tagNonHumanCum Vamp Pt. 02

Cum Vamp Pt. 02


Chapter 4

Arriving at home I hurried inside.

"Well shit girl it's about time. We haven't seen or heard from you since you left lunch sick. I was afraid you were going to bail on your date tonight," Jessica said as she saw me come home.

"Sorry, after I left the restaurant, worked called and needed me to fill in for someone," I said lying big time. "I got so busy I didn't call and let anyone know."

"Well you better hurry and get ready, Dan is suppose to pick you up in like 20 minutes," she said.

I nodded and hurried to my room. I undressed put a robe on and got a quick shower in without getting my hair wet. I noticed in the shower that my tits were firmer then just a day ago and actually up and perkier as well. My ass and legs, stomach and arms were toned perfection as well. That's not to say they weren't before but I could see and feel a difference. I was beginning to like this new life.

I never did have to put much makeup on but I also noticed I need even less now. I was just finishing up when I heard the knock at the door and Jessica welcomed Dan in and told him I'd be down shortly. Looking in my full length mirror on my door I looked fabulous in my short skirt and tight, low cut spaghetti strap top. I didn't even bother with a bra they weren't sagging or moving anyway.

When I walked into the living room, Dan's eyes got noticeably bigger and his mouth opened slightly when he saw me. Even Jessica took a double take before introducing me to Dan and he handed me some flowers and gave me a little peck on the cheek. He was a good looking guy, with brown short hair, square jaw and a fit body. He had big hands and I laughed to myself thinking about if it was true what they say about big hands. And I had a feeling I was going to find out.

"Okay you two have fun," Jessica said as Dan walked me out.

He had the whole evening planned out and we went to dinner first. I wasn't even hungry but I ordered a big meal and even had dessert after. I ate everything and I could tell Dan wanted to ask how I stay so fit eating like I do but this being our first date I think he felt that wouldn't be nice. I told him I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast and he seemed to forget about it.

Things were going well, no urges yet and after dinner he took me to see his display at the art gallery downtown. That's what he does for a living but also subsidizes his income with poker online. I guess he's pretty good but thankfully he didn't talk about it too much. His art was interesting and I could see he kind of was a kinky visual guy because his artwork reminded me of male and female genitalia. He was a little stand offish so I helped him open up and rubbed against him and held his hand and was really playful. By the end of the art tour he was warming up and I asked him about his art.

"So is it just me or is that flower suppose to look like a pussy?" I whispered in his ear.

He about chocked on the champagne he was sipping and looked down at me, "Actually kinda ya, but not many people see that," he said trying not to laugh. "I'm impressed you figured me out. Let's just say I get a kick out of hiding things like that in my art."

"Oh I like you more and more," I said teasing him and my perky bra less tits rubbed his arm harder then normal.

"And what do you see in this one?" he asked pointing to a large painting across the hall.

We walked hand and hand towards it and it didn't take me long until I saw the male cock hidden in tree bark. "Well well is it just me or does that willow have a hard on?" I giggled.

He busted up and said, "Man you are good and damn funny as well. I'm having a great time, you're not the typical vacant woman I usually get set up with," he said.

"You'll find I'm full of surprises," I returned.

It was getting late and I knew that we needed to get somewhere a little more private before my thirst returned. Even with all my advances he needed a little more encouragement.

"So what's next? I wouldn't mind seeing your place," I suggested.

"Okay I guess we could stop by and I could show you my studio and pad."

I think he finally realized he was going to get laid on the first date because we left immediately and he drove faster then before. I confirmed his suspicion in the car when my hand found his inner thigh and then slowly moved to his crotch and cock. I rubbed his mound through his slacks and felt him start to grow quickly. He stayed quiet probably not knowing what to say.

His member got all tangled up in his underwear and pants and I really couldn't tell how big he was going to be unless I dug it out.

"How far to your place?" I asked still rubbing his cock.

"It's just the next exit and then just a mile or two," he answered.

"So probably not enough time for me to sample this further," I said giving his dick a good squeeze.

"I could accidentally miss the exit if you would like," he said smiling.

