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Cum Tea Discipline


You know, someday I'll actually pay attention to what Suzanne says to me before it's too late. Like the morning that she surprised me with tea in bed.

"Oh, wow, thanks. What's in it?" I asked as I inhaled a lovely aroma and began to sip at the tea.

"Cinammon, cardimon, and some other things."

You see it was that "other things" that started it all. But I'm rushing things as usual.

My name is Bob and I'm blessed to have a very pretty girlfriend named Suzanne. We've been together for two years and I think it might be for the long run too but we're a little young to want to talk about that yet. You want to have some freedom after college, right?

So in the bedroom, life is good. I'm big enough to fill Suzanne and make her gasp when I'm really turned on and my biggest. She's also kinky and is the only girl I met who gave me a blow job without being begged. She was so good at it I almost wanted to ask her where she'd learned all that stuff but then I decided it was better not knowing. (I stumble across cuckolding stuff here on literotica and man, I just don't get it.)

Anyway, so oral sex (both ways, of course) is a big part of our sexual menu, especially in the morning. We both enjoy a hard orgasm to start the day. Suzanne usually keeps me in her mouth and swallows all my cum, but sometimes she lets me spurt in her hand or on her or on me and she licks it up from there.

Suzanne likes to be in charge a little in the bedroom, sometimes. She loves a good hard doggy-style fuck but she'll take the lead and upper hand more often than not.

For example, she got it in her head that I needed to taste my own cum. So she told me that is what I was going to do. She gave me a heavenly slow blowjob with my balls getting so tight then let me off into a shotglass. The glass was poured in my mouth.

I'll admit that at first, I wasn't a fan. Right after the big O I was sort of out of the mood. Suzanne wasn't going to take no for an answer so she really worked it, moving her naked body against mine, talking dirty, and moaning until I opened my lips and let the cum ooze in.

After a few times, I realized that I did kind of like it. It got her so hot that it started getting me hot. I would cum and stay half hard as we shared a cum-filled kiss until we'd both swallowed some.

Well, Suzanne's special tea was upping the game. She started giving it to me every morning and as I drank it she began to suck me. A very persuasive combination of events I must tell you. Got to the point I was craving that damn tea with a big old woody.

She added the tea to dinner and it just got to be my regular drink.

After a few weeks, I started paying attention to a change I was feeling. I could feel weight in my balls and when I looked at them in the mirror, they seemed bigger. Marry that with a steady rise in my already healthy libido and I was wanting to cum more than ever before.

So what does Suzanne do? She stops us for three days. Three days without the feel of her pussy or her mouth and three days I wasn't allowed to masturbate.

"I'll know and you don't want to make me unhappy, do you?"

It was hell. All I could think about was my big balls and how much I wanted to really cum hard. My eyes started fixating on every shapely bottom on the women in my office and fantasizing about bending them over in the lunch room to give them a solid fuck as they begged me for it.

When we got to the end of the three days, Suzanne made me a very nice dinner which I could barely notice. She was wearing a gauzy negligee and I felt like my cock was going to start pushing up the table.

She finally relented and took me upstairs. We kissed passionately and she stripped me naked. I lay back on the bed and she joined me. The feel of her soft perfumed skin and the sexy lingerie had me moaning.

I found her squatting over my head and I eager went to work with my nose, tongue and fingers. I massaged, kissed, licked, and nipped until she was panting and then moaning loudly in her orgasm. I continued until she had another smaller one and she finally moved away from my glistening face.

"Do you want to cum?"

"Oh god yes!"

Her hands cupped my balls and while I couldn't see them they felt like they were huge now. I looked down and saw her tongue slide out to lap at the tip of my cock. Pre-cum was streaming down the sides.

"Yummy," she teased as she licked up pre-cum. Finally, even she couldn't hold back the teasing and her mouth slid tightly down my cock. I barked out a moan of approval and watched her go to work.

I didn't even last a minute before I was grunting, my primal signal that I was about to cum. My balls kept getting tighter and my cock felt like it was swelling even bigger, stretching her lips around the shaft as her tongue hummed all over my sensitive head.

The build up lasted forever until it was so intense I would have done anything to make it stop, to give myself cherished release.

And then I came. My balls began clenching almost rapid fire and cum shot up my cock. Suzanne started moaning and swallowing.

I wasn't having too many coherent thoughts at that moment, but my orgasm was going on forever. My balls were pumping away instead of slowing down after several good sports.

I could glimpse that Suzanne was stroking her clit with one hand as she moaned and swallowed around my cock. After a few quick spurts I actually saw cum spurt out of her over-full mouth around the sides of my shaft.

Only after I couldn't imagine it going on any longer, my balls began to stop. Soon after, they ached hard, the muscles overworked. But I could see cum flowing out of my girlfriend's mouth and down her chin and throat.

There was so much of it! I'd seen her swallowing a lot as I came and still she had a full mouth at the end. Her whole mouth was coated with the syrupy cum.

She moved up my body and we kissed. I felt her shoving mounds of cum between my lips with her tongue and soon my mouth was coated with the slick flavor. It wasn't as musky as my cum usually is but was a little sweeter, more like pre-cum.

When we finally recovered after many minutes in half-naked embrace, I had to ask. "How did that happen?"

"The tea."

"That was the new tea?"

"It's called Cum Tea. It's got some Chinese herbs in there that are a bit expensive, but I was tired of craving more cum after you'd finished spurting. I hope you don't mind..."

"My balls are pretty sore right now," I said softly. My hands went down to explore them and found them almost normal size.

"They say that will pass when you get them built up to the job."

"It's making me damn horny all the time. I hope that 3-day rule was a one time thing."

She smiled a wicked smile. "It isn't forever, but we need to train you up until you're giving me a nice big load every day or even twice a day."

"You really are a cum slut," I teased, giving her a hug.

"Trust me, you're coming along for the ride, sweetie!" she laughed and I knew that I would be swallowing a lot of cum in the future.

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