tagNovels and NovellasCum Addict Pt. 01 Ch. 06

Cum Addict Pt. 01 Ch. 06


This is module one, chapter six. This is going to be a novella of sorts. The intent is to have 4 modules total covering different times in our main characters life. While it is feasible to read any of these independently, this is a carryover story, so reading them in order is beneficial.

Module one, our main character, Katherine "Kat", is a senior in high school and realizes she loves cum and finds a mentor to teach her the game. In chapter five, Kat uses her recently gained knowledge from Richard to get her cum fix. She took on four guys and came out on top. The timing of this chapter coincides with the chapter in the Tiffany storyline titled "Multiple Creampies". This is the continuation of the story.

Disclaimer: Nearly all chapters have some exposure to young/old, group sex, lesbian sex, ass-to-mouth, and/or cum sharing, etc. If any of these things offend you, please move to another story.


The week has been very up and down for Kat. She has enjoyed her conversations with Richard, her mentor. He has continued to walk through various scenarios and thought processes. The review of her event on Sunday where she took on four guys was interesting. He thought it was risky and ahead of schedule, but was proud of her nonetheless. The rest of the week was milder as Kat had school and sports commitments. She did line up time with Sam and Rock individually. She has gotten better at swallowing their big loads without making a mess. This is much to Rock's dismay, as he loves to shoot his cum all over Kat's face. She did promise to give him another opportunity soon. She also had another emergency session with John, the security guard. He keeps asking her when she is going to let him fuck her. Pressuring her might be the cause of fewer visits with him in the future. Most troubling, is that ever since she gave Richard her best friend Tif's phone number, she has been incognito. It is very unlike her. Kat really needs her during this difficult time.

Saturday afternoon cannot come soon enough. She cannot wait to see Richard again at their regularly scheduled appointment. Good news is that Richard said Tif could be there; although she is going to meet her there, which is odd. Where is her best friend and why did she need to hear this from him?

Saturday morning is usually a busy morning for Kat. She has either lacrosse practice or a game early morning followed by three hours of MMA. So around 1 pm every Saturday, you can find Kat in the shower, with the showerhead on the massage setting. Kat goes through the same routine. She massages her sore muscles; she washes her hair and body, shaves her legs and shaves her pussy bald. She used to masturbate to take the edge off, but now has decided to go to Richard horny and ready. So she finishes up her shower, gets dressed in the outfit that Richard asked for, and heads out the door.

She arrives at the hotel right on time and goes up to the top floor. It seems that Richard has reserved a hotel suite for this lesson. She takes a deep breath, knocks on the door and waits. Richard answers the door with a smile and asks her to come in. He hugs Kat tight and kisses her on the lips.

Kat starts to walk into the room and sees Tif sitting in a chair in the living room. She also sees an older woman who stands to greet her. She is incredibly beautiful and wearing a very sexy outfit that accentuates her curvy features. She approaches and Richard introduces her as his wife Stephanie. There is a look of shock on both Tif's and Kat's faces. Stephanie hugs Kat and then says, "Call me Steph. I have heard so much about you and have been looking forward to today. Please join us in the sitting room."

They head over to the living room. Kat walks over and leans down and hugs Tif and gives her a Euro kiss on the cheek. Then she says, "How have you been Tif? I've missed you."

Tif shyly responds, "I have been super busy this week, but I am doing extremely well."

Richard then jumps in, "Today, we have a lot to talk about before our activity. Given that Tif has joined us for the first time, I think this is the opportune time to talk about Tif and her role in this learning process and ultimately her place in Kat's future. Kat, what's wrong?"

Kat stammers and looks down while she speaks, "Uh. I didn't know you were married. I feel like a fool and I am embarrassed."

Kat then looks at Steph and says, "I am sorry Steph. I did not know."

Steph smiles and looks at Kat and says, "Richard and I have an open marriage. We are swingers. We love each other deeply, but we also love sex so much that it would be against our nature to keep it to ourselves."

Kat eases her look a little. Then she says, "I'm sorry Steph. But aren't you upset that Richard seduced me and offered to mentor me without you knowing?"

Steph responds, "I trust Richard. He came home that evening and told me what happened. We had a very lengthy discussion about what he sees in you Kat. He thinks you are amazing and thought you had great potential before he seduced you."

There is a pause before Steph continues, "Kat, I am delighted that he has worked out an arrangement with you. I am looking forward to participating in it."