"No that's fine I'll just wait a little longer." I kept playing with it and it didn't take much time at all for him to pull up to a really nice place. He pulled right into the garage and I let go of his cock as he turned his car off. He got out and walked around shifting his cock in his pants and opened my door.

My panties were wet from playing with him and I felt my nipples pressing on my thin blouse. I caught his eye checking my tits out as I took his hand and stepped out of his car.

"Damn Lana you are very beautiful," he said and I knew he was totally infatuated with my breasts.

I just smiled and walked with him into his home. It was very nice and either he gets good money for his art or he is one hell of a poker player.

"I could get use to a place like this," I said as he showed me around.

"And this is my bedroom," he said.

I knew he left it for last on purpose and I walked in and sat on his bed. "Very nice Dan and now I want to see that," I said pointing to his pants.

The beginning urges were manifesting and my nipples and clit were hardening right in front of him. He's eyes got big from my last statement and he pulled his shirt out of his pants and started unbuckling his belt. I bit my lip and gave him a sexy look as I removed one strap off my shoulder. He smelled so good and the anticipation of seeing his cock was driving me crazy. He undid his zipper and his pants dropped to the ground. And my second strap fell off my other shoulder. My big tits were holding the blouse in place still and he started to unbutton his shirt.

His body was really good, and I watched him discard his shirt onto the ground and kick his shoes off as well. He was just standing there with his jockey shorts on and his cock was smashed on his tummy and almost peaking out the top. My thirst increased and my hands went to my tits and I grabbed both of them and squeezed as he watched me.

"It's all yours," he said looking down at me.

I stood up and pulled my blouse down over my tits and let it rest around my waste.

"Fuck they are perfect," he said seeing my tits for the first time.

I fell to my knees and crawled slowly towards him smelling his cock and his pre-cum oozing out. Right in front of him I rose up and with one quick jerk his jockeys were on the floor and his cock was mine. It wasn't the size of Mike's or Zack's but close and I ran my hands up his legs and over his balls to his shaft. I gave his cock a few jerks with both hands and then moved around to his tight ass cheeks. My mouth found his cock head and swallowed almost half his shaft with ease while I kneaded his ass.

He moaned audibly and said, "Fuck Lana that feels great, I love it deep like that."

I didn't bother to comment and just started sucking and fucking his cock with my mouth only. My hands scratched at his back and butt as my tongue and mouth worked his cock up and down lathering it up with spit that dripped all over his balls and legs. My thirst was fully awake now and the pleasure of sucking him was tremendous. I could have had him cumming in seconds but he pulled away from me before the point of no return.

"Holy shit you are good at that," he said breathing hard.

I tried to get at him again but he grabbed my hands and stood me up so I couldn't. I knew he wanted to fuck me or at least play with my tits first but all I wanted was for him to cum. I played along finally and let him do as he wished. He grabbed my firm C cups and man handled them roughly and it only made things worse. Bending down he took my left breast in his mouth and sucked on my erect nipple hard and licked fast with his tongue. Then the same to the right and back to the left, biting now driving me crazy with pleasure.

I lowered my head and whispered in his ear as he bit my right tit now, "I want you to fuck me, now fuck me hard."

He picked me up and threw me on the bed and grabbed my skirt and ripped it off of me. His aggression was so hot and I knew he was going to fuck me good like I wanted. Throwing my skirt on the floor he reached for my thong and I helped him with lifting my legs. He dropped them as well and then stood there with a raging hardon and just looked at my body.

"I don't know how to put this, other than you are unbelievable. I can't see a single flaw anywhere on you. Fucking perfection." He said stunned.

Him being an artist I guess I should have expected this but he was delaying what I wanted.

"Shut up and fuck me already!" I said angrily.

He laughed and said, "Yes mam."

I scooted back on the bed and he crawled up over me. I was so wet that when his cock pushed in cum squirted out and ran down my ass. I moaned in pleasure feeling his cock and balls bottom out and he held his rod deep in me and wrapped his arms around my back and pressed his body tight on mine squeezing my tits against his hard chest. He held me like that and made many hard and forceful hip thrusts grinding down on my clit and pushing his cock deep inside of me.

"Fuck I'm going to cum!" I screamed and I did big time and another surge of juice left my body as my clit was smashed by his grinding. He kept it up and I kept cumming on his cock.

