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"Did you just say what I thought you said?"

I was the one asking the question. My wife Katie was sitting across from me, deep in conversation with her best friend Jane. I was sitting next to Jane's husband Bill. The four of us had met after work as we often did and were sitting around a high top "pub" table in a noisy neighborhood bar/restaurant. Bill and I had been half watching a ball game on one of the many televisions suspended at different angles from walls and ceilings. He and I were less talkative than the girls, exchanging a few remarks above the crowd noise and the rock music coming from the ceiling speakers. Our wives were already on their second glasses of wine while Bill and I were nursing our first bottles of beer as we were driving.

But during a slight lull in the hubbub, I thought I'd heard Katie say something that I didn't quite believe. That's when I asked her if she'd really said what I thought I'd heard.

Katie gave me a sweet smile and said in a matter of fact voice, "You shouldn't eavesdrop, Jerry. Jane had said that when Bill has an orgasm, he shoots about a quart of cum. And I said that when you're on form, you cum about two quarts!"

"Jeeze, Katie!" I glanced quickly around but nobody had heard her over the noise in the bar.

I gave a sheepish grin at Bill who rolled his eyes, but both of us were secretly pleased that our wives were bragging to each other about our copious ejaculations. I have to admit that I am what's known as a "heavy cummer" and can fill Katie's pussy until it gushes out and down her thighs. But she loves to see me cum and often urges me to pull out and spray her, and I cover her from face to tits to belly with gooey jizz, particularly if we haven't indulged for a few days. It was news to me that Bill was similarly gifted, at least according to what his wife Jane was claiming.

Both girls were quite bright eyed and rosy cheeks, probably from a combination of wine and raunchy talk that they had been sharing while Bill and I were otherwise engaged.

"I bet Bill cums more than Jerry," said Jane.

"Bet he doesn't!" said Katie.



"Does! Does! Lots more. Gallons of it!"

Katie and Jane were getting as giddy as over-stimulated toddlers, playfully getting right in each other's face.

"Gallons?" said Katie. "I'd like to see that."

Jane giggled and Bill and I exchanged smiles, shaking our heads as if to say, "Women!"

But suddenly Katie looked at Jane and said, "No. I mean seriously. I'd like to see that."

Jane stopped giggling and looked at her. "Seriously?" she asked quietly.

"Yeah," replied Katie. "You've to admit it would be kinda hot."

Our wives were looking intently at each other now. "Only if I got to see Jerry cum, too," replied Jane. "Both of them."

Katie gave a short chuckle. "You mean a cum contest? To see who can cum the most?"

I should say at this point that Katie and I had been married about ten years. We've always had a great sex life but only with each other. When making love to Katie, I'd sometimes had fantasies about other women, including Jane, and I'm guessing Katie had had fantasies of her own. But we'd never done anything remotely "naughty" with another couple. I was pretty certain that Jane and Bill had a similarly monogamous relationship. Yet here was my sweet Katie talking openly about watching Bill cum... and letting Jane see me do the same thing.

I was suddenly aware of an erection growing in my pants. I glanced at Bill, and from his expression, he was experiencing the same range of emotions.

"Do you realize what you're saying?" Bill asked his wife.

"Sure," said Jane. "Katie wants to see if you really deliver a load like I say you do. And to be frank, I'm curious to see what Jerry can do. She says he's a fire hose!"

So no doubt, over the years, Katie and Jane had been comparing notes of their intimate activities, unbeknown to us, their husbands. And now it had come to this.

There was definitely a sense of sexual tension in the air between the four of us that I for one had never felt before.

"So what do you say, boys?" asked Katie with a grin, her eyes sparkling. "A stroke job from your favorite fluff girls who get to compare notes."

"Unless you're not 'up' to it," added Jane.

It then occurred to me that this wasn't quite as spontaneous as it seemed, and Katie and Jane had pretty much orchestrated the scenario without Bill or me being aware of it.

"Oh, I'm always 'up,' you know that," said Bill in a mock macho voice.

"Me too," I added, aware of how tight my underwear seemed to have become.

"And it's the sort of game where nobody actually loses, if you think about it," said Katie.

"So... when do you want to have this little game of yours? And where?"

"How about right now," said Jane. "Not here, I don't mean! At our place. It's only about ten minutes away. And the kids are with Jerry and Katie's kids, staying overnight with their grandparents, so we'd have the place to ourselves."

So those devious wives of ours really had planned all this! The kids out the way, a couple of drinks to loosen up, some sexy talk to get us in the mood.

