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Cum Sluts Party


It had been two weeks since dad had agreed to Sam going on the pill to ensure she would be able to fuck. She had had numerous encounters with her brothers, uncles and her wonderful dad and had lovely every cum filled second.

Sam and her Mum had been arranging the big get together for all the family and everyone was coming, excitement filled the house. The party was 3 days away and they were discussing how to decorate the two rooms that the party was mainly to be held in. her gorgeous cousin Jane had turned up to help and Sam had offered her her room to stay in to which Jane had agreed with the provision that Sam would share the same bed and Sam wasn't going to turn that down in a hurry. Because of this Jane and Sam had got to know each other quite intimately, which was a pleasure for both of them.

It was decided that the whole house could be used if need be, bedrooms would be available no where would be out of bounds, a had a hot tub had been put in the garden especially–this was Sam's dads idea! Mattresses would be put down on the floor in the two main rooms 'for comfort' Sam's mum said and there were oils and assorted toys that would be spread about the rooms on the day of. Dad and the boys would see to all the heavy stuff and the girls would just make sure all the small details were adhered to.

During all of this Sam's sister Dawn was taken into hospital and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who she called Paige, she looked just like Uncle Thomas so it was assumed he was dad. Dawn would stay in hospital till after the party so that she would not be disturbed; she was a bit pissed at this but understood. Sarah, Sam's other sister would also not be there as she was pregnant; she was staying with one of the Aunts who had offered to look after all the family too young to join the party.

So that was it the party was all set, most of the family were due the day of but Pops had decided to come and stay the night before and had chosen to sleep with mum leaving dad out in the cold. Jane and Sam said he could share with them but he wanted to save himself 'there's plenty of time for that girls' he laughed as he went off to sleep in Dawns room.

Jane and Sam decided he was right and slept all cuddled up together after discussing who we wanted to fuck first. They awoke the next morning to Sam's brother Joel sitting at the end of the bed naked cock in hand, 'WHAT?' Sam demanded

'Come on Sammy let's watch you two please, a little taster before tonight?' he begged

'Nope dad said there's plenty of time for that, so get off the bed and do something useful till then!' Sam said

'Oh go on just let me watch you two kiss and play with each others tits?'

'NO! Now go' Sam said again and kicked him off the bed.

Joel stomped out the room and Sam and Jane got up giggling, they dressed and went downstairs where mum and pops were making breakfast and each other by the look of it 'god don't you two want to wait for tonight' Jane said kissing them good morning, pops had his hand in Sam's mums knickers and she was groaning. 'Want some Jane?' asked pops grinning

'Later maybe!' said Jane

This was how the day went on everyone was horny and touchy feely, but finally the evening arrived. Sam dressed in a simple halter neck top that showed off her beautiful breasts it was see through and this meant her dark nipples showed through. She had a short skirt on with a tiny thong under although why she had bothered even she didn't know. Jane had a simple strappy dress on, her breasts were equally impressive and her nipples looked like they were permantly erect. Jane wore no panties she wanted to be accessible.

At around 6.30pm everyone started to arrive, uncles, aunts, and cousins the house became full of bodies. There were all ages from Sam's age up to pops age of 60; because of the way the family interbred it seemed never to age. It was a bit strange at first as normally the women weren't present at group fucks but this had changed when Sam had sampled her mum and her mum had admitted the women wanted to play with each other. So this mean a family free for all, every one was excited not knowing what to expect, a lot of polite conversation took place a few hugs a few kisses etc. Sam looked around Uncle Simon was there, uncle Tom, cousin Lucas, Pops and all the usual suspects but no one was making a move. Drinks flowed and people became more relaxed.

Sam moved over to Jane and whispered 'wanna get things warmed up?' she winked.

'How Sam? Jane replied.

'Like this cous' and Sam took Jane's hand and led her to the middle of the room, she moved in close and kissed her cousin full on the lips. This was something Sam and Jane had been doing for the last couple of days and they had enjoyed finding out more about each other's bodies. They felt all eyes on them and Sam moved her hands round to Jane's arse and started to caress her buttocks through her flimsy dress knowing she had no panties on, Sam lifted the dress and moved her hands onto Jane's skin.

