tagNonHumanCum Vamp Pt. 05

Cum Vamp Pt. 05


We deplaned and took Mandy with us in the new limo. She finally stopped asking questions and was just happy to be coming with us and enjoying the sights. The airport is 11 miles from Vienna so we had a small drive to the hotel for the night, before we traveled to the ceremony site the next day.

The Palais Coburg Hotel Residenz in Vienna was the nicest hotel I had ever seen and we had the nicest suites they had to offer. If it hadn't been for Bobby's memories I would have looked like Mandy, with my mouth opened and eyes wide, not believing the luxury and exceedingly fine accommodations we were given. The rest of us laughed at her and she was also the only one that didn't speak the language.

We all went up to our rooms, we only got two for all 8 of us, so it was going to be a big orgy in both I figured. Apparently others from our house were staying here as well, many arriving for tomorrow's big Coronation. The rooms were huge and big enough for all of us to lounge around in just one if we wanted. Our luggage was brought up to us and one of the bellhops was a tasty dark haired broad shouldered guy who Sam had her eye on as soon as he entered. She followed him into her quarters and shut the door to be alone with him. A few seconds later he burst through the door holding his pants up and running through the room like a scared kitten.

We all turned to wait for Sam to come out and explain.

"He's fucking gay! Who knew," she said laughing. "I guess I scared him a little when I attacked him."

"Oh shit that's a waste of a good cock," Deb said.

One of the other bellhops hadn't left yet and had heard the whole thing; he was short and just plain looking with dirty blond hair and average body. He had frozen in place as he saw and heard what had happened. Sam saw him standing there and spoke up.

"What about you? You gay too?" she asked in German.

He shook his head and looked optimistic because...... shit, Sam was incredibly hot and beginning to get thirsty as well.

"Great, get in here then, and I'll give you a big tip," she voiced and walked back into her room.

He slowly walked across the large main room and we all smiled at him. Sam didn't bother shutting the door so many of us could see what she was going to do. As expected she fell to here knees and eagerly had the bellhops long black pants down around his ankles and his cock in her hands. He grew quickly and she devoured every inch he offered. A loud moan escaped his lips and Sam sucked, licked and stoked his cock for the next few minutes.

He started really moaning quickly and Deb, Roxy, and I could smell him about to blow. Sam had him so stimulated and excited it took less then five minutes and he exploded into her open mouth and we watched her swallow every last drop of his human sized load. She stood up gave him a peck on the cheek, standing on her tippy toes, and thanked him for his yummy spunk. He pulled up his pants and smiled coyly at all of us and left the room.

"Well that was good appetizer but I'm ready for the main course," Sam said walking into the main room with all of us.

As soon as she finished talking a knock sounded on the main room door. Sam got a big smile on her face and as I took in a breath I could smell it as well. A familiar cock was outside the door. Familiar that is to Bobby and the rest of the girls, I as Lana had never met the gentleman before, but I knew exactly who it was.

"Vinny!" Sam yelled and threw open the door.

Standing there was a tall dark Italian man with his large cock already out and hard with pre-cum dripping down the shaft.

"Sammy I knew that was you I could smell you from across the hall," he said in a thick Italian-English accent.

She jumped into his large arms and gave him a huge hug. He carried her inside and shut the door behind. His cock was very impressive and as he set Sam down again she grabbed it and pulled him behind her over to the rest of us now sitting on assorted couches and chairs.

Everyone said hello and how good it was to see him and then introduced him to Mandy, letting him know she was soon going to be one of them courtesy of me. That turned the attention on me and it was my turn to be introduced to him. Sam was still holding his cock and rubbing it up and down as I stood to shake the man's hand I already knew through Bobby's mind.

"So this is Lana, the heir I've heard so much about. Stunning absolutely stunning," Vinny said and took my hand.

He kissed the top of it like a gentleman and I smiled up at him. "Vinchenso, how good to see you..... meet you" I said laughing.

"So the rumor is true, you have all of Bobby's memories then?" he asked.

"I do, all up in here," I said pointing to my head.

"Amazing so do show me," he said.

Sam still hadn't let go of his cock this whole time and as I began to tell him something about himself Bobby would know, Sam dropped to her knees and began to suck his delicious looking cock.

