Chapter One

John looked up at Valerie's face, watching as she moaned with her eyes closed and her mouth open as he once again plunged his tongue deep into her juicy pussy. Her legs were splayed wide apart and her smooth-shaven pussy lips spread wide as he ate her bald snatch. She had to have the sweetest pussy in the world, John thought as he continued to drink up the juices that flowed from her hole. And she could cum over and over again, as long as his tongue was buried in her pussy.

"Oh, John, that's so nice," Valerie moaned, reaching down and holding his face firmly against her pussy. "But fuck me now," she said. "I need your cock inside of me right now."

Smiling, John crawled up onto her body, lowering his tongue into her mouth as his cock slid easily into her juicy open pussy.

"Oh, yes," Valerie groaned as she felt all 10 inches of John's cock sliding up into her. "God, I love your cock," she said, sucking on his tongue and tasting herself. "Umm, yes, fuck me, John, fuck me," she said, her feet planted wide apart on the bed, her hips lifting to meet his thrusts as his cock began to sluice in and out of her sopping pussy.

John marveled at how wonderful Valerie's pussy felt as his cock plunged in and out of her. In the ten years they had been married the marvels of her body had never ceased to turn him on, and her absolute abandon in bed was always an inspiration. They matched rhythms, long slow strokes sliding deep inside of her as they fucked. John leaned down and sucked one of Valerie's large hard nipples into his mouth, savoring the rubbery chewiness of it as he massaged and squeezed her 38D breasts in his hands. After a minute or so of suckling on one nipple, he moved to the other one, to give equal time, Valerie moaning and groaning under him as his cock continued to plow her pussy.

Finally John felt his balls begin that familiar churning that told him he was about to cum. Pushing himself up onto his hands, his arms straight, he began to fuck her in earnest, slamming his cock in and out of her gaping pussy as he approached orgasm. Then as he felt himself begin to boil over, he slammed his cock one final time all the way into her pussy as Valerie wrapped her long legs around his back, pressing herself against him as he began shooting gobs of cum deep inside of her.

When Valerie felt John's cock begin to pulse inside of her pussy, she knew that he was cumming and this sent her over the edge once more and she too began to cum, ecstasy flooding her until he collapsed on top of her, spent. They lay there for a minute or two, Valerie's pussy clasping and releasing, clasping and releasing his cock, milking the last of his seed into her pussy. Then giving him a gentle push, Valerie rolled him off of her onto his back, crawling over his body to his cock which she sucked into her mouth, swallowing him entirely as she savored the combination of their cum.

As she did this, John lifted her leg up over his head so that her knees were each on one side of him, her freshly fucked pussy gaping open in front of his face. Her pussy lips were puffed and swollen from the pounding they had just received and her hole was gaping open, showing the cum that was just starting to dribble out. Lifting his face, John slid his tongue into her hole and began to slurp on her gooey pussy, drinking their combined cum and feeling Valerie shudder as another orgasm gripped her.

As John sucked on her pussy, he remembered the first time she had asked him to go down on her after he had cum inside of her. He hadn't particularly liked the idea, but he was willing to do anything that made her happy and he had eaten her pussy, tasting his own cum for the first time in his life. He had been surprised that it wasn't as disgusting as he had thought it would be, and now he actually loved eating her pussy when it was full of cum. John's cock was again hard, and clean, from Valerie's oral ministrations. He had sucked all of the combined cum from her pussy as he could and was sucking on her clit as she came yet again. Pushing herself up off of him, Valerie turned around and kissed him, swirling her tongue with his as they tasted each other. Then sliding down his body, Valerie positioned herself over his cock, holding it in her hand and placing the head of it again at the entrance to her pussy.

"Mmmm, you have the greatest cock in the whole world," she said, lowering herself again onto him.

"What about my tongue?" John asked with a laugh.

"God, your tongue," Valerie said, beginning to ride him. "You eat me like there's nothing else in the world to eat."

"When I'm eating your pussy, there isn't," John replied.

"I love it when you suck your cum from my pussy," Valerie said, sliding her hips back and forth as she fucked him.

"I'd suck anyone's cum from your pussy if it was your pussy I was sucking," John said, reaching up to pinch and twist her hardened nipples.

