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Cum Party

byMany Feathers©

It had been quite a while since I'd heard from an old boy-hood friend of mine. When he called, I figured it was just one of those catch-up kind of phone calls. Boy was I wrong!

"Danny boy!" he began. I grimaced over the phone. I hated it when anyone called me Danny. The name was Dan.

"Yeah? What's up?" I responded keeping that edge of irritation out of my tone of voice. I didn't need to egg him on any more by letting him know that.

"You're never gonna believe what I stumbled onto!" He said excitedly. And by his tone of voice, I knew this really had to be something good.

"What?" I asked expectantly.

"Remember a while back I told you about this girl I met?"

I remembered, well...I remembered he'd told me she had nice looking tits, especially after he'd described them. But that was about all I remembered. "Yeah? So?"

"So...she has this friend,"

I interrupted him. Suddenly I knew where this was going. "With a great personality I bet."

"No, listen to me," he said almost a bit too pleadingly, making me even more cautious rather than curious. "You don't understand," he waited.

"Ok, I'll bite...tell me."

"She throws these really wild cum parties."

"Your girlfriend?"

"No...her girlfriend, the friend," Pete said sounding a bit flustered, but I realized he really was excited about something.

"What do you mean cum parties?" I had to ask.

I heard him laugh on his end of the line. "That's exactly what I asked the first time Shelly told me about them."

"Pete? Get to the point, you're driving me crazy here!"

"Ok, ok." Pete laughed. "It happened like this. One evening Shelly told me we'd been invited to a party. I figured it was a normal, typical, party-party. And in fact, Shelly didn't tell me anything about it until we'd actually pulled up in front of her friend's house. That's when she first told me what kind of party it was we were going to. That's when Shelly explained to me that she and her girlfriend used to get one another off when they were college room-mates."

"Fuck! They did?" I said interrupting, but Pete continued.

"Yeah, and in doing that, they discovered that they were both female ejaculators!"

"Fuck!" I said again. I loved watching a woman squirt, sometimes gush, it wasn't just erotic or arousing, it was fucking fascinating to me. "And?"

"And...that's when she told me that her girlfriend Christy had answered a college sex study about women who did that. Through that, she met a number of other women who also did. After that, several of them got together with their boyfriends or husbands periodically, and had what Shelly called these 'Cum parties'!"

"You mean to tell me that every woman at these parties squirts?"

"Yep!" came the one word response.

"Fuck!" came back my own. And I heard Pete laugh on his end of the line once again.

"So? You interested?"

"Well hell yes! Where and when?" I asked unnecessarily.

"That's what I was calling you about, we're having a get-together this evening around eight o'clock. Can you come?"

I had to laugh at the double meaning on that one. "Boy will I!" I responded answering both the asked question as well as the unasked but implied one.

"Figured you might like to see that," he told me. "Pretty fucking amazing."

"I can only imagine. But...question for you. Is this a strictly couples thing or what?"

"Well, it is and it isn't. Christy's boyfriend is out of town and won't be there, so I mentioned to Shelly that I had a friend who would love to come and be her partner for the evening. Basically the rules are you ask before touching or doing anything. And if it's ok with the other people, then go for it. But basically it's all about watching one another getting off, especially the women, because there's a LOT of that going on."

"Holy shit!" I responded once again, already seeing in my minds eye this plethora of gushing cunts all around me.


I arrived a few minutes early because I wanted to talk specifically to Christy about what might be expected and or allowed. Aside from being the A-typical blonde-haired blue-eyed beauty with big tits, Christy wasn't your typical dumb-blonde. Extremely intelligent as well as being personable, she immediately put me at ease by explaining to me what usually happened at these parties and what usually went on during them.

"So see? It's pretty simple really Dan. The whole point of our getting together like this is to simply enjoy that erotic visualization, and well as the sensation of watching and sharing in one another's wet orgasms. I mean lets face it, for most women anyway, it really IS exciting to see a guy shooting his load, but with more and more women now doing it too, it's also become exciting for both men as well as women to enjoy doing and seeing that as well don't you think?"

I couldn't agree more. It was exciting, and I was becoming more and more excited in anticipation of that.

