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Cum All Ye Faithful


This story is an official entry in the Winter Holiday Contest

When I saw John from Accounts heading my way with a pathetic sprig of mistletoe and a hopeful smile, I knew the evening couldn't get much worse. Fortunately, Wendy from Reception intercepted his path and pinned him to her ample bosom, locking lips for an alcohol fuelled snog.

The poor man looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights as Mariah Carey warbled away in the background; sadly Wendy was not all John wanted for Christmas! Despite my sympathy, I was not about to hang around for a second futile attempt so I quickly disappeared into the back bar for a refill of Tequila.

Most of my colleagues were in fancy dress as per the internal memo circulated a week before. Our department head felt that it would be an excellent ice breaker. Most of us felt that no, we would look like complete twats, but we thought better of telling him. As a result, I was dressed as a naughty elf and there were many versions of Santa and other seasonal figures. The department head, Conrad, had arrived as Ebenezer Scrooge which had caused many indiscreet titters amongst my team. We all knew how difficult it was to get our expenses claims authorised, so he was definitely in character tonight.

Mandy sidled up to me, her lipstick smudged and her costume dangerously askew.

"Having fun?" she giggled, her glass tilting alarmingly towards my red velvet basque.

"Yeah, a real laugh a minute", I deadpanned with the ghost of a dry smile. "You look merry anyway, what have you been up to? I haven't seen you for ages."

Mandy grinned and put her finger to her lips in a gesture of secrecy. "Can't tell you," she said, slurring her words slightly. "Let's just say Rudolph has a very red nose...!"

She cackled loudly and I grinned despite myself. The only person brave enough to come as Rudolph was Mark. Mandy had fancied him for ages so it sounded like she'd scored at long last. I would find out all the saucy details when she had sobered up - right now I needed a trip to the loo to kill some time and repair my make-up.

I passed my glass to Mandy and headed out of the back door into the reception area. The ladies' loos were down a long corridor and through a hall. The hotel was full tonight, with several Christmas parties taking place. Many guests could be seen wandering around in an inebriated state. I (rather surprisingly) felt sober, despite several large drinks in quick succession and my festive spirit seriously needed a boost.

I ambled passed a room with Christmas carols faintly playing and I peeped through the open door in curiosity. It was dimly lit with coloured lights hung around a makeshift grotto in the corner. Large amounts of wrapping paper and ribbon were strewn all over the floor, suggesting the remnants of a kids Christmas party. I wandered over towards the grotto, unable to resist a sneaky look inside.

The gold curtain of tinsel and velvet parted and a figure dressed as Santa sat on a large throne, sipping a bottle of Vodka alcopop. I laughed in shocked consternation.

"Does Santa get immunity from drink driving laws?" I couldn't resist asking cheekily.

Santa jumped in startled surprise. He pulled his beard down and grinned at me. "If you had to take a sled out in minus five, you'd need a stiff drink too!"

Santa was actually rather cute with twinkling blue eyes and a chiselled jaw line. I suddenly felt rather uncomfortable ogling him, so I decided to beat a hasty retreat.

"Don't go!" Santa implored, "I was going to ask you to sit on my knee while I rummaged in my sack!!"

I laughed despite myself. "I'm not sure that naughty elves get presents..." I grinned, allowing the curtain to swing shut behind me and cocoon us within a sparkly tent.

"On the contrary... they get extra special presents!" Santa patted his knee and beckoned me to closer. I had to admit I had serious reservations about shagging Santa, but hey... it was Christmas after all!

He pulled his beard down further and slipped his hat off as I sat on his knee. He was very good looking, dark hair with a cheeky smile, just the way I like my men.

"Ooh Santa! Is that a present in your pocket - or are you just pleased to see me?!"

My velvet basque felt uncomfortably tight and my breasts strained for release. I wiggled slightly on Santa's knee and was rewarded by a heartfelt groan.

"So Santa... can I tell you what I want for Christmas?"

"Yes naughty elf; go right ahead and Santa will do his very best to satisfy your every desire..."

"How about a good fucking?" I whispered brazenly in his ear.

There was a sharp intake of breath and his eyes darkened until the blue iris was no longer visible. Silently he gazed at me for a minute, both of us considering what I had just said. I could feel a rock hard erection pressing urgently into my thigh and I knew I wanted him badly.

The million dollar question was - did he feel the same way?

