tagNonHumanCum Vamp Pt. 03

Cum Vamp Pt. 03


Chapter 7

I returned in the afternoon and already had used the small vial of cum TJ had given me last night. The group had cleaned up quite a bit of the mess but there was no way they were going to be open for business anytime soon. They were taking turns standing guard at the entrance as well worried about Brody returning. It was Roxy's turn and she let me in holding a machine gun.

"Hi Roxy how are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm still fucking pissed I can't believe she is gone," she stammered. "Fucking cock sucker Brody, I want him dead!" she mumbled under her breath as I walked in.

"Hey Lana welcome back, how are you doing? Hungry yet?" Zack asked seeing me.

"I drank the vial from last night already so I'm okay for now," I said.

"Well the boys and I have started trying to replenish our lost supply, I'm sure you'll let us know if you get thirsty," he said smiling at me. "TJ told me to send you up to the office as soon as I saw you so he'll be expecting you."

I said hi to the others and walked up the stairs to see what TJ wanted. I found him behind the desk on the phone ordering new equipment and miscellaneous item to restock the club. He motioned me in as I stuck my head in the doorway and pointed to the couch. I sat down and waited.

"Hi Lana, how are you?" he asked hanging up the phone.

"Good, sounds like you are really busy trying to fix this place back up," I answered.

"Ya well we need it back up and running for the fresh supply of cum it brings," he smiled.

I smiled back and he opened his desk and pulled out what looked like a cocktail napkin with red writing and splatters. He laid it on the desk and looked at me intensely.

"We found this next to the table where Bobby was when they first attacked last night. It appears she had enough time to write down her last wishes if anything happened to her.... And it looks like she had cause," he said lowering his voice and clearing his throat.

I was really curious and wanted to jump up off the couch and grab the napkin to read, but I resisted and let him continue.

"She obviously really like you Lana, and she saw a lot of potential as well....I'll just cut to it then," he said picking up the note. He read it out loud, "Everything to Lana the sole heir to house Niseen and its signed by Victoria "Bobby" Niseen." He dropped the napkin and stared at me.

It took me a minute to comprehend, "What? You can't be serious!" I said standing up and walking quickly over to his desk.

I grabbed the note and studied it. The writing was in blood and it looked real. "Why would she pick me I barley knew her?" I stammered.

"We all asked the same question but can't argue with this. It's her blood, handwriting and her signature. She picked you over all of us for some reason, I was hoping you knew something we didn't," he said.

I just stared at him and shook my head. I started pacing back and forth in front of his desk. "Well what if I don't want it, I don't even know what it is... House Niseen?" I asked.

"It's one if not the oldest houses of our kind and is passed down from head to chosen heir, which appears to be you. Wealth and power beyond your wildest dreams Lana, you will have everything and anything you can possible imagine." He explained.

I had to sit down, "this is crazy, two days ago I was just normal Lana Baxter living my life at 21 years old and now you're telling me I'm heir and head of an organization beyond anything imaginable."

"Yes pretty much in a nut shell,"

"But I thought it was just this club, just you six and Bobby?"

TJ began to laugh, "Oh Lana young Lana, Bobby's house and influence spans the globe there are 1000's who call their house Niseen and assets beyond compare, we six are her elite chosen, and well you as well it seems." he smiled.

"Shit I don't know if I can do this," I cursed.

"Well you've been chosen and you will have a lot of help trust me," he smiled.

He stood up and walked over to me and sat down putting his hand on my leg. I looked up at him and grabbed his hand squeezing it in nervous dismay.

"What happens now?" I asked.

"Well the news of Bobby's death and your rising has to be sent to the entire house and then you'll have to officially take your place at the head in a ceremony in Vienna," he explained. "You'll be known as Lana Niseen for ever more."

"What, Austria? Are you serious I've never been outside the U.S.?"

"Well you knowing where Vienna is, gives me hope," he said laughing.

I hit him hard in the shoulder, "I'm smarter then I look pal," I said glaring at him.

"Oh Lana you are so cute when your angry now lets go talk with the others they are eager to hear what you think."

