tagGroup SexCum Bucket Night Ch. 02

Cum Bucket Night Ch. 02


I couldn't believe I was going through with this degrading competition at the frat house, but when you are desperate for money you tend to do desperate things.

In part 1 of this story I outlined the money difficulties I was having, the problems with my parents, and my roommate Tiffany and her regular escapades with professors and others with a bank roll.

I have to admit that final ride over to the frat house with Bradley was a little disconcerting. It was so friendly. I didn't feel like a whore, I felt like I was going to meet some of his friends. I thought of my parents --- kept thinking of what they'd think --- and then began having second thoughts. But Bradley kept talking and I felt more and more comfortable about the whole thing. Especially the money we'd be leaving with.

The frat prez was so very nice. He called us by our "stage" names....might not event know that I was not Courtney and Tiffany was not really Sharon.

We had locked our car, along with the envelope containing $250 each Bradley had given us. A down payment, so to speak, for our services that evening. Those services, as I understood it, was a blow job competition at Bradley's frat house. Each of us girls had 69 minutes --- cute huh? --- to fellate as many guys as we could.

One at a time we'd take them upstairs. Do our business with them. Have them initial our "dance" cards and give us a grade. Then we'd whisk our way downstairs to pick out a new partner for a repeat trek upstairs. Which ever girl felated the most guys to completion in the allotted time frame would be the winner of the $2,500. The loser, only $1,000 cash.

I was driving with the frat president as nice girl but would be returning that night as a whore. With a little luck I'd be back in the car in a couple hours, $2,500 richer but with a lot of cum in my belly. Hopefully I could survive without creating a scene of some sort.

Tiffany, er, Sharon looked at me an smiled. She told me it would be okay, nobody would know us and nobody would ever know who we were or what we did. "You do it with your boyfriends....think of these guys as boyfriends, horny boyfriends.

Soon we parked behind a large Victorian house on a tree lined road on the outskirts of a local university. It looked like dozens of buildings I'd seen before, but knew it would not be like any I had been in. I took a deep breath, smiled at Sharon and walked with her and Bradley into the basement.

"Do you want a drink before we head upstairs and start the festivities?" asked Brad.

We both nodded, me with a little more gusto. I needed a shot of courage to go on.

After bottoms up we hugged each other then made our way upstairs. Bradley had us wait at the top of the stairs and made a booming announcement. "Gentlemen of Tappa Delta, I'd like to introduce you to a pair of hungry ladies who will be our guest tonight, Courtney and Sharon. Welcome, ladies! We are glad you are here."

All eyes were upon us as we made our way into the room. A round of applause followed, and I notice the guys were staring at us as I was staring at them.

We worked the room, smiling, shaking hands, looking at our victims. The guys looked at us, hoping to be chosen. After several minutes, Brad announced it was time for the competition to begin.

I saw Tiffany head toward a blond guy in the corner. I quickly selected the nerdiest, neediest guy in the room.

"Hi, I'm Courtney," I said with a smile. "Want to go for a walk?"

The guy mumbled something, surprised he'd been chose, but quickly grabbed my hand and led me upstairs. I think he wanted to get up there and start things before I changed my mind. I think I picked the right guy!

His name was Stephen, he was a computer science major and he didn't have a girlfriend. In one short walk I learned all about him, because he couldn't stop talking. He was a nervous wreck. Stephen was in the frat because he knew computers inside out and the fraternity needed someone to run all the electronic gadgets in the house. He was an expert in that arena, and that got him to the inner circle. Now he was at the front of a horny line of guys.

I learned all of this on the steps up to the upstairs room. Somehow, my name was on the door along with a bright blue star. I surmised that tonight I was going to be a star. Money can be an incentive, but quite frankly all the buildup had rid my body of nerves and replaced with a sort of horniness I'd never felt before.

Stephen closed the door and leaned back against it. His eyes were riveted on me as I sunk to my knees and immediately began on lower the zipper on his bulging jeans. Pulling out his cock, I looked up and thought his eyes would pop out when I licked the tip of his dick.