I looked across the table at the ladies. Both in their early thirties, they had similar personalities, outgoing and confident, which is probably why they'd become such firm friends. But apart from that, they were physically quite different. Katie is about five foot five with shortish wavy brown hair and brown eyes. She has a tanned, athletic figure despite being a mother of two kids. She has long legs and fairly small, B-cup breasts with cute little pointed nipples.

Her friend Jane is a little shorter, perhaps five foot three, with blonde hair that tumbles around her face and over her shoulders. She is very fair skinned and slightly more buxom than Katie. Her full breasts were emphasized by the tight blouse she was wearing, and with the top two buttons undone, I could see a tantalizing hint of cleavage. I had often wondered what her naked breasts would look like without ever really expecting to find out.

I looked at Bill who gave me a kind of "what the hey" shrug. Turning back to the girls, I said, "Well, as you seem to have this all pretty much planned out, how can we let you down?"

Katie and Jane exchanged triumphant grins and I signaled the waitress for our tabs. We left the bar and got into our cars. As we followed Bill and Jane's car out of the parking lot, I glanced over at Katie. "Are you sure you're okay with this?" I asked. "I mean, Bill and I will be... you know, naked in front of you two, and..."

"Yes, hon," she replied putting a hand on my thigh. "It's not like we're cheating or anything. It's just fun. Sexy fun with people we know and trust."

She moved her hand up to my crotch and squeezed the thickening log through my slacks. "And it seems you're in the mood for it!" she added.

In minutes, we were pulling into Bill and Jane's driveway and parking behind their car. We followed them inside and Jane turned and closed the front door, giving me a chance to look at her rounded rump and shapely thighs encased in the ultra-tight jeans that nipped in at the waist and ended just above the three-inch heels of her red pumps.

We all stood there looking at each other. "So, uh, where shall we...?" I asked lamely.

"The bedroom, I think," answered Jane with a wink.

With the girls leading the way, we headed for bedroom, where Jane switched on a lamp on the nightstand, filling the room with a soft, romantic glow. Katie came into my arms and gave me a deep, open mouth kiss, swirling her tongue against mine and stroking the back of my neck with her fingertips. The little minx knew from experience just how much of a turn-on I find that! Beside us, Bill and Jane were kissing in a tight embrace too, with Jane's full breasts pressed into Bill's chest.

After almost a minute, Katie stepped back and said, "All right, boys. Time to get those clothes off!"

Jane joined her and they stood side by side, hands on hips, with expectant smiles on flushed faces.

Bill and I glanced at each other and began to unbutton our shirts. As I tossed my shirt onto a chair, Bill suddenly stopped what he was doing and said, "Wait a minute!"

For a moment, I thought he was having second thoughts, and from their startled expressions, our wives seemed to think so too. But Bill quickly explained.

"How come we have to be naked but you get to stay fully clothed?" he demanded.

"Because you two are the ones putting on the jizz show," replied Jane.

Bill shook his head. "Nah ah! If we are naked then you have to be, too! Am I right Jerry?"

I folded my arms and tried to look resolute. "Absolutely, Bill. "It would just be too weird. Two guys totally nude in front of two fully clothed women? No way! Come on, girls. You've got admit, it's only fair!"

The girls giggled and exchanged knowing glances. Then Jane said, "Well, to be honest, we kinda thought you'd say that. I'm just surprised it took you this long to mention it!"

"Anyway, Bill," added Katie, "If you're anything like my Jerry, the sight of two gorgeous, naked MILFs like Jane and me will only add to the volume of man-cream you blast out."

"Come on then," said Jane. "Let's get this show on the road." She started to unbutton her blouse, looking at us teasingly with her head slightly tilted to the side. At the same time Katie pulled her tee shirt up and over her head, and I noticed Bill's eyes fixed on her lacy black bra.

Jane had finished unbuttoning her blouse and let it slip back off her shoulders, revealing a flimsy white lace bra. Bill nudged me. "Not bad, eh Jerry? D cups!"

"Now, Bill," said Jane in mock annoyance. "Giving away a girl's secrets. Just wait 'til you see Katie's breasts. The cutest, perkiest little boobies that an eighteen-year-old stripper would kill for!"

"Comparing me to a stripper?" asked Katie as she kicked off her heels.

