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Cum In Your Pants


Another day brings with it more bondage. Who would have guessed, eh? An even better question though: what can you do in 20 minutes? Well let's find out.

I'm back in the center of the room, standing with my elbows bound behind my back and tied together with several loops that bind them together and then a single strand that goes around my shoulder and up behind my neck and then around and back to my other shoulder to press my arms together. Did I mention that although topless, I was wearing a short black skirt and heels?

"Take off your shoes," my Mistress commands, as she looks on approvingly from a few feet ahead of me. She's sitting in her favourite chair and has a front row seat to the show; the best (and only) seat in the house.

With a smile (or my usual grin that often gets me into trouble?), I kick each one off and fling them at the wall to my right.

"Take off your skirt."

My grin fades to a smile and with my tongue out as I concentrate, I shimmy out of my skirt. I have to reach around awkwardly with my hands and can only pull at the sides of my skirt, but I eventually wriggle it down my hips and manage to get it all the way down my legs after a few hops and then finally step out of it. I use a foot to fling it at the wall too.

"Nice job," Ms. Lucy says with a smile, coming up to deliver a kiss on my cheek. She steps in behind me with some more rope in hand, and this time I get my wrists bound. Around and around and around the rope goes until they're very much secure. She presses her warm body into my back and her hands reach around to fondle my breasts. I moan in response as she kneads the soft flesh, and again as she cups them in her hands and lifts them up. Does she notice that I'm grinding my ass into her pelvis?

In one expertly smooth motion, she twirls me around and has me bent over at the waist. "Spread your legs," she commands as I look at her firm round ass rather than the floor. I do as I'm told and receive a few good slaps to my own ass in reward. "Let's warm you up shall we?" With her right hand cupping my left breast firmly, the spanks me with her left. First one ass cheek and then the other, she delivers a good bakers dozen to each one and I "Oooooh" and "Ahhhh" as they're all delivered. Her other hand never leaves my breasts and she fondles and kneads it all the while.

She's got me standing again in another fluid motion.

"Alright, take your panties off."

It's an extremely rare occasion that I'm actually wearing any, and originally I had thought that hell must have frozen over, but now I understood. The little light bulb in my head went off, and once again now with both cheeks ablaze and tongue peeking out the sides of my mouth, I do my little dance. I wriggle around and try to pull them down from the back, but I'm not having an easy time of it. "This is really hard," I moan softly. It only takes a few more wriggles though until they're down far enough and simply slide all the way down my legs. I step out of them and fling them to the wall.

"Hrmph. I'm sure if there's one thing you're good at," Ms. Lucy smiles. "it's taking off your panties."

She gets a giggle from me in response and I shuffle about on my feet, looking down at the floor. "I managed," I say after a moment. "Mistress."

"Quite expertly at that," she grins, coming back with yet another long piece of rope. "Open up," she says, placing the double loop of rope at the back of my head and then brining it around between my lips. "Bite down," she says and I do as she tightens it. "Let go," she says as she ties a knot into the rope against my cheek. "Bite down," she says again while she does something else with the rope that I can't see, and then "Open up again," as she loops it around my head twice more. "Bite down," she command once more so that she can tie another knot on top of the first knot, and then "Open up," again as she's left with a long strand of rope.

"Up, up, up," she coos as she pulls the length of rope high above my head. I rise up onto my tiptoes and stare up as she secures it somewhere above me.

She returns with the flogger a moment later and it finds its way to my bare breasts. I grunt as she slaps the top of them, grunt again as she slaps the bottoms and then again as she slaps the sides. All around she works my now heaving breasts, then she moves the flogger to my ass and I do a little dance for her on my tiptoes.

She comes back again with some more rope and I give a little whimper (as I'm in the habit of doing). This one she loops around my upper body, going around the top of my breast and behind around my arms, coming around the bottom of my breasts and finally secured to the rope that's keeping my elbows together. Another rope is tied in the front between those ropes and pulled tight, bringing the top and bottom ropes together and squishing my breasts. She then uses the same rope to bind first one and then the other into not-so-little balls on my chest.

"Perfect," she says.

I look at her with wide eyes. 'Really?' I want to say sarcastically, but give her a moan instead. Really though, I'm never one to object to a little breast bondage, am I?

