Cum Bath


"I want you in my ass, baby," she finally gasped, still licking beneath Troy's nuts.

"She's going to make a great sister-in-law," Will joked.

"Hell yes! I'm going to be the best fucking sister-in-law," she agreed, gasping as she pulled out from under Troy's balls and then rubbed Will's huge pre-cum drenched dick back and forth against her face. "I'm going to be the only sister-in-law you'll ever have that begged you to choke her with your fucking cum!"

Troy hadn't moved to follow his instructions yet because he was so surprised Claire had asked for anal. Of course, everything she was doing now was pretty surprising, but they had never done anal before, and he wanted to make sure he had heard her right before proceeding.

"You want me to fuck your asshole?" he asked.

"Yes, yes," she begged, still rubbing Will's cock all over her face. "Just go slow."

Troy got up and as he and Bryce situated themselves, Claire took Will into her mouth, giving him her full attention as she pumped him with her face. She wriggled her tongue expertly around his shaft and sucked him hard with her lips, bobbing on as much of his incredible length as she could. She cupped his big balls in her hands, pulled her mouth off his cock and spit into his testicles, then pushed her face into the same spot, licking and sucking his dripping nuts.

Behind, Bryce crawled underneath her, actually lifting Claire's entire body up in his own arms for a moment, in order to get her in the right position to allow two cocks to enter her. He had taken her panties off, so now she was totally nude. Her legs were tired, so Claire let her weight rest on Bryce's solid body, and she let him do the work as he grabbed her ass and fucked himself back into her body, slowing only when Troy finally settled over him, kneeling to get in line with Claire's ass. Since she had indeed never had a cock in her ass, much less a gigantic one, Troy knew he had to go slow, and Bryce knew he couldn't move her much for fear of hurting her once Troy entered the virgin area. Bryce busied himself by playing with her tits, finding that playing with her nipples made her pussy contract around his cock. Troy just enjoyed himself as he slowly and delicately began to slide his cock, lubed from Claire's sucking and tongue-lashing, into her tiny anus.

She gasped out in a little pain and a lot of pleasure as the very tip of Troy's head opened her, but she braced herself and had comfort knowing he would be gentle. This allowed her to lick and kiss Will's cock and balls. But soon things were really intense. Troy had barely half of his head inside her, but with a cock at her mouth, a huge dick in her pussy, and a pair of expert fingers on her nipples, this was all Claire could take. She bolted into a mind-blowing orgasm, groaning and roaring, panting and gasping as her body tightened, bucked and twisted. In all the movement, she backed into Troy's cock, taking his entire head inside her ass, giving her even more pleasure--too much to take. She cried out, forcing her body to stay in place, having the orgasm of the century but not able to do anything but breathe and scream.

Her pussy tightened so much that Bryce couldn't help himself, and he began fucking her hard and fast. This pulled Troy's cock head out of her ass, but as the little target moved back in forth with Bryce's pumping, Troy made sure to gently poke it on each backstroke with his cock to ensure she knew he was still there. Though her screams were continuous, there was an extra little sound whenever his dick touched her rosebud.

Will, who was still perched near Claire's head, her face pressed into his dick and sack as she enjoyed her orgasm and tried to gain control of herself, ran his fingers through her hair. He was kneeling near Bryce's head, since Bryce was under Claire, and the two exchanged knowing glances that said this girl was something special. Maybe it was just because it had been so long since the brothers had done this, but Claire was making them feel like she was the experienced one and they were new to it all.

"I don't hear you begging, hunny" Will smiled as Claire began to calm down, though she was still groaning and trying to catch her breath.

Claire knew exactly what he wanted, and so began jerking his huge pole off with her hand while holding her lips right up to the sensitive flesh behind and beneath his cock head as she talked.

"Give me your cum, hunny," she said, matching his pet name for her. "I want you to fill me with that shit! I don't think I can drink it all, but I want to fucking try. Feed it to me! Feed me your fucking sperm! Come on, hunny, cum in my mouth! I'll swallow your jizz until it chokes me!"

