tagIncest/TabooCum 4 Mommy: A Cum Bucket Story

Cum 4 Mommy: A Cum Bucket Story


Cum 4 Mommy: A Cum Bucket Story

Summary: Mom's cum addiction is sated by virgin nerd son's big cock.

Note 1: This is a 2016 NUDE DAY Contest Story.

Note 2: Thanks to Robert, goamz86, and Wayne for editing this story.

Cum 4 Mommy: A Cum Bucket Story

I love cum.

I mean to the point I believe it should be its own special food group.

I mean I am addicted to cum.

I mean I am addicted to cum like a junky is addicted to heroin.

I mean to the point that if I don't get at least a load a day, preferably at least two, I begin to go through withdrawal.

I love a cock in my mouth... especially when I get to feel it grow from soft to hard.

I love the variety of lengths... from the smallest not even four inches to one that was over a foot long.

I love the variety of girths... thin like a pencil, thick like a German sausage.

But most of all... as I already mentioned... I love cum.

Cum was my delicacy... and to me cum is similar, but much better, than oysters. I love the slimy feeling in my mouth as I sometimes allow it to swish in my mouth as if I'm tasting a new wine or as it slides down my throat. I love the unique, one of a kind, taste... each load of cum, like each oyster, a one of a kind delicacy... similar and yet different.

Simply put... in case it isn't already abundantly clear... I fucking love cum. I mean I'd much rather have a cock in my mouth than in my cunt or ass (and trust me I have experimented with cock in all three holes many times).

I love the power I have when I have a cock in my mouth. I decide when they come, I control the pleasure.

And although I love swallowing cum, I also enjoy the thrill of having my face painted with cum. A facial is like a warm bath... plus cum is great for the skin. I often get compliments, even now at forty-five, about my perfect skin and only a few of my closest friends know my secret to perfect skin is cum baths.

Anyways.... I think you get my point.

When I was young it was easy to get as many loads as I wanted in a day: in high school I was a cheerleader, but when it came to getting my cum I usually went to the nerd clubs who were both grateful to have a girl who wanted to suck them and able to keep a secret.

After a football game, while the other cheerleaders went to football parties, I would go to Eugene's house and suck every nerd's cock while they played Dungeons and Dragons or whatever other nerd game they were playing that weekend.

At school, the nerds even had their own room because the teachers trusted them so much and thus I often went and got a load or two or three or more during the day. Every day at lunch, I would sneak away at some point for some nice creamy cum.

Prom night, I lost my virginity to my college boyfriend, who I often sucked as well, but earlier that night I swallowed a dozen loads of cum from every graduating nerd.

In college it was even easier... although it didn't take long to get a reputation as a slut who would suck anyone... which I would.

I sucked students, sports teams (yes, an entire team), professors, the Dean and, in my senior year over a weekend, an entire frat house.

The real world was harder... pun intended... to find cocks to suck. I ended up getting pregnant by my boyfriend in my last semester of college and, being a good Catholic (hahaha), I married him.

We had three kids, all boys, and for years I tried to be a good faithful wife. James had a nice cock and sure wasn't one to reject my mouth and the daily blow jobs I gave him.

Yet, it was never enough. I always craved more.

And then one day... while out for groceries... I ended up in an adult store... and then in a gloryhole... and then on my knees... and then sucking stranger's cocks.

And once that first load erupted in my mouth, my addiction was back.

That first day, I sucked six and swallowed each unique, tasty load... savouring each, convincing myself at the time this was just a one-time indiscretion, a quick one time fix.

That night, at the kitchen table with my husband, and my eighteen year old son (my nineteen year old and twenty one year old sons no longer living at home), I felt extreme guilt at cheating... at what I had done... and promised myself I would not do it again.


I returned the next day and spent a couple of hours sucking a dozen or so cocks. Losing track of time and the count, ending up showing up late for the PTA meeting I was supposed to be running.

Each night I would feel guilt at my actions and yet the next day I would always end up in a dingy adult store (I would learn the city had 12 different glory holes, not to mention some set-up by perverts... thus I would rotate through all of them to get variety and avoid getting a reputation at one), on my knees sucking as many cocks as I could in the time I had allotted myself. My record, on a Tuesday in the business district, was thirty-three (I swallowed twenty of those loads and wore the other thirteen all over my face)... but usually three to five loads was my norm.