He pulled me closer until our faces were millimetres apart and I could almost taste him. I leant forward to lick his lips in a highly provocative gesture. Teasingly I flicked my tongue out and touched his mouth, my eyes locked unflinchingly on his. He parted his lips a little and I slipped my tongue inside, kissing him gently, tasting the vodka he had been drinking when I arrived. Without warning, he grasped the back of my head and crushed me against his chest, kissing me hard.

I squirmed around on his hard thighs, his arm securely around my waist as I pressed my curvy body into his furry red suit. Panting slightly, I pulled back a little, my lips parted lustfully. This was mad. I should be going back to the party - not seducing a man in a Santa suit. Oh hell, it was nearly Christmas...

"What time do you have to get home to Mrs Claus?" I winked at him after our heated kiss broke.

Santa struggled to lift his lecherous gaze out of my heaving bosoms. He licked his lips a little before replying, "Mrs Claus and I are divorced. She got custody of the reindeer and I got to keep the sleigh..."

I chuckled in amusement and squeezed my tits together firmly, creating an enticing cleavage for him to fall into.

"Poor Santa... Never mind, this naughty elf will make you feel better soon!"

"Ho Ho Ho! I'm feeling much better already!" he grinned at me.

I swivelled around further, turning to face him fully as I sat astride his meaty thighs. My skirt was pushed obscenely up, almost to my waist, exposing my silky stocking tops and my scarlet red thong. I could feel the moisture oozing from my aching slit and I wondered if Santa could feel how hot and horny I was.

He slid his hands slowly round my waist. Beneath the red basque, my skin was prickling with eager anticipation and I was breaking out in a light sheen of sweat. I leant back slightly, allowing him more room to play. I was aware of my nipples straining against the tight fabric. The thought of a hot, wet mouth suckling my taut buds almost made me gush hot cum on to Santa's suit.

Santa was clearly reading my mind for he began to unlace the front of the basque. The ribbons unravelled and it began to part slightly.

"Ohhh yes!" I moaned, lost in lust as he scooped my bountiful breasts from their torturous confine. Cupping the soft flesh in both hands, Santa eagerly leant forward to take one pink nipple in his mouth, engulfing a generous mouthful of flesh at the same time. I groaned at the exquisite sensation. The sharp tugging sent delicious spikes of pleasure through my belly, straight to my clit.

My sex was throbbing with frustration. I needed to feel a hard cock inside me and I ground my cunt against Santa's hard shaft to emphasise my point.

"Oh fuck..." he mumbled his mouth full of my breasts. "Stop that now or I'll cum!"

"You can't cum yet -- I haven't had my present!" I pointed out wickedly.

Abruptly, he yanked me up and dragged the basque off me, throwing it into the fake snow drift. My skirt was tugged unceremoniously down my hips and I stepped quickly out of it, relishing the expression of sheer lust on his face.

I stood brazenly before him for a moment, my juices soaking through the silky thong. Watching his expression, I reached up to cup my tits, rubbing my palms across my nipples, moaning as I pleasured myself lasciviously. I could hear the sharp intake of breath as I pulled my mounds together and licked my lips.

With one hand, I slid my fingers between my parted thighs. I pulled the thong to one side, revealing the smooth lips of my cunt, slick with my arousal. Oh how good it felt to touch myself. I relished the sensation of my fingers lightly stroking my lips, tantalising my sex with feather soft caresses. My clit was a hard little nub of sensation and I moaned loudly as my finger tip rubbed it lightly.

All this time Santa watched me, an inscrutable expression on his face. "Oh you are being a very naughty elf..." he whispered suddenly, his eyes dark with heated lust.

I giggled and pulled my sticky fingers from my cunt, licking them sweetly.

"And what are you going to do about it?" I taunted teasingly.

"Uhmmmm..." I sucked on my fingers, enjoying the tangy flavour of my own secretions. "Want a taste?"

With a strangled moan, Santa dropped to his knees and buried his face between my thighs. I felt a nimble tongue lapping across my clit and the smile was soon wiped off my face. I was forced to grab on to his thick furry jacket for support before I lost my balance completely. Santa clearly knew exactly what he was doing.

He ripped my thong down my thighs and thrust his tongue deep into my eager pussy. I could feel him fucking my hole as his nose rubbed against my clit. His large hands grabbed my bottom cheeks tightly, not allowing me to move -- not that I had any intention of doing so. I pulled on my own nipples with one hand, grinding myself on his face, my eyes closed in ecstasy. I could feel my orgasm steadily building, but before it hit me, Santa pulled away.

I moaned in disappointment. "Don't stop!" I gasped, tiny spasms shivering through my sex in anticipation of the main event.