"Spread them wide," she orders, and I struggle to open my legs as wide as I can while on tiptoes. Once I've got them good and wide, she ties my ankles to large d-rings that are bolted in the floor.When she's back in front facing me, it's to place little rubber clamps onto each nipple.

"Would you consider yourself a slut?" she asks with a smile.

Can I say no, I'm not? I nod in response. "Yes, Mistress," I mumble around the four loops of rope that are in my mouth. I'm rewarded with the vibrator between my legs and the moans start coming in earnest. I'm breathing hard after only a minute of the thing between my legs, and "Oooohhhhhh-ing" loudly the next. Two and a half minutes in, I'm asking for permission to cum. My Mistress says yes and around the three minute mark, my eyes roll up into my head and my body shakes all over as the orgasm hits and I cum all over the vibrator in her hand.

As I cum, she reaches up to take the clamps off my nipples and I continue the ride. Like a surfer whose found the perfect wave, my body convulses and I get a perfect hang-10.

"Good girl," she says, standing to get some more rope. "Pretty much what you say you are."

Ms. Lucy comes back with yet another long length of rope, and this one finds its way around my waist. She loops it around three times for good measure and it sits on top of my hips, then brings it up between my ass cheeks and through my pussy lips to the front. Even pulled tight, a length of it remains, and this she ties off to a d-ring set in the floor a few feet in front of me. "A good start," she says, moving around behind me. When she pulls on the rope that's around my mouth, I'm raised up even higher on my toes and doing all I can to stay upright. "Go ahead and struggle with that," she whispers. "This is my orgasm right here."

I do indeed struggle as my head is pulled up by the back and I'm staring at the ceiling now. I struggle some more as I'm on the very tip of my toes practically, and struggle even more as the crotch rope is pulled down to the floor while I'm pulled up.

"I'll be right back," she says, and I dance and cry in the position she's left me in. I cry out as I shuffle a few centimeters forward, and cry out as I shuffle back again. I cry out as I shuffle from one foot to the other, and cry out again as I shuffle a few centimetres right and then again a few centimeters left. I've really got nowhere to go, or rather I'm really unable to go anywhere.

It feels like an eternity but it's really only 2 minutes when she comes back and I'm allowed back down on my feet. She unties my ankles and I'm able to stand straight once more, and then releases the rope from the ceiling so that I can have my head back. She unties the rope gag and I give her a soft little "Thank-you, Mistress" and think that's going to be it, but then she brings her chair around and takes a seat.

With her hands on my hips, she turns me around so that my bum is in her lap. "Come on now, make me cum in my pants like a real stripper."

My hands, elbows and shoulders tied behind my back, all I can really do is wiggle my bum in her lap... but I'm quite good at it. I wiggle my hips and move my bum in her lap like a true pro, working my ass as thought she had a cock between her legs and shimmy up and down her lap. I gyrate and sway my hips and can only imagine the grin on her face, so I turn around to rub my bound breasts into her lap and there it is. She turns me back with her hands on my hips and I continue to work my bum around and around, up and down. "How about some dirty talk?"

I'm glad I'm facing away from her because my cheeks are beat red despite the smile on my face. "Mmmm, you like it when I rub my big ass in your lap?" I say as I bend forward and roll my ass around. "Or when I stick my round ass in your face? Grind my tight wet pussy in your lap like that?"

Hah, I can't believe the words coming out of my mouth, but I guess someone taught me well? If she had been a guy, I'm sure she'd have cum in her pants by now. Garun-damn-tee she would have blown her load. "I'm your dirty little slut."

I turn around again, but only to put my bound tits in her face so that she can motorboat them this time, then slide them down her body and turn around to sit in her lap once more. I gyrate again and do my little dance. "You're not bad."

Not bad? Hrmph. If I had half a mind, I'd tell her she was full of....

She grabs a handful of my ponytail and pulls my head back until I sit down fully in her lap. With her other hand, she grabs my neck under my chin to turn my head to the side, and plants the biggest damn open-mouthed and tongue filled kiss you could ever imagine onto my lips. It's then I see the look in her eyes and the grin on her face, and feel the wetness between her legs.

Like I said, not bad my ass...

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