tagRomanceCum in Pantyhose

Cum in Pantyhose


I just arrived home this morning from a week of business travel. It never dawned on me until this afternoon, that we would be on our own this evening. You are concerned that I am tired, but I have been able to get plenty of sleep this week, since I couldn't work at night. With some prodding, you agree to go out to the mall with me. After I come downstairs from changing my clothes, you head up, telling me you'll be a few minutes.

I didn't get that dressed up, just my pullover v-neck sweater over my blue jeans and cowboy boots. That's why I am so surprised when you come down. You are wearing your long black knit skirt with your white square neck top. I can see the shimmer of nylon on your legs and notice that you have your black high-heeled sandals on. Before you reach the den, where I am sitting, the familiar scent of White Shoulders stimulates my senses. As you approach, my eyes are drawn to the neckline of your blouse by the necklace that dangles into the space between your breasts. I pull you into my arms and as I pull you close we share a tender kiss.

We back away from each other, but continue to hold hands. I just can't seem to let you go since I arrived home. A week without you has once more made me realize just how much I need and love you. I ask if I am dressed OK to go with you. You assure me that I am fine.

We head to the mall. We have no particular destination, so we just wander the mall hand in hand. I am enjoying being with my beautiful wife; occasionally pulling you close for a kiss or a hug. As we walk along, you see a pair of shoes that you want to try on. The salesperson goes to the back to get your shoes as we sit down. I decide to sit across from you so that I can continue to take in your beauty.

You reach down to slide off your shoes as the salesperson approaches. You try on the shoes, but they are not quite the right size. The salesperson heads to the back of the store to get a different size leaving us alone in the store. It suddenly dawns on me that your skirt appears to be getting shorter. As I look into your eyes, I can tell that it's not my imagination; you are doing it on purpose to tease me. My eyes fall to your legs again as the hem of your skirt clears your knees. Your knees separate and I get a view under your skirt all the way to the juncture of your legs. My eyes catch a glimpse of the crotch of your red satin panties. Just as I start to realize this is real and not a dream, your knees close and your skirt slides down over your knees again.

As the salesperson approaches with your shoes, we look at each other and you just smile. You try on the shoes and decide that they are not really what you wanted. You thank the sales person and stand to go. As I stand to go with you, you take my hand and pull me close whispering, "I see you enjoyed the show."

When I ask what you mean you whisper, "Your jeans seem to have gotten tighter."

"Well if they have, it's all your fault," I reply.

"Are you ready to go home?" you ask.

"I'm ready to be with you," I answer.

As we walk out of the mall to the car I continue to hold your hand, not wanting you to wander away at all. I help you into the car as we share a kiss before I shut your door. I slide into my seat and put my seat belt on. As I reach to start the car, your hand reaches over and massages the bulge in my jeans.

"Is this for me?" you ask.

As I start to pull out of the parking spot I respond, "It might be, but what do you have to trade for it?"

"Let me think about it on the ride home, I'm sure I'll be able to come up with something."

As we drive home, I lay my right hand on your lap and start to stroke your thigh. You decide you are not through surprising me yet, and start sliding your skirt up over your knees again. You take my hand in yours and slide it under your skirt, placing it on your pantyhose covered leg. As I slide my hand upward from your knee, you part your legs and provide more room for my hand to wander under your skirt. As my fingers continue their journey upward, they feel the nylon turn to satin. You must have put your panties on over your pantyhose. As my fingers reach into the valley of your panties, I can feel moisture seeping through them.

Somehow we have reached our house. It seems like only seconds have passed since we left the mall. I back the car into the garage. As I start to get out, you stop me and pull me close so that we can share another kiss. You ask me to check to see if the gate to the back yard is latched. I think this seems weird, but you say that you thought you heard it banging earlier.

When I return to the garage you are still sitting in the car. I open the door to help you out. You give me your left hand so that I can assist you. As you stand up, you grab my right hand with your left and turn it palm up. Your right hand hovers over mine, and then opens to let your red satin panties fall into my hand.

"Will you take these in trade?" you ask.

"They are a good start," I reply, as I bring them to my nose to inhale your scent. "Let's go inside and see what else you can come up with."

As we enter the house, I take your hand once more and lead you to the den. I let you step down in front of me, then pull you back against me, once I have stepped down. I lift your hair off of your neck and place my lips on your bare skin. As my lips and tongue travel across your neck a low moan escapes your lips. My mouth moves to your ear as I let your hair fall back down and move my hands around you. I nibble on your earlobe as I gently pull you back against me.

You turn your head and whisper in my ear, "I need you."

I help you sit on the couch then lean you back as I am kissing you. My kisses slowly move downward from your lips to your chin. As I continue to kiss you, I leave a trail of kisses down your neck and on to the tops of your breasts. My tongue follows your necklace into the hollow between your breasts. My hand travels to your stomach, pulling the tail of your blouse out of your skirt. I move downward, trailing light kisses and nibbles across your stomach following the tail of your blouse upward. My face moves back to yours. I kiss your forehead, your eyelids and then your mouth. As our tongues wage war inside each other's mouths I reach behind you and unfasten your bra. Our kiss ends as I pull away so that I can move lower once more.

My hands slide under the front of your bra, gently pulling it away from your skin. My fingertips gently massage the outer edges of your breasts. I continue to move my fingertips in a circular motion around your nipples. As my fingertips get closer to the nipples, they harden in reaction to my touch. Without any warning, I take one of your nipples between my fingers and squeeze. Your body jerks in reaction as a loud moan escapes from your lips. I take your other nipple into my mouth gently pulling it outward with the suction from my mouth. Your hands reach for my head, pulling me closer, urging me to continue.

A new sensation reaches your brain. Your skirt is being raised for the third time tonight. As you skirt rises above where your panties used to be, the outside air flows across the moisture trapped in your pantyhose. The air picks up the scent of your arousal and disperses it throughout the room. My fingers gently caress the inside of your right knee, and then they start to travel up your right thigh. Just as you think they are going to land on your clit, they move away to the inside of your left knee.

My mouth moves to suckle your other nipple as my fingers caress their way up the inside of your left thigh. My fingernails finally stroke across the wetness in your pantyhose causing another moan to escape your lips. My fingers move across your pantyhose to your opening. The tips of my fingers push against your pantyhose, forcing your opening wider. You anticipate my fingers pushing through your pantyhose, but I have my own surprise for your tonight.

My mouth moves from your nipple to your ear. As it does my fingers continue to stroke your clit through your pantyhose.

I whisper into your ear, "Do you remember being massaged through your pantyhose before we were married?"

"Yes. I wouldn't let your hand inside," you reply as your hips start to move against my fingers.

"Do you remember how many times you soaked your pantyhose with your cum?" I continue.

"Yessssss," you hiss through your teeth as your hand covers mine, adding pressure to my fingers as they continue to stroke you.

"Tonight you are going to remember. Tonight we are going to recreate the old times. Tonight you are going to cum in your pantyhose, once again."

"Oh, yes. Please make me cum in my pantyhose!" you shout

As my fingers continue to stroke your pantyhose covered clit, my tongue plunges into your ear.

A scream escapes from your lips as your body convulses in orgasm. I hold you tight as you enjoy your release. It feels so good to have you react to my caresses. It feels so good to have you in my arms. It feels so good to know that I can please you!

As you start to regain your senses you ask, "What about you?"

"Just relax and enjoy yourself. I'm sure you'll think of something later," I reply.

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