One afternoon, after taking six loads after a bake sale fundraiser meeting at my son's school for his upcoming prom, I came home an hour before school was to end and was surprised to see my son's car in the driveway.

I checked my face to make sure the two loads that had splattered my face was all off before I headed into the house. Glancing down at my red blouse, I saw it had a couple of cum stains, but it was unlikely that he would know that was what it was... my son was a bit awkward, a bit shy and thankfully, at eighteen, more interested in getting a full scholarship to Harvard than going to parties.

I entered the house and went directly to my bedroom to change, when I didn't see him in the kitchen or living room. I was walking by his room and towards mine when I heard a surprising sound. "That's it, slut, suck my cock."

That was Josh's voice.

Did I really hear him just call someone a slut?

Did I really hear him talk about getting his cock sucked?

I had never even heard him swear before.

I walked slowly to the slightly open door, curious who he could be talking to... especially in my room.

He then said, "That's it, Mom, deep throat my cock with that slut mouth of yours."

I froze.


Was he talking about me?

Was someone pretending to be me?

Before I could move, he continued, with a groan, "Oh yes, use those nylon legs on me, Mommy."

I always wore nylons... my husband likes them and I had grown-up wearing them as they were very popular in the 1980's and especially with our skimpy cheerleading outfits. I just loved how they showcased my legs and, truthfully, I loved the feel of them on my legs (I only bought sheer silk pantyhose, thigh highs and stockings from Wolford).

Slowly, I moved to the slightly ajar door, and peeked inside.

I stared in shock.

He was alone.

On my bed.

He was masturbating with a stocking on his hand.

Holding a pair of my soiled panties in one hand that he was sniffing.

He was also completely naked.




His cock was huge.




I couldn't help it, instantly my mouth watered and my pussy dampened.

I briefly forgot that he was my son as I stared at the perfect cock just a few feet away from me.

"You want my cum, don't you, Mommy-slut?" he groaned, now furiously stroking his cock with his nylon-clad hand.

I gasped, thankfully he was too far gone to actually hear me and I watched in voyeuristic awe as he grunted, "Take my cum all over your face, my live-in cum bucket."

God, I couldn't believe his words, or how much they were turning me on. Although I loved sucking cock, loved cum, I had always hated name calling. I was a lady... just a lady who had a cum addiction.

Yet, his words had my pussy on fire, or maybe it was his thick, long, hard cock... either way I was completely intoxicated by my son masturbating.

Then his cum exploded in the air like a missile and I watched in hunger and disappointment (what a waste of precious cum) as it landed somewhere other than my mouth.

"Yeah, take it all, Mom," he groaned, as rocket after rocket of yummy cum shot out of him like a machine gun.

Once the last rocket finished, landing somewhere on my bed, I tip-toed backwards and then scurried out of my house so he didn't know I was home and had seen what I saw.

In my car, I sat there in shock.

What just happened? Okay, I know what just happened... the real question was what should I do about it?

Was it natural for a son to fantasize about his mother?

How often had he been doing this?

Why did it get me so excited?

How often did he use my stockings to masturbate... sniff my soiled panties?

Sure he had a big cock!

Sure he shot a huge fucking load of cum... yummy, yummy cum!

But he was my son.

I waited a couple of minutes so he could clean up, put my panties back in the laundry hamper, my stocking away (I wondered if any of his cum landed on them), before I headed back into the house.

I slammed the door hard enough to alert Barry that I was home.

I walked into the kitchen, giving him more time, and got a drink of water... trying to quench my thirst, although it wasn't water I wanted.

I then called out, "Barry, are you home?"

"Yeah," he called out, coming down the stairs.

"You're home early," I said, trying to act casual, as he entered the kitchen, my eyes instantly drawn to his crotch.

"Early dismissal," he explained.

"Right," I nodded, as I tried to fathom how he hid such a big dick in those jeans. "I always forget that."

