tagFetishCum Play Ch. 01

Cum Play Ch. 01

byAnal Slave©

My wife was a bartender in a small collage town in the Midwest, are sex life was the best anybody could ask for she was horny all the time. I worked out of town a lot and she would get lonely while I was away at first I bought her dildos and vibe raters to play with her pussy, while I was away and she said that was getting bored. So she suggested that I pick her out some collage boys that she could fuck and suck while I was away on business.

We agreed that when she was sucking and fucking these men that I would be listening on the phone and jacking-off. So we went down to the phone place and picked out a new speakerphone for the bedroom. I knew quiet a few of the collage boys around here so I went up to the local pub and told a few of them what the plan was and if any of them was interested in getting a free fuck or suck. Of course they was all for it, so we went back to my house and I introduced my wife to these fine young men when they saw my wife all of there cocks was hard and sticking up.

My wife explained to them that they would have to do what ever she ask them to do, sometimes she may only want to suck there cocks or maybe just a fuck it was up to her. They all agreed and then my wife said, come on guys pull your clothes off and let’s see them cocks. They all stripped down and my wife walked over and felt each of the cocks she pumped each one a little and took her other hand and felt of there balls to see how heavy they was, she knew right away that these cocks was full of cum and she intended to drain them all too night.

She sat down on the side of the bed and a line formed in front of her the first cock she looked at belonged to a boy by the name of Carl. His cock was long and thick and had big veins running threw it she licked the end of it and it jumped up and down. Then she started licking up and down the shaft till it was wet with her saliva, Carl’s cock was so big around it was stretching her lips to the max. She stopped sucking him and told Carl she wanted his big cock in her pussy. She told Carl to stand back for now and let her watch him masturbate.

Carl stepped back and started jacking off as the next man stepped up and showed my wife his cock it was huge and all of his pubic hair was shaved off, I could tell she liked his bare naked cock because she started licking his balls and playing with his cock. His name was Peter and his cock had pre-cum forming at the pee-hole, she quit sucking on his balls and licked the cum off the end of his cock. As soon as she did this his cock erupted all over her face, long strings of fresh thick cum jetted out the end splashing all over my wife’s face. She liked the feel of hot cum on her face she had Peter lean over and lick his cum off of her face.

When he was done the next guy stood in front of her his name was Clyde and he was as black as you can get his big black cock waving in the air. My wife had never sucked a black cock before but she did this time. I got so horny listening to the slurping sounds she was making with her mouth, she always believed in giving hot wet blowjobs I could see saliva running down his massive balls. All of a sudden she stopped sucking his cock and got up and bent over. She told Clyde to stick his cock in her pussy and fuck her. He slipped his black cock in her cunt and started pounding the hell out of her cunt.

I couldn’t stand it any more so I started jacking my cock off. It was so sexy standing there watching my wife being fucked hard by this black young man, his hard black cock going in and out of her wet pink pussy. In between her OOOOOO’s and AAAHHH’s she told me to stick my cock in her mouth. I moved around to the front of her and she inhaled my cock into her mouth with force.

I didn’t last long it seemed like she sucked a gallon of cum out of my balls. When I finally got my cock out of her mouth I went down close to watch her cunt being abused by this black stud. I got down so close I could lick her clit while he pounded her cunt from behind. Just about that time Clyde let loose with a massive amount of cum I could tell right away that my wife’s pussy couldn’t hold all that cum. I tried to pull my lips off of her clit in time but cum even squirted all over my face.

That was the first time I ever tasted sperm from a black man. When I got out from under my wife she looked at me and started laughing it seems I had cum all over my face it was in my hair and some of it was leaking down the side of my neck. Clyde kept fucking her the cum that was deposited in my wife’s cunt was being whipped into a lather, it looked like butter it was all in both of there pubic hair.

His cock would not get soft he fucked her for about another 10 minutes and cum again, this time there wasn’t as much cum as the first time but when he pulled his cock out cum was flowing out of her cunt like a river. My wife was lying on the bed and looked over at Carl he was still jacking his cock. She motioned for him to come over to her in the meantime my cock was hard again too.

She had Carl lay down on his back and she climbed on top of him and lowered her pussy down on his huge cock. She wanted me to get on top of her and stick my cock in her ass. Both me and Carl fucked in and out of both of her holes till we both cum in her. I had to leave out of town in the morning so I thanked the boys for helping me out with my wife and she said she would be calling them soon. After they left my wife made me go down on her and suck all the cum out of her ass and pussy. I acted like I didn’t like it but to tell you the truth I love a freshly fucked pussy with cum in it. Well this is the end of this segment but they will be many more so stay tuned. And all you guys out there if you aren’t eating the cum out of your wife’s pussy try it.

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I love eating my cum off my wifes tits or as a creampie. This story has me jerking like crazy, gonna eat soon. Can't wait to read ch. 2

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