"Oh, oh , oh," he cried as I slid my lips slowly down his manhood. I could swear I heard him groan and felt him squirm in front of me. Seconds later his cock pulsated then spat its creamy load into my unsuspecting mouth. His quick cum surprised me, as I'd only had him in my mouth for a minute, but the guy had no control.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," said the guy, eyes still wide open. I cooed how good he tasted as he zipped up. "The guys will make fun of me like they always do."

First I told him he was chosen, not any of them, so he was special. Then I told him to say I was just so hot that he couldn't take it. I nodded, said it wasn't a problem, that it helped me and that I hope he enjoyed our short time together. With that he zipped up, I wiped my mouth on the back of my arm as we strode downstairs. One down!

The assembled group downstairs was somewhat taken about by our quick reappearance and I quickly chose another hopefully conquest. His name was John, he said, and was a math major. Dark hair, devilish blue eyes and a bulge in his trousers was all I needed to know about him, especially the bulge.

John was a little more practiced than Stephen. He took a firm hold of my ass on the parade upstairs, massaging it as we found our way to my room. This time there was no quick movements by the guy. He started to kiss me, thought better of it (I wondered if he could smell Stephen's cum) and gave me a big hug instead.

He mentioned that I was very pretty. I thanked him for the compliment and began to get down to business. Time was of the essence, like it or not.

I didn't know it at the time, but the guys had their own side bets going. The guys chosen among the first five by each girl had to be back downstairs in less than 50 minutes, ensuring they didn't take forever to get their rocks off. If they took a more than 50 minutes between them, they each had to throw in a hundred bucks into the frat kitty. So, dally in the bedroom, enjoying one's self, could be costly for the slow pokes. Of course, I had no knowledge of their little bet, so I just figured they were horny guys who wanted to get off and totally enjoy themselves.

The guy unhooked his pants, lowering them to the floor before sitting in a seat by the room's only window. I did the honors with his boxers, first kissing the fabric covering his cock before sliding the cute undies down his legs. As I lowered my head he told me to kiss his cock.

"Yea, that's it, kiss the cock, sweetie, kiss it," said the guy. "Now lick it from top to bottom. Uh huh, like that."

They guy gave me directions which were easy to follow.

"Clean the cock, baby, suck it," said number two as I lowered my head and sucked more dick into my mouth. "You suck like a pro, oh, yea. The girls here aren't as practiced as at your college."

I hoped he didn't know which college I was enrolled!

Working his dick like I had many times in front of the dorm with guys after dates, I played with his balls. He had a nice dick, nice and long, maybe seven inches of throbbing man meat. He kept telling me to suck but didn't give a second of notice that he was cumming. All of a sudden his dick exploded in my willing mouth, and the unexpected volley of cum caused me to gag more than a little.

I had to spit out some of his cum, coughing a bit as some had slithered down my throat, as he chuckled at my dilemma. Then he wiped his cock on my face. "Thanks for the blow job, honey. Do yourself a favor, wear it downstairs. It will be great advertising."

Embarrassed and humiliated, I thought of cleaning myself up before thinking again about the clock. Instead of a trip to the bathroom I merely wiped the residue of his activities on my sleeve and smiled at him. "You are such a bad boy!"

He smiled, said something about me being a bad girl, and we left the room. I have to admit I felt so wanton, so naughty, striding downstairs with him...his hand groping my ass the whole way. Looking back, I believe it was like I was a woman possessed, under the spell of hypnosis or something, because it was so wrong what I was doing yet I had this feeling deep inside of me of excitement and challenge.

Nary had an eye looked at us as we got back to the room. Oh, I knew they were sneaking glances but nobody overtly stared or anything. Those were the rules. I was the belle of the ball (along with Tiffany, of course), and I got to pick my, err, dance partners, willingly and without any coercion.

Two down, who knows how many to go.

Numbers three and four were uneventful, both quick blow jobs that had me thinking of what a slut I was. Both had me take their pants off with me kneeling in front of them, both cradled my head in their hands guiding me up and down their cocks. Both were satisfied in less than seven minutes. Quick, easy and efficient blow jobs.

The fifth guy, though, was a handful. He had a dark, mysterious look about him. A player, a guy who had been around the block a few times. I surmised he'd be with the program and an easy conquest.

His name was Barry, a pre-law guy that was from New York City. Once inside the room he told me to lift my top and show me my tits. So much for dignity and respect.