When we walked downstairs Sam was now guarding the door and Roxy was sucking Zack's large cock, the thirst was upon her and she was deep throating him and stoking his member at the same time. The look on his face was pure bliss and I could tell Roxy really knew what she was doing. Mike was lying under her eating her pussy while she sat on his face and sucked Zack. Deb was riding Mike's hard long cock while he lay on the ground and she had her hands around Sam's breasts playing with her nipples as she rose up and fell back down on Mike.

Shit it was a hot group sex scene; Sam watched from the door and TJ and I took seats at the bar and enjoyed the hot action. The group fucked and sucked each other like that for a while and I glanced at TJ and noticed he had his cock out of his pants stroking it slow and smooth to the action. I smiled at him and went back to watching the group on the floor.

Roxy was still feasting on Zack's dripping member and I could smell Zack getting close to his climax. He surprised me when he stepped back and pulled his dick from Roxy's hot mouth. He walked around to Deb and I knew what he had in mind. Zack squatted down and pressed his wet member into Deb's puckered ass with Mike's cock still shoved up her pussy. Shit it was amazing, these two huge cocks in Deb's gorgeous body made my mouth drop open. Then when they started moving again I freaked out and my hand instinctively moved to TJ's leg and then his cock he was still stroking. He let go of it and let me start my motion up and down his long shaft.

I was watching Deb get double fucked with awe, having never seen it before in real life. Roxy was still being eaten by Mike and she started rubbing her own clit now not having a cock to suck on. Deb was going crazy, with both of the men's cocks in her and I swear her whole body shook with a mind blowing climax. Zack was really close now and I expected him to shot his load any second. I felt TJ's pre-cum hit my hand as it ran down his long shaft and I continued stroking his cock and watching. Mike got Roxy to cum again with his oral treat and about that time Zack pulled his throbbing extremely hard dick our of Deb's ass and hurried back around to Roxy who grabbed it and stroked it as it shot a long string of white cum in her face. She pulled him closer and took the next two in her mouth swallowing fast as more came.

Fuck it was so hot; cum just kept squirting out of Zack's cock and covered Roxy's heaving tits as she tried to swallow as much as she could. Deb screamed in ecstasy riding Mike's member and I smelled him getting ready to shoot as well, mixed with the intense smell of Zack's fresh load all over Roxy. Zack's cock finally started to slow down and Roxy sucked the remaining cum from it. Mike was at his peak and Deb knew it and rose up off of him and back putting his cock right at her face and began stroking it as he exploded into the air. She missed the first string of cum which landed on his chest but then she put his head in her mouth and swallowed quickly as he gushed more.

It overwhelmed her and she had to take his head out again and he continued to shoot rope after rope of semen onto his chest and hard stomach. She caught her breath and in between spurts reinserted it again and swallowed more. My hand had sped up on TJ's cock without me realizing it and he began to moan enjoying it. Deb finished sucking and eating what she could from Mike and Roxy was already scooping Zack's extra semen into a glass for storage.

Sam was staring at me, I noticed, and then TJ and I could tell she wanted to come and join us. She finally got Zack's attention and he smiled and walked over and relieved her of guard duty pulling on his pants in the process. As Sam walked over to us she ripped open her dress and let it fall off her incredible body. Her nipples were erect and her round full tits looked perfect as she strutted over. She dropped to her knees in front of TJ and without hands took his oozing member in her mouth while I continued to stroke. TJ moaned loud and she sucked hard on his head.

She sucked and sucked deep and hit my hand as I stroked up and down on his wide shaft. Sam was all worked up and thirsty and TJ must have smelled her because he slid off the bench and onto the floor with her still sucking on his cock. She spun all the way around and they were in the 69 position before I knew it. TJ munched on her pussy and she sucked and stocked his cock leaving me on the stool to watch.

The small amount of cum I had eaten before I came back was wearing off quick and I felt the first signs of the thirst hit me as I looked down at the two engaged in orally satisfying each other. I needed some of that cock as well and dropped off the stool and knelt next to them and shared TJ's cock with Sam. I worked his balls while she did his shaft and then she pushed it towards me and we traded. My body started getting hard and excited and I wanted out of my clothes so I took the time to get naked while Sam kept sucking him.