"I....... well Bobby met you in Sicily in 1635 and sucked you cock that very first day. About a month later she changed you and made you head of the Italian chapter of our house. Now if Sam will move over I'll show you I know what you really like." I said.

I fell to my knees and moved next to Sam. She took his cock out of her mouth and I reached up and pulled Vinny's pants all the way off. I grabbed his wide shaft and roughly pulled him towards me. Taking his warm wet cock in my mouth I started inching him down my throat and grabbed his ass and squeezed his cheeks hard and rough making him moan with pleasure. My mouth whipped up some slick foam with my saliva and his thick pre-cum and it ran down his shaft to his balls and I waited till I had enough for what I had planned.

Using the lube I spread it on his tight balls and ass until I was able to press two fingers into his butt and find his round prostate. He freaked out when I pressed on it with his cock deep in my mouth. A small amount of semen escaped his head and I swallowed it knowing I had convinced him. I really wasn't that thirsty and I knew Sam was so I pulled my fingers out and let his cock fall out of my mouth.

I stood up as Sam devoured his cock again and decided to try the fingers as well. Vinny looked at me and smiled.

"Very convincing Lana, and I hope to have you thirsty soon," he laughed.

I smiled back and then let my eyes drop down and watch Sam continue to suck his cock and finger his ass. It was funny, I could tell when she pressed on his prostate because his smell would surge and then decrease as she released. He lasted much longer then the human bellhop and was getting thirsty himself so before he came he stopped Sam and stood her up. He helped her undress and then bent her over a chair arm and slid his large cock into her very wet and dripping pussy. She screamed in pleasure as he buried everything he had into her.

I turned to look at the others and spotted Mandy watching in awe as this new hunk pounded Sam's pussy. She was obviously looking forward to the change and feeling the new found pleasures our kind receive. Vinny knew what he was doing just like the others and treated Sam to good hard fuck, until she screamed and came all over his cock. Once she came down off of her peak he pulled out of her dripping snatch and knelt down and licked her coated legs and gushing pussy drinking her sweet nectar.

His cock was covered in her juice and once he cleaned her off he rose back up and pressed his slick cock into her tight ass. She opened up for him immediately and he pressed every inch into her bowels. Again she screamed in ecstasy and he began fucking her ass with abandon. Both of his hands where on her hips and he was slamming his fat cock deep inside of her. Her incredible tits were bouncing freely between the arms of the chair and her perfect body looked phenomenal bent over the soft chair.

All three of the other men in the room were oozing, and I was sure the women were as well, I just couldn't smell them like the guys. I turned to look because the smell of one of them spiked. It was Zack, and he had his cock out of his fly and stroking it slowly as he watched the show. It was fully erect and I licked my lips admiring the vein covered shaft in his hand.

Deb, seeing Zack's hard cock stood up and walked over to his chair. She didn't bother sucking it she just hiked up her skirt and sat right down on it facing away from him. They both moaned and she was obviously extremely wet because his entire enormous shaft disappeared into her pussy with ease. Her hands came up and pinched her excited nipples through her shirt as she began to rise up and down on Zack's cock, increasing her speed with each thrust.

It wasn't long before Mike and TJ had their cocks out as well. Sam was going nuts, and fully titillated and thirsty loving the sensation of Vinny's large cock sliding effortlessly in and out of her ass over and over. New juice was running down her leg and her pussy was so wet and open with stimulation each thrust into her ass brought more cum out of her.

Mandy didn't really know what to do, she wasn't going to be able to smell the cocks and cum like us for a while yet and her body wasn't reacting to the action like everyone else. I'm sure she was turned on but nothing near what my kind were. Roxy, and I had our eyes on Mike and TJ stoking their cocks and both of us knew we soon were going to be either riding them or sucking.

Zack had pulled off Deb's shirt from behind and was now fondling her exceptional tits while she continued to ride him backwards and watch Sam getting anally pounded by Vinny who had sweat running down his face with his effort. Sam was screaming for him to fuck her hard and fast and how much she wanted him to cum in her mouth. This only rooted him on more to the point he was fucking her so fast the chair started to lift on two legs.

Roxy and I smiled at each other as we both smelled Vinny's pending explosion and kept our eyes on him as he pulled his huge throbbing member out of Sam. He held the shaft horizontal as she hopped of the chair and knelt in front of him. A second later, large spurts of delicious spunk sprayed out into Sam's hungry mouth, filling her up in no time at all. Shit I can't get over how hot she looks with cum dripping out of her mouth onto her luscious tits, I thought to myself if the heir was picked by looks she would have been a shoe in.