"Take it as a compliment, hon," said Jane. "Anyway, that's what you're doing now even if it's only for an audience of two horn dogs!" She bent at the waist to reach down and remove her red pumps, giving us a nice view of her jiggly cleavage that was almost spilling out of her bra.

Glancing back at my Katie, I saw she was peeling her jeans down her slim, coltish legs to reveal black lace panties that matched her bra. I hadn't seen that outfit before and realized she must have bought it specifically for this occasion, knowing it would showcase her athletic body perfectly.

Jane had unzipped her tight jeans and was wriggling sexily as she struggled to pull them down and off. She tossed them aside and stood up. I caught my breath as I saw she was wearing a tiny white thong that was pulled up tightly into a camel toe, clinging to the bulging vulva lips that it barely covered.

Bill and I were in horny heaven, watching our wives as they stripped off in front of us. It suddenly hit me that in a few minutes I would finally see Jane completely nude, the way I had fantasized about her so many times over the years.

Jane reached behind her and held the clasp of her bra. "Both together, okay Katie?"

I was holding my breath, enthralled by the moment as both Jane and Katie unhooked their bras. As the straps fluttered free, they both held the cups to their breasts in true stripper style for another moment of tease for their tortured, lustful husbands. Then, with a cry of "Ta Daaaa!" from Katie, they dropped their bras in unison and raised their arms high above their heads like Vegas showgirls.

Bill and I whistled our appreciation.

"Wow!" was all I could say.

"Awesome!" added Bill, in a hoarse voice.

I knew Bill was staring at my Katie's perfect girlish breasts capped with those long nipples that were engorged and erect, fueled by her obvious arousal. But my attention was fixed of Jane's luscious boobs. Full, rounded and plumped up... pale, velvet-smooth, creamy skin... tiny rose-pink nipples surround by large, slightly puffed aureoles with a smattering of raised "braille bumps" that are such a turn on for me. So many times I had wondered what Jane's breasts looked like and now here they were, jiggling slightly with each breath, naked in all their glory, even more gorgeous than I could ever have imagined.

Katie frowned at us. "In case you've forgotten, you're the ones who are really meant to be naked and you've still got your jeans on," she chided us. "Come on. Drop those drawers!"

Enthralled by the erotic show unfolding before us, Bill and I had stopped undressing a few minutes earlier. With sheepish grins, we both kicked off our shoes and unzipped our jeans. With our jeans off, I saw that Bill was wearing boxer shorts while I was wearing my usual briefs.

"Hey!" squealed Jane. "Tighty whiteys! And it looks like you've got a tent pole in there, too!"

There was no hiding the obvious erection that was pushing my briefs out in front. I could see that Bill's boxers were similarly stretched by the sight of Katie's bare breasts and the anticipation of what was to come.

"Well, go on then. We're waiting," said Katie.

Suddenly feeling self-conscious, I took a deep breath, slipped my thumbs into the waistband and quickly skimmed the briefs down my legs and kicked them aside as Bill pulled off his boxers.

I cast a quick glance at Bill and immediately noticed that, unlike me, he was uncircumcised. His penis appeared to be about an inch longer than mine but not quite as thick around. I was impressed by the large size of his scrotum, apparently housing a pair of very plump sperm-filled balls.

"Hey! A baldy!" said Jane, looking at my cock and balls.

"Yes, I told you," said Katie. "I like him to be shaved down there, coz I hate pulling pubic hair out from between my teeth."

"Eee-yew," said Jane, "But I still like the furry look on my Bill's meat and two veg."

"Jeeze, ladies," said Bill awkwardly. "You're making us feel like a couple of prize bulls at the county fair!"

"Aw, poor baby," said Katie. "In a minute or two, we'll see if you really ARE prize bulls."

She hooked a thumb in the waistband of her little black panties. "So... should we take our panties off or leave them off?"

In unison, Bill and I shouted, "Take them off, of course!"

"What?" pouted Jane. "You don't like our panties? That's not nice."

"We love your panties, babe," replied Bill. "But we'd like 'em a whole lot better OFF!"

"Oh, all right," said Jane. "Here Bill, why don't you help Katie take off her panties and Jerry can help me with my thong."

We didn't need telling twice. In a second, I was kneeling in front of my wife's best friend, holding the tiny strands of nylon that were stretched tightly across her beautifully curved hips. Bill knelt in front of Katie and began to peel down her lacy black panties.

