tagBDSMCum, NOW!

Cum, NOW!


It was perfect the way they just sat there, not speaking, no noise, peaceful, serene. Her head resting on His lap. Looking up at the stars as they swung softly back and forth. His fingers running through her scalp relaxing her. Her mind going completely blank of all thoughts, just Him. His touch and presence.

"pet?" He said breaking the silence.

"Yes Master?"

"Stand up and follow me."

She pulled her body up as He reached for her hand, softly lacing His fingers into hers, leading her through the damp grass to the jungle gym.

Raising her soft brown eyes to His. Her robe swishing in the slight breeze. He smiled.

"Take off Your robe pet."

She hesitated for one second, knowing it was the middle of the night, it was very doubtful any of the neighbors were awake watching. But all in all it was one second too long.

He leaned in growling into her ear. "NOW pet!"

Startled she undid her belt around her waist letting the soft material slip from her skin and gather around her feet. Her body hit by the sudden burst of cool air surrounding her, she gasped. He smiled.

"Raise your arms pet, grab the bar."

Her eyes looked up at the bar, feeling His gaze, she reached up. Soon realizing the only way to keep a hold of it was on her toes. She felt her muscles pull as her body lengthened out. Her legs spreading to hold her steady. She found her place and rested on the balls of her feet.

He slowly walked behind her, His hand never leaving her skin. She felt Him behind her as she closed her eyes, tipping her head back, mounds of soft yellow golden curls cascaded down her back. His hand reached under at the nape of her neck, knotting a fist full of hair, pulling her head back to Him, whispering into her ear, "What a lovely pet I have." Her lips parted and a soft moan escaped.

His tongue slid down her neck, sending shivers inside her. His hands reached around her under her breasts, lifting them pulling out to the nipples, until the only thing holding them up was His fingertips stretching her nipples. He pulled sharply out and sunk His teeth into her skin.

"Fuck Masterrrrrrrrrrrr!" she let out a scream.

"shhhhhh my little pet, you don't want to wake the neighbors do you?"

She could hear the smile on His face, even though she couldn't see it. She knew it was there.

His hands released her nipples, softly massaging them, rolling them in with His palms, rolling softly. Slowly trailing His hands to her back. Caressing lightly with His nails up her back and down over her ass cheeks, cupping them in His hands , deeply massaging and releasing to scratch harder back up towards her shoulder blades. Each pass over her back and ass His nails scraping deeper into her flesh, causing a loud hiss to leave her lips. She felt the warmth rising to the surface of her skin, where she knew soon would be marked.

Her head felt so relaxed as He worked on her back. The only thing she could think about was His breathing, His touch. The peace she felt with Him. Never once did she think about the cold air, the neighbors, or even the few drops of rain that were slowly falling drizzling down her hot skin.

"Stand still pet." He whispered as His hands slowly left her body, .She heard Him walk away from her. The small creek for the glass doors leading from the deck into their bedroom as He went in.

She didn't hear Him come back, but she defiantly heard Him speak.

"Open your mouth now slut!" Instantly her jaw dropped and a cock was slide in.

"Make it wet slut, I don't want to hurt you."

Her tongue and lips began to work the cock over, using her muscles to slide it in and out of her mouth as He watched carefully. Tipping her head back a little so it wouldn't drop out, it slightly gagged her.

He walked behind her, His body close to her. His hand reached between her trembling thighs,"mmmmmmm slut your cunt is wet for me." Running His fingers back and forth her slit soaking them; he brought them to His mouth. She could hear Him suck them in her ear, as she moaned. His fingers now replaced by something rubbery and cool, He worked it over her slit coating it in her juices. Placing a hand on the small of her back, pushing, bringing the cool object up towards her asshole. Gently twisting the plug, working it slowly in and out of her asshole, until it slid soundly ,deep into her.

Patting her ass softly, he chuckled and walked in front of her. Taking the cock from her mouth "good girl." He said and kissed her hard as He shoved the cock deep into her pussy. In and out, turning it, circling it in her cunt against the walls. Pushing it deeply in all the way, tapping the base gently turning the dial, letting it set on medium. He grinned, taking her face into His hands, looking into her eyes.

"pet, if either of these fall out I will stop immediately. Do you understand?"

All she could do was nod, clenching down hard on the toys filling her deeply.

"Good slut."

Slowly He moved, reaching behind Him. It took a second for her to focus on what was in His hands and when she did, her heart sped.

"Fuck Master, fuckkk!"

He walked behind her, starting slowly, trailing the suede pieces up and down the bottom of her legs and feet. Running over her body, letting her get used to the soft feel. Her lips parted she whimpered,


Feeling her body completely relaxed He lifted His hand back and took the first swing, hitting her calves. Softly at first working in a steady face up and down her legs. His strokes grew harder over her ass raising blood to the surface. Standing to the side as His swings danced over her skin...

He continued His strokes while He walked in front of her. Hitting her breasts. SMACK SMACK. The strips of suede grazing her nipples, hitting under her breasts. Stinging the skin . Bringing her flesh to life. The material reached out smacking her clit, hitting the base of the cock.

"Fuckkkk!"She began to shake. Her head spinning.

"Please Master?"

"Please what whore?"

"Please Master; please can Your needy whore cum? Pleaseeeeeee fuck"

Then it stopped.

Everything stopped.

He stopped everything; the flogger was still, the vibe turned off.

He looked at her, and all He said was...."No!"

He reached above her head, peeling her fingers off the bar. He held her body as she was trembling. Reaching down He scooped her into His arms, kissing her. Telling her how good she was.

Gently placing her onto Ttheir bed. Bending her knees up, reaching to gently slide the cock out of her. Bringing it up to her lips. "Clean it pet." pushing it into her mouth, she wrapped her hand around it and began to clean, while He pressed softly on her tummy forcing her body to release the plug.

He stood taking the toys, cleaning them and putting them away.

Climbing into the bed next to her, snuggling against her back, sliding a leg in-between hers. His hand reaching around to cup her cunt as His fingers curled inside her. His tongue traced around her ear lightly, whispering...

"Listen to my voice pet..... Cum."

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