsea and I have some dates coming to pick us up before we go to the club tonight. I thought I might roll a couple of joints and I don't want the guys getting too high. Okay, Mom?" Kendra asked, glaring, but with a hint of humour.

"Uh, yeah. Sure. Sorry."

"And while you're out we'll sort through your clothes. You can check and change anything before you accept your week's wardrobe, but it has to be what you'd normally wear."

"Yeah, sure," replied Elaine. "Whatever."

The short walk down to the local store didn't take long. Elaine's apartment was in a building of sixteen, all of which were identical or mirror images of each other. On one side of the four story building, a wide roughly square concrete and stainless steel staircase wound its way to the ground. The girls lived in a complex of four such buildings, all of which had staircases facing a central courtyard-type area. It was standard 'on campus' living quarters. Elaine didn't like it much but she couldn't afford to move out. Still, it was convenient and central to the bright lights of downtown.

The 7-11 was only a two-block walk from the apartment, but it wasn't considered safe at night. If it weren't daytime, Elaine wouldn't have risked it alone. Although it had been a year since the last reported incident, there were always rumours. But nothing usually happened.

Except when she passed the adult shop. As she always did, Elaine wondered what it might be like inside. Thoughts of all the things they must have in there made her nervous and curious. Every time she passed by she dared herself to go in and take a look, but she could never find the courage. Good girls didn't do that.

The woman at the 7-11 checkout counter smirked. It was the same one from last Wednesday, thought Elaine as she reddened, paying for her groceries. And batteries. God, did I break a mirror or something?

At least she remembered Kendra's cigarettes.

Chapter 04

Leaving the store, Elaine stepped off the kerb and blinked in surprise. With the added length in her stride as she stepped down from the gutter to cross the road, the seam down the middle of her jeans parted her labia, pressing more firmly against her clit. She hoped she wouldn't chafe. Shorter steps lessened the pressure, but lengthened the walk. She rued the couple of extra pounds on her ass left over from last winter. Her jeans felt like a hand holding her crotch. Combined with the rhythmic undulations of her hips as she walked, she was quickly taken to the next level of sexual arousal. Her breath quickened, her cheeks flushed, and goose flesh broke out on her arms in the warm sun.

She passed one guy who noticed. His eyes lingered between her legs as he walked in the opposite direction. Elaine hated those unsolicited hungry looks. He mumbled something that sounded like, 'camel toe, ' but she wasn't sure. Whatever it was it didn't make any sense anyway. Without acknowledging him she continued walking straight past, staring petulantly ahead, safe behind her dark sunglasses.

She glanced over her shoulder and confirmed he wasn't following her. Breathing again, she stopped a moment to catch her breath, her thighs lightly trembling. It was the second time she'd 'stopped for a minute'. When she finally felt ready to face the last hundred yards home, Elaine realised she was only two doors from the Adult Emporium. Hesitating, she quickly glanced up and down the road, then snuck inside as butterflies took flight in her stomach.

Of course it was dingy and lit with fluorescent globes, one of which was flickering. Elaine put her sunglasses on top of her head and wandered around trying to calm herself.

Breathe! Breathe!

She'd never seen so much porn. Glancing around, it appeared she was alone in the store. There wasn't even anyone behind the counter. As casually as she could, she walked down an aisle, scanning all the lurid titles and covers of pornographic magazines, then videos, and finally DVDs. Within a minute they all looked the same and Elaine wondered how someone picked out something they liked. The thought didn't get the chance to gel before she noticed a large toy cabinet against the back wall. Intrigued, she made her way over and found to her delight that there were two large standing cabinets, and one waist-high display cabinet containing BDSM gear. Elaine leaned down to get a closer look. While turning her head sideways to read the text written on the packaging of one product, someone suddenly materialised before her.

"Can I help you, dear?"

Elaine's heart jumped. The last thing she expected was a woman in her fifties wearing a smart white button-down blouse over a navy blue straight skirt. She could have been working in a drug store. The jewellery was a little gaudy, certainly not Elaine's style, but with her wide smile and open face, Elaine felt welcome immediately. "I don't really know," she said apologetically, trying to control the desire to take a huge lungful of air.

The woman grinned, shaking her head, her dyed auburn hair dancing. "You know, dear. You're the third college girl in here this week fawning over the BDSM stuff. What's the world coming to?" she asked, winking conspiratorially.

