Culture Shock


"Yeah. Just a headache."

"So you won't be coming out with us?"

"Yeah, right," Elaine said dismissively.

"Okay. Hey look!" Kendra stepped back a pace and lifted the front of her miniskirt, baring her shaved mound, right there in the kitchen with two guys in the next room!

"Put that down!" shrieked Elaine in a contorted whisper, referring to Kendra's hemline. "They might see!"

"Don't you like it?"

Elaine was mortified, but she could hardly take her eyes away. Swallowing the last of her water, she turned back to the sink and refilled the glass. Anything to get the image out of her mind! "It's fine! Now please. For God's sake, put your skirt down. Jesus, Kendra. What would someone think?"

"Don't be silly. It's just a game. Come on. Now you."

"I don't feel like it right now. And not here. This is ridiculous."

"Okay, then I guess I get the honours of doing the Brazilian. Do you want to be strapped down or will you be a good little girl and lay still? I can't wait to send out invitations to your streaking debut," said Kendra, starting to turn on her heels, making for the doorway.

"Wait!" hissed Elaine. Kendra stopped, turned and faced her. "I'll do it. But this game is getting boring." With one hand holding her glass of water, Elaine raised her hem slowly with the other, watching Kendra's eyes. Kendra was staring between Elaine's legs. "Um, enough?"

"A bit higher," Kendra said, her voice sounding husky. "Gosh, you're so hairy."

"Am I?" asked Elaine innocently, looking down and casting a critical eye over her little thatch of black pussy hair. She wasn't really. Realising at once what she was doing, she dropped the hem, smoothed it down and blushed crimson. When she glanced up at Kendra, she almost dropped the glass of iced water. Kendra was smiling smugly with her arms crossed. But that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was the humiliating looks the other three were giving her, leering over Kendra's shoulders. "Oh my God! You bitch!" cried Elaine, rushing past them in a panic, leaving their mean laughter behind. Slamming her bedroom door behind her, she dove onto her bed and cried hot tears of anguish.

Kendra is a witch!

Five minutes later, Chelsea tapped on Elaine's door, calling out and waiting patiently for a response.

"Come in," Elaine sighed, defeated.

Chelsea entered and paused, then walked over and sat on the side of Elaine's bed. "We're going soon," she said softly. "Don't expect us back tonight. We already decided to fuck them." Elaine couldn't think of anything nice to say, so she said nothing. Chelsea filled the void. "Hey. Don't think for a minute that you're alone, okay?"

Elaine had been facing away from Chelsea, lying on her tummy. "What do you mean?" she asked, moving onto her elbows and twisting around, looking up at her blonde roommate.

"Kendra's been giving me a hard time too, you know. She gets off on it I think."

"I wish she'd just fuck off," Elaine said, sniffling.

"Just pick your moment. Did you see her face when I hesitated before slapping her ass? That was priceless. And boy, was my hand stinging! Imagine what her ass must have felt like. Um, I mean..."

Elaine giggled and so did Chelsea. "I think it's the first time I've seen Kendra blush!" Elaine said, a reluctant smile breaking across her face.

"She probably liked it," retorted Chelsea, winking.

Elaine didn't know what to say to that. So she asked, "What did you mean, 'pick your moment'? Do you mean I should get her back?"

"It's the only language she knows."

"But I don't know how," Elaine whined, thinking she sounded like a little girl.

"Just leave it to me. I've got lots of ideas."

"I don't know..."

"Well, I don't think it's fair. She's just taking advantage of you. I'm gonna get her back, big time."

"Thanks, Chelsea. But..."

"Hush," said Chelsea, stroking Elaine's back and urging her to lie back down.

"Mmmm... That feels good," Elaine whispered, closing her eyes. It felt so nice she almost fell asleep again.


The apartment was quiet. Sitting up on the side of her bed, Elaine shook her head. She ventured out briefly, confirming she was blissfully alone. A sigh of relief escaped her lungs. In the lounge room she switched off the murmuring music system and headed back to her room.

What's that? she wondered, spying something thin and white under the coffee table. It was joint. She hadn't had one in ages. The last time hadn't been so good, but at least this time she'd be alone. Taking the joint back to her room, she placed it on the desk beside her and turned on her computer, making her way to the College website. The joint was promptly forgotten.

