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Cum Quest


It was late, about one thirty in the morning and the skies were swollen with rain. The traffic passed through the soaked streets, making squishing sounds as they whizzed past. The smells of the exhaust along with the faint aroma of restaurants filled my nose as well as the sounds of the bustling sounds of a big city at night. With the glowing lights of marquis of the surrounding buildings, you could see the heavy rain as it raced to smack the asphalt roads and concrete sidewalks. About a half a block away, I could see the blue neon of a clubs sign. It must have been the blue hue of the sign that caught my eye. As I approached closer I could read the cursive glowing tubes filled with the blue gas. It read, “The Vipers Pit”.

Intrigued, I dashed into the dark foyer. The music was low and sultry. There was a huge well dressed man standing there at the foyer. He greeted me cordially and simply stated, “Twenty bucks”. I thought, what the hell and fished a crisp twenty from my pants pocket and handed it to him. He turned sideways, allowing enough room for me to continue my journey into the lounge. I didn’t know what kind of place this was, but was curious to find out. The room was crowded with both men and women. Until I got my night vision, I ambled to the bar and ordered a Michelob light, in a bottle. Not being able to hear due to the thumping of the low sultry beat of the music, I tossed another twenty onto the black laminated bar. The tender slapped fifteen bucks back down in front of me.

I knew that it had been a long time since I had gone out on the town, but at these prices, I figured that I would just nurse the ice cold brew and wait for the rain to ease up before I went on my merry way. As I scanned the dance floor, my night sight coming into clarity now, I noticed several couples on the parquet floor, dancing rhythmically, in beat with the slow tune. After a couple of minutes, the dance floor was void with exception of two petite females, one blonde and one with raven black hair, and a taller man with the skin tone of chocolate velvet.

The two women were dancing on either side of the man, one in front, and one in back of him. There couldn’t have been an inch gap between their bodies as their hips gyrated against the mans crotch and ass. While the women danced, he would take turns caressing them as they danced with him. It was like watching a ritual mating dance. Unbeknownst to me, that’s exactly what this was. When the particular song ended another began. The same slow sultry tune and beat, but a different song. The tall dark man and his two partners left the room through a doorway.

Suddenly the crowd of people in the room began funneling into another doorway at the back of the lounge. There was a black velvet curtain that they were disappearing behind. I decided to order another cold brew, now not giving two damns of what the price was. I had to know what was going to happen next.

When I walked through the curtain, there were small tables with chairs placed around the perimeter, and a stage. Just like the kind you would see in a strip club. There were seats around the edge of the stage as well, for those who wanted to see the action up close.

Most of the tables were occupied by couples. I saw two empty spots at the stage, so I walked up and took my place right at the side of the stage. On the stage was a padded table. In fact it was a table that a masseuse uses for massages. The people in the room were quietly talking in back of me. I asked a younger man next to me what was on the agenda for entertainment. My pulse quickened as he smiled and began telling me that at the “Pit” after two a.m. on Friday nights, there is a live sex show. It’s a good thing that I was trying to blend in, because that is probably the only thing that kept me from falling out of my chair when he told me what was about to take place.

The lights in the room faded to black. The stage light was the only thing that illuminated the cozy room now. I also notice a Big Screen TV screen at the back side of the stage. It wasn’t until it flickered once then projected the exact same image of the empty padded table that was on the stage, did I realize that there were cameras to film the show, as well as to enable the patrons further back in the room, the same close up viewing that us at the stages edge would see.

From the darkness behind the stage entrance walked the three dancers from the other room. Except now, all three were totally nude. When they walked to the well lit table on the stage, did I see the beauty of all three of them. The black haired woman, named Raven, as well as the blonde, named Trish, were very well endowed. Their breasts appeared to be natural by the way that they hung on their frames and the bounce when they walked. They each had near perfect bodies as well. Both had cleanly shaven pubic areas, leaving no obstruction of their genitalia. The man, named Panther, had a well toned physique. He had spent many hours at a gym maintaining his well defined form. Contrary to stereotype, his cock was average in length and girth.

