tagNonHumanCum Vamp Book 2 Pt. 01

Cum Vamp Book 2 Pt. 01


Ch. 1

'They', whoever 'they' are, have had me tied up for weeks. I'm on my back today, completely naked with my legs bent and spread, which gives the men complete access to me. I've lost count how many now. They continue to come through the door, one at a time, fuck me in either hole and instead of cumming inside they pull out, just before they cum and deposit their loads in a small plastic cup. It's like they are at a doctor's office, asked to give a sample, and instead of a room with porn they are taken to me.

At first I screamed, and fought them, but only hurt myself more the harder I struggled. Now, after weeks of the same thing I just welcome them, even urge them on so they get done faster. It's amazing how fast you can make a man cum if you tell him how much you want it and for him to thrust harder or put it in your ass or cum on your tits. They never do the last one, but it sure speeds things up. I'm not even blindfolded. I see each man, each face smile as they enter the room and find me on the bed waiting for them. Some talk to me, some don't say a single word, just fuck me and leave. I don't know what they do with the semen, but I am very conscious of how careful they are not to waste any.

Sometimes, when the man is over excited he'll shoot over the cup and curse loudly for the mistake, almost like it's going to get him in trouble from 'them'. Who I don't know. But these men that come into me are not in charge, all look frightened, and get even worse if they spill some semen out of the cup. It's almost like they've been ordered to save it all and dire consequences await them if they don't.

I'm taken care of well. I'm not always tied up, only for about 12 hours a day I figure. I don't really know since I have no way to tell if its day or night or how much time has passed. I just know I've been here a long time. When I'm not getting fucked I'm in a different room. How I get there I don't know. They must drug me with the gas they pump into the room after my daily shift of being fucked is over. I wake up, still naked but in a different place where there is food, drinks, shower and anything I ask for. They have a piece of paper on the table with my food for any requests. I've asked from my freedom but that apparently, is the only thing I can't have.

I've been given everything else I've asked for, from the finest wines, lobster, pizza whatever desserts I can think of, you name it. I have an iPod, computer, TV, stereo, jewelry, clothing, I could only dream about before I was taken, Prada bags galore, but without freedom and someone to show off my stuff too it's meaningless crap. I still ask for more, trying to find something they won't give me but haven't found anything yet.

Besides my 12 hours of 'work' they request that I exercise and have given me anything I need to do so. I have to work out each day until an alarm sounds; it's about two hours. I think I know why they want me in shape. They want me to stay attractive, fit and sexy for the countless men. Which I do, it's just part of my routine now, I work out, shower to wash off the sweat from me and the men, then make myself look beautiful only to be knocked out and back in the 'fucking room' the next day. I don't seem to be tired ever so either they are giving me something or when they knock me out they let me sleep for a while.

My name is Ginger and 'they' took me on my 19th birthday as I was leaving a porn audition. Okay so I'm not a nice girl. Never meant to be, I planned on getting fucked for a living but this wasn't what I had in mind. It might be why they chose me and maybe the porn studio has something to do with this. I don't know. I keep thinking they are recording each man I fuck and someday they will set me free with all my stuff and use the videos to make me rich beyond my wildest dreams. That day hasn't happened yet. I don't see any cameras in the room or mirrors but I keep hoping this is some plan I'll end up benefiting from in the long run. It's all I have, it what keeps me going, I mean even I have to have hope.

When I auditioned for the studio they seemed very pleased with me. Said I was the perfect porn star, big breasts, blonde hair, very hot face, long sexy legs and I took it anywhere a guy wanted to stick it. They said they would contact me soon but I never made it back to my car. Now time and time again I wake up in the 'fucking room' and the door opens for my first customer. It would be nice if they were all hot young guys but that isn't the case. I've seen young to old, cute to downright nasty. You name it they've fucked me.