"So how was your day?" He asked, no hint that he had just come on my bed. This again made me wonder how many times he had done this while I wasn't home.

I noticed, as he asked the question, he was checking out my legs.

Deciding to test something, I swayed one leg back and forth seeing if he would stare at it, "Oh, rather surprising actually."

"How so?" He asked, not making eye contact at me, but watching my leg as if it was a hypnotist's watch.

"Oh, I just learned that people are not always what they seem," I said, as I stopped moving my leg.

This led him to actually look back up to me and ask, he hadn't been listening to my words, as he was completely distracted and enamoured by my feet, "So, how was your day?"

We chatted about school and so forth and then he went to work on a history essay he was writing and I made dinner.

Once dinner was in the oven, I went upstairs and checked for cum stains on my bed and stocking.

The bed didn't have any cum left, but a couple slightly wet spots. Obviously, he did more than just scoop up the cum.

My panties were not on top of the laundry hamper, but under yesterday's skirt.

My stocking though, I couldn't find.

Did he keep them?

So many questions, so few answers.

I went back downstairs, my pussy burning, but with my husband likely to be home at any moment I had to just squash the desire to quickly go and get myself off.

That night, after fucking and sucking my husband, I lay in bed unable to get the words of my son earlier, his massive cock, at least two inches bigger than his father's, and his massive cum shot out of my head.

Seeing my son in my bedroom, naked, masturbating, had my entire world spinning.

Were all his fantasies about me?

How often did he come into my room and sniff my panties and use my nylons for pleasuring himself?

Did he really envision me as his personal slut? His, what did he call me, his Mommy-slut or his live-in cum bucket?

And why did just reliving that surreal moment make me horny again?

Why did the name calling turn me on?

Why did the idea of being his live-in cum bucket turn me on? (Besides the obvious reality that I was already a cum bucket).


The next morning, once my husband was off to work and my son off to school, I snuck into his room and went to his computer.

I was curious... what kind of porn I would find on it?

I mean I think one of the surest bets in the world is if you have a teenage boy, he has porn on his computer.

Thankfully, he didn't have a password and I began searching.

Of course, he didn't have a folder called porn or Mommy sluts or anything on his main directory, but after a few minutes, just when I was beginning to think I may have the one boy in America who didn't have porn on his computer, I found it.

It was well hidden in a directory called homework, then a directory called English, then a directory called Shakespeare and then in a directory called Hamlet.

Besides a Hamlet essay were three more directories called P, S and V.

I clicked on P and I found three more folders numbered 1, 2, and 3.

Clicking on 1 I gasped. There were over 10,000 pictures of women in nylons... mostly older women... some were posing fully dressed, some were naked except for nylons (pantyhose, stockings, thigh highs, etc) and some were sex scenes (mostly lesbian, but some couples, and even a few orgies or gangbangs).

After going through a few and recalling briefly my few lesbian encounters in high school and college, I clicked back and onto number 2.

This was all girls getting coated in cum, over a thousand of them. Mostly they were facials, but there were also quite a few cum on foot shots (all in nylons), cum on tits shots, cum on ass shots and a few girls licking cum off the floor shots.

This would have shocked and disgusted most mothers... but it just made me hungry.

I clicked back and entered folder three.

If the first two shocked me... well this shocked me to the core. They were all of me. Now, for the record, they were not creepy, sly pictures taken of me without my permission, but pictures of me dressed up, almost entirely showing me in my stocking-clad feet throughout the years.

In case I thought my son's jerking off about me was a one-time thing, well, this derailed that theory.

My head spinning, I clicked back twice and then went into the second secret folder S.

Here I found hundreds of sex stories... and every single one of them was an incest story involving a mother and son or sons.

Titles included: Sitting on My Son's Lap

Slut Mommie

What Mom Doesn't Know Will Fuck Her

My Son's Huge Cock

Replacing My Cum Bucket

Bareback in My Mom

Mom's Submission

Housewife, Mother & Slut

A Family Affair

Momma Slut

The majority of them fit with the theme of yesterday: Mommy-slut, cum bucket, ass whore, submissive, stockings often included, eager Mom cock sucker, etc.