I started to pull down the little scrap of nylon... slowly, slowly savoring the moment. The camel toe effect had lodged the thong tightly up between her pussy lips and for a moment the thong clung there, as if reluctant to leave its warm, moist nest. And then it sprung free as I tugged it down over Jane's smooth, lush thighs. I gazed at the plump, full lips of her vagina, just inches in front of my face. Her pubes were neatly trimmed to a light fuzz, the fine hairs a shade of dirty blonde. In the muted light of the bedside lamp, I could see a glisten of moisture along the coral-pink slit where her labia came together and that I longed to ease apart and lash with my tongue. But I knew that was not an option, at least not right now. Jane stepped out of her tiny thong. I took it from her hand and pressed its warm, damp crotch to my face, inhaling her intoxicating musky scent.

"Get away with you," laughed Jane. "You're as bad as Bill!"

"Oh... my... God...!"

It was Bill's voice. Jane and I looked across at him. His hands were on the back of Katie's firm, lean thighs, her panties around her ankles. Bill was staring, open-mouthed, at Katie's sweet cunt. She waxes her pubes and is completely hairless and smooth. Bill was seeing for the first time that Katie's pussy is quite different from Jane's. Katie's pussy is always slightly open with the crinkly pink folds of her inner lips peeking out a little between the outer labia. But when she is sexually aroused, her cunt lips peel back and spread open like the petals of an exotic tropical flower. It was obvious to all of us that Katie was very aroused, her engorged pussy gaping lewdly and coated with her spicy nectar that must have been an intoxicating scent for Bill whose face was so close to its source.

I turned my face back towards Jane, wanting to savor this special moment when I saw her mouth-watering quim for the first time.

"Okay guys," said Katie, breaking the highly-charged silence. "Time to do what we came here to do. Bill and Jerry, you get on the bed and lean back against the pillows."

Almost reluctantly, Bill and I took one last look at the pouting pussies in front of us and stood up. We took a few steps to the huge California kingsize bed and climbed on, Bill on one side, me on the other. The girls followed us over and approached the foot of the bed, about to scramble on, Jane on Bill's side and Katie on mine.

"Wait," said Bill. "I've got an idea. Jane, you should jack off Jerry, and Katie should do me. That would be a much fairer contest. And anyway you said how much you wanted to see Jerry cum. The closer you are, the better you'll see. The same goes for Katie when I cum. Isn't that right, Jerry?"

Naturally, I readily agreed. Jane and Katie exchanged enquiring looks, giving Bill and me a few more exciting seconds to study their naked beauty; Katie's gym-taut body and high, pointed breasts; Jane's creamy-pale voluptuous curves and large, mobile boobs.

"Is that okay with you?" asked Jane.

"Sure. Why not?" answered my wife. "And I'm guessing the touch of a fresh hand might make for an even better cum blast from both of our 'prize bulls'."

Ohmigod. This was going to be even better than I ever could have imagined! I had secretly masturbated to various sexual fantasies about Jane, and now here she was, climbing onto the bed in front of me, her large, pale breasts swinging deliciously.

"Part your legs," she said, pushing my thighs apart. She scooted forwarded on her bottom and then sat crosslegged between my spread thighs. Beside me, Katie had taken up a similar position between Bill's thighs. His penis was not just erect, it was pointing upwards, almost parallel to his flat belly. I could see his foreskin was peeled back slightly and the bulbous purple knob was glistening wetly. Katie was about to get her first feel of an uncircumcised cock.

But my attention was more on my own cock and the beautiful naked blonde squatting between my thighs. Jane gently took my cock in her right hand and folded her soft fingers around the shaft. I let out a long sigh. I heard Bill gasp as Katie's fingers wrapped around his cock for the first time.

Slowly at first, Jane's hand began to slide up and down my shaft. "It's so hard," she murmured, "and it feels so hot, like something's boiling inside it."

"You'll soon find out," I said between gasps, savoring the exquisite sensations radiating out from my engorged penis.

I could see my wife's hand rising and falling, stroking Bill's cock, the fat knob fully exposed by the pulled-back foreskin. "Ooooh! Pre cum!" she said. While still stroking his cock, Katie dabbed the forefinger of her left hand on the tip of his cockhead. She lifted her hand and we saw a thin string of sticky white fluid linking her fingertip to his pulsing prick.

"Yes," said Jane as she continued to stroke my cock, "Remember? I told you, Bill leaks a lot when he's building up to a big blast. It's really thick and creamy. Spread it on his cock. It makes a great lubricant."

Katie did just that and Bill made an "Mmmmmm" sound that indicated his pleasure.

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