She swallowed his large load and finished cleaning off his shaft and head, sucking hard until Vinny squirmed and pulled away. Watching Sam being fed made Roxy and me thirsty as well and we both sauntered over to TJ and Mike sitting on a sofa next to each other. Roxy got Mike and I took TJ. As I started to suck I turned my head to look at Mandy.

"Do you want to share?" I asked her, reluctantly taking TJ from my mouth.

"Umm I think I'll just watch, my little clit is really getting sore," she said with a smile.

"Oh right it will do that for a while but believe me it's so worth it," I said and went back to sucking the large cock in front of me.

TJ's member was delicious and I spent my time on it, letting the thirst increase and my body perk up everywhere. While I was sucking Vinny quenched his thirst in Sam's soaked pussy and legs and they both sat together to watch the rest of us. I could hear Zack and Deb going at it even harder now and they had switched places with Deb knelling on the chair with her hands on the back. Zack was driving his cock into her ass now and Deb was screaming for every inch.

"That's it bitch, Fuck my ass! Give me everything you've got," she said.

Roxy had finished sucking Mike and decided it was time to ride him. I kept sucking TJ and watched her straddle Mike, grab his cock and slide it into her juice covered snatch. Talk about a close up, I got a great view of Mike's monster spread Roxy's pussy lips and continue in. She was so wet; juice ran down his shaft as it disappeared inside. Shit it was so hot I felt my clit throb from the visual. I renewed my efforts on TJ's hard cock and devoured him like it was my last meal.

Both Roxy and Mike began to moan and they joined in with Zack and Deb across the room. I was content to just suck TJ and listen to the other four fucking each other. Zack now had Deb sitting in the chair with her head against the back and her legs over her body and spread wide. He was just pounding away at her ass more and she was playing with her very engorged clitoris. A plentiful supply of cum was running from her pussy to her ass and joining his large cock sliding in and out quickly. Occasionally he would pull out and lick it up and then fuck her some more until he had another good amount, essentially milking her pussy by fucking her ass. She had no complaints only moans of ecstasy as she came over and over. His pause to eat, kept his cock from peaking, so he could continue to fuck her and get his fill, before he let loose and satisfied her with his large load.

As I was sucking TJ, I felt two pair of hands suddenly on me and realized that both Vinny and Sam were helping me out of my clothing. I was so wet and turned on by then my panties could have been wrung out. Instead, once I was naked TJ picked me up and flipped me upside down so I could suck his cock while he ate my pussy. He held me there effortlessly and we treated each other to oral satisfaction while around us the others fucked each other. Sam and Vinny returned to the couch and watched the hot action around them.

TJ made me cum so fast with his expert talent and I almost slipped out of his hands with my convulsion. It felt so good and I could scarcely suck his cock as my body was racked with orgasmic bliss. He must have not liked my lack of sucking because he flipped me back over and set me down on the couch and pushed my legs up over my head. I looked to my left and Roxy was in the same position with Mike pounding away at her pussy. My attention was quickly shifted back to TJ as I felt his huge cock spread me wide open and rush inside my wet womanhood. All of him so quickly took my breath away and I struggled for air with pleasure flooding my body.

I looked the other way as TJ's cock eased back out of me and Zack smelled like he was about to cum and still fucking Deb's ass hard and fast. She was begging for him to cum and shaking from pleasure and thirst. I wanted to watch Zack explode on her and I knew it wouldn't be long now. So I laid back and enjoyed the large cock speeding up inside my pussy and watched Zack hammer away at Deb's tight ass until he couldn't hold it any longer and pulled all the way out. He stepped back and Deb rocked onto her knees dropping to the floor.

A huge blast of cum sprayed everywhere out of Zack's purple head and splattered Deb in the face. She moved forward before the next one and put half of his spurting head in her mouth to capture the remaining blasts of cum. Zack filled her mouth and his cum began to run down her face onto her excited tits. She took a big gulp and swallowed what she had in her mouth but his cock was still squirting and the excess splashed up her cheek and then ran down her face. She opened again and took the last couple squirts in her hungry mouth until he was finished. While she swallowed and licked her lips Zack grabbed a glass off the complimentary champagne cart and scrapped her tits and chest cleaning his cum off and handed her the glass with yummy white sticky cum running down to the bottom.

