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My girl friend Lisa and I rented several adult movies one night, out of boredom. One of the videos was multiple scenes of different women being completely covered in cum from multiple cocks. Lisa became very excited watching these women with numerous guys jerking off all over them. After the video was over, Lisa decided that she wanted to experience that! So, it had been decided that I would find ten or so guys to jerk off on her, no sex, just cum. So, I headed off to the local strip joint, thinking that would be the best place to find a group of horny men willing to jerk off on my girl. After floating around in the club for about an hour, I had twelve guys lined up to meet us at a local motel the next night.

I picked up Lisa and headed to the motel. We took her massage table along, to have her at waist level. After we arrived, I sat up the table while Lisa showered. She came out naked, her tiny body glistening. Lisa is only five four and weighs just under 110 pounds. She has flowing red hair, deep green eyes and perfectly smooth white skin. She keeps her pussy shaved completely bare and her tiny ass is a perfect heart shape.

We had about half an hour before the set time. I warned her that we may not get all twelve, but I was sure several would show up. Lisa loves toys, especially in her butt. So, I had her bend over and I inserted a small butt plug into her tiny ass. Then, I had her lay on the table, face up, and then I gently tied each of her legs to the frame. She hadn't expected to be tied down, but I explained that no one could lift her legs and try to fuck her if she were secured. I then had her drop her arms to the side and secured them to the massage table frame too. Once she was secured, I took out a larger butt-plug and inserted it into her pussy, again explaining that no one could fuck her this way. Now with both holes filled and her tied tightly to the table, I began to massage her clit. Soon, she was cumming, I could see liquid oozing from her pussy around the plug. I continued to massage her clit, which kept her entire body shaking for almost ten minutes, and then there was a knock on the door.

Her eyes lit up and a smile came across her face. I stopped my attack on her clit and went to the door. There were four of the guys I had seen at the club, and I could see two more walking across the parking lot. I invited all six in and they stared in awe at Lisa sprawled out on the massage table. I then explained that there were a few ground rules, which were no one was to attempt to fuck her or force their cock into her mouth. They were simply to stand over her and jerk off until they came.

As I was explaining the rules, there was another knock. This time one guy from the club was there, but he had brought three friends with him. Now we had ten! All ten, and myself begin to strip off our clothes. Once everyone was naked, I them stand all around the table, pointing their cocks towards Lisa. Everyone began to stroke their cocks, just as there was another knock on the door. There was another guy there and another on parking in the lot. Soon, they were both in the room naked too.

Lisa smiled at everyone and tried her best to watch the cocks being jerked in front of her. I had a camera and explained that no ones face would be in any picture, except of course Lisa's. I was snapping pictures from every angle. I was amazed at the different cocks, twelve different guys and twelve very different cocks. Several guys had completely shaved cocks, myself included, which Lisa really likes. Several had huge masses of air, while some were neatly trimmed. One of the younger guy's had his trimmed in the shape of a heart. Most of the cocks were between five and eight inches long, but one guy had at least ten inches, while another was no more than four.

Lisa encouraged them to rub her tits, her legs and even stroke her clit. With that, twelve hands reached out to touch her, while the twelve counterparts continued to stroke their cocks.

The guy with the biggest dick announced he was about to cum. He had been standing at Lisa's waist, so I told him to move to her face, two guys step back to let him move up. As he got near her head, his huge cock began to spray a large shot of cum, most of which landed squarely across Lisa's nose, running down both sides of her face. He continued to cum three more large blasts, coating both of her eyes and most of her left cheek.

Just as he finished, the guy with the heart shaped trim began to shoot his load, aiming for her mouth, he covered her lips and chin completely, then fired several more shots on her neck.

It was hard to keep up with whom came next. After the second guy three others began to unload, one coating her breasts, one her forehead and hair and the other her right cheek and adding to the puddles on her eyes.

Before those three were finished, she had cum spraying on her breasts, tummy and pubic area from four others. Three guys were left and they were stroking like madmen, finally dumping their loads on her, one along her left thigh, one on her head and hair and the last one dumping an enormous load up and down her torso.

I continued to capture each shot on camera and told any of them that wanted to stick around and cum on her again, to just keep stroking off around her. Five guys got dressed, thanked me and headed out. Of the seven left, four were still standing over her stroking their cocks and I noticed they were all getting hard again. The other three just said that they wanted to keep watching.

Lisa was completely covered in cum. Some was thick and white, some a little runny and clear, there was even a load that was somewhat yellowish in color. Her forehead was soaked in cum and her hair was matted together. She couldn't open her eyes, they were both pools of cum. She couldn't open her mouth either, without swallowing a fair amount of cum that was covering her lips and cheeks. Her neck was covered, as well as both breasts. Her tummy and pubic region were also coated in thick cum. And her left thigh was streaked and running down on the inside of it. Her belly button was a deep pool of cum too.

At last, the four younger guys began to shoot at almost the same time. One guy added to the cum on her face, while another dropped his second load in her hair. The other two added to the cum on her body. Lisa moaned and groaned with each blast of cum. I could tell by her movements, she had another orgasm, just from the warmth of the cum.

After they finished, the dressed along with the others who had stayed to watch and they left together.

I went to Lisa and wiped the cum from her eyes and mouth, adding it to the cum on her body. She opened her eyes for the first time in almost and hour and smiled. I then took both of my hands and began to smear the cum all around her body as if it were lotion. Most of it was drying on her now, but I was still able to coat her with a thin layer. I untied her legs and hands and moved her to the bed. I lifted her legs over my shoulders, removed the butt plugs from her pussy and her ass and slid my cock deep inside her cunt.

Staring at her cum covered body and fucking her as hard as I could, I came in just a few minutes. Filling her pussy with the largest load I've ever shot. She was smiling up at me and thanking me for making her fantasy come true. I then put her legs down from my shoulders and lay on top of her kissing her deeply. I could taste a hint of cum on her lips and now my chest and stomach were cum covered too.

I lead her to the shower, where I took a great deal of time cleaning the cum from her body. I was fingering her little ass when she turned and said next time, I want my ass covered too!

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