Elaine posted eloquent responses to a couple of questions regarding her comment on the virtue of Jean-Paul Sartre's profound and poignant La Nausée as 'the birth of Existentialism' rather than the more obtuse and satirical Being and Nothingness.

She kind of liked Philosophy, but it always exhausted her. Instead of opening her term paper and starting work on it, she closed the open windows and sat back in her chair, rubbing her temples.

I need another pill, she thought, rising and heading for the kitchen.

One more Tylenol later, she sat back in her chair before the computer, a fresh tall glass of water beside her, half full of ice. Elaine was starting to feel better, but she wasn't in the mood for schoolwork.

She headed for the chat rooms.

She wasn't sure why. She hoped it would be nice, quiet, and friendly. It was, and she was having fun. She'd made a couple of friends, and one was there. Simone from Vancouver, who went by the name of 'acquiescent', told her a couple of jokes about George Bush and Elaine found herself giggling out loud.

"Why don't you come visit in the BDSM room?" Simone had asked in a private message. Sometimes her English made Elaine smile.

"I don't think so. Too many weirdos," Elaine had sent back.

"Hey, I resemble that!" Simone messaged, adding a smiling face.

"I don't mean you. I didn't know you went there."

"Look at my name."

"I don't even know what your name means!"

"It means 'I give in'. I'm not sure about the English. I submit."

"You submit?"

"Yes, I am, how you say, submissive."

"You are?"


"What is it like?"

"What is it like?"

"Yes, what is it like?"

"It is like nothing. It is everything. It gives me... definition. You know?"

"Definition. Okay, yeah. I think I understand." Elaine had no idea what she was talking about.

"Come with me. It is friendly," Simone urged.

"I think it's friendly enough here in the lobby."

"You don't understand. I mean... you will like it. Please?"

Elaine sighed. She was kurious after all. Being honest was her new mantra. "Okay, I want to go. I've been reading a little. Not much. But if I get accosted, I'm blaming you."


"Um, yes. I didn't know what BDSM was."

"Ah. Okay. Well, anyone who accosts you is not a Dom and you have permission to treat them as the fuckwit they are."

"LOL," Elaine sent back.

"True!" typed Simone. "Don't take any um, shit! Leave if you don't like it. And don't compromise. Only call someone Sir, or Ma'am, if you feel like it. No one may demand anything. Submission is given, not taken."

"Okay, okay. You've convinced me."

"I'll hold your hand."

"Thanks, Simone."

"You are welcome. Oh, and type people's names exactly as they appear. Names with capitals are the Doms and Dommes. Names with little letters are the subs."

"I could never be a Dom."

"I didn't think so," said Simone. "Come on, I'll protect you."

In moments they had both clicked on the BDSM room link, and people of both genders were flinging greetings at Elaine like she'd never seen before. Almost every person there said hello.

"This is weird," typed Elaine, sending another private message to Simone.


"Well, it's like, too friendly. It feels like a cult. Like everyone's eyes are as big as saucers."

"I don't understand."

"Do you know Amway?"


"Um, never mind."


acquiescent proceeded to introduce kurious to those present and lots of different people asked her friendly and playful questions. One girl called 'Sir Tim's helena', said Elaine was welcome to come anytime, to observe quietly or to participate. Sensible questions were welcome and there was no such thing as a silly one.

Elaine thanked her as more of the world of BDSM opened before her eyes.

Observing quietly, Elaine watched as Simone was caught up in the various conversations that evolved in the room. The people with capitals, as a whole, commanded the respect of those without, though a couple of people entered the room and were treated ruthlessly. Not just by one person, but sometimes as a group. At least the subs are respected too, Elaine thought.

"Having fun?" Simone messaged, out of the blue.

"It's fascinating."

"Any questions?"


"Hehe. Ask me one."

"Well, what's the significance of the capitals?"

"Oh let me see. Some would say it shows respect, and reminds one of who they are."

"I don't know what you mean."

"Just a moment." Seconds later, Simone had paraphrased Elaine's question and posted it in the room. Elaine sat dumbfounded, blushing despite herself. "How can I explain the significance of capping?" Simone had typed.

Sir Tim's helena piped up. She seemed to be one of the 'senior' people there. "It's a practical method of identification, really," she typed in the room. "Doms and Dommes are capped. Subs are not."

paper tiger, who Elaine guessed correctly was a male submissive added, "Some don't subscribe to the 'rule'. It's more a suggestion in the name of clarity, than a prerequisite."