'Mmmm Sam don't stop, your hands feel so good' Jane moaned into Sams ear. Sam took a slight step back and slid her hand between Jane's legs and looked over Jane's shoulders to see her family starting to warm up a little. Dad was kissing one of his sisters, mum was undoing Joel's trousers, Lucas was tasting one of the many aunts. The family were pairing up and getting it on. Sam had two fingers inside Jane's wet cunt and was sliding them in and out and Jane was moving with her, Sam went to her knees and moved in to lick her gorgeous cousins bald cunt. 'Oh Sammy yes please use that mouth on me' Jane cried as Sams tongue touched her clit.

Sam felt her skirt being lifted and looked behind her it was mum she had left Joel and was about to eat Sam out, Sam motioned to Jane to lie down so that she could get better access to her cunt. So there in the middle of the floor lay Jane face up with Sam's face buried in her cunt and Sam on all fours being eaten out by her mum, the girls were sighing and groaning and there were people all around starting to suck, fuck, finger and lick, it was just how Sam had imagined it.

Lucas had been watching from across the room he had left Aunt Jus and moved over to where the three of them tasted each other. He knelt over Jane's face and swung his cock into view, Jane gasped she had told Sam she wanted to do Lucas but didn't realise how big he was. Sam chuckled as Lucas thrust it into Jane's mouth, Jane gagged but Lucas was having none of it her held the top of her head and fucked her mouth like a pussy. Sam watched and was rubbing his arse as he moved, she slipped her finger into him and he groaned, this made him quicken his pace. Jane was making noises like she was unable to breathe but Sam kept lapping at her while Lucas kept his rhythm. Sam felt her cunt contract and knew she had cum, she lifted her mouth off of Jane and watched as Lucas slammed into her, forcing himself into her mouth.

Mum was still fingering and licking Sam and the harder Lucas fucked Jane the closer Sam came to orgasm ' that's it mum suck my clit, fuck me, fuck your girl' Sam demanded. Finally Lucas grunted and shot his load into Jane's sore mouth, Jane couldn't hold it all and his cum dribbled down her chin. Sams mum looked up and left Sams cunt to go clean up her niece, licking the cum of her chin and kissing her deep. 'Shit mum u left me as I was about to cum' sam said as she reached between her own legs to rub her clit.

'Here let me help' a deep voice belonging to her Uncle Tom said as he slipped his cock deep into her ' does my Sammy need to be fucked?'

'Oh yes Uncle Tom, I was so close can you help?' Sam grinned as he slid all the way in again, she felt his balls slap against her arse and pushed against him 'all the way Uncle Tom that's it right in me, ..................god yes' Sam panted

'Oh Sammy that feels good, cum on your Uncles cock, ride it' he was holding Sams hips and slamming into her again and again and again 'fuck your pussy is so wet, take it all Sam let me fill you up' Uncle Tom was not about to cum and as he saw Sams mum finish cleaning Jane up he pulled out of Sam and said 'here Mand clean my cock up' Sams mum lapped at Toms cum covered cock and Sam felt his cock replaced by another, she turned and it was her brother Mike.

'Hi sis ready for more?' he asked.

'Oh Mike yes please' she sighed as he entered her wet hole as she turned her head forward Joel was waiting for her mouth.

'Come on sis, let me and Mike roast you' and he slipped his cock fully into her mouth, holding her hair so she couldn't move.

Sam was in heaven, her two gorgeous brothers were giving her a great fuck, their two cocks in her and she was reacting with pure ecstasy loving every second. They were fucking in unison in and out in complete time, Sam made sure that she moved her hips with Joel and at the same time rolled her tongue round Mikes hard dick, she looked over and saw Pops in her mums arse, her dad in mums mouth and Uncle Tony being ridden by mum. Jane had disappeared into some mass of arms and legs. Sam could see hard cocks, wet pussies and hot bodies everywhere. Hands were brushing over her and the noises in the house were incredible. Joel tensed and she knew he was about to shoot, he held her fast and pumped into her, grunting loudly as he pulled out a mouth replaced his dick and Sam saw her Aunt Lorena take Joel's place to clean her up, Sam came hard into Lorena's mouth and watched as Lorena ate greedily. Mikes cock had gone and was being shoved into Lorena hot snatch, while she ate Sam.

Sam stood and left Lorena and Mike to fuck and went off to find her dad, she wanted his cock in her arse, and she roamed from room to room but couldn't find him. Everywhere there was hard fucking going on, occasionally Sam stopped for a feel or a taste but it was dad she wanted! Where was he!! Eventually she came upon the hot tub and there was dad with uncle Lucas, Pops and Aunt Anna they were taking it in turns fucking her mouth. Sam stood and watched as they rotated her round the three of then one after the other fucking her mouth hard then pushing her to the next. Aunt Anna was not well liked but hey tonight any hole was goal. Then Lucas saw Sam 'hey beautiful wanna join the fun?'