Raven kneeled on the table, her rounded ass facing the audience. Trish knelt behind her as the man positioned himself in front of her, his cock at a perfect level with her face. They began in unison. The blond smacked the ass cheeks of the woman in front of her, the took a long languid lap at her spread cheeks. Raven squealed softly from the smack, then turned her focus on the mans cock. She began with slow licks along the side of the dark shaft in front of her from the base to the tip. His cock rapidly began to swell. While she paid tribute to the licorice cock, then Trish began a more intense and deliberate licking of her ass and pussy lips.

After several minutes in these positions, the Panther stepped back away from Raven and Trish made one last long firm lick of the slit in front of her. Raven now lay on the table on her back, her ass cheeks hanging off of the edge of the padded table. Panther took each of her legs in each hand and raised them up. Her pussy was now open to him and to all of us that watched. Trish was straddling Raven’s chest. She began pulling and kneading her ample breasts, tugging at times at her erect nipples. Panther stepped forward and slid the tip of his cock into the opening of Raven’s pussy. To see the black cock head sinking into the hot pink inner folds of her pussy was fantastic.

Trish now stood directly over the other woman’s face. Her glistening folds grazed her mouth as she looked down at her. We then saw as Raven slipped her dark pink tongue from between her lips and upward into Trish’s pussy. She grasped her own breast and her head flung backward when she felt the hot wet tongue enter her. Raven withdrew her tongue from the wet pussy and began slipping and gliding it over the blondes hardened clit. We watched as the meaty ass cheeks of Trish, cinch inward with each stroke of the others rapid fire tongue.

Panther was now completely inside of Raven. He was sawing back and forth with a quickening pace. His black shaft would disappear into the folds of Raven, then reappear, shining with her excitement with each stroke. He now held her legs to one side, kissing her feet intermittently as he began slamming into her, harder and faster. His heavy balls would bounce off of her firm ass cheeks with each full dive into her. The contrast of her creamy white cheeks posing as a canvas against the black dangling balls was astounding.

As Raven lapped at the pleasure pearl of Trish, we could see thin slivers of juices connecting to her chin from the bucking blondes punani. Raven stopped lapping and sucked the blondes pussy lips into her mouth as she climaxed her lust all over the black meat pole that slammed into her. As she sucked, her moans could be well heard through the quiet room. Raven released her suction as her wave began to ebb. There was an incredible amount of sticky juice and spit coating her lips and chin. Panther slowly withdrew his cock , making sure that the very last contraction of her orgasm had found its mark around his hard shaft. When his cock slid out, we could see the juices covering the hard cock. At the base of his shaft was a puddle of white pussy cum. He reached down and wiped the nectar onto his fingers, then placed them into his mouth. He moaned at her scent and flavor.

Raven got up and the Trish took her place on the table. Her ass was now at the edge of the padded table, legs spread wide apart. Her lips were very shiny from the juices that oozed from her depths, combined with the slick spit from the other woman’s talented tongue. He knelt in front of Trish, and took his thumbs and gently spread her lips apart. There were many shades of pink from what I could see. Of course by this time, I was practically blinded with lust and the hunger of what they were doing.

Within seconds, he dipped his bright pink tongue directly into the center of her pussy. He lapped at her opening for a couple of minutes, her hips beginning to rise from the table with each lick. Then he caught her hips going in an upward motion, grabbed each ass cheek in each hand and lifted her hips up. He then began probing her tight wrinkled asshole with that bright pink tongue. We watched intently as he would press against her tight hole with his tongue, as if he were trying to gain entry. He soon let her hips come to rest again on the table.

By now, Raven had straddled Trish in a sixty nine position. Her pretty face was poised at the top of the blonde woman’s cleft. Her tongue protruded out and she began sliding it between the folds of her pussy lips moving downward over the hardened clitoris. At the same time, Panther slid his hot pink tongue upward, grazing over her wet opening, until his tongue met Raven’s. Trish was having her swollen clit attacked by two well orchestrated tongues, from opposite directions at the same time. Her hips were beginning to rise up from the table now.

Panther knew from her reactions, that she would soon release her pent up lust. He took his forefinger and his middle finger and inserted both into Trish’s sopping pussy. As raven continued her expert torment on Trish’s erect flesh trigger, Panther inserted his two well coated fingers, one into Trish’s asshole and the other into her oozing pussy before he returned to his relentless licking.

