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Cum For Cover


We were both seniors in high school and just turned 18 when we began our adventures together. The first time came when Jamie and I were on a camping trip with five of our close friends at Jamie's camp on a lake near where we grew up. That night we all had been hanging out around a fire drinking a few beers. We thought we were such rebels getting our older siblings to buy us three 18 packs of beer. Thinking back on it now we were all quite lightweights. We would drink all of the beer and be so drunk we would pass out cold. This trip would turn out to be much different and would change the way that Jamie and I thought about each other.

As we sat around the campfire talking bullshit about how many girls we had slept with and how much we could drink without puking. That was when the gauntlet was thrown. I told my friends that I could drink a 12 pack without being sick. Jamie called my bluff and challenged me to drink until I puked. I found this to be an empty threat at the time but would later find out his real intentions. He continued to bring me two beers every time that he would grab one for everyone else. I managed to hold my own staying capable to hold down my dinner. About 2 a.m. my first buddy said that he was going to turn in for the night. This started to procession to the bunkhouse as all of my friends made their way to their beds. Jamie and I were the only remaining souls left at the campfire as we finished our last beer. I said I had to take a leak before I headed to bed and Jamie said he would join me. As I stood there behind a tree doing my business I glanced over and saw that Jamie was staring over in my direction. Then I realized that his eyes were concentrated on my cock! I didn't know what to do at that instant. All I could think to do was look at his. Sort of an unspoken "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" sort of thing. I looked back to his eyes and found that I had been busted. He was looking me dead in the eyes so I decided to play it off like I was just in a drunken stupor. I zipped up and made my way back into the camp followed momentarily by Jamie.

When I walked into the camp I realized that there were seven people and only six bunks. I was pissed that I was going to have to sleep on the hard floor. I started setting my sleeping bag up on the ground at the foot of Jamie's bunk when I glanced up and saw that Jamie was intently watching as I bent over to unroll my bag. Once again I wasn't sure what to make of this. After all I had only had sex with women up until this point.

Since Jamie's parents were the owners of the camp he was entitled to having the biggest bed in the camp. It wasn't very big, but two people could sleep on it head to toe comfortably. I didn't even have to speak it because Jamie had already begun saying the words. He said that I should share his bunk with him rather than lying on the floor like a dog. I was very grateful of this gesture and accepted graciously. I never thought I would be paying for this favor (over and over again as it would turn out).

After about ten minutes of lying there in silence Jamie said he had to get up to piss again. He left the room and I took this opportunity to strip down to nothing but my boxers and settled in deeper into my sleeping bag. When Jamie returned he flicked on the lights as he entered the room and proceeded to look over the bunks to see if anyone was still awake. He told me that, "Everyone's a buncha pussies. Can't drink. They're all passed out." I wasn't shocked due to the fact that it was getting rather late and I was about ready to slip into a deep sleep.

I tossed and turned as I lay there and couldn't seem to fall asleep. I came to the conclusion that it was too damn hot in the camp with a sleeping bag, so I decided to unzip my sleeping bag down to my waist. As I did this I looked over and saw that Jamie had already unzipped his bag to the same level and was lying on top of it. I pawed over his body starting at his feet with my eyes. I saw long firm legs covered in sparse red hairs giving way to a smooth looking upper thigh. Then I realized that Jamie was sleeping without any underwear on. My mind was racing. I concentrated my gaze on his soft and thick looking cock. It was an intoxicating sight for me. Flaccid it was about 4 inches long and very plump nestled in a bed of soft red pubic hair. His balls were large and engorged looking like they needed some attention from his harem of girlfriends. Jamie's hand then began to move in the direction of my gaze and rested gently on top of his dick. My eyes darted away for fear that he was watching me again. I was getting extremely hot underneath my sleeping bag and unzipped it a little bit more. I looked back over and Jamie's hand hadn't moved so I decided that he was already sleeping and I began to examine his cock more intensely. It made my heart flutter when I realized I was getting turned on looking at one of my best friend's dicks. Just then Jamie's hand began to make small movements as he rubbed his thumb over the head of his bulbous cock. I looked up and Jamie's eyes were fixed on mine once again and I again played it off like nothing was going on. I rolled my head the other way and once again tried to go to sleep.