He wasn't sliding enough to make himself cum and I knew it, he was trying to make sure I was pleased first and normally this would have been great but I needed his semen more then I need to orgasm. I took matters in my own hands and rolled him over onto his back with ease. I think my strength impressed him because once I was on top he had a surprised look on his face. I didn't let him say anything and just rose up on my feet and started riding him cow girl style hard and fast. Pounding down on his cock letting my ass slap on his legs and balls I milked his cock with my pussy and knew I was getting closer to what I wanted.

As I was riding him he reached up and tried to grab my tits but because I was going so fast he really couldn't play as well as he would have liked and basically just let them rub is fingers and palms. His cock was getting bigger in my very sensitive twat and I knew I had him close. I suddenly remembered though the longer the man last the more cum he shoots normally and I also remembered what Samantha said about anal. So suddenly I stopped and knelt back down over him and lowered my head to his ear.

"Have you ever fucked a woman's tight little ass?" I asked him in my sexiest voice.

It took him a few seconds to reply, "No," is all he said.

"Today's your lucky day sport," I returned and leaned forward enough for his cock to pop out of my pussy.

I reached back and grabbed his shaft and pressed back guiding his cock into my perfect ass. He moaned as his cock head disappeared and I echoed his noise, loving the feel of his cock penetrating my tight muscle and continuing on into my depths. Fuck I loved anal now; I couldn't believe how much I loved it. Reaching down I worked my clit and rocked up and down on his steely cock, which was harder then before with his excitement.

I didn't realize how excited he was, but it was apparently his first time doing anal so I should have expected it. So unfortunately it took me by surprise when I felt his cock start to shoot warm cum inside my ass after only a minute and he didn't even warn me. I decided to just let him continue inside me and rode his cock hard and fast as he filled my tight hole with cum. His face was twisted in pleasure that looked like pain as my ass milked and milked his shaft. Once he was done I rose off of him and over his tummy and he watched as I pushed his cum out of my ass all over his hairless six pack.

I got as much as I could out and then moved to the side of him to eat it all off of his body. It was hot and tasted so good to me and after I ate what I could off his stomach I sucked his cock deep and ate all of the leftovers off his shaft and sucked what I could from his hole. It quenched my thirst but I knew only for awhile, it wasn't close to the amount I had with Zack.

Dan was shocked he just stared at me as I swallowed his cum and acted like it was the best thing I had ever eaten. I totally scared the shit out of him for sure. First anal and then I devour his cum that I just pushed out of my own ass. I didn't blame him, I mean who would, but I was thirst crazed and didn't care what he though I needed the semen regardless.

"You okay Dan?" I asked looking at the stunned look on his face.

Again a long pause, he didn't know what to say, "Who are you?" he finally asked.

"Why Dan? Have I frightened you?" I inquired.

"Stuff like that doesn't happen for real, only in the movies," he returned.

"Well welcome to your own personal porno, glad you could make it," I said laughing.

"Fuck you aren't normal, damn I've never...can't believe that shit," he rambled on.

"Well you liked it didn't you?" I asked him.

"Fuck yes I like it, I couldn't hold it... Your ass was so good."

"So what's the problem?" I said looking at him intently.

"Nothing.... Nothings wrong I'm just stunned, shocked that's all I mean good hell do you do that to everyone on the first date?"

"Well actually..... lately you could say I've done things I've never tried before, lets just say that," I returned.

"Man that was some crazy shit; I didn't even have time to warn you. I just started cumming."

"It all worked out and it felt good in my ass like that so don't worry about it. So how long do you think it will take for this to get hard again?" I asked him grabbing his softening cock.

"Not very long if you keep that up," he smiled.

"Oh really so if I do this, and maybe this it should rise to the occasion again soon huh?" I teased him rubbing the head and cupping his balls.

He smiled bigger and put his hands under his head and let me play with his cock. I had heard somewhere the best way to get your guy hard again was with oral so I tried it and started sucking and licking his soft cock. I took his whole shaft in my mouth with ease with it soft and even one of his balls and slurped and sucked them. My hands were all over his stomach and legs rubbing up and down as I sucked and played with his cock and balls making a huge mess with my saliva.