TJ still had all of his clothes on with just his cock extending out his fly, and once I was naked Sam undid TJ's belt and I pulled his pants and jockeys off of him. Sam rose up and squatted over TJ's hungry mouth and I slid down on his huge cock with my pussy. I was facing Sam and she and I played with each other's tits while she got eaten and I got fucked. So damn hot, his cock felt like heaven inside me and with Sam pinching my erect nipples I came quickly as I rode up and down.

TJ felt me cum and he pushed Sam up and off of him and wanted us to trade so he could eat my fresh secretions. We got the hint and I left his member and squatted over his face and he went to it, eating and sucking my pussy and cum. Sam sat down on his cock covered in my juice and took all that he had into her small body. She looked so damn hot riding his cock and I reached out and cupped her perfect tits as I convulsed and came again on TJ's face.

I shuddered and almost fell over with pleasure catching myself with a stool. I kind of laughed at myself and looked around to see if anyone saw me. Deb and Roxy both had big smiles on their faces and had finished cleaning up and storing the extra cum off their hot bodies. Mike I think missed it because he was putting the cum away, Zack was by the door laughing.

"You okay over there Lana? Need some extra support," he laughed teasing me.

I couldn't respond because TJ was driving me fucking crazy with his tongue and I was still cumming big time. Sam also began to shake with her own orgasm and TJ had two hot woman cumming on him at the same time. Five minutes went by in that same position and then Sam stepped off of his cock and stood up and motioned for me to do the same. I followed her lead as she put her tight stomach on a round stool and bent over it shoving her gorgeous ass out for TJ who was getting to his feet. I found my own stool and shoved my ass out to him as well.

He took off his shirt and moved toward us both rubbing his cock up and down with his hand. He picked me first and slid his hot member into my pussy and gave me about a minutes worth of deep thrusts and then left me and gave it to Sam the same way. We were so turned on we both had cum dripping down our sexy legs and he alternated fucking us both from behind. While he was doing one of us, Deb and Roxy would collect the others cum that TJ had squished out of us with his hard cock and they collected a good amount this way as he went back and forth fucking us.

The next time he came to me he changed things up and I felt him push his cock in my ass and I screamed with pleasure and my ass grabbed at his hard shaft when he began to move it in and out. I was at the peak of my thirst and cum literally ran down my leg in a continuous stream and Deb held a glass to my inner thigh collecting it all as TJ pumped my ass full of his cock.

"Oh fuck, TJ! Oh shit, fuck my ass, sooo good ooooohhhh," I screamed and he rammed it harder and deeper.

He gave me a few more deep ones and then pulled all the way out and moved to Sam and shoved his cock into her pussy. He slammed her twat with uninhibited force and the stool rocked back and forth as she moaned and screamed for him to go harder and deeper. He stayed in her pussy and then returned to my ass and kept it that way getting the best of both worlds with two women. My ass and Sam's pussy continued to get hammered by him and we filled up a shot glass each by the time his smell told us he was ready to unload his own spunk.

He finished with my tight ass and he couldn't hold it any longer and pulled out of me and Sam and I got on our knees in front of him as he fed us his huge load of cum. Five long ropes for Sam first and then five for me, then back to Sam for three more and some ran down her sexy face and over her tits, and he finished up in my mouth with four more big spurts after which Sam sucked the remains out of his shaft while he jerked and bucked to her sucking on his sensitive head.

It was a shit load of cum and he easily fed us both with the excess all over our cheeks, chins, and tits. There wasn't enough to really collect the rest and Deb and Roxy just licked us both clean and swallowed what they found. Which, good hell, us four all together like that was so hot, naked and titillated and licking each others tits and faces crazy hot.

We finished cleaning each other and I had Sam's tits in my hands still,

"Damn Sam these things are phenomenal," I said squeezing them one last time.

She had the biggest set of tits out of us all and what was so crazy was she was the shortest and smallest woman in the room as well, her tits were outstanding and I've never seen a more perfect pair before. That's not to say that Deb and Roxy weren't hot, I mean shit they were gorgeous as well and more than a hand full for any guy.

"Thanks Lana I really like yours as well," she said giving me one last fondle.

"So did you tell her TJ?" Mike asked coming around from the bar.

"Yes she knows," He answered finding his pants on the floor.

"And....Lana what did you say, I mean shit lets hear it," Mike said excited.