"Oh, John, you're so wicked," Valerie said, increasing her tempo. "Why would I want anyone else's cock when I've got yours?"

"You mean you've never thought about it?" John asked, groaning as Valerie's pussy worked its magic on his cock.

"Oh, of course I've thought about it," Valerie answered, panting as she ground her pussy onto John's cock. "I'm normal enough. But I'd never risk our relationship just to try a different cock. Yours is just fine with me."

"Our relationship could never be at risk," John groaned, trying to hold back as Valerie fucked him.

"You mean it wouldn't bother you if I fucked other men?" Valerie asked with a laugh.

"Not if I was there," John replied, arching his hips up as his cock exploded once more in the depths of Valerie's pussy.

"Oh, god," Valerie cried as John reached between their bodies and rubbed her clit with his thumb as he came inside of her. "I'm cumming!" she cried, leaning back with her hands on the bed, her feet wide apart and planted on the bed, her pussy grinding his cock as they both came.

They both lay there shaking from the power of their orgasms, John's cock still buried in Valerie's pussy. Finally Valerie stirred, sliding off of John's cock and crawling between his legs to suck him clean. When she had finished, she crawled up his body, planting her cum-filled pussy on his mouth.

"Well, if you're so hot to have someone else fuck me," she said, "suck my pussy clean and pretend it's someone else's cum in there instead of yours."

Eagerly John stuck his tongue up into Valerie's swampy pussy, sucking at the cum cocktail that flowed into his mouth. He chewed on her swollen pussy lips and sucked on her clit, plunging his fingers up into her until she came again, showering him with yet another orgasm. Finally she collapsed onto the bed next to him, wrapping herself around him and snuggling up close as they lay there in exhausted bliss.

"You are the greatest lover ever," she said to John, kissing him. "And such a naughty mind!"

"Whatever makes you happy," John said, loving the feel of her lushness next to him.


A couple of weeks later John's brother Tom and his wife Dolores came to visit from their home across the country. Now, Tom was similar in appearance to John, being tall and broad shouldered with a ready grin and a good disposition. Dolores was short and blonde, with smallish breasts and slim hips. She had a great smile and was always the life of the party. Right away the bottle of rum came out and they began making tropical drinks, laughing and catching up on what had been happening.

After several drinks and yet before they had eaten dinner, Valerie felt her bladder full and laughingly excused herself to go to the toilet. John said he had to go too and followed her from the room. After watching Valerie sit on the toilet and pee, John pulled his semi-hard cock out and began to pee. Valerie reached out to hold him as he peed, and John had a hard time finally getting it all out. When Valerie had shaken the droplets of pee from the tip, she leaned over and licked him, then sucked him into her mouth for a minute until he got hard then stopped.

"Hey, what the hell!" John cried in dismay.

"We'd better get downstairs before they miss us," Valerie giggled. "That'll make sure you're in the mood later."

"You bet I'll be," John said, valiantly stuffing his cock back into his pants and following Valerie back to the living room.

When they got there they both stopped in their tracks with their mouths hanging open. Tom was sitting on the sofa and Dolores was kneeling between his legs sucking a cock that looked to Valerie to be even bigger than John's. Valerie was amazed as she watched Dolores go down on Tom's cock until it entirely disappeared down her throat. She must have made a sound, because Tom's eyes suddenly opened wide and he looked up from the couch to see the two of them standing there.

"Oh, gosh, I'm really sorry," he said, trying to extricate his cock from Dolores' mouth and stuff it back in his pants. "Once she gets a few drinks in her, she'll suck just about anything anywhere," he explained as Dolores blinked, licking her lips.

"Please, don't let us stop you," Valerie heard herself saying. "We'll just leave you two alone for a while."

"Oh, you don't have to go," Dolores said with a giggle. "I don't mind if you watch. I just love to suck," she said, reaching for Tom's cock again. "Why don't you suck John's cock while I suck Tom's, Valerie?" Dolores suggested. "We'll see who can make them cum the fastest."

Valerie stared in shock as Dolores again fished Tom's cock into her hands and devoured it, swallowing it entirely into her throat. Tom groaned and sat back on the sofa, abandoning himself to Dolores' blowjob. John eased up behind Valerie, pressing his hard cock into her from behind.

"Well, what do you say?" he whispered in her ear.