"Ok, we can do this my way --- and I will be out of here fast --- or you can try your way which I know will take a lot longer," said Barry, taking control of the situation.

Before I could murmur a "huh" he continued.

"I don't like blow jobs, just don't. And I know you are here to blow me. That's your problem," said the jerk of a guy. "So here's the deal..."

I was befuddled by his request, disgusted actually, but began to weigh my options. If I wanted to get Barry downstairs fast I had to follow his wishes, no matter how disgusting they were.

Here's what happened: Barry wanted his ass licked. If I did that, he'd jerk off on my face and cum in my mouth.

What's a girl to do? I mean, I was willingly going to suck his dick. But he said that he'd take forever to cum. Doing it his way meant we'd be marching back downstairs quickly, and in this competition, quick was the order of the day. So I agreed.

"You aren't only pretty, but smart too," said the gruff guy. "Get on your knees and play with your tits."

I took my familiar plunge, kneeling in the center of the floor. My hands caressed my breasts as my eyes watched him drop his pants and dark blue briefs to the floor. He stroked his cock in front of my face for a bit before turning around and bending over, using a nearby chair to hold on to.

There, in front of me, was his ass. Moving closer, I tentatively began to lick the cheeks before slithering my tongue slowly down the crack. This was virgin territory for me, and I wasn't really sure how to proceed, but played things my ear.

"That's it, lick my ass," said the guy.

I did, licking up and down the crack while I held on to his waist. It didn't taste all that bad, it was just different.

"Hold my balls carefully, and then stick your tongue into my hole," ordered the guy as I slowly complied. "Yes, yes, that's it, stick it all the way in."

I played with his balls with one hand while my tongue wormed in and out of his asshole. My nose was hard pressed against his ass crack so I could get my tongue deep. My other hand danced in the area between the balls and his asshole, something he liked.

"That's it, that is, lick my ass," said Barry from above, while his midsection began moving in a fucking motion. I think he was jerking off, but couldn't tell for sure. He rock and talked and moaned as I licked away at ass for the first time in my life.

All of a sudden he moved forward then spun around, and before I knew it his cock was spurting several volleys of hot cum onto my face as he jerked his cock off at me. The first shot hit right between my eyes, the second on a cheek an then he put his cock in my mouth so I could suck off the rest. He fucked my face for about a minute, calling me several names. When drained he pulled out and smacked my face with his dick.

"Now that was a blow job," complimented Barry, "you are incredible."

He got his pants on but asked me to lick his dick by the door to the room one last time so he could remember me. I did, right before we walked back down to the main room while all the while wondering if the guys would know what I had done. Not only was I a dick licker but a true ass kisser.

Tiffany was leaving with a guy as I walked into the room. She gave me a sly smile and winked, making me feel good. We were in the home stretch.

I had notice a cute, well dressed guy earlier who again caught my eyes and I selected him as my next conquest. Turns out his name was Jeremy, and he was all over me on the way upstairs. Little did I know the mistake I had made with this selection.

Oh, he was hot and horny, but he'd been with Tiffany just minutes before.

When we got inside the room he said he was sorry, but that this would be sloppy seconds for me, so to speak. "Your friend is quite sexy," said the guy. "She, uh, is talented as well."

We both knew what that meant. I'd be working overtime to get him over the top.

Jeremy was a history major. He liked looking up girls' skirts, which was unfortunate since I was wearing jeans. "Why don't you pull down those pants and play with your self while I get myself ready," said the experienced guy. "I want you to do well in the competition."

At this point I realized how dastardly this could have been as a true competition. I mean, he could have been coerced by Tiffany to take forever. But with a degree of fairness, it appeared he'd do what he could to help my cause.

As if reading my mind, he chuckled. "Hey, I win either way tonight! I get two beautiful women to suck me off, how can that be bad. She was great, yes, but I am looking forward to cumming in that beautiful mouth of yours. I just need a lot of help, because, really, she drained me."

Up for the challenge, I dropped my drawers and began to play with my red panties in front of the wide-eyed guy. Soon the panties started down my thighs, but he insisted I keep them there while I played with my hot, wet and horny pussy. "It's a great look. It's like I've caught you in your room masturbating. This is so hot. Keep them on your thighs."