I guess I would say it was about five minutes and I started feeling him getting bigger and once it started I had him hard again in no time. It was much more fun to suck and play with it hard so I just kept going and got rather aggressive with his member sucking hard and then letting it pop out of my mouth. Taking him deep and moving my mouth and throat in a semicircle driving him crazy. His balls were still not getting tight up to the shaft so I knew he was going to last much longer this time and I had my work cut out for me.

He just laid their and moaned and encouraged me on with stuff like, "Oh shit that's good, oh fuck ya deep like that, oh damn Lana that feels so good."

15 minutes later I was still sucking his cock and I had his balls tighter now and he was moaning and urging me on even more now. Letting his shaft out of my mouth it slapped his tummy and I looked up at him to ask him a question.

"Dan, did you want to fuck my ass again?"

"Absolutely I do," he said.

"Good, but this time cum in my mouth okay?" I said.

I knelt on the bed on my hands and knees facing away from him looking back. He got up and got behind me grabbing his hard cock.

"Just put it in, I'm ready for it anytime," I said.

My ass still had his cum lubing it and so when he pressed his head against my puckered hole it went in smooth and painlessly. He let out a sigh of pleasure and told me how hot it felt and tight. I arched my back and stuck my ass out for him to pound me and when he started moving I met each of his thrust. It was so hot and tight and I loved his hard cock in my ass. I put my head down on his bed and rested my weight on my elbows while playing with my round tits and alternated to my clit as well while Dan slid his wet cock in and out of my ass.

"That's it....Fuck my ass good....Harder! Give it to me!" I screamed at him.

I wanted it like Zack had done, it felt so damn good. Dan increased his speed and power with my urgings and I started to hear his hips making a slapping noise on my ass as he pounded me. I was going to cum any second with my fingers playing with my clit and the cock in my ass. Dan was breathing heavy and really working hard. I looked aback at him and sweat was running off his forehead and chest. He had stood up on his feet and was squatting over my ass pounding his cock down inside of me pushing every inch in with each thrust.

"That's it Dan....I'm cummmmmmmmmmmming!"

Shit it was sweet bliss, my body quivered and convulsed as a huge orgasm took over in waves and kept coming. Dan was rocking my world and I was loving it. His legs must have gotten tired because he pulled out and rolled me onto my back and grabbed a pillow off his bed and laid it down on the ground.

"I've seen this in a movie and thought you'd give it a try," he said with a big smile on his face.

His cock looked and smelled so good and I was still shaking from my orgasm. I had an idea of what he wanted to do but asked him anyway.

"So off the bed? Put my head down there and use the bed to hold my ass up for you right?"

"Exactly then I can stand over you and drive it down deep."

I could see the lust in his eyes and he was going to take full advantage of all his fantasies now that I proved I was a crazy bitch. I slid off the bed and put my head and shoulders down on the pillow with my ass high in the air propped up against the side of the bed with my legs over my head. Once I was in position he stood backward so I was looking at his tight ass and he pressed his hard cock back into my butt and started squatting up and down over me, filling my ass with his cock with each plunge.

"Oh yes...Fuck yes Dan give me that cock. I love your cock in my ass... fuck my ass Dan hard and deep."

I had a great view of his balls and ass as he drove up and down into me. He fucked me like this for another ten minutes and I could tell he was getting close by his balls and smell. His cock was bent straight down and looked so good disappearing in my ass and cum from my pussy was running down my tummy now and had made it to my tits. I thought about one of the guys eating it off my hot body as it oozed down me but it was just going to go to waste this time. The change I'd undergone had increased my vaginal secretions by more then two and this must be how Deb filled that glass earlier.

With his thrusts more and more cum would run out and I don't think I ever had come down off my first orgasm, it was a constant wave of passion coursing through me now and I loved my new body and life. Dan kept it up and sweat was dripping of his body onto me and the floor as I watched his legs strain as he drove his cock continuously in and out of my excited ass. It just kept feeling better and better and finally he pulled out and walked backwards over me. I smelled a distinct new smell and I knew now what to look for when a man was about to orgasm.

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