Elaine glanced quickly around, confirming to her relief that she was in fact the only person in the store. "Do, um... Do you know anything about any of this?"

"Sure, honey. What would you like to know?" She had already opened the cabinet and was taking out a whole host of items, placing them on top of the glass cabinet in a row.

"I'd like to know anything you'd like to tell me," Elaine replied honestly.

"Well, I'm no devotee, but I've got a few tips I can give you..."

Fifteen minutes later Elaine exited the Adult Emporium with a package of concealed goodies hidden deep within the bag of groceries. She hadn't taken three steps before she wondered what the hell she was doing. The heat of the day hit her like a brick, and suddenly her jeans weren't just uncomfortable, they were a health hazard. She almost walked into a car at the next set of lights. She had to concentrate! And she had to get home and hide this stuff!

Elaine's heart was pounding by the time she gingerly mounted the last steps of her apartment building. Perspiration had gathered on her top lip and her breathing was laboured. I am not wearing these jeans again this week. I'll wear those new ones Mom gave me, she thought. And the next place I live better have a fucking elevator!

Elaine bit her lip as she slid the key into the lock and turned it as quietly as she could. Hurrying down the hallway, she pushed open her bedroom door and was confronted with five neat piles of clothes and a couple of outfits on her bed, still on hangers. Closing her door silently, she rolled her eyes and tossed the grocery bag on the bed next to the clothes. Quickly retrieving her baggy jeans from her dresser, she was just pulling up the zipper when there was a knock on the door.

Elaine gasped. "Just a minute!"

Almost jumping out of her skin, in a panic she thrust her hand into the grocery bag, grasped the package she couldn't believe she'd bought, and tossed it under her bed.

"We need your agreement on your clothes!" Both of her roommates giggled as her door was pushed open.

"Come on in," Elaine said sarcastically, picking up the grocery bag and swallowing, trying to wet her dry mouth. "You could have waited until I got back," Elaine said, nodding at the pile of clothes then looking at Kendra. She better not have touched my vibe again.

"Why, Elaine? Got something to hide?" Kendra's eyebrow rose in challenge.

"Oh, don't worry about it," Elaine replied, exasperated.

"What are you doing wearing those anyway?" Kendra asked, pointing at Elaine's baggy jeans.

"The others were, um... uncomfortable."

"You can't wear them. It's against the rules." Kendra's delight was written across her face.

"I've never seen you wear them before, Elaine," Chelsea agreed. "You can only wear stuff you normally wear. They're the rules, silly." Elaine had almost forgotten Chelsea was there.

"All right. All right. I'll change them in a minute."

"You can choose from what's on the bed," said Kendra, apparently back in 'helpful mode'. "Is there anything you want to add?"

Elaine thought the girls had done a pretty good job actually. Her work clothes were there, her usual t-shirts and the couple of dresses she wore if it was cool out. She had two stretchy black skirts that went to mid-thigh. They didn't ride up and should be all right. Two pairs of shorts, one short-sleeved blouse, a couple of halter tops. Her nightie. Most of her regular stuff looked like it was there. They'd even selected a couple of pairs of socks, two pairs of her black pantyhose, one pair of hold up stockings she often wore, scuffs, Doc Martens and her favourite knee-high boots.

"This looks fine."

"Are you certain?"

Elaine quickly scanned the piles one more time. "Yes. It looks good."

"So we're all agreed?" Kendra asked.

Chelsea nodded.

"Yeah. Whatever," Elaine said, just wanting the ordeal over.

"Okay, cool," said Kendra, taking the grocery bag from Elaine's hand. "I'll put these away for you."

"Um. Thanks," Elaine said as Chelsea went out the door giggling.

Kendra stopped in the doorway. Turning back to Elaine, she said, "I didn't realise you usually went braless, Elaine."

Horrified, Elaine scanned the bed in a panic. There weren't any bras! "Wait! You tricked me!"

"I did not. I just didn't want to go through your intimate things," Kendra said smugly.


"I already reminded you about your jeans. One more mistake and you lose, Elaine. Now get those things off and come out and join us. I'm going to have to keep a close eye on you so you don't cheat, aren't I?" Kendra winked before exiting Elaine's room regally, leaving the door wide open behind her.