"So that's what this party is all about really, it's just enjoying that experience. Some actively participate with others, some just watch, and enjoy being watched themselves though remaining exclusive. Since I know everyone really well, I'll guide you through most of the evening and let you know who's into what and who isn't. But basically, it's all about having fun, enjoying the pleasure and excitement of seeing both men and women having some really nice messy climaxes. So...if that's what you're here to see and enjoy, I promise you it will be an incredible evening. If not...then you'd best turn around and go back home right now."

"Ah, I think I'll be staying," I said enthusiastically.

"Good!" Christy grinned suggestively. "Now, since we've still got a half an hour before anyone else is due to arrive, would you care for a sneak preview of the 'cumming' attractions?" she purposely said emphasizing the word.

"Oh fuck would I!" I responded curiously surprised, but obviously delighted.

Christy didn't even hesitate. Taking me by the hand, she led me downstairs to what she affectionately called the "play room" and was it ever! The downstairs room was enormous, a full bar with just about any kind of liquor imaginable. There seemed to be more cushions than furniture, and what little of that, that there was, was positioned against the walls leaving a very large open-spaced area in the middle of the room. On several tables sat an array of toys, dildo's and vibrators in various shapes and sizes. And I noticed while looking at them that there were a few specifically designed for use by men as well.

"Oh? Did I forget to mention? I do what's called adult toy parties part-time for a little extra money. These are just a few of the various items that I have for sale. Kind of interesting to get some on-hand demonstrations, and it tends to set the mood and tone of the evening if you know what I mean," she giggled.

I did.

"Any particular one you'd enjoy seeing me use?" she asked.

It was like asking a kid in a candy store to select just one. "Ah, any of them make you squirt more than anything else?" I asked curiously. Christy grinned at me.

"In fact..." Christy walked over and picked up what appeared to be a clear glass dildo. "You wouldn't think it, but these things feel incredible!" she told me.

What was incredible was watching her remove her clothes. We'd only just met minutes ago, and now here I was watching this attractive looking woman shed clothes like a second skin until she was as nude as the day she was born. Taking one of the oversized pillow cushions, she tossed one down on the floor for her head, and the other to sit on.

"Here, use this one to sit on in front of me," she offered.

As Christy positioned herself, I sat down directly in front of her as she displayed herself, legs spread wide with that gorgeous pink-lipped pussy staring me in the face. I couldn't believe this was actually happening, but was soon mesmerized as I watched her begin to ease that glass molded dildo in and out of her already juicy sounding pussy. Within minutes, Christy was fucking herself with abandon, the dildo easing in and out of her with a slow though continuous stroke as I watched her ecstasy build.

"Enjoying the show?" she asked huskily, the sound of her words deeper, throatier as she edged ever closer and closer towards orgasm.

"Immensely!" I replied honestly. "This is one of the hottest fucking things I've ever seen!"

"Oh baby, you ain't seen nothing yet sweetheart! Wait until my other guests arrive!"

As if on cue, the sounds of approach reached both of us, though I also noticed that Christy neither stopped nor slowed her pussy-stroking. She merely looked up as she continued, smiling as a tall redheaded woman and an even taller guy walked into the room. Ruggedly handsome himself with what could only be described as a permanent five o'clock shadow, they entered the room saw Christy and began undressing themselves before even saying hello. "Dick, Tracy?" she started by way of introduction. I almost laughed catching myself, offering my hand to the two of them.

"I'm sorry...didn't mean to laugh. The name's Dan by the way," I said shaking his hand.

"It's ok, we get that a lot every time we're introduced." Dick was already sporting an erection as he grabbed a cushion throwing it on the floor next to Christy. "There you go honey, why don't you join Christy so Dan and I can enjoy watching the two of you together!"

I noticed as Tracy placed herself on the floor next to Christy that she hadn't chosen one of the available toys, nor had she brought one.

"Would you like me, or Dan to finger you honey?" he asked nonchalantly as though taking an order for drinks.

"Oh...you go ahead," I told him. "I think I'll just watch...for now," I added.

"Tell you what, I'll show you how she likes it, then you can take over just before she cums. It's really something to see when she hits it!"

"I'll say!" Christy giggled excitedly. "It's a toss-up between Tracy and Suzanne as to which of them can cum the most times, and shoot the largest amount of pussy juice!"