Bryce was fucking her powerfully the whole time, and the words he heard added to this pushed him to edge first. "Aw, shit; I'm going to lose it!"

"Let's switch," Will said. "I'm not ready yet."

"The bedroom," Bryce said urgently. "Quick!"

The brothers seemed to read other's minds as they immediately got up, picked up Claire and rushed her into the bedroom, nearly knocking down the closed door as they entered. Bryce was on the verge of cumming the whole time, and they dropped Claire on the bed just as his seed started to spit. He crawled on the bed, his body twitching, and straddled Claire's body, trying to reach her lips.

His first blast of cum shot before he was even fully on the bed with her, but it was a long, powerful stream that hit her just below the belly button and continued on as he moved; a single, churning stream of hot jizz that splashed up her tummy, between her breasts, and up her neck. That first huge stream had yet to be broken by the time Bryce hovered over her face, and so it spilled over her chin and lips and nose before he was able to direct himself into her open mouth. The cum sprayed with such force that it actually splattered off her tongue as she stuck it out to greet it, and this was still the first, as yet unbroken stream. In fact, that stream was still going when Bryce finally pushed his cock in her mouth.

Claire felt the warm cum rain across her body, and thought it felt more like someone pouring warm water from a garden hose on her than a dick erupting sperm. She'd had a similar experience with Troy, but since Bryce's cock was fatter, the stream was much thicker, and since Bryce's balls were so unbelievably big, she knew he was nowhere near finished. She lapped and then sucked and gulped the monstrous load of sperm as Bryce howled and fed it to her. She bobbed on him, stroking him with both her hand and her lips while moaning from the intense arousal she had in receiving this rare gift.

Then, as promised, the cum proved to be too much too fast, and Claire choked, spitting out the dick and jerking it off over her face, her throat closed to anything going down it, but her mouth still open and filling rapidly. The second of Bryce's spurts was even longer than the first one, and by the time Claire realized this, she thought he might go on forever, and so she swallowed her mouthful of cum and jerked him off with her lips again, swallowing as fast as she could to keep up, literally gulping his seed down.

When he finally stopped, Claire's face was so plastered with jizz that she was unrecognizable. Her eyes were closed, and even her hair was drenched.

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed. When she opened her mouth, heavy amounts of cum on her lips spilled in.

"Jesus, Bryce!" Will said, also astounded. "I've seen elephants on the nature channel cum less than that!"

"Yeah, I've been a little backed up," Bryce admitted, out of breath.

"Since when? The seventies?"

"Will somebody please fuck me?" Claire interrupted, licking more cum from her lips and fingers.

The guys briefly discussed how to proceed, and ended up with Troy crawling underneath her--him on his back on the bed with her back laying on his body--so he could continue exploring her ass, and Will standing at the edge of the bed, putting him in position to fuck Claire's pussy. Once they had taken their positions, Bryce straddled Claire again and began fucking his semi-hard cock between Claire's tits. He used the cum that had pooled between them to lube up both himself and her chest, and soon he had brought his fat erection back to life. Claire even licked him when he stroked up to her face, occasionally rubbing his shaft in the mess of sperm on her face so she could in turn suck it off of him.

The other two slowly built up a rhythm, and Troy was amazed by how quickly Claire's ass had adjusted to actually being fucked. Maybe the knowledge that she was receiving three of the world's largest cocks all at once in three different holes was loosening her up. He knew it was turning him on.

"How do you like three cocks in you, baby?" he asked her as he shoved into her.

Her answer was unintelligible, as her lips were full of Bryce's cock and her tongue was drenched in his cum. He backed up, going back to fucking her cum-soaked tits to let her respond, but all she did was open her mouth, waiting to taste him again.