Tif and Kat look at each other and finally smile.

Richard jumps in, "Kat, are you good?"

Kat shakes her head in approval.

Richard continues, "After our discussion, Steph has a training exercise that she will lead. Again, this is to support the continued evolution of Kat and fits into her future. Tif will participate in this as well. Kat are you ready to get started now that we have laid out the agenda?"

Kat shakes her head yes. Richard reviews for the larger group the vision he has for Kat. He walks through her non-sexual half related to Kat building a career and a personal empire, becoming powerful with Tif likely at her side as an assistant. Kat is to up her attention on health and exercise and to take on additional learning opportunities.

Then Richard walks through her sexual side, her owning the situation, her meeting her carnal cum needs, where Tif could be running interference and supporting her sexual needs. He reinforces that their activities are going to push Kat out of her comfort zone, but will ultimately strengthen her long term. And of course, he points out, there is expected to be a load of enjoyment along the way.

Richard looks at Kat and Tif and asks, "Any concerns or questions with what we have discussed? This is the time to speak, because once we go down this path, changes are harder to implement. The two of you have to commit to this for it to work as well as I have described. Do you commit?"

Kat looks at Tif and then at Richard and says, "I am in." Then she looks back at Tif. And says, "Are you in? I really want you to be with me on this journey."

Tif looks back at Kat and says, "You are my best friend and I hope you always will be. I want to be with you on this journey." Then she looks at Richard and says, "I am in."

Richard smiles and with a small clap of his hands he says, "Excellent. Tif, you will be included in most of the remaining learning exercises for Kat. With that, I think that concludes the first half of today's lesson."

Everybody smiles. Then Richard looks at his wife and says, "Steph, can you kick off the second half please?"

Steph stands up and asks Kat to stand up as well. She looks into Kat's eyes and says, "I am overjoyed at meeting you and am looking forward to us having a long relationship. Now, I must ask you a few questions."

Richard and Tif watch the scene. Kat shakes her head in acceptance.

Steph continues, "I am going to assume by the conversation we have just had that you trust Richard and therefore trust me. Is that correct?"

Kat shakes her head.

Steph continues, "I feel it also safe to assume that you expect to be exposed to new things you have never done and are willing to try these new things. Am I correct?"

Kat looks down at Tif who has a huge grin on her face. Then she looks back at Steph and shakes her head again.

Steph smiles and then asks one last thing, "When was the last time you had an orgasm?"

Kat thinks about it and then responds, "A couple days ago. Sam licked my pussy until I had an orgasm."

Steph adds on, "When was the last time you have had cum?"

Kat responds immediately, "Thursday night with Sam. And I am really horny and hungry if that is what you are getting at."

Steph's smile gets bigger. She takes Kat's hand and leads her over to Tif. Steph gets on her knees in front of Tif's legs. "Please come down here with me Kat."

Kat looks confused, but she does it.

Steph then looks at Tif and says, "Tif, can you please slide forward and spread your legs for us?"

Tif slides forward and spreads her legs. Kat looks at Steph and then at Tif and then at her best friend's pussy. She saw Tif's pussy for the first time a couple weeks ago when she was blowing John the security guard. But it was just a glance. Tif was in the middle of an orgasm as she was masturbating. Now her pussy is right in front of her only a foot away. Tif keeps her pussy shaved clean, just like Kat. She has soft, slightly big pussy lips and big clitoris head. But those are not what grab Kat's attention.

Steph looks at Kat and says, "Now I want you to lean in and look closer and I want you to smell your best friends pussy."

Kat leans in and sees cum drooling out her bald pussy. She smells a mixture of her friends sweet scent with the salty smell of a man's cum. She looks up at Tif and she is smiling. Kat smiles back and then she looks back at her friends dripping wet pussy. A hunger swells up in Kat's gut. Her carnal desire to have cum is overwhelming. She cannot resist herself leaning forward and clamping her mouth on Tif's pussy. Tif gasps that her best friend has attached herself to her pussy. Kat starts sucking as hard as she can, sliding her tongue in as far as can trying to pull cum out of her friend's pussy. Steph looks at Tif and tells her to wait.

Kat continues to suck and lick. Then she sticks a finger deep inside her best friend and starts pulling more cum out and bringing it to her mouth. After a few minutes of this, Steph tells Tif to go ahead. Tif then pushes as hard as she can and cum starts flowing out of her. Ket sees this and reattaches her mouth. She starts gulping as fast as she can, sucking down the creamy white treasure.