Fuck I was so hot and horny! I grabbed TJ's hips and slammed him deep inside of me urging him to fuck me as hard as he could. His huge cock felt so good and I wanted it hard and fast with no stopping. He smiled at me and increased his force and speed, pummeling my pussy with fast deep thrusts. I was cumming again soon after and Roxy was as well, screaming for Mike to fuck her ass because she need him to cum soon. He had a better idea though.

"Deb don't finish all of that," Mike called across the room.

Deb looked up and pulled the glass away from her lips before draining the last of Zack's load. She smiled and stood up and walked the rest over to Mike. Vinny became very curious to what was going on and was about to speak but Sam grabbed his arm and looked at him.

"Just wait and see what happens, you're going to be blown away," Sam said to him.

Vinny's eyes got wide as he watched Mike take the glass from Deb.

"Cheers," he said and drank the rest of the man cum.

The effect was instant and Vinny actually stood up shocked as he watched Mike's cock increase in size and texture. Mike screamed in pleasure as he pulled out of Roxy's pussy and stepped back away from her. He placed the head of his dick up against the champagne flute rim but was too wide now to enter it. Just the touch of the cold glass on his cock made him explode in a constant stream of cum filling the glass rapidly to the top.

"Holy shit, you got to be kidding me," Vinny called out shocked.

"Amazing huh?" Sam said. "And that's just the beginning he'll be able to do that indefinitely until he has his fill of girl cum."

Vinny just looked at her shocked and then back at Mike who had handed the full glass of cum back to Roxy. She started hungrily drinking it and Zack came over with a couple more glasses for Mike, whose cock was rock hard and ready to burst again. He put the next glass to his cock and gave it a little stroke and another geyser of cum filled this one up similar. Mike bucked and squirmed under the intense orgasm and screamed how good it was just like TJ and Zack had told him.

"That's unbelievable, how did you guys figure this out?" Vinny asked.

"We have Lana to thank actually," Deb said, "It works on us as well, if we eat enough girl cum."

TJ had slowed down inside my pussy because of what was going on around us and I didn't mind much, watching Mike fill the flutes was quite exciting. I wondered how many he would get full. Before he could try on a third, loud knocks, pounds really sounded on the door from what seemed like more than one person. I realized that with that much cum from Mike the smell to our kind was off the charts. Deb, Sam, Roxy also realized it and knew other's of our kind must be the ones knocking to get some.

Mike's cock still wasn't finished and Zack took the full glass from him and handed him another as Deb went to open the door. Four woman were outside all licking their lips and wanting inside to feast on the cum they knew was inside. We all knew them as members of our house and Deb let them in. They all rushed over just as Mike's cock began to spray a third time in the new glass and they screamed in delight as they watched his wonderful cock spray like a hose into the flute.

Another one full, he handed it to a woman and fell over into a chair from exhaustion. She greedily began drinking it and Zack handed another one the other glass full. The two without were going nuts as was I and we all needed cum quickly. Mike was exhausted and didn't think he could muster another load, so Roxy walked over and stood on the chair and he fed on her wet pussy, relaxing his engorged cock finally. The last two women looked at TJ who still had his cock slowing going in and out of me and walked up to him rubbing his hard body all over. He picked up the pace on my pussy again and all three of us rooted him on to cum for us.

"TJ drink some of Mike's cum and then fuck my ass with your huge cock!" I screamed at him.

One of the glasses still had a little left in the bottom and Roxy hopped off of Mike's face and got it for TJ, who had taken his cock out of my dripping twat. He drank the rest of the man cum and his cock engorged and the woman shrieked with excitement of seeing it for the first time. He pressed his giant cock inside of my ass and I screamed with ecstasy! It was by far the biggest thing I've had in my ass now and with the thirst fully engulfing me it felt unreal and incredible. Unfortunately with the man cum TJ didn't last more than five trusts in my tight ass and was forced to pull out. Both women had glasses waiting for him and his cock filled up the first with ease as she held it tight against his head. Once full she backed away and began to enjoy her treat. TJ turned back to me and shoved his cock back in my ass and got ten good hard thrusts in before pulling out and filling the other glass with his spunk.

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