' I was looking for dad' Sam began 'but now I have all three of you I think this is better!'

'Does Sammy want daddy's touch' he crooned.

'Oh yes daddy! I need you to fuck my arse hard' Sam sauntered over to the hot tub and climbed in giving them all a good view of her hot cunt. Lucas had almost doubled in size since Sam had appeared and they all were ignoring Aunt Anna. 'You are being rude' Sam said 'Aunt Anna was having fun'.

'Yeh till you came along' she said bitterly.

Sam smiled 'oh I'm not stopping them, but I can take all three at once if you decide to go Aunt Anna' Sam grinned. She didn't want Aunt Anna to be pushed out but if she was going to be a bitch then fuck her!

Anna got out and Dad took Sams hand and placed it on his cock under the bubbles, 'feel that baby, that's what you do to your dad'.

Then pops took her hand and said the same finally Lucas did the same. Lucas looked at her and said 'your one hot cunt Sammy, you dad, pops and I were talking about you and have decided you're the best fuck of the family!'

'Why thanks Lucas' Sam said kissing him hard and pressing her tits against him, she spread her legs and slid her cunt lips up and down the shaft of his cock 'like that Lucas, want more' she moaned as she teased him. He was biting her neck hard and then she moved to pops.

'And thank you pops, you know I loved having you the other night' again she opened her legs and ran her cunt lips over him, he trembled and held her tight mashing her tits against him!

'God girl you wanna give me a heart attack?' pops sighed.

Then she moved to her dad, this time she placed her back to him and wriggled into his lap 'Oh dad, take my arse?' she pushed into him until she felt his cock at the entrance to her anus 'Mmmmmmm daddy feels good' she knew each of the men in this tub wanted her arse but she wanted her dad to do her first.

'Oh baby, let me do you slow!' said her dad as he eased into her willing arse, she felt him slowly rip her apart and she loved it. Pops was watching eyes wide knowing his granddaughter was highly aroused, he moved closer to her so she could touch his cock but he wanted her arse too. Lucas moved the other side and Sam had a cock in each hand a mouth on each tit and her dad in her arse. 'Oh baby daddy's gonna cum' he moaned as he filled her arse.

'Yes daddy, fill my arse, yes yes' Sam cried, she felt her dads cock pump into her and then very slowly go limp and she slid off facing her back to her granddad 'you want some pops?' she asked 'if its ok with daddy?'

'Yes sweetheart, let him make you happy' dad said as he kissed his sweet slut of a daughter, so Pops slid into her arse while she kissed her dad passionately and wanked her cousin Lucas.

'Oh my baby girl' cried Pops as he gave her his all, he was bigger than her dad and she felt every move he made, he slid in and out fucking her hard and she was pushing back helping him along. Her dad had become hard from the sight of his daughter being arse fucked and stood in front of Sam pushing his dick into her cunt 'that's it Greg feels good, help me fuck this baby' cried Pops.

Lucas was biding hid time her arse was his next and he wasn't going to be so gentle! Pops was speeding up fucking her hard and Sam was cumming hard it felt so good to be used like this; with a final last thrust that Sam thought would tear her apart, Pops flooded her with his seed.

'God girl I love fucking you!' he screamed both dad and Lucas laughed. Pops pulled out Sam was still impaled by her dad and he lent her back to be able to be deeper in her cunt. Her dad carried on until Sam turned to look at Lucas!

'I take it you want to fuck me there Lucas?' Sam enquired knowing full well the answer

'You have no choice Sammy your arse is mine' Lucas leered as he lifted her off her dad then turned her round and bent her over the side of the tub, Sams dad and Pops left as if they didn't want to witness what was about to happen. 'Oh Sam I have been watching you tonight, wanting you, if I hadn't got you I was gonna wait in your bed and take you later' Lucas admitted.

'Uncle Lucas I will always find time for you' Sam said knowing if she didn't do this Lucas would find a way to have her anyway.

'Clever girl, you know that that's best, keep Uncle Lucas happy and you will be happy Sam' he stated 'now baby bend a bit for me' he said as he took his position. His cock was huge she remembered from last time and she felt the tip slide in but she knew there was more to come. Lucas wasn't gentle he liked it rough and he held Sams hair and whispered 'her it comes, ready one, two.........' he never got to three he just rammed his whole cock into her 'oh yeh baby so tight, just like Lucas likes mmm'

Suddenly a voice cut through sams pain and pleasure 'oh Sam you said I could have him in my arse tonight!' it was Jane

'Come here lady' Lucas sneered 'you want some?'