A few minutes later, Steph indicates to Tif that she should stand up. So Tif slowly stands up while Kat is still attached to her pussy. Tif pushes again. More cum starts pouring out of Tif's pussy into Kat's waiting mouth. Kat gobbles up the cum as fast as she can, but there is so much that it pours over the sides of Kat's mouth. Kat catches it with her fingers and pushes it back into her mouth. She continues to suck and lick Tif's pussy hoping to bring more cum to her waiting mouth. Finally Steph pulls Kat off of her pussy and says; "I think she's empty, for now."

After a brief pause for Kat to collect herself and finish wiping her mouth, Steph stands up and says, "Girls, come with me." Steph leads them to the bedroom. When they get there, Steph undresses Tif and lays her down on the bed. Then Steph positions herself between Tif's legs. She looks up at Kat and indicates that she should come closer and watch. Kat hesitates for a brief second, but then leans down to join Steph.

Once Kat is in place, Steph leans down and licks up the length of Tif's pussy with her tongue. She stops on her clit and flicks it several times and then back down to her pussy. She sticks her tongue deep in her hole and then back out and up to her clit again. Tif moans loudly. She clasps onto her clit and slides a finger into her waiting pussy. She gets a rhythm going with her finger and then adds another. She goes back to working on Tif's clit. Within a few minutes, Tif bucks her hips as an orgasm rips through her body.

As Tif comes down from her peak, Steph looks over to Kat and tells her, "I want you to learn everything that Tif enjoys and participate in her pleasure. It will tighten your bond and keep her loyal. Knowing how to please a woman also opens up a whole new sexual world to you. Tif longs for a man to cum in her pussy, in her ass, and in her mouth. I think it can become a regular occurrence for Tif to get the sex she wants and then share the delightful results with you."

Steph allows a moment for Kat to process that and then continues, "Kat, now I want you to try."

Kat looks at her friend, realizing that their friendship has changed considerably in the last 30 minutes. Kat remembers what Richard has been preaching to her and how they just introduced a new bond with Tif. Tif looks back at her with lustful eyes.

Kat tentatively puts her hands on Tif's pussy. She starts by running her fingertips up and down her pussy, ending each trip with a flick of Tif's clit. With each flick, Tif jerks a little. She slides two fingers inside her now sopping wet pussy. Then pulls them back out and puts them in her mouth with a long verbal 'mmm'. Then Kat leans down and takes her friend in her mouth. She licks up and down and all over her clit. She moves her two fingers in and out with a steady motion. Then she starts sucking on her friend's clit without a break. Soon Tif is bucking again in a wonderful orgasm. Kat stays on her friend's pussy and licks up her sweet juice. Then she comes back up and looks at Steph.

Steph smiles and says, "Very good Kat. Looks like you are a fast learner." You two will figure out what each of you like more specifically, but you'll have plenty of time for that later. I want to teach you a couple more things today. Are you ready Tif?"

Tif weakly shakes her head. Steph kneels down and licks Tif's pussy some more and licks her clit some more. Then she indicates that Kat should too. She does. Then Steph pushes Tif's legs back as far as they will go, where her ankles are almost next to her ears. Steph uses her thumb and gently rolls it around Tif's slightly broken star. Steph looks at Kat and tells her that anal stimulation is fantastic and that it is something that Tif especially enjoys.

Steph continues, "I need to be gentle this time though. You see, Tif's young ass had a workout this morning. Some nice gentleman worked her ass over and then dropped their loads in her pussy. Tif was gracious enough to hang onto it until you arrived." With that she leans down and starts rimming Tif's asshole. She sticks her tongue deep inside and rolls it around the puckered edge. Then she comes back up and pops her thumb inside, knuckle deep. She looks at a worried Tif and tells her, "We will be gentle hon."

Steph pulls her thumb out and looks at Kat, "Your turn hon." Kat looks at Steph and then cautiously leans in and starts rimming her best friend. Tif encourages her with a small moan and gently puts her hand on the back of her head and pulls her in. After a few moments, Steph pulls Kat off of her friend's ass, "That's enough for now. Now it is time to get Tif to explode."

Steph turns her hand over and inserts two fingers upward inside Tif's pussy. She positions it perfectly on her g-spot and she begins to tug on it. Vigorously, she massages it over and over. Tif starts moaning louder.

Steph says, "Kat, lean down and lick her clit for me."