As I lay there trying to force myself to sleep I felt something brush against my waist. Then I felt it again. Jamie had rested his hand halfway up my hip and was moving closer and closer to my raging hard dick. His cool shaking fingers moved at a deathly slow pace as they inched their way up the waistband of my shorts. Finally I felt his index finger rest gingerly on the tip of my pulsating cock. He left it there for what seemed to be an eternity before he realized that I was awake and was not resisting his touching. He rubbed my cock through my shorts very slowly just to reassure himself that I was onboard for this adventure. Once he was comfortable he quickly slipped his trembling hand under my waistband and onto my waiting cock. I almost came from this first touch of another man's hand on my own dick. I was intrigued and decided right then that I was going to take it as far as necessary to find out what another man could do for me.

I in exchange reached my hand over and rested it on Jamie's flaccid, waiting cock. I was trembling so bad he must have thought that I was already going to town jerking him off, so he heightened the pace on my member. I then began to move my hand slowly up and down on his tool and he slowed his pace as to prolong my eruption.

His cock was growing steadily as I stroked him slowly. When I figured it had reached it's maximum size I looked over and saw that it was about 8 inches long and had the girth of a large German sausage. My cock was no slouch to his being a bit longer (about 9 inches) but a little bit slimmer. I found his cock to be very smooth and had a slight curve to the right as I rubbed it around in my left hand. Then I had to explore further. I rolled over and groped about with my right hand for his balls as I stroked him with my left. When my grip found their target Jamie let out a small moan telling me that he was enjoying this touching. He reached his other hand out and began gently tugging on my balls as well. We lay on the bunk together stroking one another's cocks for about 15 minutes before things started to move to the next level.

I made this first move when I flipped around so we were lying head to toe with each other buck-naked as our best friends were passed out all around us in this small bunkhouse. I positioned myself so that his throbbing cock was directly in front of my face. I continued to stroke him with a close up view as he continued to stroke me with the same viewpoint. In the pale moonlight I could see quite a large pool of precum forming at the shiny tip of his perfectly cut cock. I rubbed my thumb around in this ooze amazed that I was actually enjoying another man's dick being only inches away from my face.

I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to know what this fat cock truly was like from an outsider's perspective. I bent my head closer and closer with my tongue outstretched like I was getting ready to lick a lollipop. I closed my eyes as my tongue came into contact with the fleshy head of another man's cock. Jamie started to squirm as he wasn't sure what I was doing to him until he looked up and saw my tongue running over every little bit of his precum slicked head. I flicked my tongue over his cockhole to get the last drop of precum out and onto my tongue. I then backed off to savor my first taste of another man. I swirled the small dose of sticky liquid around in my mouth enjoying the saltiness of this new nectar.

I regrouped and once again concentrated my efforts on Jamie's dick. I gave it a couple of jerks and noticed that more and more precum kept oozing out of his eager cock. My mouth once again found the head of Jamie's dick and this time I put the whole head of his meat inside my lips and gave it a little suck, which caused Jamie to moan quietly. I slowly began taking more and more of his cock into my mouth with each up and down motion of my head. After about five minutes of slowly sucking on my friend's cock he pushed my head aside and began to put his underwear on, which made me nervous. He climbed over the top of me and stood up in the moonlight with his raging erection pointing straight out of his shorts. He then grabbed me by my naked cock and pulled me up from my sleeping bag. He jerked me a couple of times and told me to follow him. I grabbed my boxers and followed intently.

Jamie led me down the dimly lit path to the dock on the lake where our boats were tied up. He unbuttoned the top of my boat and told me to get in and get naked. I obeyed his instructions and lay both seats of the boat down flat. He entered the boat and he too stripped down to nothing and faced me. He told me that he had wanted to do this for a long time but couldn't get the courage up to make a move. I guess he decided he would loosen me up with a night of drinking and his plan worked perfectly. He moved in front of me so his still rock hard cock was directly in line with my face. He sort of forcefully told me to, "Suck it." There was no need to tell me twice. By the time the words were out of his mouth his cock was already in mine. I vigorously sucked and stroked his cock as I was being rewarded with large amounts of salty precum leaking into my waiting mouth. My head bobbed faster and faster only to be matched by the speed of my hand. Jamie then began to moan louder and louder and his moaning eventually turned into some dirty talking.

Jamie was saying, "Suck my cock. Yeah suck it. Mmmmm. You know you like it. Tastes good doesn't it? Huh!?"

I moaned around the fat cock that was filling my mouth in response. He rapidly withdrew his dick from my mouth and said, "I asked you a question." He was making me beg for his cock to be inside of my mouth and I loved every minute of it!