I find myself tied up different ways on different days, they switch it up every once in a while with a new position, but they never put me in control. It's always the man thrusting and dominating me. I would like the chance to be on top or at least have some control but this hasn't happened yet either, I'm sure they are afraid I'll try something to hurt they men and that's why I'm tied up in the positions they pick and why none of the countless guys has stuck his cock in my mouth. They don't want it bit off I'm sure. Not that I would. I've actually started to crave sucking a cock, it used to be one of my favorite things and why I wanted to go into porn. I figured if I liked something so much might as well try and get paid for it.

'They' of course don't know this. They don't know that even if they put me in the room untied I would still fuck the men for twelve hours and love every minute. I've become addicted; I actually look forward to the door opening and the first man walking in. My pussy gets wet, my nipples erect and I want them to fuck me. I want to feel their hot rods spread my lips, rub my clitoris and pound away at me. I know, I'm sick but maybe this is why they picked me. I ask for them to fuck me, I ask for them to feed me their cocks so I can suck them but have yet to have one let me. I tell them to fuck my ass, I tell them to cum in my mouth or on my tits anywhere I can feel their hot spunk on my body but they only pick up the plastic cup from the end table next to the bed and cum inside. I salivate watching them spurt each blast of cum and scrap off their heads to get each drop. I imagine taking their loads in my mouth, savoring their taste and texture, sucking the heads for every last drop but alas I'm denied every time buy hundreds of spurting cocks. It's so frustrating!

The amount of men each day varies. It really depends on how quickly I can get them to orgasm. They always have another outside until my shift is over. Some last a while and some cum within seconds of penetration. I can never tell exactly who will last and who will be a sudden shooter but I try and predict every time. Sometimes I get lucky but most of the time I'm off. I do get a kick out of watching their expressions, first when they walk in the door and see me. I have to admit I'm hot, I know this; have always known it and their reactions confirm it. The other time I like watching their expressions is when they cum. No guy does it the same; they make their own individual faces, and noises. It's fun to see what the next guy will do.

I've also noticed (I think) that I never have a repeat customer. I say I think because like I said the number I have fucked is way up there now so maybe they snuck a guy in twice but I don't think so. I don't know where they come from but it seems an endless supply of cocks. Some of the younger guys, the hot ones and the ones that last long enough to make me cum I want back but I never see them again. But that all changed one day.

I found myself tied up on my hands and knees. The door was behind me and as soon as I was conscious it opened. I recognized him right off. He was one of the guys I wanted to come back. He was so hot, tan, muscular and young, probably my age or there about. He had dark curly hair, piercing blue eyes and a cock I salivated over. He was at least eight inches and the first time he fucked me he made me come twice before emptying his load into the cup. And what a load it was. I didn't think it would ever stop squirting as he manipulated his wonderful organ in front of the open container. He almost filled it half way!

That day he smiled at me as he left the room with his huge load, he didn't seem afraid like the others. I was so smitten and taken by him I couldn't say anything back all I could do was manage a weak smile and shake from the orgasm he had left me with.

Now he was back and I couldn't believe it! Why him? Who was he? Did he have an in with 'them' or was he one of 'them'?

He closed the door, already naked and I watched, mouthwatering, his huge cock began to grow as he took in my body kneeling on the bed.

"Good to see you again, Ginger," he said in a sexy voice that made me wetter.

He knew my name! It took me a second to realize he was the first to ever call me by name.

"Good to see you again?" I said, shocked.

He laughed, walked up to the side of the bed and put his cup on the nightstand. His hand caressed my bare back, running down to my butt and back up. He leaned over and kissed my neck, letting his wet tongue travel down my spine, sending chills of arousal through my body. My nipples went hard, my pussy flushed and I felt my clit engorge under my hood. That was another thing I was upset about. With me being tied up I never got to play with myself while they fucked me, but I digress back to the story. This man was different. He just didn't kneel behind me and shove it in, cum and leave. No he was caressing me, treating me like a normal woman, making me wet with anticipation.