Kat leans down and starts licking her swollen clit. Tif starts moaning loudly. Kat can sense another orgasm approaching for her friend. She wants her friend's delicious nectar. Kat licks her clit more intensely than the last time. Tif's moans become very loud and her body starts to tense. With her left hand, Steph repositions Kat just over Tif's pussy and continues to tug her pussy hard. Then finally, Tif bucks again, except this time, pussy juice comes squirting out and hits Kat right in the face. Kat instinctively opens her mouth and tries to cover her friend's exploding hydrant. Steph starts swiping Tif's clit and juice keeps firing out of Tif's pussy into Kat's mouth. Finally the onslaught subsides. Kat leans down and cleans up Tif's pussy, not missing a drop.

Kat looks at her friend, who is worn out, and says, "You taste delicious bestie."

Steph looks at the girls again and says, "A powerful pressure in the right spot can cause an orgasm so intense, that pussy juice will squirt out instead of just leaking out. You two should practice this once in a while."

Steph waits a couple minutes and then grabs Tif's hand to help her sit up. Once she is sitting, she leans into Tif and kisses her. Tif lets Steph's tongue probe inside her mouth and then they separate. "Very well done," Steph says.

Kat leans in and kisses Tif fully on the mouth for the first time. Their tongues dance and their embrace is sensual. When they separate, they look into each other's eyes and exchange an 'I love you.'

Steph stands up and asks Kat to stand. When she does, Steph leans in and kisses Kat. Their tongues dance wildly. During the passionate kiss, Tif reaches up and unzips Kat's skirt and lets it fall to the floor. The she tugs her thong to the floor. Steph breaks the kiss and moves to Kat's neck and reaches around and squeezes Kat's supple ass. Tif stands up and reaches under Kat's shirt and undoes her bra. Together Steph and Tif raise Kat's arms and pull off her top and bra. Now Kat is standing their naked. Steph nudges Kat toward the bed and helps her lie down.

Steph hikes her dress and climbs on top of Kat. She kisses her again then moves down to her neck and then her chest. Steph grabs both of Kat's big tits, one in each hand. And she puts the first one in her mouth. She sucks the nipple hard only letting go when it is fully erect. Then she moves to the next one and does the same thing. Kat is moaning and slightly thrashing at the surge of pleasure running through her body. She fully embraces how horny she is at this moment.

Then Steph continues to move down Kat's body. She slowly kisses down her tight stomach and then raises her legs in the air. Steph invites Tif to come over and they each take the inside of one of Kat's thighs. Tif backs off slightly and allows Steph to dive into Kat's wet pussy. Kat has the tiniest pussy with small pussy lips and a slightly hidden clit. Steph licks all the way up and then back down the length of her slit. Then she shoves her tongue all the way inside her pussy, then moves it in and out. She comes back up to her clit and flicks it hard, sending Kat into a moaning frenzy. But then Steph pulls away and invites Tif to take over. She goes right in and starts licking Kat's clit and then puts two fingers deep into her pussy. Kat's moans get louder.

Steph pushes Kat's legs back farther. She puts two of her fingers in Kat's mouth to wet them and then slides under Kat's leg so as to not interrupt Tif. She slowly starts massaging Kat's tight pink star. After a few moments, she slowly slides her middle finger into Kat's ass. Within a few strokes, she is knuckle deep. Tif continues her finger assault on Kat's pussy along with her tongue still working over her clit. Kat's moans are quite loud and her body is starting to buck.

Steph gives Tif the signal. Tif turns her hand over and then pulls up on her fingers putting pressure on Kat's g-spot. Steph adds her index finger to Kat's ass and slowly moves them in and out. Tif picks up speed. Steph picks up speed. Tif uses her left hand to rapidly flick Kat's clit. The sensations are overwhelming. Her long awaited orgasm is at the top. She starts jerking all over the place and finally freezes and explodes.

A huge stream of lady cum gushes out of Kat's pussy into the air and lands on Kat's tits and stomach. Just before the second convulsion and fire, Tif puts her mouth over Kat's pussy and it fires the second shot right into her mouth and she swallows it down. This repeats a few more times before finally the gushes come to an end. Steph takes her fingers out of Kat's ass and walks around the side of the bed and scoots over to Kat. She leans down and licks up the juice that is all over Kats tits and her stomach while Tif finishes cleaning up Kat's pussy. Then they all laugh and fall on the bed in exhaustion.

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