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Cum Eating Fantasy


My usual searches for porn on the Internet are for men cumming on women, preferably on their face, mouth, and tits. Over the years I've developed some sort of fetish for this, possibly because I hardly ever get a blowjob from my wife and I yearn for a blowjob so much and think it is just wonderful that some women are willing and thoroughly enjoy pleasing their men orally. When I see the women smiling and having a good time, it makes me wonder if it really is that great. Is it really tasty as some people suggest on the forums I browse? Sometimes when I get really worked up looking at videos on the web, or by just reading discussion forums, it makes me wonder what it would be like to give the blowjob myself and be on the receiving end of a facial? The hornier I get, the more I fantasize about being the girl in the videos.

Several months ago I came across an alternative BDSM lifestyle site focused on getting members together to correspond and/or meet. At the time I was very disappointed in my sex life with my wife, and I had a curiosity about meeting someone new for just sex. One thing that was particularly exciting was the concept of being a submissive. I had never done this before, but I know I've always fantasized about being used or forced a little.

The site I found was really easy to use and it was free, so I decided to join. All I had to do was fill out some profile information and place a picture if I wanted. I decided to take a picture of me naked while lying on the bed, stroking my cock, and pretending to be ready for a blowjob in a 69 position. To do this, I just held the camera above my head and took the picture down my body. It caught my open mouth and body, but left my face off for privacy. I also indicated that I was interested in men, women, and transsexuals. I also listed my location as a place out of town that I traveled frequently for work.

In my profile I wrote that I was a submissive and had a fantasy of being lightly restrained and that I would like to be forced to suck my first cock. I also said I liked nipple play, to give and receive oral, tickling, massage, and other relatively tame stuff. Now I really didn't intend to go through with this, but it was really fun creating the profile and fantasizing about it. I wasn't even sure I could handle being restrained since I'm a little claustrophobic.

To my surprise I started getting some interest! I think all but a couple of the people that reviewed my profile were men and several winked at me or indicated I was "hot". I also received several emails through the site where the men would suggest we meet, or that they could satisfy my desires. I couldn't believe it. I wasn't really attracted to men, but I did find a few of the men had attractive bodies with strong hairless chests an nice nipples. Having a nipple fetish, it doesn't seem to matter who they are on if they are attractive nipples and a little on the large side. Again, I had no intension of following up with any of these people, but I had a few good jack-off sessions just fantasizing about it.

As time went on and I jacked-off to my fantasy many times, I found myself thinking about it a lot and wanting to know what it might be like to suck a cock as I had expressed in my profile. My sex life still wasn't good and I was tired of just jacking off all the time. One night when I was really horny I decided to respond to one of the emails. In the email the gentleman said he and his partner are "doms" and like to educate new people into the lifestyle and wondered if I was interested in experimenting. I looked at their pictures on the site and they seemed about my age, mid 30's, and very fit with strong upper bodies, but not total body builders. They seemed like regular guys, except I guess they must be gay if they were responding to me.

This seemed exactly like what I was looking for ..... or what I mean is, what I was looking for while I was horny. I sent my reply knowing that I could just ignore any responses later. All the same, I was trembling a bit as I wrote back that I would like to hear more about it.

They responded the next day and I ignored the message as I thought I would. That is, until I got extremely horny again a couple days later and was surfing the site. They told me they had been into BDSM for several years and that they had lots of toys and tools. They preferred to be in total control and expected that I trust them. I had to submit to their wishes. They also said that if I was a true submissive, I would enjoy it immensely.

Being extremely horny, I decided to respond and asked how these things get started. I was thinking they would ask me for more pictures or something. As I continued to jack off during my session, I got a response! They gave me their personal email and asked that I contact them that way in the future. Trembling again, while jerking off, I sent a message to them asking what the next steps were. I couldn't believe I had done that! I was so horny, so I wasn't thinking straight. Besides, I knew I could ignore them at any time. They didn't have any personal information of mine.