As he talked the guy lowered his trousers and the boxers. His cock was thin and long, at a little better than half mast as he began to slowly stroke it while his eyes were glued to my activities.

I enjoy masturbation. Oh, I'd rather have a guy making love to me, but in a pinch my fingers are exciting when they do the walking around my pussy. I do it a couple times a week, when the need hits me, but never with an audience. And here Jeremy's eyes were glued to my pussy.

I closed my eyes and imagined myself in my bed. Late at night. Horny. I parted the lips and worked by clit, slowly, then with a little more ginger.

"I love the way you trim your pussy, it's so hot," said Jeremy of my heart shaped mound above my womanhood. "Your fingers are so wet."

Smiling, I kept working my pussy, getting hotter by the minute. Apparently Jeremy was too. "Oh, this is so hot," said they guy.

I looked over at him and he was standing, stroking his cock quickly and firmly.

"Get over here," he ordered, and I did, slipping toward him then down on my knees. I watched as he jerked his cock. He was making these little noises, and I looked up at him and gazed into his eyes. He smiled then went back to work on his dick as I opened my mouth and licked my lips in anticipation.

"Oh I'm going to cum," grunted the guy, inserting his cock into my mouth and jerking it. I sucked as hard as I could on the tip ---- his hand was feverously working the stem ---- and closed my eyes. Soon I was rewarded with several small shots of man stuff which I swallowed quickly hoping not to repeat the choking display of earlier in the night.

Jeremy held the back of my head with one hand while he jerked his final volleys into my waiting mouth. I must have looked so naughty, my panties still around my thighs while kneeling in front of a guy. Oh, it was hot.

The guy almost fell back when he let go of my head, and we both laughed at that little dance step. He sat down, drained.

"That was incredible, you are so very sexy, so very hot. That was a great blow job."

Smiling at him, I apologized for him having to do so much of the work. "The pleasure is all mine, girl, that was awesome."

We pulled up our undies and pants and made small talk. "I know you have to hurry, but just wanted you to really know how much I appreciated your work," said Jeremy, getting cuter by the minute. We walked downstairs like lovers.

But we, of course, weren't. I was merely the new whore on campus or something. So much for being an "entertainer," I was sucking for money, I know. But it was so very hot in the situation. I kept telling myself I was the queen, the belle of the ball with the pick of the litter.

I gave Jeremy a kiss on the cheek before turning and picking the closest guy to us as we entered the room. Time was of the essence, and guy would do at this point of the night.

It was a good pick, an appreciative junior named Zach who was thrilled at being selected. We hurried upstairs as the clock ticked away. I had lost track of time with Jeremy because of his "problem" and realized we were down to the final minutes. I had to get Zach off.

That became clear when an announcement was made in the outside hallway that there were only two minutes left before the final buzzer. It was now or never for young Zach.

"You ever had a blow job, Zach?" I asked.

He slowly replied "yes."

"But not like this one. Drop your pants, fast."

Time was short, it was time for something special. I thought of a former lover, and something he liked. There was a table in the room, and I sat on it and lay down on my back, my head over the end.

"Fuck my face, Zach, hurry!"

He couldn't have been happier. He stroked his dick a couple times then aimed at my open mouth.

Opening wide, I stuck out my tongue. The boy laid his cock on my tongue then slowly slipped it in my tired mouth as I sucked hard on the log. He got the beat quickly and began fucking my face like there was no tomorrow.

In and out he went, rocking his body toward my mouth and back, quicker and quicker.

"I can't believe how good this feels, you are suck a cocksucker," groaned the guy. "You are amazing...I'm gonna cum."

Oh yea!

He took no care in fucking my mouth, and I barely held on as he attacked my wet mouth. One, two and three volleys of copious cum sauce shot into my mouth, followed a second later my several more less full shots. Cum was everywhere as I couldn't swallow because of his rough rocking but I couldn't hold it in my mouth. So cum was coming out and sliding down into my head and hair.

Just then the siren went off and the door opened. A looked up and he smiled. "Looks like that blow job counts, Courtney, I see the cum in your mouth and on your face. Let's go, you two lovebirds, we have to get downstairs for the final tally. Don't worry about cleaning off, it's a good look."

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