As his two dark fingers slid in and out of Trish’s pink folds simultaneously, he would rendezvous with Raven’s strong tongue just at the bottom of Trish’s clit. They now paused there momentarily to let their tongues relish in a lingering French twisting dance. As the two wet hot tongues intertwined with each other against the swollen clit of Trish, the pressure would radiate into Trish’s very being. It felt to her like two wicked slippery snakes were dancing wildly on her clit, coaxing her release.

Soon, with no effort on her part, she relinquished any control of resistance that she may have had, and let out a very loud, deep groan. Panther and Raven both felt her erect clit get very hard beneath their wriggling tongues. They knew that she was beginning her peak. Panther began to pump his fingers in and out of her ass and pussy fast and hard. Raven sucked her swollen clit into her hot mouth and basted her clit with all the tongue action she had, fast and furiously. Panther lapped at each of Trish’s pussy lips, first one, then the other. Trish gasped for air, then let out a very long guttural howl as she rode wave after wave of her climax. Panther felt her vulva and asshole cinch tightly around his fingers as she convulsed with each spasm. Soon she lay spent and still on the table.

Once again, Panther placed his fingers, yes, Both fingers into his own mouth to relish Trish’s essence. Raven continued to gingerly lap at Trish’s clit which was beginning to soften some. The two women kissed as they both stood up from the table. Panther was now the only one of the three that had still not climaxed. His right hand, the one used to help pleasure Trish was now being rubbed all over his throbbing cock. His cock head was so erect, it had a bluish purple hue to it.

Trish and Raven held each other as they peered at Panther’s rigid cock. They whispered to each other, then smiled and walked over to him. Raven made the only dialect in this entire show now. She looked at Panther as she sauntered into him, rubbing her creamy breasts against his cocoa colored skin. She simply said, “We are going to blow your mind!”, then asked that he lie down on the table.

Panther positioned himself on the table as they had done. His muscular ass cheeks half on and half off the edge of the table. His rigid shining cock projected up from his body when he lay back. Raven climbed on him in a sixty nine position as she had done with Trish. Trish lay on her back, feet facing the audience just under Panther’s meaty ass cheeks. She slid her feet up until her knees were pointing upward. Her legs were spread far enough apart to give us all a birds eye view of her glistening opened pussy. Our minds were soon distracted from that when Raven lunged forward, slowly devouring Panthers cock all the way into her mouth and throat. All six or seven inches of thick hard cock disappeared. He let out a growling moan. We could see Raven’s stretched lips as they bound tightly at the base of his cock resting at his dark wrinkled nut sac. She held him like this for several seconds.

While Raven held his cock captive in her mouth and throat, Trish lifted her head to his ass. We saw her pink pointed tongue as it stretched outward and slid in between Panther’s thick ass cheeks. She darted her tongue into his cheeks several times, wiggling the tip after she had pressed it firmly against his puckered anus. Many times it sunk deep into his anal abyss before she changed her pattern a bit. She began licking his plump balls alternately sucking one then the other into her hot hungry mouth.

Panther was beginning to buck more fervently now. Raven had released his cock from her throat and was now bobbing up and down on his black satin shaft. She would dive down, all the way to the base then come back up to the tip. Her rhythm was increasing with each dive, faster and faster.

Trish was alternating between five seconds of ball licking and five seconds of ass licking now. Panther groaned a loud long word that we all knew and understood. “Cuuuuummmming”. Raven continued bobbing on his cock as his testicles purged everything in them into her constant sucking mouth. His groans were loud and constant as his cock twitched then spurted. As Raven’s head came up to the tip, we could see the soft underside of his cock contract and tense with each spurt. After about four spurts, Raven relaxed her lips around his cock and the thick hot semen began to cascade down his shaft and cover his balls. Trish didn’t let a drop of cum escape her hungry mouth and tongue. Each time more cum raced down his throbbing cock shaft from Raven’s hot mouth, Trish would lick and suck each ball, cleaning him completely.

Finally the cum gave out. Raven sucked as she lifted her mouth from his cock, making sure there was not a trace of his release to be seen, as did Trish down below him. Panther lay still on the table, taking short quick gasps of air, until he regained a normal breathing pattern again. He then stood up and the three of them locked arms and took a bow as the audience gave a rousting applause of their talents and showmanship.

As for me? I walked outside. It was still raining cats and dogs, but with the stiffness between my legs and the sights of what I had just seen, I smiled like a Cheshire cat as I made my way out of the city.

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