tagLoving WivesCum Eater Ch. 01

Cum Eater Ch. 01


Having been married for about 8 years, Katie and I had experimented at the normal things in bed; mild S & M, bondage, fantasies of swinging and threesomes with other females. This had moved naturally on to us joining an adult website, hoping to make the fantasies of swinging or a threesome real.

As new members to the site we were swamped with responses to our request for a couple or female to join us, but we found that they were unsuitable either physically or turned out to be time wasters. We did get some very explicit emails and pictures sent to us, which admittedly gave us something to talk about or visualise when we were having sex. That aside, the cost of the membership to the site was looking to have been a waste of money.

One evening a few weeks ago, we were checking out pictures of other members and Katie opened the profile of a guy who apparently lived some 20 miles away from us. His pictures showed him to be fairly attractive and with a toned body. One was a close up of his cock and this itself looked impressive, trimmed and uncut, about 9 inches in length.

"Wouldn't you consider a threesome with another man?" asked Katie.

"I'm not sure, would you like that? His profile says he's 'bi' and I'm not sure if I'm okay with that."

Despite all our fantasies, they had only ever involved couples or women, with just the females having sex together, bisexuality between the men had never came up.

"Look at his cock though, wouldn't it turn you on to be sucking that before he fucked me?" Katie was rubbing between my legs as she said this and I couldn't hide my growing erection. "You would, wouldn't you? You're bicurious aren't you, why didn't you ever tell me?"

I'd never told her purely because I had never considered it until that evening when Katie had asked directly. As I looked at the picture I wondered what it would be like to take his cock into my mouth and get it nice and hard to fuck Katie, but then wondered too whether it was just Katie's attention on my cock that was just sending my hormones racing.

The website was quickly forgotten and we ended up in bed a few minutes later as Katie told me what she would like to see me doing with another man. I couldn't believe she had been harbouring thoughts like these for so long without sharing with me, but as she described watching me work on a guy's cock until it twitched and spurted thick cum over my tongue and down my throat I experienced one of the strongest orgasms I had ever had.

After sex, we both fell asleep and the evenings revelation was not discussed until I came home from work the following evening. As we lounged in the front room that night, Katie brought up the subject again, asking me if I had given any thought to what we had talked about the night before. After some thought, I said that she should email him, send some pictures of us both and see how things went; essentially I was playing it safe for the time being.

Katie did just as I had suggested and over the next few days a number of emails were exchanged with the guy, who's name was Jamie. He seemed really keen to meet but told us he had a girlfriend, who was unaware of his sexuality and that he would need to meet away from his home. I later found out that Katie had invited him to come to our house the following Friday night, in just four days time.

Over the next few days, we had fantastic horny sex at the thought of our upcoming visitor, though Katie kept any talk to her being fucked by us both and me watching her being taken by this handsome man. There was no mention of any 'male on male' action; I was secretly relieved as although the thought got me turned on, I was still unsure about the real thing.

The day arrived and Katie got herself ready, she looked stunning; her shoulder length jet black hair straightened to perfection, her make-up flawless and dressed in a short black dress with stockings, suspenders and high heels. As she got ready, she told me her plan for the night. She intended that we would have a few drinks downstairs first, her and Jamie on the sofa with me watching from across the room. She would flirt with him and start to make out with him, kissing and touching but no sex. Once things had heated up, she wanted to take me upstairs and tie me to the bed, so I would have to listen to the sounds of their love making until they decided to join me.

"You will remember to use protection?" I asked her.

"Of course babe, this is about sex, teasing you and then joining you so you two can use your slutty wife together," she replied, kissing me hard on the lips.

Jamie arrived and he was as good looking in real life as we had seen in the photographs; we were both relieved at this and that we had not been conned. The evening started as Jamie had intended, after 20 minutes in the house, I was watching while Jamie and Katie touched and kissed each other but as promised, as Jamie started to get more intimate, Katie stopped him, telling him to wait for 2 minutes.

"Come on, time for you to go upstairs," she said to me, leading me from the room and up to the bedroom. Once inside she told me to strip naked and lay on my back. Once I had done this, she tied my wrists to the headboard.

"Enjoy listening babe, listen to your wife getting Jamie's big cock stuffed up her cunt."