About ten minutes later I got a reply! They said they would like to meet me and have a session next week. They also said that they had frequent checkups and than all people that come there, including them, are documented and free from STDs. Realizing that I was still safe with my information, I replied and asked them when and where. A reply came right back and said Thursday evening at 8:00. It also gave an address for what they said was a single family home not that far away. I didn't know what to do. I was still fantasizing as I jerked off, so I wrote back that I would be there. I finished off very soon after, and then I couldn't believe that I had gone that far! I just don't think straight when I'm totally worked up!

As the next week approached I was clearly decided that I wouldn't go through with it. It was just a fantasy and I could easily ignore them or write and tell them I was no longer interested. When I got to my hotel on Monday I started surfing porn again to pass the time and eventually got horny. At some point I came back to the alternative site and started looking at a few recent members who winked at me. As usual this got me into my fantasy thinking and I began to jack off. I went back to my emails with the guys and this got me even hotter. After I came, I decided I wouldn't jack off anymore that week. I had to get my mind off of it.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I kept myself busy with work and didn't surf porn at all. I was proud of myself since I usually jack off each night. Although I didn't surf porn, I still couldn't help thinking about Thursday night. I hadn't canceled yet and was thinking that maybe I would just not show up. I could just disappear. The email address was used just for porn, so it was no bother if they wrote back something nasty.

On Thursday I got to the hotel early and tried to busy myself with work again, but about 6:30 I finished what I needed to get done and let myself just take a quick peek at some of my favorite porn sites. Since it had been a few days, it didn't take long for me to get a little horny. About 7:15 I decided to take a quick peek at the alternative site. That wasn't a good decision because I started fantasizing about being restrained and forced to please a man. I then looked at my email. The guys had emailed me again and said they were really looking forward to meeting me and that they had a surprise for me.

I was deliriously horny at this point and started questioning myself if I had the guts to try something new. I was out of town and nobody would ever know. Could I get this out of my system? Should I? The address was only about five minutes away and it was already 7:40. I was shaking. Could I do this? Maybe I could just go meet them and then apologize and leave. Maybe that would satisfy my curiosity a little just by meeting them.

Before I knew it I was in the parking lot and starting my car. I knew where I was going and headed straight to the house in a residential area near my hotel. I parked on the street and then walked up to the door. When I knocked, one of the guys I recognized from the photos opened the door and welcomed me in. He seemed really nice and we made some small talk. The other guy then came in and said hello and we the three of us went to the living room to get better acquainted.

As we talked I kept looking for the right opportunity to say that I was backing out and that I was sorry for leading them on, but I found it difficult. They were really easy going and made me feel very comfortable. After about 15 minutes, they surprised me by saying they would like to get started. They had their special room downstairs and they would like to blindfold me before we headed down. Before I could say anything, one of the guys named Jeremy pulled a blindfold out of his pocket and began placing it around my head.

The other guy, named Rob, came and sat down next to me and reached for my hands and brought them behind my back. He then placed me in some sort of restraint and my heart began to race! Rob said that for now on I was to only speak when spoken to and that I was to obey every command. Any insubordination would result in severe punishment. I started to say what I was trying to say since I got there and was immediately told to "Shut it!" At the same time, Rob pulled up on my bindings and caused immediate brief pain in my shoulders.

"Did you bring your blood test results like we asked? Rob said. "It's in my front pocket," I replied. Rob then reached in and grabbed the copy of my blood test results from my last physical.

"Good," he said, and placed the paper back in my pocket.

Rob and Jeremy then got me up and started walking me out of the room. When we got to a door we paused, and then they slowly walked me down the steps into the basement. It seemed a little warm down there. The floors seemed to be made of some sort of stiff mat or something. It wasn't carpet, and it wasn't wood, tile, or concrete.

Nothing was said as we went down. After walking several steps into the room, I was told to stop. Rob then said that my shirt needed to be removed. He started unbuttoning it and while he was doing it his fingers seemed to find my nipples. He lightly rubbed them for a second, and then pinched them until it hurt. I said, Ow!", and he then pinched harder and said to keep quiet.