'Yes I do, I want you to rip me apart like you are Sam!' Jane demanded.

'I doubt very much that you know what you are letting yourself in for young Jane' Lucas said in a tough voice 'But lets get out and I can give you that experience' Lucas said to Sam, they exited the tub grabbed towels and went into the house, where Lucas lay Jane on top of Sams back face down 'now girls, seeing as I have two willing arses I'm going to go from one to the other, and im not going to be gentle!' Lucas started with Sam he slammed into her, ripping her arse apart, then he pulled out and slammed into Jane, she had never had anything this big in her arse and she screamed into Sams ear. He pulled out again and plunged into Sams arse 'god damn this is fine' he cried 'two tight little arses, gonna brutalise you girls' in and out, in and out he just fucked harder and harder, Sam loved it but Jane was sobbing. ' Can't take no more baby?' Lucas asked Jane.

'No sir' she replied 'please stop' but Lucas laughed.

'You wanted it, you got it ALL' he stopped fucking Sam and concentrated on Jane's arse he fucked and fucked and fucked till she passed out, then he pulled out 'come on Sammy, show me style' he said and laid down. Sam climbed on top and eased him into her arse; she took control and fucked him hard, slamming her arse down onto him.

'Like it Lucas? Good enough? Making you hot?' Sam cried.

'Oh yes baby gonna shoot my load keep it going'.

With that Sam got onto her feet humping his cock hard and she was screaming with delight 'yes yes yes yes yes' she cried 'I love it, gonna fuck you Lucas make u cum'. He held her hips and groaned as he filled her arse.

'Oh baby no one has ever let me do that! You're the best' he was amazed how good that had felt to let someone take control, he wanted her more every time he had her and he was becoming obsessed with her, his mind could think of nothing else except for Sam even when they were apart.

Sam climbed off her arse sore and bleeding from the pounding it had taken, she went to Jane and woke her gently, Jane was still upset but same walked her to her bedroom and laid her down, 'stay there, I will make sure no one bothers you!'

'I didn't realise he was such an animal' she sobbed looking at Sam 'how can you bear it?'

'He's ok you have to know how to handle him!' said Sam.

Sam went back to the party, there was still more fucking to be done, she walked over to her Uncle Simon, 'fancy a shower Unc' she asked winking; he didn't need to be asked twice. They walked off hand in hand toward the bathroom, Sam loved Simon he was kind and gentle and she needed that after the pounding she had just taken, she never saw Lucas watching them leave. They reached the bathroom and Sam ran the shower, stepped inside and beckoned Uncle Simon. He wound his arms round her letting the water soak them and kissed her deeply, his hands never leaving her body. Sam stepped back and took his hands filling them with gel and offered him her breasts to soap, Simon moved his gelled hands over her beautiful tits and made them all slippery. He tweaked her nipples and Sam lay back against the wall loving the attention. Simon moved forward cock at the ready and pushed between her legs, he picked her up and slid into her. Her hands were round his neck, her legs round his waist and he slowly fucked her. Sam was grateful of the long slow strokes his cock was giving her cunt as they we milking an enormous orgasm from her, she held him tight and moaned into his ear 'thanks Unc this is beautiful'

'So are you baby' he said as he brought her to a shuddering climax 'I like to treat you right!' they moved out of the shower and he sat on the toilet with Sam facing him, she moved her hips and kissed him deeply her tongue in his mouth. Sam was enjoying this more than anything he was letting her take her pleasure but having a great time too! 'Oh baby I'm gonna cum is it ok?' he asked.

Sam nodded 'sure it is' she smiled.

'Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' he moaned 'thank you Sam, your wonderful!' They sat entwined for what seemed hours, that had been lovely.

'Shall we go back?' he asked looking at the door.

'We should' Sam agreed, they walked back to party which seemed to be thinning out, many people had retired to bedrooms as there were still noises of fucking through the house. 'Come to bed with me Unc' Sam smiled 'there's not many here now, we can cuddle?'

'Yes baby I would like that' Uncle Simon said, and they went to Join Jane in Sam's bed.

Uncle Simon slipped in the middle of the two girls and talked to Jane to check she was ok, he told her not to worry and that she could keep away from Lucas if she wanted! Jane was happier and seemed to relax.

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