My cock sprang to attention as she spoke, and minutes after she had left the room I heard them together; Katie was being especially vocal, no doubt for my benefit and all I could think of was how this stud was taking my beautiful wife, in my own house and as I was forced to listen to their union. From what I heard, Katie came at least twice and I heard Jamie's groans as he no doubt filled a condom with his cum.

After about half an hour, Katie came into the room. I could see that she was blushed, her dress was dishevelled and she was smiling a wicked smile. She turned the light off.

"Jamie will be up in a second, he's just sorting himself out," she told me.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I felt the bed move and then Jamie was kneeling above me, facing the headboard, her freshly fucked pussy inches from my face.

"I have a confession," she said, "His cock is like nothing I have ever seen, I had to have him bareback, if you don't want me getting pregnant you had better get his cum out of me as quick as you can."

Before I could respond she lowered herself onto me. "Lick my pussy, suck his creamy cum from me," she said.

Hesitantly, my tongue slowly licked her pussy and for the first time ever, I tasted another man's cum, it was around her pussy lips and more seemed to be oozing out all the time.

"That's it, taste my lover's sperm, eat my pussy, eat it all up," she urged me on.

Her pussy was soaking and as my tongue probed inside, more cum flowed out. It tasted strange but not bad. I accepted the task in hand and tongued her as deep as I could, swallowing Jamie's cum as it gathered in my mouth. Katie moaned in pleasure, grinding her sticky, used pussy down against my face. My cock was solid and I was desperate for some attention as well.

I heard the bedroom door open and looking up, I saw Jamie stood next to the bed, leaning down to kiss Katie. He was naked and his impressive, semi erect cock hung between his legs. As they kissed, Katie wanked him and I watched as his cock grew bigger and harder. Katie decided her pussy was clean enough and she climbed off me, kneeling on the opposite side of the bed from Jamie.

Katie started groping at my balls and then she reached into the bedside table and took out some lubricant. After smearing some over her fingers, she began to probe gently at my ass, sliding one then two fingers into me. Jamie was watching and his cock was now fully erect; it looked fantastic and if I hadn't had my hands tied up I would have reached over to touch it.

"Go on Jamie, put your cock in his mouth, don't tease him," laughed Katie.

I looked over at my wife, spreading my legs a little wider as she finger-fucked my virgin hole.

"Don't worry, we'll be gentle with you. Well, at first anyway," she said.

I turned my head to the side and Jamie knelt closer to me and fed his cock into my waiting mouth. I licked at his helmet, tasting Katie's juices on it from their earlier fuck. Jamie lifted his cock so I could lick the underside of it and then licked and sucked at his swollen balls. He was groaning in pleasure and Katie watched intently as I took a cock in my mouth for the first time.

"See, you're a natural. I can't believe how horny it is watching you do that," said Katie, "Jamie, tell him what a good cock sucker he is."

Jamie looked down at me, "That's it slut, suck on it, get ready to eat my cum."

Jamie started to wank his cock and I opened my mouth wide, wanting to get every drop of his cum. I couldn't believe what was happening, here I was, tied to the bed, my wife fingering my ass and a strangers cock in my mouth.

"That's it, I'm gonna cum," Jamie moaned loudly, his hand speeding up as her tugged at his cock. I licked at his throbbing helmet and was rewarded with a mouthful of hot cum, which spurted into and around my mouth. Katie leant over and licked some of Jamie's cum off my cheek before kissing me and letting it drip back into my mouth.

Katie then whispered in my ear, "I'm gonna watch Jamie fuck you, I have told him he could use you however he wants. Is that okay?"

This was going further than I expected. "No way, that's too far, I'm not ready for that," I pleaded with her.

Katie looked over at Jamie, who was now stood up next to the bed. "Jamie, reach into that drawer there, get out the gag will you?"

"Katie, no..." I began to say but she just cut me off.

"Be quiet, relax and do as I say," she instructed. She took the ball-gag from Jamie and placed it onto me, fixing it tight. "There, he's all yours," she said to Jamie.

Katie went back between my spread legs and reapplied some lubricant to my ass. She started to finger me again and beckoning Jamie over, I watched as she sucked at his cock, working on him to get him hard again.

