tagRomanceCum for Dessert

Cum for Dessert


It was getting to 6pm, Jason--the man in my life-- was picking me up at 7pm and I still had no idea what to wear.

He said we were going somewhere fancy... But how fancy? Was it just us? Would it be a double date? Should I wear a dress? Would I have lots of walking to do? What did he have planned for afterwards?

He'd called this morning to ask about dinner-- this morning at 6am, before I was awake enough to ask all the right questions! He had said he was finalising a new project at work and wanted to know there was a reward for all his efforts.

I fought the temptation to call back and ask, fearing that I'd break his rhythm.

I decided to play it safe, wearing a simple but classic dress and plain black pumps. Underneath that dress, however, I was full of surprises. If he did have something in mind for after dinner, I was prepared with a hot pink and black teddy and matching panties; if not, he wouldn't see it anyway.

At 6:58, Jason arrived.

I opened the door a moment later.

"Ready?" he asked.


He smiled and leaned in to kiss me-- gently on the cheek.

"You look beautiful," he said before kissing my lips.

It was my turn to smile.

He put an arm around my waist and walked me to his car.

"So, pretty lady, let's be on our way."

It was a long journey. I had no idea where we were or where we were headed. He refused to divulge any information.

I tried asking while rubbing his inner thigh, but my attempts were not fruitful.

He tried to keep the conversation casual-- about our jobs, our families, politics, society.

We eventually arrived somewhere. It was dark and I couldn't see what was around. He parked and we got out.

He took my hand and we walked together-- into an alley and then into a door leading into an exquisite restaurant. The walls were beige, the tablecloths red, the floor gold. The lighting was soft. The sweet, gentle love songs were playing softly in the background.

Jason introduced himself to the maitre'd and we were ushered deep into the restaurant.

The place was relatively quiet with just a few groups of people scattered around the immaculately laid tables.

We were seated in the far corner in a booth that was definitely intended for large groups. Jason and I sat next to each other on one end of it.

He put his arm around me and whispered into my ear, "I've planned out a menu for us my dear sweet. They're going to bring it to us at times I've specified and I've asked them to leave us alone to really connect properly. Is that fine with you?"

"Absolutely. I've missed you. You've been so busy. I want all your attention tonight." We kissed passionately, his arm still around me.

His other hand reached across his torso to play with the fingers of the hand I had resting on his thigh.

He moved his hands to the small of my back. His touch was light and gentle-- giving me goosebumps and turning me on immediately.

Our food arrived-- a simple but incredibly delicious hake fillet, rice, salad and drinks (wine for him, a milkshake for me).

We moved to eat and didn't speak too much-- the food was that good.

After we'd both reached capacity and Jason had called for our plates to be taken away, we sat back in each others arms-- uninterrupted.

"Dessert is only in a hour babe," he whispered.

"Plenty of time to fool around," I said with a mischievious grin.

"Fool around how?"

"Well after all the suspense you've kept me in today... I'm going to return the favour. You'll have to wait and see."

We both laughed.

We kissed again-- gently and lovingly.

Jason had one arm around my shoulders, rubbing gently. I had one arm on his thigh, stroking it lightly.

I snuggled into his shoulder. He kissed the top of my head.

"I love it when you do that," I told him.

"I love it when you smell so amazing," he responded.

"I love your strong arms around me."

"I love kissing your soft lips."

"I know another use for my soft lips," I teased with a naughty smile, letting my hand move from his thigh to his crotch-- rubbing it lightly through his pants.

"Hmm," he responded, "I'll have to see that again-- just to be sure I wasn't dreaming last time."

We laughed and kissed again.

I'd given him blowjobs before, but never in a public place. I was game for it, but didn't want an audience.

"Are you sure we're alone for an hour?"

"Yes babe. Why?"

"There's something I want to swallow that isn't on the menu."

With one of my hands still rubbing his crotch, I could feel something change in his pants.

"Wow!" he exclaimed, genuinely surprised at my boldness. He was usually the one that initiated sex, of any kind, and it usually took him a few minutes of dirty talk to get me into the right frame of mind.

"Let's move the tablecloth a bit," I suggested.

We moved the tablecloth such that the side of the table in full view was covered from table top to floor.

I continued to rub his cock through his pants. His cock became hard quickly.

I undid the button and zipper, and pulled his cock and balls out of his underwear.

I looked around to make sure nobody was watching, gave Jason a deep kiss and then dived under the table. I positioned myself between his legs, making sure my head had full access to his cock.

I was wet and ready for him-- hungry for his cock, in any way I could have it. This was the perfect opportunity. I could have him again later. For now though, I wanted his cock in my mouth and I wanted his hot cum sprayed down my throat.

I closed one hand around his shaft and gently kissed the head. I moved his cock slightly to the one side to kiss his balls, softly. I pulled my head away and stroked his now pulsating cock with my right hand, lightly touching his balls with my left.

Jason began breathing much harder-- a sign that he'd cum soon.

I stopped.

I used a hand to hold his cock while I kissed it-- soft, light kisses-- from the head to the shaft and back again, on both sides, then the top, then the underside.

I munched gently at the sides of the shaft, letting Jason calm down somewhat. I could feel my panties becoming soaked, my juices wetting my thighs.

I took Jason's cock in my mouth-- as much of it as I could. I made my tongue flat and licked the underside as though it were a melting ice cream. He was getting there again.

I licked around his shaft in a similar manner, while lightly stroking his balls with my hand. I gently flicked my tongue over the head, before taking it all into my mouth again.

I move my mouth up and down the length of his cock, letting my tongue loose to do its own thing. I can feel it coming now. He's almost there.

I'm rewarded with a hot jet of cum against the back of my throat. His cock spurts out more and more of the sticky goodness.

I suck and swallow until he starts going soft in my mouth.

I zip him up and return to my seat.

I look at Jason, waiting for him to make the next move.

"Oh my fucking word!" he exclaims, "that was fucking amazing!!"

He kisses me deeply and passionately.

"Jason, I'm so fucking horny. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me lots. Fuck me now. I've missed you."

He gets up, cancels dessert, pays the bill and we leave.

He takes me to an expensive hotel a short drive away where the fun continues.

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