"That's true," responded Sir Tim's helena.

Hmmm, thought Elaine.

"Does that answer your question?" Simone asked privately.

"Yeah. I guess. How do you know who is telling the truth?"

"Hang around long enough and you will know," she answered cryptically.

Just then, MasterServant entered the chat room and was dutifully greeted. Elaine said hello as well, holding her breath.

"This one is for real," Simone messaged.

"How do you know?" asked Elaine.

"I met him last year when he came up here skiing. My Dom and I met him for lunch one day. He's yummy."

"You sound like you want him!"

"Who says I didn't get him!"

"LOL. You're bad."

"You have no idea," Simone replied, adding a winking smile.

Elaine watched the ebb and flow of the conversation, hanging on every word MasterServant said. He intrigued her and she was surprised to realise she was getting turned on. After a few minutes of squirming in her chair, Elaine glanced over at the clock by her bed and gasped at the time. She sent a private thank you to Simone, then sent a general thank you into the room for being so kind to let her stay and observe.

In the room a message appeared. "Please wait, kurious. May I speak with you privately a moment?" It was from him! MasterServant!

Leave now!

No, don't run away!

But he lives two towns over!

C'mon, I'm anonymous!

Holding her breath, somehow her fingers typed a reply.

"Yes, Sir."

Chapter 05

Awkward seconds passed as Elaine waited, unsure of what MasterServant might say. Though she was expecting his reply, she jumped when the private message box popped up on her screen.

"Welcome to the BDSM room," he typed innocently.

"Thank you," Elaine replied, her hands shaking.

"I should tell you acquiescent suggested I speak with you."

"Why would she do that?"

"She's probably matchmaking."

Elaine swallowed. "Oh."

"I'm just teasing. I'd say she's looking out for you, making sure you get good information. It's easy to be taken advantage of, or led astray. Her heart's in the right place."

"Yes, it is."

"Are you nervous?"

"Yes. Very."


"I'm unsure of myself. Afraid a little."

"You don't need to be afraid of me... or of yourself," he added. Elaine wanted to ask what he meant, but another message arrived. "My name is Gary."


"Nice name."

"Thank you."

"Please call me MS or MasterServant in the room though."

"I will."

"Good girl."

Elaine blushed.

Another message came from him almost immediately. "Sorry. Habit."

"I don't understand."

"I just meant calling someone 'Good girl' is a habit I have. I didn't mean to sound too familiar. It's weird though. I haven't done that in a long time."

"Called someone a 'Good girl'?"

"Well, 'called someone a good girl without even thinking about it'. Yes."

"I didn't really notice." Dammit, Elaine thought. Already I'm lying. She hurriedly sent a new message. "Wait. I did notice. I, um, I blushed."

"Thank you for telling me the truth. You made me smile."

"I did?"

"Yes. Even when it hurts, telling the truth is always the best option."

"I'll try to remember that."

"I hope you will."

"Um, what if it hurts someone's feelings?"

"Small lies don't hurt people's feelings. Big lies do. Big lies follow small ones. If you don't commit the first, then you won't have to commit the second."

"You know, that kind of makes sense."

"It's like saying everything is fine then not turning up for the wedding."

"Sounds like personal experience."

"Am I that transparent?"

No, you're a breath of fresh air, Elaine wanted to say.

He briefly detailed his past and Elaine sat in rapt attention. His fiancé had indeed left him at the altar halfway through last year. Elaine said he didn't have to tell her why, but Gary said it was common knowledge and went on to explain the situation. Basically his fiancé had not told him of her longstanding love for another Dominant, someone she'd had an affair with a few years before they'd met. When this other man divorced his own wife, Gary was ditched for a pipe dream.

"That must have been terrible."

"At first it was. Then I was just relieved. It would have been a bad marriage."

"I agree."

He talked about the farm he had struggled to keep and about how he was on top of it now and enjoying life. The way he spoke fascinated Elaine. On the one hand he was just a regular guy. On the other hand, their shared interest in BDSM was an undercurrent throughout their conversation. Like a secret. Like something conveyed with a nod and a wink.

But there was something else. Something Elaine could not confess.

The toys.

Sitting at the bottom of her wardrobe, they mocked her. They tempted her. At once she was torn by the desire to experiment with them and the need to read the words Gary was sharing with her. She was nervous and excited. He couldn't know how hot he was making her. He wasn't even trying. Was he? If only she could tell him how hard her nipples were. If only she could tell him about the toys.