I swallowed. Suddenly the image of a geyser spraying from this woman's cunt came to mind. And just minutes later, I found I wasn't that far off the mark either!

I watched as Dick inserted two fingers inside Tracy's quim, which was obviously already wet and ready to accept him. He then sort of curled his palm up as he stroked her and I could hear the sound of his hand slapping against her ass angled up from the pillow the way that she was. "She really likes it this way," Dick told me. But by the expression on Tracy's face, I could already see that.

Meanwhile Christy was now fucking herself with the glass dildo even faster than before. "Almost there Danny honey," she announced. I let the use of the name slip by. "Wanna see a girl's pussy squirt?" she asked lustily, the look in her eyes nothing short of hot wanton hunger.

"Hell yes!" I told her eagerly. Seconds later I felt a fine misty spray suddenly forcing itself around the deeply embedded toy. Christy literally popped it out of herself and I watched as this thin little streamer of juice squirted high into the air actually hitting my shirt.

"Guess I should have gotten naked myself!" I announced as yet another, then another shot out of the woman's cunt towards me.

Christy laughed. "Guess I should have warned you," she told me as I actually stood beginning to do just that.

"Hurry Danny," Tracy said. "I'm getting pretty close myself. And you probably should be naked when I do," she warned with a wicked looking twinkle in her eyes.

I couldn't possibly imagine. Christy had hit me with three pretty liquid spurtings, surprisingly wet, almost as though she had pee'd on me. So I couldn't even begin to imagine Tracy being able to top that by too much. Boy...was I wrong! I had no sooner finished removing my clothing and had retaken my place next to Dick than he'd stopped fingering his wife and told me to take over, actually taking a hold of my hand.

"When you stick them inside her, cross your fingers and then put pressure on your index finger with your middle finger as you finger her," he instructed. "That really gets her flowing," he added, nodding his head in approval as he, and now Christy as she sat up began watching the proceedings.

"That the way you like it?" I asked Tracy directly.

"Per...fect!" she proclaimed as her cunt suddenly became even juicier if that were possible. It was already sloppy wet, and I mean squishy-sloppy wet as I fingered her in this way, hearing the sounds of so much juice churning like crazy inside that sweet slippery quim of hers.

"Now slowly...really, really slow until I say otherwise, then finger me as hard and as fast as you can until I say stop!" she pointed out.

"Ok," I said easily doing as I was told. Christy began caressing one of Tracy's breasts, teasing one of her hard erect nipples. Dick soon began doing the same thing to her other one.

"Oh yeah, fuck yea!" she moaned delightedly, "That's gonna do it!" she warned everyone. "Harder now Danny! Harder!"

I was kneeling on the floor in front of her pummeling her cunt with my hand as fast as it was humanly possible to do, all the while hearing her shouting at me, "Harder! Faster you mother-fucking prick! Faster! Harder! Faster!"

I had actually wrapped one arm around her knee for leverage and support, shoving my fingers inside her as fast as was humanly possible to do.

"Now! Now!" she screamed suddenly. "STOP!"

I did, though failing to remove my hand, still not sure what to expect when it came, or rather when she did.

"Holy fuck!" I shot back seconds later. The only way to even describe it was this sheen of flying clear liquid spunk that looked like someone had magically produced a window pain from the depths of her pussy. It seemed to cascade out of her like a waterfall, and to be honest, I was surprised that I didn't see a rainbow form off to one side as she did. Never before in my entire life had I seen so much lubrication actually squirt from a woman's pussy before. And I had seen a lot of so-called "pussy-squirting" movies too!

"Thar she blows!" Dick yelled out in glee in his best Whaling Captain's voice. Like I said, he wasn't wrong either. She really did!

And it wasn't just that single solitary sheet of raining cum-juice either, but a second one that was even fuller, thicker and shot out in an even higher arch than the first. I actually felt it as her essence flew over my shoulder literally bathing my entire back when it fell.

"Holy shit!" I said once again as she continued to spray, now thrashing, bucking and humping her ass up and down against the pillow as her own hand now frigged her precious clit sending even more streamers of girl-juice spurting out of her cunt, though I did notice that they had now become more like Christy's original juicings.

"See? Told you!" Christy giggled joyously. "Can this girl cum or what?"