After Rob finished unbuttoning my shirt, he stepped behind me and untied my hands. He then pulled off the shirt and then placed my hands in separate restraints above my head. Jeremy then began removing my shoes and socks. After he was done, Rob then began unzipping my pants and pulled them and my underwear down at the same time and removed them. After my pants were clear, Jeremy restrained each of my ankles and I was left standing with my arms tied overhead and my feet about 36 inches apart.

"Nice body, Steve." I was glad they thought I looked good. Jeremy then said, "OK Steve, If you make a sound out of pleasure or pain, that is OK. But! Don't make any comments or ask any questions unless asked to speak! When answering to us, you say 'yes master' or 'no master'. Do you understand?"

"Yes master."

I was left standing for several minutes while I heard some noises that sounding like them getting dressed or something. The silence was broken when Rob said, "You like your nipples played with, don't you?"

"Yes master."

I think it was Rob who then started playing with my nipples, softly stroking around them and occasionally flicking them with his fingers. I have to admit it felt great and my cock began to stiffen a little. Jeremy then placed my cock and balls in some sort of contraption which seemed to get me even harder. My cock is about four inches long while flaccid and grows to about seven inches when fully hard. I think I was pushing six inches at this point. It was really strange having a man touch my cock. Other than a doctor gripping my balls for a hernia test, this was the first time a man had touched me there. I guess being blind folded it could have been anybody. It felt good.

Rob seemed to grab something and then I felt some sort of clamps being place on my nipples. At first they hurt and I moaned in pain a little. As I got used to it, Rob then flicked the tips of my nipples again and they were super sensitive. It felt great and I moaned a little with pleasure and pain.

As Rob played with my nipples more, Jeremy came behind me and started whipping me. It wasn't too strong, but definitely stung. He started with my ass and after I thought I couldn't take any more, he moved up to my shoulders. Every twitch I made in reaction to the whip the contraptions on my nipples pulled and I was getting pain and pleasure at the same time.

After a several minutes, Rob said, "Did you enjoy that?"

"Yes master."

"You want to be used, don't you? You want to be our little bitch tonight! Don't you?

"Yes master." I wasn't sure what they meant, but "yes master" was becoming an involuntary response for some reason.

"You want to know what it is like to suck a cock! Don't you? Our little bitch!"

"Yes master."

"Open your mouth!" Rob then stuck a cock-shaped dildo into my mouth and began fucking it. "Suck that cock, you little bitch!" With each stroke Rob seemed to stretch my mouth further and further. At first I didn't think I could take more than an inch or two, but he eventually got it so that I was taking most of it in. I slobbered all over my face in the process and felt like that must be what it is like in the facial videos I watch on the net.

After about five minutes of Rob fucking my face with the dildo, he suddenly stopped. "You liked that, didn't you?"

"Yes master." I was getting really horny after sucking on the dildo and was thinking that I need to get one of those.

All of a sudden, my feet were pulled up from under me and I was hanging by my hand restraints. My feet were then brought up to near my hands and bound to some bar or something above. This was a little painful and as I groaned in pain, some straps were wrapped around waist to give me a little support, but not much. My ass was totally exposed now.

"You want to know what it is like to be fucked, don't you!?" I really didn't. This was never in my fantasy.

"No master."

"What! You little bitch! You are going to know what it is like to be fucked, and you are going to like it!" Rob then pulled on a chain attached to my nipple clamps and caused severe pain.

"Yes master! "Yes master!" I replied, trying to get him to stop.

"Yes what?"

"I want to know what it is like to be fucked."

"I thought so." Rob then placed the dildo I had been sucking at my anus and began to push it in. It felt massive and there was no way he could fit it in, but he applied some sort of lubricant and slowly twisted until it entered. He then pulled back and pushed forward until he eventually got the whole thing in! He then turned it on and it began to vibrate which sent sensations directly to my cock. Rob then fucked my ass with the dildo for several minutes while Jeremy played with my balls and nipple clamps.

"Oh my God!" I thought. It actually felt pretty good after awhile. My cock was rock hard and pushing against the restraints.