I wanted to ask him questions, who he was, why he was back, and what was going on but I didn't want him to stop what he was doing either. I figured I could ask him before he left and enjoyed his tongue making its way down my ass and into my quivering pussy. I've had others that eat me first but they rushed it and it really wasn't worth mentioning. They didn't do it long enough anyway. But this man, he seemed to enjoy it, he seemed to want me to get off before he fucked me. With his hands he touched me with his tongue he licked me; the combination had me moaning, and shaking from his talent. He brought me to orgasm, there on my hands and knees, tied up and prisoner, all with just his fingers and tongue. I'll never forget it. Nor will I forget what he did next. Instead of fucking me he picked up his cup, stroked himself off into it and left the room before I could say anything from the shock. I was flabbergasted. What just happened? Why would he do that? The first time he was here he acted just like any of the others, so now why would he bring me to orgasm and then masturbate into the cup and leave? What the hell was going on?

I thought about him and the strangeness of what he did for the next hours while the flow of guys came in and fucked the hell out of my pussy and ass. All I had on my mind was this one guy, the gorgeous man that turned down my waiting and wanting body and masturbated into a cup! It had me perplexed and strangely infatuated with him. I yearned for his return. I figured it was a big possibility since he had returned once before.

I found myself masturbating in the shower on my alone time to the thoughts of his cock and body. His voice came to me in my head; I lusted after his smell, his touch, his tongue. I was smitten by this stranger and hoped every time that door opened it would be him. I even wrote on my request paper that I wanted the young man with black hair and blue eyes who didn't fuck me last time to come back, but days turned into weeks and he didn't return.


I had almost given up, I never forgot him but I figured I'd never see him again and stopped writing it on the paper. Six months, at least, had passed. I count my sessions as days, but I really don't know if they happened every day or not. I just know I wake up so I call it a day. I keep track of the session and doing the math more than 180 sessions have taken place since I last saw him. You're probably saying that's a lot of cock. Believe me you're right, 2,160 hours of being fucked by different guys if it is 12 hours each. I still hadn't had a return man except for him. Then finally, when I had stopped watching the door with expectations of seeing him I looked up and there he was, standing over me with his naked body and his cock in his hand.

"You're back!" I said trying to reach for him, forgetting my hands were tied to the bed

I was on my back, my legs tied in the air, lifting my ass off the sheets and my arms spread wide to the ends of the headboard. It was the end of the shift, or so I thought, it sure felt like it should end soon. I had been fucked hard again, my pussy was sore and my ass was even worse, today's batch of men seemed to want to fuck my ass more than anything today. But when I saw him that all melted away and I yearned for him and his body.

"I'm back, did you miss me, Ginger?" he asked.

"I did, I really did."

"I missed you too," he said brushing some stray hair from my face.

I smiled up at him, he was slowly stroking his shaft, bringing himself to full height and I couldn't help but watch and want him.

"What's your name?" I asked, not wanting to forget this time.

"Levi," he said, running his hand on my cheek and neck.

"Levi, who are you? And why do you return when others don't?" I asked.

"Shhh, don't talk I have something for you," he said keeling on the side of the bed.

He was kneeling next to my head so I was staring at his shaved balls and underside of his throbbing cock. Before I could ask another question he pushed his cock down and into my face. I opened my mouth on instinct and welcomed his wide head inside. He rocked forward, sliding more of his shaft into my mouth and back out. He didn't seem worried at all that I might bite him, confident I wanted to suck his cock. I did! It tasted wonderful and the sensation of his head and shaft in my mouth turned me on. I held tight to his vein ribbed rod with my lips, used my tongue on his head as it passed into the back of my mouth. He fucked my mouth like this and played with my breasts and nipples, feeding me his cock for a long time and I loved it.

I could feel his head and shaft enlarge, I knew he was getting close to his climax. It was then I noticed, as I looked around his body when he was pulling back, there was no plastic cup on the nightstand. He didn't have it in his hands either, because one hand was pinching my left nipple and the other was fingering my pussy. Where was he going to cum?

I got my answer a few minutes later as his cock exploded deep into my mouth and he moaned and bucked. His semen surged forth from his slit, rushing into my mouth. The taste was better than I remembered and came much too fast to control all of it. I swallowed what I could but a lot oozed out the side of my mouth and dripped to the bed. He's quantity was outrageous, spurting every half second into my mouth for longer than I thought natural.

