Cum Planet


Milton, whom went only by his first name, was sentenced to 10 years in jail with an insanity defense. How a director of hundreds of pornographic movies ended up going crazy was anyone's guess. Friends and co-workers claimed that he lost it when he made the assumption that cum was an indestructible substance that would never vanish off the planet. He claimed that his sense of taste was so acute that he tasted cum inside regular tap water.

1 year into his sentence some men in suits escorted him out of jail. In wonderment he watched as he was taken to the CIA headquarters. He sat between those men at the back of the room still wondering what was going on.

Several scientists shook his hand and thanked him as they walked up to the podium. Milton thought he was going to be given an Academy Award at the pace in which things were going on this bizarre day.

The scientist began the conversation on the subject of global warming. They then went into the chemical composition of the ice sheet. Next they showed that it wasn't frozen water as once believed, but rather untold millions of tons of sperm that had flown out through bathrooms, toilet bowls, through sewer systems and became buried under the ice caps. The end result was a figure -- 3 years max.

The facts were verified and confirmed. In what was to become known as the first of many surprising moves the FCC was disbanded. Within a week the TV, newspapers and Internet were reporting strong evidence that women or gay men giving oral sex who swallowed lived longer then those who didn't. In other stories it came out that male masturbation not only causes blindness but a host of other diseases as well. The promotion so openly of sexual topics lead to many protests in the coming weeks. Those protesting were quickly labeled terrorists and dealt with severally by homeland security. Religious leaders at this time saw a new cause in attacking masturbation as the ultimate sin. In a rather unsuspecting move, the pornography field had hit mainstream and had a green light and charitable funding behind them to show movies at prime time.

While the world seem to be changing left and right, the government had a quick crackdown on prostitution. Plenty of women and gay men were brought to secret labs. Against their will many of them had surgery around their neck areas and were then forced to suck cocks. Only a handful of survivors had succeeded with the "cum gills" surgery that allowed the body to separate water from the cum. Mankind's survival was now a possibility.

A few months passed and word spread that there was sperm under the ice caps. Scientists after scientists shot down such stories as utter nonsense.

Summertime arrived and a powerful category 5 flooded Florida. 2 weeks later, as the nation still mourned for Florida, another destructive hurricane flooded half of Texas. At this point in time the water shortage and water rationing nationwide had become a reality. The water plants were getting clogged and it was ordered that they were to be destroyed. Shortly afterwards water was unable to flow through apartments followed by homes.

More natural disasters began occurring and it was confirmed that the sea level was rising.

Before the news media closed up shop but 1 year after scientists made their discovery the truth was told.

Countless people died as mankind sought out higher ground. Chaos reigned and societies attempting to try and strike a balance between carefully controlled agriculture production and population growth usually ended up meeting their demise at the hands of roving bands or constant floods. No matter what happened the floods always won.

A total of 4 men and 4 women had survived the "cum gill's" surgery and they were brought to a secret government location on top of Mount McKinney. There they were trained on a new technology of stick-free surfaced boat. The boat was equipped with a hydroponics setup and solar energy was used to keep the ship moving. The ship was also equipped with several operating cum filtering devices. The boat was covered with a special shielding to block out the harmful sun's rays from the ever-expanding ozone layer. The ship was called "Jena J".

Mankind killed itself far quicker then the floods. The oceans rose and kept on climbing. With the lowlands depleted the earth kept on getting hotter. The planet took on a rather white appearance as "Jena J" launched off the sunken mountaintop as the once great nation known as USA vanished.

A crew of 8 steered their ship in an empty planet. They suspected that cum filtering devises might have been placed on other ships. Weather other nations rose to the cause of preserving human life was an unknown.

And with that the crew of "Jena J" set sail into the milky white planet formerly known as earth but now called "Cum Planet".

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