"You like getting your ass fucked, don't you Steve?"

"Yes master."

After a few minutes of letting me hand there, they let my feet back down and untied them and then placed a collar around my neck. I didn't like the feeling of that, but kept my mouth shut. My hands were untied and I was then forced to my knees. The collar apparently had a rope attached because I had to keep my back straight to keep from choking.

Rob then said, "Now suck on Jeremy's strap-on cock!"

Before I understood what he meant, a rubber dick was forced into my mouth and since I couldn't move very much, Jeremy fucked my mouth slowly with it. "You like that, don't you Steve?"

I said, "Yes master," with the rubber cock in my mouth.

"Reach out and touch him!" commanded Rob. I reached out and found the sides of Jeremy's bare thighs and started to rub my hands up and down. "That's it Steve, now grab his ass."

I brought my hands around Jeremy's back side and began to rub his bare ass. Jeremy had what seemed like a muscular ass and it wasn't very big. I kneaded his ass cheeks a little and then moved back to the sides of his legs.

"Now touch the strap-on cock. Feel his balls beneath it." My heart started racing. I wasn't sure I was ready for this, but reached out as commanded. As Jeremy continued to slowly fuck my face I found the base of the strap-on and realized that Jeremy's cock was behind it, but I couldn't feel it. As I moved my hands around though, I found his balls. They were also wrapped in rubber, but I could feel the outline of them. I rubbed his balls and the strap-on for a minute before my next command came.

"Touch his chest!"

I remembered from the pictures that these guys had strong hairless chests and that I had found them attractive for guys. That is what I found when I placed my hands on Jeremy. His chest seemed very firm. As I moved my hands around I came across Jeremy's nipples which were both hard as a rock. I've never touched a man before, but love hard nipples on girls, so I played with Jeremy's a little. He seemed to like it and made a few soft noises when I touched him there.

After what seemed like ten minutes of Jeremy fucking my face and me touching him, Rob commanded, "Stop," and Jeremy pulled out.

"You like sucking cock, don't you Steve?"

"Yes master."

"Good because we are just getting started!" Rob said. "You are going to suck a lot of cock tonight."

"Huh," I thought. What did they mean by that? My mind starting racing and then I was pulled to a standing position and waked over to another area. I was told to sit and they guided me down so that I was sitting on some sort of very large rubber ball. It seemed like one of those exercise balls, but maybe larger. They then forced my chest down so that my back was arched around the ball and my head was hanging down a bit. I then felt my feet being spread and tied, and then the same with my hands. The bindings were quite tight this time and I was pinned to this ball so tightly that it couldn't move.

One of them started playing with my nipple clamps again and pinched them before taking them off. My nipples hurt, but at the same time they were very aroused. My nipples are on the large side for most men and they are very sensitive and directly connected to my cock, so it began to stir again.

I then felt something wet on my left nipple and then realized one of them was licking me! Now my other nipple was being licked. They were both licking me!

After a few moments I realized that it felt pretty good and I could feel my cock begin to stiffen and climb up my left thigh toward my stomach. One of them reached a hand to my cock and began to lightly stroke up and down my shaft with his fingernails. This felt sensational and I was getting really horny again. I wanted a blow job so bad I couldn't stand it.

They stopped after a few minutes and then I heard packages being opened. I couldn't tell what was going on. I also heard what seemed like other people shuffling about, but I must have been confused. The blind fold was really disorienting.

After a few minutes Rob said, "We have a special treat for you tonight, Steve. We are going to serve our guests some hors d'oeuvres and you will be the serving platter. You aren't to make a sound while they eat. If you are a good platter, you may get satisfaction in the end, but only if you do everything we command first!"

"Yes master."

"Good," Rob said. I then felt cheese slices, honey and jams, whip cream, and other sticky stuff being placed on various parts of my body. They didn't seems to leave many open spaces as they covered my nipples, all over my chest and belly, my thighs, my cock, my fingers, my feet and toes, and even my lips and cheeks. "How many people did they invite!?" I thought. "This is crazy!"

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