"Your cock is so beautiful, I can't wait to see you use it on my husband," she said.

Jamie just shut his eyes and enjoyed her attention. I watched as his cock began stirring back to life.

Looking over at me, Katie said, "Hope you're ready for a good hard fuck babe, Jamie's came twice in the last hour so he might last quite a long time."

Despite my misgivings about the situation I was currently in, my cock was still hard and I tried to enjoy the feeling of Katie's fingers in me, realising that the looser she got me, the less painful it would be when Jamie tried to get his monster inside me. Jamie leant over me and I felt his breath on my cock as he took it into his mouth. He gave the perfect blowjob and it was just moments before I came into his mouth. He didn't swallow my cum though, instead he kissed Katie and they swapped my cum to and from each others mouths before swallowing what was left.

Jamie was hard again and Katie swapped places with him. He knelt between my legs and Katie knelt next to me. Taking his cock in her hand, she placed the massive head at the entrance to my ass. Jamie leant forward and his cock began to slide inside me. The pain was unbearable and I moaned behind the gag but Katie just told him to ignore me. Jamie held my hips as inch after inch of his cock slid inside me, he was taking it slowly, letting my ass get used to his size. Then, just as the pain began to subside he shoved the final three inches in hard, his balls slapping against my ass cheeks.

Katie was fingering her clit as she watched and encouraged Jamie. "That's it, fuck the little cock whore, give it to him hard."

Jamie's eyes were closed as he rammed his cock in and out of me. Katie was kissing him passionately, rubbing at his balls, trying to coax another load of cum from him.

"Go on Jamie, fuck his ass, fill it up with your cum," she told him.

Jamie didn't need any further encouragement, he was pounding into me for all he was worth. The pain had all but gone and I found myself spreading my legs wider, lifting my ass off the bed slightly, wanting more of him inside me. I groaned in pleasure and looking at me, Katie reached up and undone the gag.

"Tell him you want his cum, that you love his gorgeous cock," she ordered.

"Fuck my ass Jamie, please fill me with your thick cum," I cried out.

"I'm gonna cum you little slut, I'm gonna fill your ass right up," breathed Jamie and his efforts increased. I could feel his cock throbbing inside me and knew he was close to orgasm.

With one last effort, Jamie rammed his entire length deep inside me and held it there. A second later I felt his cock pulsating and he let out a moan as I felt his cum shooting deep inside me. Katie was watching with wide eyes and then she joined Jamie in orgasm, plunging her fingers inside herself as she came.

Jamie's hands held my waist tightly as he continued pumping his seed inside me. His cock began to soften and he slowly pulled out me, leaving me feeling empty again. As his cock pulled out fully, I could feel my ass throbbing and his cum started to leak out from me.

I was totally exhausted; Katie lay next to me and began to untie my hands.

"Did you enjoy that babe? It was the hottest thing I have ever seen," she said.

My ass was sore, I felt used but even so, I had to admit that what we had just done was pretty hot. "I loved it," I told Katie as she freed my hands and I hugged her close, kissing her on her lips, tasting the cum on her breath.

Jamie quietly got dressed. Just before he left the room he turned to the pair of us. "You two are total whores," he grinned, "Drop me a line if you want a repeat session."

"Oh we'll be in touch alright, don't you worry," Katie told him and he left the room. I heard the front door closing and Katie cuddled in to me. Her hand moved down my body and her fingers were at my ass, using the cum flowing from it to re-lubricate me.

"How about I get my strap-on out?" she asked, "No excuses now that you've been broken in!"

Horny as I was, I was totally done and thankfully, Katie got the hint. "Okay then, I'll let you recover for now, but come straight home from work tomorrow, I've got a surprise lined up."

I barely heard this last comment as I drifted off to sleep, with a smile on my face at my first bi experience.

To be continued...

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i think she wanted the big cock more than he did she may be a bit of a whore and why did she have to tie him to the bed then take her lover bareback after she said she wouldn't sounds like a time maybemore...

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My wife was sitting on my face telling me how good his cock felt in her pussy but couldn't take it up the ass. I stopped eating her out and she raises her pussy up to let me breathe. I tell her she shouldmore...

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