I said, "Yeah Jamie I love your fat cock being in my mouth. It tastes so good. Please give me more. Let my suck on your cock until your balls explode!"

This answer must have been sufficient for Jamie as he replaced his cock into my eagerly waiting mouth. This intermission only fueled my desire for his dick. My head bobbed faster than ever now and I could feel his balls beginning to tighten up as his inevitable eruption was looming on the near horizon. I decided to go one step further before giving Jamie his first taste of my manhood. I shoved his cock to the back of my mouth until it was resting up against my gag reflex. I then swallowed a little bit and forced his cock deeper down my throat than I had taken it earlier. The feeling was a bit strange and almost made me puke but I held it down and kept his large cock buried deep within my throat. In one swift motion I removed the cock from my throat and out of my mouth completely. I then pushed on Jamie's hips and forced him to sit on his seat as I rose to my feet.

My throbbing cock was ready for some attention by the time it found Jamie's open mouth. He began the same way I had by licking the precum off of my cock and savoring the sweet and salty flavor. He then began making loud sucking noises as be started slurping my dick into his hot mouth. My body shook as he took my meat deeper and deeper into his mouth. I looked down just as Jamie made his first attempt at a deep throat. At first he got about 6 inches of cock down into his throat before he started to choke. He did this a couple of more times and he then came to the same realization that I did that he needed to swallow a little bit to get more of the cock down his throat. He tried this once and failed after getting about 7 inches down his throat, which I found to be very impressive. Then he hit his mark as he buried my entire 9 inches into his eager throat. The sight of my cock sliding all the way down another man's throat almost made me cum instantly. He abandoned the deep throating and went back to his shorter faster strokes with his sucking mouth. About 30 seconds later I was ready to explode. I shouted, "Oh my God Jamie I'm gonna cum! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Ooooohhhhhhh!!!!! Here I cum!"

And with that I couldn't hold it down any longer. Spurt after spurt of hot cum splattered across Jamie's amazed face and chest. It was by far the hardest I had ever cum up to that point in my life. It seemed like there were gallons of my hot sperm dripping off of his chin and onto his chest. I grabbed a towel and handed it to him and instructed him to wipe off.

As he began wiping his eyes and face off I returned to my knees and slid his dick back into my mouth. He moaned instantly. I bobbed my head up and down up and down ever so slowly savoring every moment of having this cock in my mouth as I didn't know whether I would ever get to experience it again. I quickened my pace little by little and then began jerking Jamie off as I was sucking him. I felt his cock begin to twitch a little bit and realized that he wasn't even going to give me any warning of cumming. I was going to have to anticipate when his swollen cock would explode.

Faster and faster I sucked on his cock wanting him to release all over me. He finally told me he was about to cum and I started jerking him off with my face nearby ready to absorb the blow. Just before he was going to cum I decided "Fuck it." I wanted to know what his cum tasted like and stuffed his entire cock back into my now fiending throat. A couple of more deep sucks and Jamie was at his breaking point.

Jamie said, "Pull it out! Pull it out! I'm gonna blow it! Oh my God! Stop I'm gonna cum!"

I withdrew his cock and told him, "I want your hot cum all in my mouth and in my throat! Give it to my Jamie! Give me your cum!"

I put his cock back down my throat and sucked a couple of more times and it hit him. His body began by shaking and squirming and his cock twitched in my throat. Jamie screamed, "Oh God here it comes! Here comes my load! Oh my God it's gonna be big ya ready!? Ooooohhhhhh I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cummmmmiinnnngggg!!!!!"

And with that he released every last drop of cum he had left in his balls into my watering mouth. Spurt after spurt after spurt shot deep into my mouth filling it to the back of my throat. It was such a massive load that it was about to leak out of my mouth. Jamie told me to spit it into the lake, but I didn't have any intention of doing that. I tried to swallow all of it, but it wouldn't all go down in one gulp. I was amazed at how much I loved the taste of his cum! It was delicious nectar that would leave me wanting more and more. I got all of his cum down my throat and told him, "Thank you. Can't wait to do it again." He smiled and said the same. Our adventures have continued to this day and every time I cannot wait until the next. We have since moved to different levels and have enjoyed every bit of each other's bodies. I can't wait to get his big, hot cock back into my mouth and suck more of his hot cum down my throat or dripping out of my ass.

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Loved it

I just love reading first time cocksucking experiences. I have only been sucking cock a couple of years even though I am in my sixties. I love sucking cock now that I have tried it and love swallowingmore...

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