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Cum on Demand


You had arranged to come around. You were horny and wanted to make me come for you. You come round and we strip and you start teasing my nipples, flicking them until they get hard then you started sucking on them then biting them but you didn't linger with foreplay for long as you only had one thing on your mind - making me come, not because I'd been good but because you wanted to control when I came and you wanted to make me come for YOU.

You started licking my cunt then scraping my clit with your teeth, gently to begin with getting slightly harder the more you did it. You felt my cunt twitch and although you wanted real badly for me to come you stopped because you didn't want it to be that easy for you. A couple of minutes later you inserted 2 fingers into my cunt but then I gasp and say:

"I really need to go to the toilet!"

You slap my tits and say: "You're lying!! Stop making this all about you bitch!!"

I shake my head: "No, I really have to go poo poo"

"You'll just have to wait til I've made you come"

"I would but tell that to the shit that's not wanting to wait....I've seriously gotta go shit now whether I like it or not"

You can tell by my eyes that I'm not joking but you want to check for yourself so you stick a couple of fingers up my arse. I moan slightly as in doing that you increase my urge to push. Your fingers don't get that far into my arse before you feel a lump of shit. You decide grudgingly that you'll let me go to the toilet:

"Um....ah....ok. You can go, but..."


"We go together and you have to shit while I continue to fuck you. Got that you dirty bitch? I came here to make you come for ME and nothing is getting in the way of that!"

"Yeah, Yeah whatever. I just gotta shit!"

I run to the toilet. I'm just about to sit on the loo when you stop me:

"Uh huh....not like that..."

"What now?!? Just hurry up coz if you don't I'll end up shitting on the floor....."

You take your hand from behind your back to reveal your strap on cock. I look confused. You strap it on and sit on the loo:

"Now come and sit on mummy's knee"

I lower my arse towards you and your waiting rubber cock



"I don't wanna fuck your dirty shit filled arse. I wanna fuck your nasty cunt. Turn round, face me, sit and wrap your legs around me bitch! Be a good girl now or I WILL make you shit on the floor."

I quickly do as you say:

"Good girl. Now let me put my cock in you before you shit bitch."

"Ok" I sigh impatiently

You slip your rubber cock into my cunt open your legs to create a gap and tell me I can shit now. I begin to push and as you hear the shit starting to come out you hold me by the hips and start to thrust your hips so you're fucking me. The first log of shit thopts into the water. You thrust against me. I moan softly and begin to push again. As I push you can feel my cunt tighten around your cock because as you start to thrust again you have to thrust harder. I moan and shudder slightly:

"You about to come for me bitch?"

"hmmm mmmm, just.....about....there....."

More shit plops into the water and you thrust against me again. I moan again, slightly louder than before and shudder again as I near orgasm. As I push to do the last bit of shit the orgasm hits. Before my head can automatically fall back because of the orgasm I instinctively grab on to your sides and let the orgasm take me over completely. I push and moan loudly. My legs spring up and lock straight out behind you and without realising it I dig my nails into your back. Thick white cum squirts out of my cunt and up your black rubber cock. I become aware that I'm grabbing you and release my grip as much as the orgasm will allow. Just then I feel more shit coming out my arse and that causes my whole body to shudder wildly as I climax again.

This makes you so happy. You've never seen me come this hard before and you're loving that I did this for YOU. As my orgasm fades and I become more aware of my surroundings:

"You did great bitch."

"Now I want you to make ME come while I do a pee pee..."


"I wanna experience coming like you did but I don't gotta shit but I'm getting wet and feeling like I really gotta pee."

"Oh...ok...yes..." I say still panting slightly

I get up and while you un-strap your cum covered cock I wipe my arse clean after that huge shit I just did. You then take the cock that's still covered in my cum and strap it onto me:

"I want you to fuck me up the arse hard while I piss"

"Ok bitch...."

"Make me come hard...."

"I'll make you come hard you dirty bitch..."


You straddle the toilet and tell me to enter you. I obey. I thrust gently and you start to pee. I grab of your sides so I can thrust harder. I can see the marks I left of you from when I came. I thrust again, harder this time. You moan softly and take my hands from your sides and lower them into the hot stream of your piss and hold them there. As your hot urine rains down on my hands I fuck you harder and faster. As the stream of urine slows to a dribble I feel you loosen your grip on my arms as you start to shudder telling me you are about to come. I keep my hands where they are and thrust once more. That's all it takes for you to orgasm. Your hips thrust away from me and as you push thick white cum squirts from your contracting cunt and covers my hands. I decide to thrust again and you almost scream as you squirt another load of cum onto my hands. I withdraw the cock from your arse as you climax for the second time. I un-strap the cock and come up to support you from behind as your knees give out from the orgasm, supporting you under your arms with my wrists so I don't get your cum on you as I'm not sure what you want me to do with it yet.

After you come to after the orgasm:

"What do you want me to do with this cum of yours you dirty bitch?"

"You've been a very good girl today so I'll share it with you. I'll lick one hand and you get to lick the other one."

"It's an honour. Thank you."



"You have to wait til I've had my share of my cum before you get yours. Got that bitch?"

"Yes. Of course. It's only right that you should get what you want before me."

I take my hands away from you as you turn round to face me. You grab my left wrist and put my fingers into your mouth and suck on them as you eat your own cum from my hand. I bite against my bottom lip slightly because this feels great but I can't let you see that it feels good because I'm a bad girl if I'm get any pleasure from the bits that are meant to be to satisfy YOU and only YOU.

You give me back my left hand and take my right one and stuff my fingers into my mouth:


You stand there watching me as I suck your cum from my fingers:

"Do you like that you dirty little cum whore?"

With my fingers still in my mouth I nod my head and try to smile to show you that I am enjoying it. You then take my fingers out my mouth so I can speak:

"That's all you're getting though."

"I'm so grateful, thank you"

We get dressed and you leave having gotten what you wanted from me for another night.

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by Anonymous05/31/18

A Yummy Scat And Pee Story! 😊

Hallo CornixRegina!

A brilliant, well written, lovely little scat story,,, yes!.... I never took my fingers out of my Muschi, all the time I was reading,,, it was very enjoyable, 😉

It is 5-Starsmore...

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