tagIllustratedCumslut on the Prowl

Cumslut on the Prowl


I am so horny while my Master is away. I cannot stand it. I am so tempted to go and find a man to help relieve my desire temporarily, but I must resist in order to be loyal to my Master.

But it is such a temptation...because if I put on my sexy black dress and go out and find a man for a one night stand, I know my Master will punish me and absolve me of my sins when he returns. My Master will be harsh. He will watch the tapes I make of the strange man having sex with me.

I will go to the expensive hotel bars, where men who are in town on business go to drink alone at night, hopeful that they might meet someone just like me, a horny young Japanese woman in heat looking for an evening of pleasure. They will be gone the next morning or perhaps in a few days, with no complications.

The man must be clean and well groomed, disease free. He must be handsome and confident. A young man with vitality and energy to last the night may be ideal, but perhaps an older man who is sexy in his power and wealth might even be better.

I will give the man a Viagra pill when we leave the bar, so that I know that he will be able to perform for a long long time. No premature ejaculation from being too excited seeing my naked body, no inability to get an erection because of nervousness. The little blue pill will make his cock strong and virile and ready to be used by me for many hours.

We will go to a hotel room I will insist he rent for that night. An expensive hotel, with a fancy bed and a beautiful bathroom. If he is in town for business, I will let him take me to his hotel, but only if it is a luxurious hotel.

When we get to the hotel room, I will slowly undress for him, take off the slutty black dress that I have used to seduce him, slowly unclasp the lacy black bra and the black garter and stockings, drawing out his lust with a long lingering strip tease. Or perhaps I will not be wearing a bra, only my favorite slinky black dress that allows my breasts to quiver when I walk, that shows my hard nipples erect and pointing through the black material.

I will give the man my camera, to take pictures of me as I pose on the bed. He will have an erection bulging in his suit pants. The men always do when I pose for them.

I will wait until I know an hour has passed since he took his Viagra, to enflame his lust for me, to make sure the medicine works and his hard cock lasts through the night.

Perhaps I will keep my black fuck me heels on—my Master likes to see me wear them while I am being fucked by a stranger. Or if I do not wear my shoes, I will keep my black garter and stockings on while the man fucks me.

Sometimes I keep my black dress on, so that it will become stained with the white cum that overflows my lips and drips off my nose after he shoots on my face. My Master wants to see the dried cum stains that have accumulated on the dress over the years, like trophy markings for all the men I have seduced while he has been away.

I will let the man fuck me in the bed, in the shower, on the toilet, wherever he wants. As long as it is on film for my Master to see. It will make my Master angry and jealous when he sees me moan and scream in ecstasy as the man pounds into me with his large cock.

I will check to make sure before we leave the bar where I pick him up that his cock is big—larger than my Masters. If it is not, I will walk away from him and find another man.

I know that my Master will feel the surge of white hot burning as he sees me choke and gag trying to swallow the stranger's gigantic cock. He will rage and pull my hair and slap me. But he will also be excited, his own cock hard with desire for me as he sees me utterly lose myself to pleasure with the man, coming again and again.

I know how to keep this man at the edge of orgasm, turgid and full, but never releasing until I am thoroughly satisfied. I will insist that the man must use a condom, but if he turns me on enough and I am lost in my horniness, I may tell him to take the condom off and jack off onto my face when he is ready to come. Or I may slip the used condom off and drink the sperm that fills it, holding it above my upturned face so that the contents slowly drip down into my open mouth for my Master to see.

If I am particularly horny and if he is good in bed, I will let the man rest after he finally comes, but then give him a masturbation show, playing with myself and groaning in pleasure to let him know that I am still horny for his cock.

I will lick the man's dirty asshole as I give him a blowjob—that never fails to get the man hard again for me. I like it when the musky sweat and stench of his ass fills my nostrils and coats my tongue. The humiliation and abjection fills me. I will tell the man to bite my shoulders and neck as he fucks me from behind, so that I can show the marks on my body to my Master when he returns...

There will be many hours of tape for my Master to endure...

I am afraid of how my Master will punish me when he returns. How violent he will be, how he will hurt me until I cry from the pain. He will be angry that he has been made a cuckold by his slutty wife. His violent rage will be real. But the abuse he inflicts on me will cleanse my conscience, wash away the sins I have committed.

My Master will torture my body until my conscience is clear...

That is why I am so tempted to go out and relieve my horniness with a one night stand with a strange man. There are so many men who will spend the rest of their lives remembering this one night with me. White men and black men. South Asian and Middle Eastern men. but no Japanese or Chinese or Southeast Asian men. They will not have a large enough cock to satisfy my lust, and the film we make will disappoint my Master rather than enflame his jealousy.

It is easier, I know, just to sit on my couch and fuck myself with a vibrator while imagining the events of the night. And many nights I will do that instead to provide temporary relief.

But there will also be nights when I make the special effort, when I go out hunting for a man to satisfy my cravings and those of my Master. He will be disappointed if too many of his trips out of town only result in a film I have made masturbating alone.

You should hope that you will be in town at a hotel bar on one of those nights. who knows, you may get lucky enough to enjoy the night of your life.

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by lustisfun10/18/17

Pretty photos

Your photos made me so hard and cum building up so much in me. Thank You. I love
her lust that she wants to go out when maste3r is away. Therf is something very arousing when forbidden. You inspiredmore...

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