He would tell me to use them.

Blushing fiercely at the thought, Elaine concentrated, returning to the conversation she hadn't intended to leave. She wanted it to go on and on, and she wanted to touch herself. With a mighty effort, she refrained.

Mentioning she was in college, thankfully Elaine opened a whole new line of enquiry, taking her mind off her physical distractions. He asked how she was doing, and what she wanted from her life. As he listened intently to all she had to say, Elaine found herself opening up to this stranger. He was attentive and interested. What more could a girl want? Eventually she slipped into a relaxed heat, barely noticing the surreptitious caress of a nipple or the squeezing of her thighs. Before long, minutes had become hours.

Glancing at the clock, she realised it was after one A.M. So much for that paper, she thought, smiling. It didn't really bother her. She doubted anyone else in the class would have started it either. What concerned her was she was running out of time to play. And she was as horny as hell. "I should be getting to bed," she typed reluctantly, biting her lip.

"I think I'll turn in too," he replied. "I really enjoyed talking to you. I hope to see you again soon."

"Me too," Elaine typed.

"Well, good night then."

"Good night." Dutifully Elaine said goodbye to everyone in the chat room and she watched as Gary did the same.

In the room Gary typed, "Goodnight, kurious."

"Goodnight, MasterServant."

Switching off the computer and sitting back in her chair, Elaine felt her heart pounding in her chest. Was it Gary? Or was it the anticipation of using the toys she'd bought?

She headed to the bathroom to brush her teeth and use the toilet. After moisturising her hands, she grabbed another glass of iced water from the kitchen and made her way back to the bedroom. Deciding not to take any chances, she locked the door behind herself. Putting the glass on the bedside table, her naked pussy lips slipped warmly with each step she took.

I can't believe how horny I am...

Back in front of the mirror above her chest of drawers, she stared critically at her reflection as she disrobed. Tossing the discarded garments on the one spare chair in her room, the one she called her Laundry Hamper, she stood tall and admired herself, her gaze drawn to her erect nipples, then down to her pussy. Narrowing her eyes and leaning forward, she thought she could see a sheen of moisture at the top of one thigh. Drawing a fingertip between the folds of her pussy, she found her clit and gasped, her knees almost buckling.


Glancing at her wardrobe, she hurried over and retrieved the hidden package from behind her shoes and under the black sweater she'd untidily tossed on top of it. Her hands were trembling as she knelt beside her bed and tore it open. Five items fell loose and she put one of them, the lube, on her bedside table beside the glass of water. Ripping the colourful plastic off the others, she stuffed the waste into her backpack, resolving to dispose of it somewhere smart.

She sat back on her heels, swallowing and shaking her head. Laid out on her bed was a pair of adjustable nipple clamps, a dildo, a small butt plug and a ball gag. She and the saleswoman had laughed when Elaine confessed it was going to be hard to keep quiet with the toys. That was when the woman kindly suggested the ball gag.

'Besides, ' the woman had said. 'It'll give the experience some authenticity.'

It was pink solid rubber with black straps. Elaine picked it up and looked it over, figuring it out. Fitting it between her teeth, her breath rushed through her nose. Her pussy throbbed as she buckled the strap behind her head.

This is insane. I'm burning up!

Reaching across her bed for the lube, she accidentally dragged her nipples over the covering sheet and moaned through her nose. "Nnnnggg..." Her eyes fluttered closed and she almost knocked over the water. Back on her knees and swaying unsteadily with barely constrained passion, she opened the small tube and squeezed a dollop of the clear stuff onto the tip of her finger. Swallowing was difficult with the gag in her mouth, but she managed as she reached behind herself uncertainly and touched her fingertip to her asshole.

"Nnnggg," she gasped. Her pussy contracted as she made contact, deliberately moving in circles around the hot, crinkled skin. It felt wicked, bad, and exciting to be lubing her ass. She tried to be clinical and 'do only what was necessary' but it was useless. Fuck, that feels amazing. Before she knew it she was gathering more lubrication on her finger and working it into her asshole.

By the time she was lubing the strangely shaped toy, her breathing was ragged and her juices were dripping down her thighs. Shaking with a combination of curiosity, anticipation and fear, she remembered the words of the saleslady in the Adult Emporium.

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