For a minute he looked up at me, enjoying my discomfort. Then he bent back and licked my clit again, reaching round from behind me to slip a finger inside my dripping cunt.

"Ohhhh!" I yelled as he sucked my clit. Everything contracted down and I saw sparks behind my eyes as I came in a hot rush of bliss. Wave upon wave of pleasure galloped through my body and I shuddered in ecstasy, completely uncaring of the fact I had Santa gripped painfully between my thighs.

"Oh fuck me Santa!" I finally managed to say when coherent thoughts returned to my addled brain.

"Oh I intend too..." he muttered darkly before standing up. I kissed him hard. I could taste myself on his mouth, his face gleaming with my juices and his beard damp beneath his chin. I grinned faintly at the thought of poor Santa having to get his beard washed before the next outing.

A hard cock was throbbing against my belly and I took pity on it. Reaching into his trousers, I grasped the thick veined shaft, stroking my thumb across the oozing tip. Sticky pre cum lubricated my hand and I eagerly bent to taste it.

The bulbous head jumped as Santa dropped his trousers to the floor happily. I could hear him moan when I licked the salty fluid from his swollen tip, slurping eagerly as more drops of cum trickled out. When I ran my tongue over the sensitive spot on the underside, even more creamy drops oozed out and he moaned louder, grabbing my hair painfully.

"Yummm!" I commented before opening my mouth wide and enveloping his delicious length. God he tasted divine. Better than the food I hade been forced to eat earlier on that evening. The tequila was making my head spin, but I was fully aware of what I was doing.

My tits brushed against his hairy thighs as I gobbled down his cock, taking him as deep as I could go. Eventually the swollen head touched the back of my throat, his balls brushing my chin. I could feel him throbbing in my warm mouth, growing ever thicker by the second, cum waiting to explode down my throat.

My tongue lapped at him as his cock withdrew a little. Back and forth I sucked, alternating my mouth with my hand, stroking his heavy balls softly. His breathing quickened and I abruptly stopped, feeling amusement at the dismayed expression on his face. Ha, I thought, remembering how he had teased me.

I stood up and took hold of his cock in my hand, wanking him a little.

"I want to fuck you." I said, staring him straight in the eye.

"Turn round and bend over that chair, little elf," he said harshly. Quickly he pulled his red furry jacket off and I admired his muscular chest. Obligingly I leant forward over the edge of his chair. My arse was in the air and my legs splayed. I knew he would be able to see my wide open cunt, wet and ready for his cock. My body trembled in anticipation of him fucking me and my legs wobbled slightly.

He took hold of my slender waist and I felt him edge the tip of his cock between my pussy lips. I could feel juices trickling down my thighs and I moaned loudly.

"Oooh Santa, I need your present now! Give it to me baby!" I was fully aware how cheesy this sounded, but I didn't care -- all I wanted was that cock, fucking me hard until I screamed!

He thrust into me in one slick movement, right the way inside me until he was balls deep. For a torturous second he didn't move. I wiggled my hips a little, pushing back against him, needing to feel him fucking me. He felt so damned good. It had been a while since I'd had a man, and this was well worth waiting for!

Slowly he began to thrust in and out of my tight channel. I pushed backwards against him, using the back of the chair as leverage. Silvery snow flakes sparkled in front of me as the momentum shook the raised platform and made the grotto curtain swish.

Santa reached beneath me and squeezed my tits, pinching my nipples hard. I yelped and grabbed his hand, pushing my breasts against his palm hungrily. I whimpered as he groped my sensitive flesh, his cock stroking my inner walls.

"Oh yeah..." I muttered, lost in my own pleasure.

When he slid his hand down and rubbed my clit, that was the end -- I screamed like a banshee and climaxed hard. My pussy rippled with pleasure, tightening around his cock like a vice. I could vaguely hear him grunting and I felt a hot rush of spunk firing up inside me.

We both fell sideways, the soft pile of artificial snow cushioning our landing. His cock slipped from my sticky pussy, small white balls gluing themselves to my legs. I looked down with distaste at the collage on my thighs -- it was going to take some explaining if I had to return to the party.

"I don't suppose you could drop me off at home on your way back to the North Pole?" I asked as Santa's arm slipped round my waist comfortably.

"Only if you promise to help me with my full sack again later..." he laughed against my back.

"Deal!" I smiled. Christmas had cum early this year and I was enchanted with my gifts so far...

* * *

Thank you for reading my story. Please take a moment to vote and maybe let me know if you liked it. Your opinion matters to me -- it's the reason I spend lots of time writing...

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