Valerie's face turned bright crimson as she thought about John's suggestion while watching Dolores suck on Tom. She felt herself getting very horny and wet and knew more than anything that she wanted John's cock in her mouth. But she hadn't done anything like this since she was in high school when she and another girl had sucked off their boyfriends at the same time.

"Come on, let's join them," John again whispered in her ear. "It'll be fun."

He felt Valerie stiffen for a moment, then her whole body relaxed and he knew she had decided. Taking her by the hand, John moved over to the sofa where Dolores was sucking on his brother's cock and sat down next to him, watching her smile as she licked the head of Tom's cock and stared at him. He unzipped his pants and pulled his already hard cock out as Valerie dropped to her knees in front of him. He almost died as Valerie leaned forward and began to suck on his cock right in front of his brother and his wife.

John sat there in a state of total shock as he watched his wife sucking his cock on her knees right next to his sister-in-law who was sucking his brother's cock. They couldn't have appeared more different, with voluptuous Valerie and her shock of red hair next to her petite sister-in-law, blonde and more on the slim side.

Suddenly Dolores started giggling, then laughing and had to stop sucking on Tom's cock.

"What?" Valerie asked, her lips glistening and her eyes bright as she twirled her tongue around the head of John's cock.

"Let's switch," Dolores suggested. "I'll finish sucking off John and you finish sucking off Tom."

"You're kidding!" Valerie exclaimed, staring at Dolores.

"Why not?" she said. "They're both right here and I'll bet they don't mind one little bit, do you, Tom?"

"Not me," Tom said with a grin. "I'd love to see Valerie's lips wrapped around my cock."

"How about you, John?" Dolores asked, reaching over and wrapping her hand around his cock with Valerie's. "Would you like me to suck your cock?"

"Whatever Valerie's comfortable with is fine with me," he answered diplomatically.

"There!" Dolores said, smiling at Valerie. "What do you say?"

"Well, I guess..." she began.

"Let's get on with it," Dolores said, sliding from between Tom's legs. "I'm dying for a mouthful of cum," she said, grasping John's cock firmly in her hand as she squeezed between his legs, almost pushing Valerie aside.

As Valerie stared, Dolores bent down and lowered her mouth over John's cock and didn't stop until her face was pressed up against his stomach, John's cock buried in her throat. She looked at John's face, saw his eyes closed and his mouth open, and realized that she didn't mind. She liked the look on his face. Then she turned and looked at Tom smiling at her, his huge cock sticking up in the air, his fist wrapped around the shaft. Sliding over between his legs, Valerie stared at his cock, not believing that she was about to suck her brother-in-law while his wife was sucking her husband.

She reached out and cupped his balls in the palm of her hand, letting her other hand wrap around him above his own, her thumb sliding across the slit and spreading the pre-cum that had formed there all over the head of his cock. Tom groaned when she did this and Valerie smiled to herself, realizing that this was going to be fun. Glancing once more over at John and seeing that Dolores was happily sucking him, she bent forward and licked the head of Tom's cock, tasting him. Then she opened her mouth and sucked the head of his cock in, gently sucking on it as her tongue swirled all around the head. She felt Tom's cock jerk in response and she began to gently massage his balls in her hand, rolling them around. At the same time she began to slide down on his cock, taking more and more of it into her mouth, beginning to suck on him while she stroked him with her hand at the same time. Then she opened her throat and began to let his cock slide even deeper into her mouth. Tom was humping his hips up and down, fucking her mouth as she struggled to take him all the way into her throat.

Finally she was able to take his entire cock into her throat. She couldn't believe how big it seemed, and she had thought John's 10 inches was big. Tom's was definitely bigger. She began to let him slide in and out of her throat, really fucking her face as her tongue went wild on him. He was groaning and Valerie could feel his balls churning as she continued to massage them in her hand. She heard John groan and she looked over and realized that he was cumming in Dolores' mouth. Dolores was working his shaft with her hand, sucking on the head of his cock as it filled her mouth with cum. Valerie could see some dribbling out of her mouth at the sides, running down her chin.