Zack heard Mike and had to walk over to hear what I had to say.

"I'm freaked out to say the least guys, I mean shit, like I told TJ, two days ago I was human for shit sakes and now all this has happened. I'm going to need all of your help with this," I blurted.

"I don't know if I speak for everyone but if Bobby trusted you with all she had then you have my full confidence and support in anyway," Mike said with a smile.

After he said this the small group echoed his response, all but Sam. She was hesitant for some reason and it looked like I was about to find out why.

"Sam what's wrong, do you have concerns with Bobby's choice?" TJ asked.

"Well fuck you guys can't actually blame me can you? I mean I was Bobby's first ever, I'm twice as old as any of you and it only made sense she would choose me, right?"

"Actually that's what we all thought too Sam but the note.... it's what she wanted," Roxy said.

"Well wait if Sam thinks she should do it then can I let her? She's way more qualified than I am," I spoke up.

Silence filled the room, Sam stared at me and then around the group. I waited for someone to say something and was worried I had just said the wrong thing. Deb's mouth fell open unbelieving and the silence got uncomfortable.

"Do you realize what you are suggesting Lana? You're suggesting we ignore Bobby's last wish and hide the fact from the entire house that she chose you and raise Sam in your place in secret. That goes against everything she was and everything we stand for." TJ finally spoke up.

"He's right, she meant too much to us to deny her last request for hell sakes, Sam's just frustrated now but she'll realize honoring Bobby's wishes fully better than all of us in time. She's been with her the longest and served faithfully, beyond obedient." Deb said while looking at Sam.

"Okay sorry, shit, didn't mean to piss anyone off. Sam what can I do to help you accept me?" I asked.

"Well there is a legend older than any of us. It talks of not only transferring power and authority but actual thoughts and memories from head of houses to heirs," Sam said wiping away a tear. "You pull that off then I'll accept you gladly."

"Huh? And does anyone know how that happens?" I asked.

"It's very rare and usually only happened if the heir was with the family head when they were killed. We think it has something to do with cum, of course, and being the last one to partake," TJ explained.

"Well shit that's impossible then because Bobby's already dead and I wasn't even close to her at the time," I said.

"True but Brody was and he was milking Bobby for every drop she had before she died, and TJ brought it back with him," Deb said.

"What? You got Bobby's cum? The last she ever gave?" I asked.

TJ went around the bar and retrieved a large vial of female cum. "This is all that remains of Bobby now, I took it from under her as we were leaving," TJ explained, handing me the vial.

I stared at it as I held it in my hand, "So what am suppose to do, drink it?" I asked.

"We think so but you being a woman and Bobby a woman, we don't really know what it will do if anything," Zack said.

"So if I'm the true heir something big should happen? Is that what you are wanting Sam?" I asked.

"Yep pretty much," Sam replied.

"Wow okay so right now just chug it down?" I asked.

"Well you might want to wait until the thirst returns the girls say that female cum has some affect on women that is different then with male semen," TJ explained.

"That's true it increases blood flow to the clitoris and it gets really big, I mean giant big you'll be amazed and the sensitivity is incredible," Roxy said with a smile.

"Well okay then I'll wait till next time I'm thirsty, and I hope it works," I returned.

We all got redressed and work continued on the club and signs were posted outside telling patrons of the closing and remodeling. Employees started showing up and began to help and TJ made up a gang type scenario to explain what had happened last night.

It was about that time that I got a phone call from Dan who wanted to know how everything went with my drunken friend and if I wanted to do something tonight. I had to remember I lied to him about my friend and almost forgot with all the stuff that has happened since. I told him we could do something and to swing by my place at seven. I could tell he was excited to see me again after our first date.

Before I left I had to ask TJ a question that had come to my mind.

"Hey I'm going to be taking off soon but I wanted to ask you something," I said to him.

"Sure what's up?"

"Remember my first day here and you guys said that only certain ones of our kind can change people without getting in trouble. Well those certain people are heads of houses aren't they? So when I become the head of our house I'll be able to change people right?" I asked.

"You are smarter than you look," he said laughing. "Yep only head of houses can change humans and since we lost Bobby, you will be able to change someone immediate after your rising. Have anyone in mind?" he chuckled.

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