Troy had been in Claire's cunt several times before in their short relationship, and as tight as it was, her ass was beyond anything he could have imagined. Better still was how much Claire seemed to be enjoying it. Her body began to tremble like he'd never seen before as soon as he started fucking her, and her breathing came in short, rapid bursts. She was moaning continuously again, but this time with a renewed urgency, and though she lacked the ability to confirm this, he suspected her frequent, sudden bursts of energy as her body thrashed against all three of the men were actually repeat orgasms.

It was during one of these bucking fits that Troy knew he was at the end of his rope, and he grunted to announce it. Where do you want my cum?" he asked as Will still pounded her sopping pussy.

"In me. On me. In my fucking ass. Everywhere," she begged.

"Here it goes," he grunted. "Oh here it comes! Here it comes!"

Troy buried his cock in her ass, stretching her hole to the limit and causing Claire to scream. She pressed her lips tight to the underside of Bryce's cock just behind his cock head and sucked on it powerfully as she came yet again from the indescribable pleasure of feeling Troy's steamy load fill up her little virgin ass. Will increased the power of his thrusts, too, for he was unexpectedly cumming, and so he drove himself into her deep as his seed rushed forth.

"You want my cum on your face?" he offered, getting ready to pull out when that last second arrived.

"Fuck no!" she cried out. "My pussy! Fill my cunt with that shit! I want to have your baby!"

And Will just lost it right there. He felt as if his first shot of sperm could've knocked over a coffee can from five yards away. Feeling it blasting powerfully inside of her, Claire would've guessed the can could've been ten yards away, full of coffee beans, and still knocked over.

Claire's ass was so tight that she couldn't hold even half of Troy's load, and it began spilling out of her, even spraying out the tight seam of her hole wrapped around his cock, drenching his balls and dripping down the side of the bed to the floor. Will had a similar problem at her cunt, because when he released his load into her, for each drop that disappeared into her body, it seemed another drop squeezed its way out. The feeling was particularly great for Claire, because like Bryce had done in her mouth and on her face, Troy--and especially Will--had long, continuous streams of jizz shooting into her body, churning and rushing like rivers through broken dams.

And then, just like that, Bryce was cumming again, too. He leaned forward so his dick was pointing straight down toward Claire's throat. Only about two inches of his cock was past her lips, but she sucked it greedily and kept her throat open to accept his sperm. She had her hands tight on his ass, and so even when he thought he should back off when she started to cough on his second huge load of the evening, Claire kept him in place.

At the same time, with two other guys to be shared with, Troy wasn't able to get Claire to give him the motions he wanted to truly cum, so he pulled out of her ass when he was just about spent to jerk whatever he had left out of himself. He turned out to have a lot, and the cum spat out three feet into the air before splashing back onto Claire's tits and barely missing both of his brothers. As it was, his cock was shooting from a place where he was surrounded by Claire's body and Will's thigh as the older brother still pumped seed into her pussy.

Will ended up doing the same thing Troy had, and he pulled out just long enough to shoot a couple strong loads of cum directly onto Claire's clit, sending into another tremendous orgasm. For minutes, the whole room was a collection of groaning, grunting, and gasping. Cum was flying everywhere, everyone was sweating, while the sound of skin sucking and slapping eventually faded to only the sound of four exhausted people breathing.

Claire felt as if she'd been struck by some magical bolt of lightening. Her body seemed to be sizzling with electricity. Every contact she had with any of the brothers gave her a micro orgasm, and eventually this was too much for her, and she asked them to let her rest.

The men obliged, offering to go down to the corner and get some more beer so she could be left alone for a couple minutes. She said that sounded fine, but that they shouldn't be gone too far. When they asked why, she smiled.

"Because unless I'm mistaken, you teamed up on those other girlfriends at least twice. I've still got some catching up to do."

The brothers were dressed and out the door immediately, because they knew that the sooner they left, the sooner they would get back. And even with Claire literally covered with cum from the top of her head to the tops of her thighs and a bucket's worth of still warm sperm inside of her, she wasn't anywhere near finished yet. In fact, as soon as the guys were gone, she wished she hadn't asked for the time out, because she was already primed for round two.

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