She returned her attention to Tom's cock, determined now to make him cum. She didn't have to wait long, as he was watching his wife getting her face filled with his brother's cum as she continued to suck his monster cock. Suddenly she felt the head of Toms' cock grow impossibly bigger and then cum was shooting into her mouth, quickly filling it. She swallowed, tasting his cum and feeling herself get even wetter between the legs. She loved the taste of cum! Again her mouth filled and she swallowed, savoring the taste.

Slowly she sucked the last of Tom's cum from his cock, not swallowing it this time. She licked him clean, making sure that all of the cum was gone. Then she looked up and smiled, cum coating her face, and saw Tom and John and Dolores all staring at her. Pushing to her feet, Valerie went over to John and sat astradle his legs, his cock still hard and sticking up under her skirt. Bending forward, Valerie kissed him, gently pressing her tongue against his lips to part them. As his lips parted and their tongues met in a dance, Valerie let all of the cum she had held in her mouth slide down her tongue into John's mouth. She was surprised when she felt John sucking gently on her tongue, then she realized that he knew what she had done and that he had liked it.

As she continued to kiss John, Dolores was still kneeling between his legs, where she was able to see John's cock sticking up under her skirt, rubbing against her bare pussy. Reaching out, Dolores grabbed John's cock and began to rub the head of it between Valerie's spread pussy lips, then positioned it at the entrance to her hole. Without even thinking, Valerie slid down onto John's cock, feeling it fill her pussy as they continued to kiss. Automatically she began to slide her hips back and forth, her sopping pussy sliding up and down on John's cock while at the same time she could feel Dolores' fingers rubbing her pussy lips. She was so excited she couldn't believe it. Then she felt Dolores' hand leave her pussy as she continued to fuck John.

"That looks so good I've got to have some of it too," Dolores said, climbing onto Tom's lap and impaling herself on his cock. Apparently she didn't wear panties either. Now the two of them were humping like crazy on their husband's cocks side by side. The sounds of the two cocks sluicing in and out of the two sopping pussies filled the room, as well as the sighs and moans and groans of their pleasure.

"This is incredible," John gasped as Valerie fucked him.

"Valerie," Dolores gasped, "let's switch again," she suggested as she rode up and down on Tom's cock.

As Valerie looked John in the face, he smiled at her and nodded his approval of Dolores' suggestion. Kissing him passionately, she slid off of his cock and stood there for a moment smiling at him, seeing his hard cock sticking straight up in the air. When Dolores saw this, she too jumped off of Tom's cock, a big smile on her face.

"But I want to see you fucking him," John said, "so take your clothes off."

Before Valerie could even react, Dolores pulled her shirt off over her head and dropped her skirt to the ground, to stand there naked in front of them, her small breasts with their super hard nipples sticking out. Smiling, Valerie pulled her shirt off over her head, releasing her big tits to everyone's view, her nipples standing out a half an inch in their excitement. Then she slowly unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, standing naked in front of them, her bald pussy lips puffed and gaping open.

"Man, I never realized how beautiful you really were, Valerie," Tom said, openly admiring his sister-in-law. "Come here and wrap that delicious looking pussy around my cock," he said, stroking himself.

"Me first," Dolores said, climbing onto John's cock and unceremoniously impaling herself. "Ah, yes, that's nice," she said as she began to rock back and forth.

Valerie stared as John's cock began to slide in and out of Dolores' pussy. She could see her pussy lips clinging to the shaft of his cock each time she slid back. The sight was incredibly arousing to her and she felt a flood of juices to her already soaked pussy. Reaching out for Tom's cock, Valerie bent over and sucked it into her mouth, getting it nice and wet and at the same time realizing that she was tasting Dolores' pussy juices all over it. She found the taste exotic and she made sure that she sucked it all off of Tom's cock before standing up and climbing onto his lap. She positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy and began to lower herself onto it, feeling it stretch her pussy like it had never been filled before. She squirmed her ass around until she finally sank all the way down onto Tom's cock, feeling it throbbing inside of her.

"God, what a pussy!" Tom exclaimed as Valerie started to ride him.

"This one's not bad either," John gasped as Dolores clenched her pussy on his cock, squeezing it with her muscles.

The only sounds that filled the room were the sounds of the two women humping their pussies up and down on the two cocks side by side. Valerie loved the feeling of Tom's cock in her pussy and was even more excited by the fact that John was watching her with a big grin on his face as Dolores humped him.

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