"Or what!" I could only respond, still dumb-founded as my fingers only then slipped from her still spasiming pussy.

"Damn! We missed it!" I heard someone saying, looked up, and saw my old friend and his girlfriend enter the room.

"Nah...just getting started!" Tracy grinned back at the two of them. "Hi Shelly, Hi Pete! Nice to see you again!" Tracy said lifting her hand to her mouth where she quickly licked off the pearly essence of her very recent orgasm.

"I see you and Tracy have already met!" Pete laughed mischievously. "That's exactly how we met the first time too!" he added. I glanced over towards Christy. She grinned.

"Yeah, it is sort of tradition, for new-cummers," she grinned saying the word. "Sort of fun to see their reactions when Tracy does that."

"I bet!" I replied taking it all in stride. "That really was something!" I had to admit. And now even more than before, found myself really looking forward to the rest of the evening.

We took a break to fix drinks for everyone, and waited for the other three couples to arrive. They had all done so within minutes of one another. Christy quickly made the rest of the introductions to me. "This is Robert and Suzanne, Nick and Carol, and the last to arrive as usual, Anna and Rick!"

"Nice to meet you all," I said shaking hands, feeling surprisingly comfortable though I stood there naked sporting a semi-full erection as I did.

"Shall we play the get acquainted game before really getting started?" Christy asked. Everyone seemed to like that idea, already moving over towards the bar once again.

"Get acquainted game?" I asked in hushed tones towards Pete as he and Shelly ushered me towards the bar.

"You'll see," was all Pete offered.

"Yeah...guess so!"

"Ok...boys are odd numbered, girls are even. Everyone pick a blue or pink piece of paper...and of course, blue is for boys!" Christy said passing around the fish bowl, which contained several folded, colored slips of paper.

I quickly unfolded my little piece of paper and saw the number three printed on it. "Now what?" I asked unnecessarily.

"Grab a cushion everyone, and form a circle in the middle of the room. "Who's number one by the way?" Christy asked.

"That'd be me!" Pete announced with a broad smile on his face.

Taking his position on the floor sitting down on the cushion, I watched as Suzanne sat down next to him, and then it was me of course. To my right sat Anna, then Robert and on around the circle until everyone else had been seated. There was only one adjustment to be made as it was made clear that partners weren't allowed to sit next to one another for this particular introductory game.

"Ok," Christy began once again. "If everyone's ready, for the first five minutes, masturbate the person on your right!"

Almost immediately I felt Suzanne's hand reaching over to quite happily begin fondling my rapidly hardening prick. Likewise, I reached over, pressing my fingers against Anna's split, surprised, yet quite delighted to find her quim all wet and juicy and happily waiting for me as well.

"Oh Dan? Since you're not aware of this, the first man and woman to actually climax gets a prize. As soon as we have a winner from each side, then we'll move on to the main festivities!"

Had to chuckle over that one. It was the first time that I'd ever heard of a guy coming first as being the winner. "Ok," I grinned enthusiastically, though I had to admit, the way Suzanne's hand felt stroking my cock made me begin to wonder if I wouldn't be the first one after all! Adding to that, the sweet delicious sensation of this cute shorthaired woman sitting next to me with the delicious looking tits, and the equally delicious bald pink pussy I was busily fingering. The combination of both things soon had me wondering if indeed I was going to be the first guy to lose it, though I consoled myself with the fact I'd already gotten a major head start over most everyone else!

Adding to all that, simply looking around the circle as everyone sat there busily masturbating the person on their right. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen, and that special little tingly sensation deep inside my balls alerted me to the fact that I was quickly approaching the line of no return.

"Ok, times up everyone!" Christy announced giving me a momentary reprieve, albeit a short-lived one. "Now...switch!"

The feel of Anna's soft hand was even more erotically delicious as she just didn't work my prick up and down the way most of the other women seemed to be doing, she was fondling it as though making some attempt at memorizing every bulging vein, every hard pulsating portion of my straining shaft. It was simply too fucking much! Before I could even think about it, I groaned feeling the first hot jettison of spunk leaping from the head of my cock in a white nectary eruption of pure pleasure.

"That's one!" Christy playfully announced as Anna enthusiastically kept sliding her hand up and down, purposely pumping out the rest of my thick rich cream.

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