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Then Katie said to Jane, "Give your hand a little twist on the down stroke. Jerry seems to like it when I do that." Ohmigod... here was my wife giving her friend advice on how to jack me off! This was so surreal.

Jane nodded and tried that technique, pulling straight up and then twisting her wrist just slightly as her hand went back down the shaft. I was mesmerized by the sight of her soft, pale hand sliding up and down the dark, engorged flesh, stroking the thick, gnarled veins and then up to the throbbing mushroom head with its purple skin looking ready to burst.

And there, just beyond her hand flying up and down my shaft, were Jane's beautiful breasts, moving fluidly up and down, side to side with every stroke. I was in erotic heaven.

"Jane," I gasped. "May I... may I hold your breasts while you jack me off?"

"I'd like that," she whispered.

I reached forward and cupped the warm flesh of her plump twin globes in my hands. The stroking motion of her right hand caused her mobile breasts to sway back and forth across my palms. I grazed her nipples and those marvelous little aureole bumps with the pads of my thumbs and she grunted in pleasure.

Seeing what I was doing, Bill leaned forward and enveloped Katie's cute little breasts in his big hands, kneading the firm tit flesh and the pebble-hard nipples. I know how sensitive Katie's breasts are and the feel of "strange" hands caressing them must have been highly erotic for her, and of course for Bill who was feeling her perky little tits for the first time.

"I'm going to have to use both hands, Jerry," said Jane. "Your cock is too damn fat for a one-handed wank!"

She interlocked her fingers around my cock shaft and continued her rhythmic stroking, a little faster now, the pads of her thumbs teasing the sensitive spot on the underside of my cockhead with every stroke.

I was breathing rapidly now and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. The erotic sensation of Jane's hands on my cock, the feel of her big soft breasts rolling in my hands, and the sight of my wife masturbating another man by my side were driving me closer to an explosive eruption, despite my attempts to prolong the pleasure.

I could hear Bill going, "Uh... uh... uh... uh," as hips began to jerk up off the bed with each stroke of Katie's talented fingers.

Suddenly he lay back against the pillows with a roar, his hips bucking convulsively. Katie's hand was a blur, racing up and down his cock in the final seconds. And then he was cumming.

The first shot flew high in the air above the bed and was followed immediately by a second powerful shot. A second later, another blast erupted from his cock and another. He just kept cumming and the thick jizz was raining down all over his prone body.

Finally, I could take no more. I felt the boiling cream racing out of my balls and up my throbbing shaft. Jane's clasped hands were flying up and down, gripping the hot meat that was pulsing between her fingers. Then with a loud cry, I was cumming.

A massive stream of semen shot out of my twitching cockhead. It flew at least two feet above my groin. The sizzling hot juice began to fall, almost in slow motion and was hit by my second blast erupting from cock, splattering the steaming white liquid in all directions. But I wasn't done yet! A third load spat out, not as high but thicker and with even greater volume. My cock was a cum fountain, spewing out more semen with every pulse, but now instead of firing at the ceiling, it was pouring out over Jane's hands and down over my balls.

As my climax finally ran its course, I lay back panting. My body was a sheen of sweat but I could barely see it beneath the thick coating of gelatinous white cum that had formed large puddles on my chest, belly and thighs. Jane unlocked her hands from my softening penis and lifted them up. Her hands were totally covered in my semen that was dripping off in long strings and thick, white dollops.

At last I looked over at Bill, who was lying back, exhausted with a silly grin on his face. Like me, his body was covered pretty much from chest to groin with the liquid result of his massive orgasm. Katie was holding her right hand above Bill's body, letting the residue of his thick, gooey cum slither off her fingertips to plop down onto the matted hair of his groin.

"So what do you think, girls?" asked Bill, still panting from the exertion.

Katie and Jane smiled at each other. "Let's call it a tie," said Katie.

"I'll get some towels to mop up the mess. And it looks like we'll be changing the sheets, too," said Jane. "We can all take a shower, and when Jerry and Katie leave, I hope you've got enough lead in that pencil to give me a good hard fuck, because I'm so damned horny I could scream!"

"No kidding," added Katie. She leaned over and poked my sticky ribs with her forefinger. I'll give you a couple of hours to recharge your batteries, then you'd better perform later tonight.

# # #

That was the first of the sexual adventures we shared with Bill and Jane. As time passed, we enjoyed more experiences, each a little more daring and all very exciting. I'll share some of them with you right here, and I look forward to your comments (and votes, of course!)

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by Anonymous09/06/17

a good idea...but

a deceiving story
definitely not horny

write it again !

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