tagMind ControlCum for Master

Cum for Master


"Take a deep breathe through your nose and hold it in for the count of 10, concentrate on Master's voice. Now, through your mouth, exhale completely and slowly. Continue breathing long, deep, breaths through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Tense up all your muscles very tight, now, counting from ten to one, release them slowly, you will find them very relaxed."

"As you read this you will hear Master's voice, with every breath and passing movement, you are feeling increasingly more and more peaceful and relaxed. The words are peaceful and bright. you will hear Master count from 10 to 1, as Master counts, you will become more and more relaxed, getting more and more open with each passing moment."

"10 you will find yourself becoming more and more aware."


"8 you will find yourself becoming more and more relaxed."


"6 you will find yourself becoming more and more open."


"4 you will find yourself becoming more and more willing."


"2 you will find yourself becoming more and more free."

"1 you will find yourself more and more Mine."

"As you sit here comfortably you find your self relaxing more and more with each moment and breath. The relaxation feels pleasant and blissful so, you happily give way to these wonderful feeling. Imagine yourself on a cloud, resting peacefully, with a slight breeze caressing your body. A tingling sensation begins to work its way, within and without your toes; it slowly moves up your feet, making them warm, heavy ad relaxed. The cloud is soft and supports your body with its soft texture, the scene is peaceful and absorbing, the peacefulness absorbs you completely. The tingling gently and slowly moves up your leg, relaxing them. Making them warm and heavy. The relaxation feels very good, it feels so good so just relax and let go. As the tingling continues its journey up into your body, you feel your inner stomach become very relaxed. Now, it moves slowly to your chest, making your breathing relaxed as well. The feeling begins to move up your arms to or shoulders, making your arms heavy and relaxed as well. You are aware of the total relaxation you are now experiencing, and you give way to it. It is good and peaceful, the tingling now moves into you face and head, relaxing your jaws, neck, and facial muscles, making your cares and worries fall away. Away into the blue sky as you rest blissfully on the cloud...."

"Always concentrating upon Master’s voice, ignoring all other sounds. Even though other sounds exist, they aid you in your relaxation."

"You now find yourself in a hallway; the hallway is peaceful and nice. As Master counts from 10 to 1 you will imagine yourself walking further and further down the hall. When Master reaches one you will find yourself where you want to be, in another higher state of conscious and mind ..."

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1."

"You feel a strange sensation in your right thigh, a tingling. The tingling begins just above your knee and slowly moves up your thigh, as it moves through your pelvis and down your left thigh, your thighs become warmer and warmer, it will soon be so warm it will tingle ... becoming warmer and warmer with each breath and moment ..."

"The heat arouses you. You feel the heat between your thighs, over your pelvis, over your mound, over your lips. The heat enters between your legs, between your lips ... traveling deep inside you. Your lips are moist, they start to drip. You clitoris bulges and throbes."

"The heat slowly travels down inside you, both your legs are filled with the heat. Then it moves up as well, enveloping you. Traveling from your legs and pelvis, up through your stomach, through your chest, filling your breasts, making your nipples hard. Traveling further, filling your shoulders and arms, then up your neck and head. Your whole body is now warm and tingley."

"The heat, the arousal, the tingling seems to become stronger and stronger in your breasts and in your pelvis. You are moist with desire. Your clit bulges uncontrolabley. Your pussy drips with your juices. You whole pelvis throbes with desire. You break out in a sweat, the heat makes you unable to control yourself. You start to quiver with pleasure."

"The heat in your breasts and pelvis becomes stronger and stranger. Your quivering becomes stronger and stronger. You sweat more and more. You drip more and more. You are unable to control your desire. You are unable to control your passion. You can not resist your urges."

"Your body tenses. You shake uncontrolably. The heat in your pelvis reaches fever pitch. You begin to moan and groan. With each moan you feel an uncontrolable urge to orgasm. With each groan you feel an uncontrolable urge to orgasm. Your moaning excites you beyond control. Your groaning excites you beyond control. Your tense body shakes in anticipation."

"You can no longer hold back. You can no longer control your passion, your arousal, your desire."

"You take take a deep breath, and as you release it ... you explode."

"You moan loudly as you breath out ... your juices flowing from you."

"You clitoris tingles as you orgasm."

"You scream 'Roman' as you orgasm."

"You scream 'Master' as you orgasm."

"You scream 'oow Master ooh' as you orgasm."

"You scream 'mmm Master Roman mmm' as you orgasm."

"You CUM like never before."

"As the orgasm slowly subsides ... your feel satisfied like never before. You whole body glows. You feel radient. You feel more alive than ever before. You feel completely pleasured. You feel thoroughly relaxed and renewed.

"As Master counts you find yourself becoming more an more awake, more and more lively. When you wake up you will find yourself completely alive, awake, and refreshed. Mentally and physically, remembering the pleasant sensation that hypnosis brings. Waking up feeling like a newborn baby, reborn with life and vigour, feeling excellent. Remembering that next time you enter hypnosis it will become an ever increasing deeper and deeper state than before."

"1 You feel energy course throughout your limbs."

"2 You begin to breathe deeply, stirring."

"3 Beginning to move, your eyes open, bringing you up to feel conscious."

"4 You are up, up, up and awakening more and more."

"5 You are awake and feeling great."

"Good girl"

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