It finally subsided and I sucked his head, swallowed what I had in my mouth as he stood up off the bed, smiling down at me. He moved to below me, putting his head between my legs and started sucking up my juices and licking me. He seemed crazed or something, feasting on my pussy and moaning as he did. He brought me to orgasm and continued to suck me clean. Finally after I came down he stood back up. He looked larger than before, like his muscles were pumped and he exuded an energy and power I had never seen before in a man.

"Did you enjoy that, Ginger?" he asked.

"So much, I've been craving it for a while!"

"You're welcome," he said, turning to leave.

"Wait! Will I see you again?" I asked, struggling against my restraints.

He stopped, turned back to me and leaned over to whisper into my ear, "You'll see me again and I'll get you out of here. Be ready," he said.

I couldn't respond; my heart was racing, my breath caught in my throat. He smiled again and left the room. Did I just hear what I thought I heard? He was going to get me out of here! Be ready? Who was this man? I could scarcely control my emotions. I knew 'they' had to be monitoring me, what could Levi possible do to save me? I tried to remain as calm as I could as the gas entered the room, the shift was over.

Ch. 2

I knew something was wrong when I didn't wake up in my normal quarters, instead I was gagged, hands and feet tied and in the back of a moving van. It had no windows and the only reason I knew where I was, was because 'they' left the interior light on. I could tell the van was moving fast for the sound of the road traveling under me. I think 'they' had gotten wise to Levi's plan and were moving me.

The van sped down the road for a long time until it pulled off the interstate and I heard someone filling the gas tank before driving on and on. I fell asleep several time so I don't know how long I was traveling or what time of day it was.

The van, coming to a stop, woke me. Suddenly the back double doors opened and two men with masks over their faces climbed in, grabbed me and carried me out of the van and into a large building with metal sides and roof. It was dark, I had no clue where I was but it was warm out. The men never said a word, sat me in a chair and left the room they had deposited me in. I was afraid Levi would never find me now and any thoughts of this being something that would benefit me in the long run were gone. I knew I was just a sex slave, a piece of ass 'they' could charge money to fuck. They would use me up, destroy me and discard me as soon as I wasn't a draw for the men.

My new found reality was confirmed with the men with masks came back in the room, without them. They had big smiles on their faces. I knew what was coming, hell I was used to it by now.

"We asked if we could take our payment in you. They said yes," one of the men said.

"Be a good girl and don't fight and we'll be quick about it," said the other, winking.

I was already naked with my hands behind my back and ankles tied. I wasn't worried about what they were going to do to me. Been there done that thousands of times by now. What I was upset about was Levi not finding me and getting my hopes up. I watched with little interest the men strip and approach me with erections. They were both just average sized, nothing I couldn't handle even both together. The first man pulled down the gag in my mouth and grabbed the back of my head, sticking his cock forcefully in my mouth. I didn't fight him, taking his salty member deep and sucking him hard. He moaned and turned to his buddy to say, "She likes it, she's sucking."

"Sweet, let me in there," the other said, shoving his cock against my cheek.

I pulled back and replaced the first with the second and sucked him a few time as he thrust in deep. They took turns fucking my face and I obliged them, thinking I could get them to cum quickly and be done with it. But they had other plans, as soon as I had one close to climax he would pull out and turn my head to his buddy. They lasted much longer that way and I had my work cut out. I wasn't able to get either one of them to cum. Instead they stood me up and one of the sat on the chair, grabbed me by the hips and pulled me down onto his cock. He slipped into my pussy easily.

"Fuck! She so wet!" he screamed.

"Damn, no wonder they picked this chick, she fucking loves getting done," the other said giving me his cock again.

I bounced up and down on the first while sucking the other, actually enjoying the change in scenery and events. It wasn't five minutes later that the door to the room burst open. I couldn't see who it was because of the man standing in front of me with his cock down my throat but that quickly changed.

"What the fuck! Who are you?!" Screamed the guy I was sitting on.

The one in my mouth turned quickly and that's when I saw Levi in the doorway. He had a shotgun in his hands and he looked pissed off.

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