I can't fucking believe it. She tricked me. What a dufus.

Elaine sighed, walking over to the door and closing it. It wasn't like she'd never gone braless. She sometimes did in winter. But not in summer. And not without panties. She giggled. Well, not in public!


Turning back to the bed, she cursed her decent legs, and her failure to usually clad them in long pants. The only other pair she 'usually wore' was her work pants. The black jeans she had on were okay with underwear. She quite liked wearing them actually. She picked up her knee-length, dark green skirt and changed quickly. Lastly she put away her week's clothes in the empty bottom drawer in her dresser, determined to win this stupid bet, not screw up, and laugh at one of the other girls as they streaked naked up and down those damned stairs.

Standing for a moment alone in her bedroom, she shook her head then smiled. Covering her mouth, she almost giggled again. She fell to her knees and reached under the bed, deciding that just about anything would be better than her roommates finding out what she'd bought.

That's what she had to remind herself. What was it her Dad always said? 'Don't fret the small stuff.'

Maybe the bet and the teasing were small. Maybe she shouldn't fret. Maybe what Kendra, and Chelsea to a lesser extent, were doing was all just 'college girl fun'; the kind that occasionally got you into trouble but was soon forgotten. Elaine wished she knew whether she should just say 'Stop!' Her roommates could be exasperating. Then again, she didn't think she was that different from them. Okay, they had far more experience with men. That was one difference.

Was 'experience' that important? So Elaine was probably just about the only twenty-year-old virgin going around campus with no underwear on. So what? She'd always been adventurous. Just not with boys. Surely getting a cock up her pussy wouldn't exactly change her life. The vibrator was nice, and she was sure a heaving, muscled body thrusting a meaty cock between her thighs would be much better, but wasn't it all to do with who it was attached to? She sighed.

Anyway, her roommates' finding her new toys was out of the question. She'd never live it down.

'Don't fret the small stuff.' Had Daddy been talking about things like this?

Elaine decided against putting the brown paper package under her undies in the dresser. That'd be one of the first places they'd check, she thought. Dammit. Under my t-shirts is no good either. The way her roommates had started 'barging in' made her room seem like just another part of the apartment the others frequented. Like the kitchen.

It couldn't go on.

It so couldn't go on.

She had to say something.

Elaine nodded to herself, her decision made. I'll tell them just as soon as I find a good spot for this stuff, she thought, her hands beginning to tremble.

When she'd finally joined her roommates in the small lounge room, the Monopoly game was all set up on the coffee table and they were waiting for her. The presence of shot glasses and the bottle of Jack Daniels made her wince.

Elaine smiled woodenly as she sat down in the single seater, diagonal to the sofa. "This looks dangerous," she said, leaning forward, knees tightly together.

Downing one of the shots she'd just poured, Kendra said, "We're just getting warmed up. Down a shot to pick your piece."

"I've got the car," announced Chelsea, throwing back her shot and banging the glass on the coffee table.

"I've got the boot," confirmed Kendra.

"Give me the wheelbarrow," Elaine said, sighing. Wrinkling her nose, she threw back the shot Kendra handed her. "I'm not playing for drinks," Elaine said firmly.

"Oh, come on, spoilsport," said Kendra. "We decided you only have to drink if you go to jail. You might go the whole game without another shot. And anyway we don't want to be smashed before the boys even get here."

"Might be fun," chimed in Chelsea.

Elaine smiled at the thought. Grudgingly she agreed to the rules and the game began. Elaine listened as the two girls talked about the 'hotties' coming over; which one each preferred; what time they'd go out. Things like that. Certainly nothing out of the ordinary. Everything was going fine. They were all talking and giggling. Having fun.

By the time the topic of 'what they were going to wear' came up, they'd been playing for half an hour and Elaine was on her third trip to jail. She didn't mind so much. She was feeling more relaxed.

"Elaine," Kendra said ominously, filling the shot glass and passing it to her. "You didn't put panties on before you came out here, did you?"

Steadying her hand Elaine took the glass, rolled her eyes and downed the shot. She figured she could do six or seven before she'd pass out. She wasn't exactly a novice. Banging the glass on the table, she looked Kendra in the eye and said, "I'm no chicken. I'll keep pace with you guys this week. I said I'd do this and I will. So there's no need to single me out for checking."