I read twenty or thirty stories, each one making me wet, each one somehow making the idea of incest, the idea of sucking my son's huge cock, more feasible, more right.

I came... hard... while reading the nasty 'Pet Mommy' series, even as I envisioned I was the 'Pet Mommy' and Barry was the son.

I realized I hadn't clicked on the 'V' folder yet. So, I did.

It had tons of videos. I scrolled down and learned that there were actual incest video clips, some looking authentic like: 'Mommy takes my virginity,' 'Mommy's my cocksucker', 'My son's big dick', 'Gangbang Mom', 'My Master, My Son', and 'Mommy craves Cum' just to name a few.

My cunt was again burning, and after downloading some of the incest ones to watch later, I logged out, my head spinning, I headed out desperate to get a few loads of cum to quench my insatiable thirst... which I was craving even more after learning of my son's fantasies about me.

Almost every title seemed to be ones that could be made about me:

-I was pretty sure Barry was still a virgin and suddenly the idea of being the one to take it was shockingly exciting

-Equally exciting was being his cocksucker, playing with his big dick and having a fresh load of cum at my disposal all the time (he never went out, he was young which meant he likely could reload fast and he clearly shot a massive load)

-Although I hadn't ever thought about name-calling, other than when nasty words were thrown at me from the other side of the wall, the idea of being a Mommy-slut, maybe even having my son as a Master... well... that intrigued me.

I drove to the nearest glory hole, just ten minutes away, one I seldom went to because of its close proximity to my home and my son's school, and headed in.

I only had an hour, I had a hair appointment already scheduled for that day, but I was starving for cum.

Thankfully, I wasn't in the stall two minutes when a nice thick cock was offered to me.

I didn't hesitate, dropping to my knees and taking the semi-erect dick in my mouth, ready to get it fully erect and ready for launch.

As I did, I closed my eyes and imagined it was my son's dick I was sucking. I couldn't help it, but it was like a door had been opened and there was no way my conscious mind could close it.

I bobbed hungrily, imagining that instead of watching him stroke that massive pecker of his, I walked in and helped him out.

"M-m-mom," he stammered, as I took his dick in my hand.

"Do you really want your very own personal Mommy-slut?" I asked, as I slowly stroked his hard as steel dick.

"I'm sorry," he apologized, clearly mortified by being caught in my room, with my panties, my stocking and saying such derogatory things."

"No, I'm sorry, baby," I purred. "Mommy should have known your needs were not being fulfilled." I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth as I swirled my tongue around his thick mushroom top.

"Oh, God," he groaned.

I repeated the question, as I licked his shaft up and down with my tongue, "So, do you really want your own Mommy-slut? A mouth to slide into any time you want, a cunt to pound any time you want and even a tight asshole to ream anytime you want?"

"Oh, Mom," he whimpered, assumedly in awe of his fantasy coming true.

"Don't you mean, oh Mommy?" I purred, before I sucked one of his balls in his mouth.

"I can't believe this," he said, as I moved from one ball to the other.

"Is this your fantasy, baby?" I asked, slithering my tongue back up his thick shaft.

"Yes," he replied, looking like a deer in the headlights.

"Do your always jerk off about me being your cum bucket?" I asked, as I took his cock deep into my mouth.


I bobbed for less than thirty seconds before he grunted and I felt the full load of his cum exploding into my mouth and sliding smoothly down my throat.

I eagerly swallowed the load of the stranger, instantly bringing me back to reality. The fact was that my mind and body... my pussy so wet I could feel my panties getting soaked... so effortlessly and naturally drew me into the act of incest.

Once I finished swallowing the load, and the stranger's cock disappeared, I shook my head. What was becoming of me?

Why couldn't I stop thinking of my son's cock?

Would I really do something so taboo?

The other wall had a cock waiting for me and I moved to it and took the already hard dick in my mouth hungry for more cum.

As I bobbed, my mind again replayed yesterday but with a much nastier ending.

"Mom, are you watching me?" He asked, catching me staring at him jerking off.

I stammered, "N-n-no."

"Get in here," my usually very polite son demanded. "Come to me."

I obeyed, unsure why, staring at his cock the entire time.

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