"I wasn't," smiled Kendra. "I already checked Chelsea."

"And I checked her," Chelsea agreed.

"Well I didn't check either of you," said Elaine, backing into a corner. "You could both be cheating and just playing a joke on me."

A moment of silence was broken when Kendra looked at Chelsea and said, quite loudly, "She just wants to see our cunts."

Chelsea's jaw dropped and a second later she was howling with laughter, falling back on the lounge with her legs flying up in the air and proving to all that she was indeed being faithful to the bet. Elaine couldn't help but laugh too. Kendra landed a stinging spank right on Chelsea's exposed ass a microsecond after her legs went up. Chelsea squealed, immediately realising she'd exposed herself, and all three girls fell about in fitful giggles. They hadn't quite stopped when Kendra did the same thing: flinging herself back on the lounge, holding the pose for seconds, glaring at Chelsea.

Chelsea just laughed, then spanked the exposed flesh, the sound ringing around the room. It was much harder than Kendra had spanked Chelsea. It stopped them laughing. Kendra grabbed her ass and rolled sideways, cursing and vowing to get Chelsea back. Elaine thought that if Kendra weren't so obviously in pain, it would have been very funny. She and Chelsea looked at each other and tried not to laugh.

Jeez, one smack? thought Elaine. Who's the lightweight now?

A sudden burst of self-confidence was coupled with a flagrant disregard for her dry mouth and the blush that was already rising in her cheeks. Elaine quickly stood up and flashed her roommates, then sat down just as quickly, pulling her skirt back under herself.

Chelsea started giggling, making Elaine blush even more before they all joined in. Kendra seemed a bit more subdued than normal and Elaine thought it was interesting. She figured now was as good a time as any to put her foot down.

"Um, you guys, before we get back into the game, can I bring something up?"

"Sure," said Kendra.

"Yeah, sure," Chelsea echoed.

"Okay, thanks. Well, my room is my space, and I'd like you guys to respect it."


"Wait a minute, I haven't finished," Elaine said, holding up her hand. "Don't enter my room without my permission and no more pushing my door open without me saying it's okay. I don't like it, and I wouldn't do it to you." She was so proud of herself, and thankful for the shots. She just got on with the game, passing the dice to Chelsea and saying, "It's your turn."

Chelsea took the dice and rolled, saying, "Ah, thanks." She moved onto one of Kendra's properties and asked her, "What do I owe you?"

Kendra said, "How about 'one ass'? I could do with a new one right about now."

They all cracked up again. By the time they were catching their breaths the mood had definitely thawed. Passing the dice to Elaine at the end of her turn, Kendra poured shots for each of them, saying she thought they were needed.

"Sorry Elaine," she said, holding out her drink like a toast. She downed it and Chelsea mimicked her.

Elaine joined them, feeling the burning liquor frying her throat as she swallowed. "Don't worry about it," she said, banging her glass on the table and throwing the dice. "That's enough Jack for me," she said, looking at her watch. "And you two should keep an eye on the clock if the guys are going to be here at seven."

When the time came and the girls started getting ready, Elaine retired to her room on the pretext of studying. It was useless of course, as she couldn't concentrate after six shots of hard liquor, even if it was over a three-hour period. She turned on her portable Radio/CD player and lay down, listening to her favourite station.

Some time later the thumping of loud music woke her, interrupting her crazy dreams. Disoriented, she checked the clock beside her bed. Nine thirty-six. For a split second she thought she had slept through the night and it was already the next morning, but one look out her window confirmed the time was P.M.

She sat up on the side of the bed and realised she needed water, now! Argh! she thought as she walked down the hallway, clapping her hands over her ears. Not Britney Spears again! Her roommates were dancing in the middle of the lounge room, while a couple of guys sat on the sofa, rolling more marijuana cigarettes. Making a beeline for the kitchen, Elaine heard Kendra squeal something at her, but she ignored it. She needed a headache pill and a big glass of water.

Someone turned down the music.

Gabbing Tylenol, a glass and some ice, Elaine thought she could hear muffled talking. As she filled her glass, Kendra came through the kitchen doorway and walked up to Elaine by the sink, rubbing her back comfortingly. Her breath smelled like Jack Daniels and pot. "You okay?"

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